Waiting For You Online - Chapter 62

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 62


One-Tenth The PK video had shifted He Jin’s attention from Qin Yu to Fire.

 Originally his moral integrity only dropped in 2D world, but now it finally dropped in 3D (real life) as well.

Let alone Hou Dongyan, He Jin himself was too embarrassed to look at Hou Dongyan in the face! The outstanding image that he had built in front of this roommate of his for more than two years… it was all ruined now! He Jin raised his wrist to send a message to Fire.

He wanted to ask him “how can you do this”, or to scold him “you are too much”, but no words were enough to express his inner break down at the moment.

Finally, He Jin sent nothing but a long string of ellipsis: “………….

” Fire soon replied: “Like it?” Ah Jin: “Like your sister!” No amount of self-restraint could stop He Jin’s wrath.

At the moment he only wanted to rush over to where Fire was and give him a good punch in the face.

Ah no, a punch was not enough, like what Fire had done to him in the game, the man should also suffer a round of abuse in his hands! However, at the thought of “Fire in real life”, Qin Yu’s figure suddenly flashed in his mind.

Shocked, he shook his head to shake off the image… It must be because they sound too similar ah, that’s why I suddenly thought of him! Without physical images, He Jin could only associate Fire’s appearance with his character in the holographic game.

That face, not only it was linked to the title of the first master in the whole server, He Jin had also personally experienced the strong aura coming off the figure, that almost invincible strength… Even if Fire stood still there and let him attack, he still wouldn’t be able to beat him! He Jin was depressed ah.

He collapsed on the bed, a feeling of bullied grievances filled his heart.

If it was done by a stranger or an ordinary netizen, even if the other side killed him, abused him, and then put the video online, He Jin wouldn’t be feeling this complicated, but the one who did it was Fire.

His dedication and gifts had moved He Jin, his gentleness and kisses had also stirred He Jin’s heart, but when one began to feel that the man would unconditionally spoil you,  always be good to you, he suddenly gave you the knife, mercilessly abusing you, and making you feel uncomfortable… Damn, it hurts! He Jin himself didn’t understand, a friend that he thought only belonged to the virtual world was somehow able to affect his emotion in real life with his every moves.




Hearing a ‘Ding’ sound from his smart bracelet, He Jin lazily lifted his wrist, catching the words –“ME: Friend Fire gave you a transfer of 800 yuan.

” He Jin sat up and repeatedly looked at it two times – Yes, it was indeed a transfer message! Like many social software, ME also had a transfer function, but He Jin wondered, why did he give him money? Ah Jin: “???” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Fire: “Revenue.

” Ajin: “What revenue?” Burn: “From the recorded video aired tonight.

” ……Ah? Revenue from the PK video? That’s right, Fire is the host ah! The audience would earn him a reward, then because Fire felt guilty, he gave him money as compensation? Well, now He Jin felt a little embarrassed.

In fact, he wasn’t that angry, he was just a bit depressed because he was unknowingly being used! (=_=) … Actually, his integrity wasn’t in the least comforted by the other man’s behavior.

But He Jin thought about it again, the audiences were mainly raging on Fire, not himself, and as he had seen in the video, anything that could lead to information about him had been cut off, including the sound, so except for Hou Dongyan and his other online friends, no one would know that the player behind the ferret was him.

……So he shouldn’t accept this money, right? As long as Fire apologized to him.

Thinking about this, He Jin intended to give the money back to the other guy, but as he was about to move his fingers, Fire sent him another message.

As if reading his mind, the man said: “Keep it, don’t return it.

” He Jin: “…” Fire: “It’s not compensation, it’s what you deserve.

” Ajin: “But it’s too much…” If by “deserve” Fire meant his “appearance fee”, then he should only be given fifty or a hundred yuan, not 800 yuan at once! How could He Jin dare to accept it! Fire replied back: “It’s not much, the husband only gave you one-tenth, take it as pocket money.

 ^_^” He Jin: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ …… Ah, he didn’t know whether playing as a married couple in the game with Fire was a blessing or a curse; bringing happiness or sorrow! That night He Jin didn’t go to the game.

Once he took a bath, he laid down on the bed, thinking of the money that Fire had for himself.

800 yuan is one-tenth, so Fire can make 8,000 a night? He Jin counted in his mind – three times a week, 12 times a month, monthly income of 100,000 yuan? God, he was younger than He Jin himself, but just by playing a game online on live broadcast two hours a day he could earn 8,000 yuan.

It’s really… fucking awesome! He thought: other people could achieve this just by playing a game, yet here he was, still poor with no financial freedom even though he was admitted to a famous university.

He Jin began to have an inferiority complex.

Cranky,  Qin Yu’s figure once again appeared in He Jin’s mind.

He ended up tossing and turning for most of the night, until finally, feeling half-curious and half-afraid, he entered the three characters –“gay”- in the search bar of his smart bracelet.

Shrinking inside the bedding, He Jin fingers quickly slid over the popular science page.

His eyes skimmed over the words like his life depended on it, taking it all into his brain, absorbing them into the deepest root.

Turning off the screen, He Jin’s mind couldn’t erase the words he had just read-“homosexuality refers to the individuals who only feel love or sexual desire to those of the same sex.

” ” He may be fond of Qin Yu and Fire, but it wasn’t necessarily meant love.

The tensions and ambiguous feelings he had been having towards the latter could be explained by the fact that they were online friends with a “husband and wife” relationship, but his feelings for Qin Yu… He Jin had no explanation for that.

However, he did indeed have some kind of unspeakable impulse for the other guy.

Just like what he felt today when they were squeezed close in the lift.

He Jin closed his eyes, and quickly opened them, then closed and opened again, over and over … He tried to think of other people around him, think of the beautiful and mature Tong Xuan, of the tall and dashing Shang Bai Jian, he even tried to think about the thin monkey currently sleeping in the same room as him… But there was nothing.

He only reacted to Qin Yu.

He suddenly recalled the day Qin Yu took off his shirt inside his dormitory, showing off his strong waist and beautiful back muscles, He also recalled the way he pulled his body like a bow when playing tennis, so full of power… He Jin’s brain turned hot, he wrapped the quilt around himself, then lifted his arm and bit down on it.

The sudden pain caused him to wake up temporarily.

However, the mentality that he had established over the past two decades had now completely collapsed because of the awakening of his sexuality.

Sadly, this society had yet to develop to the point of allowing people to accept homosexuality unconditionally … He Jin was both pained and fearful, he desperately self-enlightened himself: perhaps I can also be impulsive towards women, but that person just hasn’t appeared yet? Sleepless for the whole night, he only closed his eyes when it was already five o’clock in the morning.

He Jin couldn’t hold up anymore and slept until 11 o’clock in the afternoon.

Because this roommate of his unexpectedly slept late, Hou Dongyan thought something was wrong with his health again.

He tried calling him for a long time, only to hear him vaguely said: “Don’t be noisy, let me sleep for a while…” Hou Dongyan stood completely dumbfounded in front of his bed … When he woke up at noon, He Jin lazily went to the cafeteria to eat, then returned to the dorm and climbed back to bed.

He put on his helmet, entering the game while laying down.

Fire was online, Twig Fence was also online.

When He Jin landed in the game, the two people at the same time sent him a message- Fire: “Come?” Fence: “Ah Jin you come!” Of course, the message from Fire was directly followed by the man himself flying to him using the shadow skill, a shallow smile upon his face.

The next second, he pulled him into a team, beating Twig Fence’s invitation by a breath… Fence: “Ah, how do you have a team already!” He Jin hurriedly moved to reply to Twig Fence, but Fire’s voice suddenly sounded in his ears, “Dead Water accepted a spiritual pet, I heard he is your friend?” Ah Jin: “Ah?” The two of them flew to Choi Fung Island to continue to do the husband and wife mission, Fire continued: “Seems to be a panda.

” He Jin: “…” (= _ =) Just as he said that, Fire suddenly received a team application from “a panda”.

Having failed to invite He Jin to a team, Twig Fence then volunteered to enter the team that had beaten him.

Fire was the captain, so he naturally sent the application to him.

Then, Fire simply rejected him.