Waiting For You Online - Chapter 88

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 88

The Dashboard of Fairy Pets Contest He Jin turned his back and pretended not to hear what Fire had said, as he clearly sounded jealous.

Even if he had acknowledged his relationship with Fire, and ‘shamefully’ had a baby with him, it was impossible for him to kiss Fire proactively.

After teasing Dumpling for a while, He Jin asked, “when are you going to bed?” “When you are.

” Fire suddenly hugged him from behind.

He’s hugging Ah Jin who’s having a look of a teenager, and Dumpling looking like a big bun.

The three were like cucurbits stringed together, “I’ll sleep when you do.

” He Jin, “then I’m going to sleep now!” When Fire saw how shy Ah Jin was, he began to smile and stopped teasing him.

“Let me bring you to one place.

” Then, Fire turned him into a ferret.

“Oh, wait! Dumpling!” Dumpling suddenly escaped from Fire’s arms, while Ah Jin stretched his hairy ferret neck to the direction that he was just looking at.


He’s got wings, and he can fly.

” Fire said to Dumpling, “follow us.

” “Ji!” Dumpling tightened his small fists and waved his wings, showing that he’s fully capable.

But he’s still much slower than Fire, just like a little bird chasing an eagle.

Fire carried Ah Jin on his back, flying happily on the fairyland.

Ah Jin reminded him from time to time, “wait…the little thing has disappeared again!” Fire had to fly more slowly and waited for Dumpling to pick up his speed.

They weren’t sure whether he would be able to improve his abilities when he got older… The family spent more than twice the time to arrive in Sky Palace City.

Maybe it’s because it’s a spiritual pet, Dumpling didn’t look tired at all.

He was still following both Dads, full of energy.

He Jin thought about it for a while, before asking Fire, “what if we didn’t wait for me, would he get lost?” .



Fire, “I’m not sure, we may try next time.

” Dumpling instantly became full of tears, he looked at Fire with a lot of sorrow, and Ah Jin softened, “well, let’s not try it.

” When they entered the Sky Palace City, Fire brought He Jin to a jade-white, eggshell-shaped Palace, facing the NPC fairy fluttering with her clothes, “we’re here to register for the fairy pets contest.

” NPC, “the registration is open.

Please provide the name of your spiritual pet and its nickname.

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COM Fire, “Ah Jin, Xiao Bai.

” He Jin, “…” NPC, “the registration has been successful.

Please pay for the fee of the fairy pet contest: 5000 gold.

” Fire paid, and the NPC said, “the registration is done.

Do you want to enter the arena now?” Fire, “yes.

” Then, the scenario instantly changed, and the three of them appeared inside the arena – it’s an all-white prototype space, like a PK room.

He Jin asked, “what is a fairy pet contest?” Fire briefly introduced the contest to Ah Jin.

It turned out that it’s a platform for the full-scale spiritual pets to compete.

After passing the system test, the spiritual pets would obtain the flying ability and the “Fairy Pet” title.

After that, the arena would send in spiritual pets of the same level regularly.

The competition allowed each player to win points and bonuses.

The system would then rank them according to the number of points.

Players with high points could become the “God-level Magic Pets” and their value would become much higher.

He Jin’s focus was not on the rankings, but on the “flight ability” that Fire first mentioned.

“Can you fly after passing the test?” Fire, “yes, do you want to start now?” He Jin nodded and asked nervously, “Is it going to be difficult?” Fire laughed, “you’ll find out when you try.

” There was a glowing green aura on the ground.

As He Jin entered, the aura became red, meaning that the test had begun.

Dumpling shook his fist outside the aura and yelled at He Jin, “Ji!” As if he’s trying to cheer him up.

He Jin soon had his first opponent, wait – a group of trees and vines? Without knowing the opponent’s strength, He Jin chose to use a conservative way of wait for its first move.

The tree vines launched the “entangling” skills, and the green entanglement spread along the ground, approaching quickly toward He Jin.

He Jin quickly avoided, while circling the ring field clockwise, and found that the entanglement’ speed was less than half the speed of him running.

He was courageous enough to fly close to the tree vines and stick out his claws! System, “you have successfully defeated the tree vines.

” He Jin, “…well, that was quite easy!” System, “you’ve successfully passed the first level, do you want to continue?” Translations by AsianHobbyist Website He Jin, “yes.

” The second opponent was a rabbit.

Because there was a temptation at the first level, He Jin didn’t expect the second level to be a difficult one.

Sure enough, he easily won again.

The third one was a cactus that would send a needle-like hidden weapon, followed by a deer, a cat, a fox, a wolf…He Jin passed the ninth level and felt that he’d just done a warm-up exercise.

Fire asked, “so what do you think?” He Jin, “it was quite easy.

Although the level of difficulty of the opponents is increasing in each level, comparing to the ultimate devil, they’re quite easy to defeat.

” Fire, “it’s going to be the 10th one, then you can have the title of a fairy pet.

” It’d be easy, Ah Jin thought.

He Jin chose to continue.

The last opponent was a dragon.

Both the speed and the attack power were higher than those of the previous spiritual monsters.

However, they didn’t pose any challenge for He Jin, and it was easy for him to win and pass the level.

After receiving the title of fairy pet, He Jin was notified by the system that he ranked the 1462nd on the fairy pet contest dashboard.

At the same time, He Jin also found himself emitting a layer of silver-white light! Suddenly, He Jin felt like there was something more behind him.

He turned his head and saw that he had a pair of translucent silver wings behind his back! He Jin moved his back, and the wings were shaking.

His body was light and vacated! He Jinxi couldn’t control his happiness.

He initially thought that getting the flying ability would change him from “ferret” to a “flying mouse”! Flying back to Fire, He Jin’s couldn’t hide his excitement, and Fire laughed, “for the players of the fairy pet contest, it’s just the beginning after passing the contest.

” He Jin, “Oh? Why?” Fire raised his eyebrows, “don’t you want to become the most powerful fairy pet?” He Jin.


”…” Indeed, every time he was called “the wife of the first God”, he always felt a bit uncomfortable as a male.

He also wanted to have his own title…but isn’t the goal to become “the most powerful spiritual pet” a bit too high and unrealistic? Fire seemed to be able to know what he was thinking, and he encouraged Ah Jin, “don’t you have confidence? Don’t forget that I taught you.

” He Jin, “…” (=_=) “There’s nothing to be afraid of.

It should be easy for you to be listed on the dashboard.

I have seen a few of the popular players on the list.

There’s still a long distance for them to become the God of Player, or to participate in a proper Magician PK contest.

” He Jin, “is it because the spiritual pet profession is too meaningless?” Fire, “it’s not that.

It’s because there’re not enough people in this profession, and the competitiveness is relatively low.

If you’re good enough, you can even fight Nine Hall His Highness alone…Well, according to your power, I think you can fight the Great Leftover alone, and I’m sure you will win.

” He Jin squinted at Fire, “what about you?” “Me?” Fire raised the corner of his mouth, and he showed an evil smile, “never in this life.

” He Jin, “…” He wanted to beat Fire up! The two played until three or four in the morning before they went offline.

As it was already past his usual sleeping time, He Jin was still feeling excited after removing his helmet.

He put the helmet back into his backpack and could only fall asleep after half an hour.

The next day, before 7 am, He Jin was awakened by his mother’s most annoying voice ever, “He Jin! He Jin! Time to get up!” He Jin curled himself in bed and didn’t want to.

When his Mom heard no reply from He Jin, she pushed his door directly and removed his blanket, “you never slept in before! When did you start having this bad habit?” , he should not push the door directly and lick his quilt.

“You never slept late, when did you develop this bad habit!” He Jin was forced to get up, wash himself with his dark circles, had breakfast, and was ordered by his mother to do some miscellaneous things.

In the afternoon, since he couldn’t stand the fatigue anymore, so he went for a nap.

At night, he waited for his parents to fall asleep before putting on his helmet again.

Fire was online.

That night, Fire brought He Jin to “grind the claws”.

He had collected a total of twenty lime gold stones.

It turned out that “grinding claws” action wasn’t about sharpening the claws of a ferret by a lime gold stone, it’s all about making use of these stones to make twenty claw holders, to gear He Jin up.

In an instant, He Jin’s attack power had increased by double, which means that it only took him one scratch to kill a monster now! After that, Fire took him to the Fairy Pets Arena.

He Jin and several real-person fairy pets, selected by the system, entered the PK contest, and won all ten rounds.

His ranking came into the first one thousand.

Ah Jin had been spending his following days with the usual pattern – being a good kid at daytime and indulging himself in the game at night.

Although he’s usually annoyed by his Mom to death, he immediately became happier when he thought of his game at night.

Fire was also being sweet and caring by accompanying Ah Jin to stay up late.

He Jin was enjoying this inexplicable happiness whenever he met his ‘husband’ online, without his parents knowing.