Waiting For You Online - Chapter 84

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 84

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

He Jin immediately got up, “who’s this?” “It’s me.

” It was Qin Yu’s voice.

He Jin’s heartbeat became faster.

He hurried to the door, “why are you here?” Qin Yu was with casual wear, and he was holding an opened can of 7-up, he asked, “has Hou Dongyan gone?” He Jin nodded.

Qin Yu smiled and pushed He Jin inside the room… “What…what are you doing…” He Jin became nervous after Qin Yu touched him.

“Didn’t you say that you’ve got to clean up? Let me help you.

” Qin Yu finished his drink and threw the can into the bin inside.

He Jin blocked him, “there’s no need…I can do this alone.

” Qin Yu did not understand.

This guy ‘had a baby’ with another man in the game, how is it possible that he’s still acting like a stranger? It’s like he’s deliberately keeping a distance from him, and it made Qin Yu uncomfortable.

He turned his head and looked at He Jin for quite a while.

It embarrassed me.

Qin Yu laughed and suddenly took off the glasses of He Jin.

“Hey…” his vision became blurred, and he squinted.

He was looking toward Qin Yu’s direction with doubt.




Qin Yu was feeling desperate at this moment.

He really wanted to press He Jin against the wall, lock his wrists and kiss him.

“Give me back my glasses.

” He Jin was a bit pissed off as Qin Yu was acting like he’s pissing a girl off.

Qin Yu was not happy either.

He offered to help He Jin to clean and he rejected! He put the glasses into his pocket and said, “no.

” Then, he went to the washroom to find a towel.

“You…” He Jin did not expect Qin Yu to reply like this.

He was stunned.

Since he’s so used to wearing glasses, he couldn’t get used to the blurred vision, so he insisted on getting them back.

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COM Qin Yu put a cloth in the basin and heard He Jin coming in, who said, “you can help, but where are my glasses? Give them back to me.

” Qin Yu waved his hands and said, “in my left pocket, go get them yourself.

” He Jin wanted to get closer.

Unexpectedly, just when he stretched his hand, Qin Yu turned around and got away.

He Jin was a bit anxious, “hey!” He stretched his hand and Qin Yu continued to get away.

“Why are you…” He Jin became more and more anxious.

Qin Yu smiled, “why am I what?” He Jin laughed, “why are you acting like a kid?” Qin Yu turned around, and He Jin was now facing him, his nose pointing to his chin.

He Jin was so shocked since they almost bounced together! “How poor skills.

” Qin Yu laughed.

He was waving his wet hands, and he was looking forward to He Jin to hold him.

He Jin had to calm himself.

While his mind went blank, he searched in Qin Yu’s pocket, then wore the glasses back, “you’re so childish.

” Qin Yu, “…” Translations by AsianHobbyist Website He Jin was sweeping floor outside, and Qin Yu was cleaning the window.

The two were busy with the housework for a while, then Qin Yu asked him, “hey, do you have any brothers or sisters?” He Jin said, “why…do you want to be my brother?” Qin Yu snorted, “I’m not even sure which one of us is older.

” He Jin, “…” After a few seconds, He Jin suddenly said, “I did have one, he passed away when I was five.

” Qin Yu, “…I’m sorry.

” “It’s nothing.

” He Jin put some ash into the can, “I was little, so I don’t really remember it.

” Qin Yu’s mood became a bit heavy, “may I know why?” “He seemed to be really sick.

” He Jin had no idea what illness it was, since he was too young.

When he grew up, he asked his parents a few times, only to stir up more significant arguments.

Anyway, as long as he mentioned about his brother, his mother would act crazy for a few days, and ended up controlling He Jin more strictly.

It might be because she lost her child early, and she’d been traumatized.

That’s why He Jin dared not say no to his parents since he was little.

Without asking any further, and He Jin found that the atmosphere got a bit awkward, he asked Qin Yu, “then, do you?” Qin Yu jumped from the stool, “yes, I have a brother and sister.

” He Jin, “from the same parents? That many?” “No, same father but different mothers.

” Qin Yu’s voice came out of the bathroom, with the reverberation, suddenly there was a different kind of feeling in the dormitory.

“Even if we’re from the same parents, it’s not unusual, many people have a lot of siblings, don’t they?” He Jin was shocked, “Oh…your parents got divorced?” Qin Yu, “no, my mom died early, and my dad remarried.

” He Jin put the donkey aside the wall and washed the mop, “it’s my turn to say sorry.

” “Why do you say sorry? My stepmother is very nice to me.

” Qin Yu took away his mob, “let me.

You go clean the bathroom.

” He Jin couldn’t say no, “then, how old are they now?” He Jin said, while wearing his rubber gloves to wash the toilet.

Translations by AsianHobbyist Website “They’re still very little,” Qin said, while he compared the height with his hand, “they’re only this tall, and they’ve just got into primary school.

” He Jin, “are they both in primary school? So they’re twins?” “No, one is older than the other.

” Qin Yu thought for a while, “my brother is older, but he’s a bit shorter than my sister.

” He Jin, “Haha, then are they close to you?” Qin Yu, “my sister is.