Waiting For You Online - Chapter 79

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 79

The Giant Dumpling Strange, he was just a ferret, and all ferrets are mammals he’s a mammal as well, so how come he’d give birth to an egg? However, he indeed gave birth to this “creature”, and He Jin still remembered himself squatting and using a bit of force, then he felt instantly more relieved in the stomach.

It was not a nice feeling, and he didn’t want to experience it again! He Jin stared at the egg, and out of curiosity, he used his finger to poke it…it’s so soft! …an egg with a soft shell! “Ah Jin! Ah Jin! How are you?” Fire couldn’t help but start screaming outside the door.

He stopped himself from breaking in as He Jin was telling him not do.

But now, everything seemed quiet inside the bedroom.

What’s going on? After two seconds, he heard a soft voice coming out of the room, “come on in…” Fire immediately opened the door and saw Ah Jin sitting cross-legged on their husband-and-wife bed.

He was wearing a white ferret coat, and he had the same something in the same color…a white egg.

Fire immediately rushed over and approached the bedside.

He cautiously asked, “Is this…our baby?” He Jin replied “yes” with a blank expression, but was almost dying at his heart.

Fire was so nervous, and he dared not breathe.

He stretched out his hand to touch the egg – it was warm and soft.

When he was covering it with his hand, it was like the eggshell was breathing… .



Ah Jin was looking at Fire who was acting carefully, and suddenly, he realized that Fire wasn’t a human but a spirit, and he’s got wings.

So is it actually a bird egg or what? Unlike He Jin, Fire didn’t think about whether it’s a bird or a human or whatever, as long as it’s a baby of him and Ah Jin, he would cherish it and love it to death.

Full of happiness, he took the egg and held it in his arms.

When Fire picked up the egg, He Jin became scared and he almost yelled, “be careful!”, this is a really delicate egg.

If it’s crushed, the baby would be hurt… Wait, how is it possible that he had this strangest thought? Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM He Jin tried to endure the feeling of entanglement in his mind.

Without saying anything, he just saw Fire gently kissed on the egg.

He Jin wanted to laugh, but he didn’t.

Then, he said worriedly, “what do we do now?” Fire was holding the egg in his arms and said innocently, “I don’t know.

” He Jin continued, “are…are you going to hatch it?” Whether it was a magic egg or a bird egg, it was Fire’s egg.

There’s nothing else to care about! Fire, “…” Ah Jin, “why don’t we put it here at the moment, and we’ll ask the Weaver Girl?” Fire struggled for a moment, then replied, “you go.

I will wait here.

” He Jin, “…” Looking at the father and son (?), although the baby was just an egg, Fire didn’t want to let go at all.

He Jin went downstairs without saying a word, then called the Poor Flames and flew to the Phoenix Island.

He Jin asked the Weaver Girl why he’d give birth to an egg, and the Weaver Girl answered, “I am not capable of answering your question.

” He Jin, “…” Damn, not capable of answering? Is this a game bug or what? Or did he give birth to an immature “fertilized egg”? Wait, this is not scientific! He is not a woman.

He shouldn’t be able to give birth to a baby; the problem must be with that mysterious seed! As the first couple who gave birth to a baby in the game, He Jin felt like his future with Fire would be full of challenges.

But thinking about all these would be useless, he had to know when the baby would break open the egg and how.

Translations by AsianHobbyist Website Anyway, the Weaver Girl gave him a hint – it’s to feed the baby with spiritual values! After getting the answer, He Jin immediately ran back home.

After going upstairs, He Jin pushed open the door lightly, he saw that Fire was holding the egg on the bed.

He was kissing it and calling it gently “my baby”…like he’s a maniac…He Jin was shocked, and he found it a bit disgusting.

“I’ve got the answer.

We have to feed it with our spiritual values, but we can at most feed it with 100 points per day.

It’s said that it will grow slowly with the values.

” After hearing what He Jin said, Fire immediately fed the egg with his spiritual values.

“There aren’t any changes.

” He Jin was checking the egg, and he used his finger to poke it.

Wait, it seems that it’s getting a bit softer…and it looked sort of like a giant dumpling.

Fire smiled, “don’t rush it.

Take your time.

” The two guys were checking the egg for a long time.

Finally, He Jin broke off this eerily warm atmosphere, “we should stop.

There aren’t going to be any changes today.

” At this moment, Nine Hall His Highness visited them, as when He Jin was pregnant, he couldn’t turn himself into a ferret, and they hadn’t PK for quite some time now.

He said, “come, let’s go play together.

” Fire carefully moved the egg to the middle of the bed, and covered it with a quilt, making sure that it would not roll down from the bed, and then reluctantly left with Ah Jin.

A few people waited for them downstairs.

Nine Hall His Highness smirked and asked, “hey, you’ve spent the whole day in the couple room…what were you doing?” He Jin blushed, and he dared not tell anyone that he had given birth to an egg.

He was worried that Fire would suddenly tell everyone, so he’s telling him not to – through his glance.

Fire didn’t see his glance, and he briefly explained to Nine Hall His Highness, “we’re a couple, and it’s normal to do that kind of thing as a couple.

Unlike you…spending your energy with NPC prostitutes.

” Nine Hall His Highness blushed and hurriedly said, “I was just there for a look.

It’s not like what you’ve said! Where did you get this rumor?” Fire looked at Dead Water, and Nine Hall His Highness continued, “brother water! How dare you!” Dead Water did not care about Nine Hall His Highness, he asked Fire directly, “I’ve heard that you had completed a mysterious mission with Ah Jin last week, and you were awarded a book called ‘Guide On Having Babies’.

Since I haven’t seen you for days, I suppose you were busy ‘creating lives’?” Everyone was looking at He Jin at this moment… Nine Hall His Highness, “what the hell, is it for real?” Twig Fence, “Ah Jin, you’re going to have a baby ferret?” Wild Crane, “what the! You can actually have babies in this game?” Leisure Cloud touched his face and looked at Wild Crane, “so why don’t we get married too?” “…” Ah Jin finally understood why Fire said the worst guy was Dead Water! Translations by AsianHobbyist Website The final exams were approaching, and He Jin had been studying hard.

At the same time, he didn’t forget to go online to take care of the egg.

Along with the feeding, the egg soon had changed.

From the state of “dumpling”, it was slowly turning into a “crystal dumpling” – that’s right, the white eggshell was becoming transparent.

But the two still didn’t know what’s inside the egg.

There was only a black mist in it, and He Jin thought that it looked just like a sesame dumpling! After ten days, the black mist faded, He Jin and Fire finally had a clear look of their baby! It’s a child with his eyes closed, it had fair skin, and there were two horns on his head… Gosh, why would there be horns? Did it happen to be the reincarnated demon king?