Waiting For You Online - Chapter 83

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 83

Brothers And Sisters Qin Yu naturally couldn’t mention the real reason in the face of Hou Dongyan.

He could just find some excuses.

He said, since it’s so convenient, he could go home anytime he wanted.

He tried to change the subject.

However, He Jin seemed to have felt the strange way of the look of Qin Yu, even though he hadn’t looked at him directly, he could feel that he was whining! With guilt, He Jin ate his meal silently.

Qin Yu’s attitude made him feel like he had made a mistake.

But then he thought, what could Qin Yu possibly feel awkward for? If it’s only because of the presence of Hou Dongyan, wouldn’t it be too weird? Aren’t they just friends after all? …or was he being too sensitive? In short, except Hou Dongyan, the two didn’t really enjoy the meal.

After the meal, He Jin rushed to settle the bill, and Qin Yu didn’t argue with him for it.

When he got up, he handed He Jin’s scarf over, while holding another one.

It’s his scarf with dark blue patterns.

It’s the one he got when he accompanied He Jin to buy his racket on Fuxing Road.

When he handed the scarf to He Jin, the two’s fingers lightly touched each other.

Qin Yu’s way of the look was like, “why don’t you wear the one that I gave you?” He Jin retrieved his hand, and he hurriedly lowered his head and told himself not to overthink.

When they got out of the restaurant, Qin Yu asked, “do you have some other plans?” Hou Dongyan said, “I have to catch the plane, I have to go to check-in in advance, and I have to pack my luggage.

” .



Qin Yu looked at He Jin, who said, “I have to go back to the dormitory to do a big cleaning.

” Hou Dongyan patted He Jin’s shoulder and was embarrassed, “brother Jin, you’ve been working hard.

I will bring you some specialties from home when school starts!” After that, there was nothing else for them to say, and the three said goodbye among themselves.

When Hou Dongyan left, there was only He Jin left in the dormitory.

He picked up the broom and was planning to sweep the floor.

Suddenly, he heard the vibrating sound of the bracelet.

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COM He Jin looked at the camera and answered the phone.

A square light popped up on the screen of the bracelet, and he saw his mother’s slightly old face, “He Jin, has the exam finished?” He Jin’s mother had him when she was 39.

A few years ago, she retired, and she’s already 60 now.

Translations by AsianHobbyist Website He Jin, “well, it was the last exam yesterday afternoon.

” His mother squinted and asked, “why are you wearing glasses again?” He Jin repeatedly what he’d told Qin Yu at noon, and his mother said, “oh, you should rest earlier…by the way, have you got the tickets?” He Jin, “yes, the flight will be next Tuesday at 2 pm.

I will arrive at the Q city at 7 pm or so.

” His mother frowned, “next Tuesday? There’re three more days? The exams are over, why didn’t you book a ticket for today? What will you do at school these few days?” When He Jin heard the tone of his mother, he felt like he’s being strangled.

He’s a bit annoyed, “because I need to pack things, and I need to clean my room…also, all students all leave these days, and it’s hard to get a ticket.

I bought mine ten days ago, and I only postponed it for one day because I was worried about any urgency.

” He’s mother stretched her head and asked, “where’s your roommate?” He Jin waved his bracelet to show his room, “he just left today.

” And He Jin’s mother discovered the thing on his desk, “what’s the round object?” “Oh…that, it’s something I got from Hou Dongyan…it’s a helmet which I use to improve the quality of sleep, it’s a hi-tech product.

” He Jin quickly made a lie.

Luckily, the camera couldn’t catch his nervous look.

His mother asked again, “you aren’t sleeping well lately?” He Jin, “yes, I have insomnia lately…” “How can you have insomnia at such a young age? Can that helmet really help you? I don’t believe in technology.

I’ve heard that you can’t use your bracelet that much either, it causes harm to your brain…” He Jin’s mother went on complaining, and continued to ask him more about his daily life, before hanging up finally, “then you have to be careful.

There’re many people at the station, and many thieves will seize the opportunity to steal things.

Don’t trust strangers, and don’t be too kind to help others.

Just watch your back, okay?” He Jin, “yes…” Translations by AsianHobbyist Website His mother laughed, “I will let your father pick you up.

I guess the food at school is horrible, and you’re fed up? Mum will cook something nice for you!” He Jin, “yes, ok…” After half an hour, when the screen disappeared, He Jin sat on his bed silently, slowly covering his face with his hands…he’s annoyed by that woman’s selfishness, narrow visions, and stubbornness, but he can’t hate her, as after all, she’s the one who cares for him, who would do anything for him…it’s a selfish kind of mother’s love, and it’s making He Jin confused.