Waiting For You Online - Chapter 85

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 85

I’m Going Home As they had been talking more while they were cleaning, the atmosphere soon got livelier.

To thank Qin Yu for his help, He Jin paid for the dinner that night, and they went to the canteen, since he still couldn’t afford an expensive restaurant every time.

In Hua University, there were many Ph.


students and Professors who had their dinner after late classes.

They also took their holiday much later than the undergraduates.

When they were eating, Qin Yu asked He Jin about his departure time, and he mentioned that he’d have to pass nearby the train station for an errand, so he proposed to send him to the station.

He Jin instantly felt a bit weird when he heard that.

Even though Qin Yu ‘happened to have an errand to run’, another person would phrase it as “we’ll go together”, instead of “I’ll send you to the station”.

He Jin didn’t want to overthink, but he could feel that there’s something with Qin Yu’s attitude, especially when he thought about how he reacted during the lunch with Hou Dongyan that afternoon… He Jin couldn’t object.

He already refused once when Qin Yu proposed to help him clean.

He didn’t want to reject somebody’s good intentions twice.

In the end, He Jin laughed, “we’ll walk there together, you don’t have to send me.

I’ve been there more than ten times these two years, and I know the way.

” Qin Yu didn’t say anything further.

When He Jin departed, he insisted to accompany him to the station.

The train station was full of people.

He Jin didn’t have a lot of luggage, just a backpack, and a suitcase.

Qin Yu insisted on helping him with the suitcase.

When they were in the crowd, Qin Yu even used his arms to block him from the others.

Although He Jin always refused Qin Yu to treat him well, he was very touched by all his actions.

Never ever was there another person outside of his family who took care of him that much, as a brother, or…something more intimate.




His train was going to leave at 2 pm.

When the two got to the station, it was 1:30 pm, and he was waiting for his ticket to be checked.

Qin Yu put the luggage aside, and let He Jin sit down in the waiting room.

He looked at his bracelet and said, “wait for me here, there’re still 15 minutes before your ticket will be checked.

If I don’t come back, you don’t need to wait for me.

” He Jin became anxious, “where are you going?” Qin Yu smiled at him, before turning away, just like another time when he turned away and bought the scarf for He Jin.

He didn’t mention where he’s going, but it made He Jin anticipate even more.

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COM Qin Yu was wearing black that day, and it wasn’t easily recognized.

Soon enough, he disappeared into the crowd, and He Jin couldn’t see him anymore.

Seeing him leave, He Jin couldn’t help getting more nervous… It was torturous for him to wait.

It felt like an hour had gone in just about ten minutes.

Soon enough, the light at the station started to flash, and there was an announcement, “passengers going to Q station, please pay attention.

We’ve started checking your ticket…” People around him all stood up and queue, and there was a long queue after a short time.

Qin Yu still hadn’t returned.

When standing outside the queue, He Jin anxiously looked around, and he sent Qin Yu a message via his bracelet, “where are you? I have to check my ticket now.

” Just after he had finished, he raised his head and saw a figure dressed in black quickly passing through the crowd, and arriving in front of him like a wind.

While panting, Qin Yu handed He Jin a bag of things, “here.

You can eat on the train.

” He Jin, “…didn’t we have lunch?” “When we had lunch, it was only 11:30 am, when you get to arrive in Q city at 7 pm, you’ll be starving to death.

” Qin Yu touched his shoulder and pushed him to the other direction, “be quick, or you’re going to miss the train.

” Actually, if He Jin still stayed there, Qin Yu would not be able to control himself from kissing him – even though he knew that He Jin was only returning home for the new year, and they would still see each other in the game, Qin Yu was still in an inexplicable panic.

He suddenly recalled about Ah Jin not getting online ever again when it was eight years ago… When the ticket was checked, and He Jin entered the train, he turned his head and saw that Qin Yu was still standing there, seeing him off.

He waved his hand and quickly walked forward.

Translations by AsianHobbyist Website When he got on the train, He Jin looked at the things that Qin Yu bought him – there were burgers from McDonald’s, chicken nuggets, and some sushi from a convenience store, little taros, potato chips, a vitamin C drink…and a can of 7-up! He Jin was not sure if Qin Yu bought him this 7-up, or he’d forgotten to take it when he went out, he took a photo of it and sent to Qin Yu, “is it yours?” Qin Yu replied, “it’s for you, haha.

” This “haha” made He Jin embarrassed…what did Qin Yu want to show? To make He Jin remember him? He tried to shake off his thoughts, took a chicken nugget and started eating.

The train started and silently drove to the hometown where He Jin was born.

He Jin looked out the window, still missing the place where he departed.

He remembered the moment when he finished sending his message and looked up, the way Qin Yu looked when he ran toward him through the crowd.

His unzipped black jacket, and his hair…he looked so handsome at that moment.

He’d never forget this scene.

Also, there’s something in the way Qin Yu looked at him before the train left.

That way of look made He Jin felt like they were in love… He Jin shook his head, as he’d already ‘committed’ himself with Fire in the game, with his feelings to Qin Yu, he felt as if he’s cheating on Fire in reality.

Qin Yu was a great guy, but He Jin decided to control himself.

Well, it’s a game.

In reality, it’d be nearly impossible to have a relationship with a man.

He Jin played with his bracelet and sent Fire a message.

Ah Jin, “I’m going home.

” Fire, “will you still be able to get online at home?” Ah Jin, “yes, since I’ve brought my helmet too.

But I won’t be as free as in my dormitory.

I’ll probably only be able to get online at night…will it affect your training plan?” Fire, “not at all.

You just have to participate in one PK contest of spiritual pets.

Don’t worry about it.

I’ve abused them for so long.

” Translations by AsianHobbyist Website Ah Jin, “…okay.

” Fire, “can we still contact each other offline when you’re there?” Ah Jin, “I suppose so.

” He wasn’t sure whether his mother would check his messages.

He’d be screwed if she did.

Fire, “ok, if you miss me, send me a message via ME.

” He Jin, “…” At 7:30 pm, He Jin arrived at the Q city station, and the sky had gone completely dark.

At the exit, He Jin saw his father.

He was wearing his usual down which he’d been wearing for the last few decades.

With a hunchback, he was smoking.

Instead of a retired intellectual, he looked more like a low-class blue collar.

He Jin felt a bit sad and yelled, “Dad!” His dad smiled; his face was all wrinkled.

He replied lightly, “here you come.

” He was going to help He Jin with his luggage, which was rejected, “let me do it myself!” He walked in front of his Dad, leading him.

“How are we getting home?” He Jin asked.

“We’ll get a taxi.

” His dad took some crumpled paper notes from his pocket, and he said again, “don’t tell your mother.