Waiting For You Online - Chapter 56

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 56


Let’s Run Those who were online at five or six o’clock in the morning were usually either night owls or people who lived in another timezone.

But no matter which category one belonged in, the name “Ah Jin” would still attract everyone’s attentions.

That was why upon seeing the announcement of Great God’s wife killing wild boss with someone unknown the world channel started buzzling again– World Channel ‘Shadow’: “Who is this Twig Fence? Why is he with Ah Jin?” World Channel ‘Bamboo Monk’: “Never heard of him…” World Channel ‘Meow Small Fish’: “Ruthless isn’t online now ah.

Is this really Great God’s wife?” World Channel ‘Ouyang Among Insects’: “Wanna team up to check?” World Channel ‘Xiushan’: “Add me!” World Channel ‘Not Iced Mocha’: “Silly ah, so silly.

By the time you arrive there, they’d have long been gone…” …… .



Twig Fence who was previously unaware that the names of those killing wild bosses would appear on TV obviously didn’t pay any attention to the gossips there.

The moment he killed the bamboo demon, he was too excited to care! The two spirit players clenched their hands and secretly said “Amitabha” before touching the dropped bamboo shoots.

There was a flash of gold, then an announcement once again appeared on the World Channel – The player Ah Jin killed Bamboo Demon and won the Bamboo Knife and a Potential Upgrade Scroll! Only one announcement, there was nothing about Twig Fence.

He Jin looked around for the panda but found him had turned back into human form.

He had the appearance of a teenager, wearing coarse clothes, hair scattered in a mess, and his face was painted black and white – he looked like like a little savage.

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COM The scroll in Twig Fence’s hands fell to the ground, he said in anger, “The hell, I only got a roll of glutinous bamboo cake cooking skills book, and two large dans, all rubbish!” He Jin looked at the sky; it seemed that after he stopped being a rice weevil, God had become exceptionally kind to him… Twig Fence turned to He Jin with a jealous look, eyeing the items in his hands, two of which was glittering and just appeared on TV as treasures! “What did you get?” Twig Fence asked reluctantly.

He thought bitterly, he should have killed this boy first, then all those things would’ve been his! “Quite a bit, I don’t know what though.

” He Jin sat down, spread his rewards on the ground, and offered generously, “Let’s look at them together.

If you want something, you can take it.

” Twig Fence: “…” He Jin knew that he wouldn’t have been able to kill the bamboo demon this fast without Twig Fence’s help, or worse he might have been in danger now.

It wasn’t like he lacked equipment anyway, killing monsters was just something he did for the thrill.

He also felt a bit touched that this teenager had said he wanted to be friends with him.

To tell the truth, after coming back to this game, except for Hou Dongyan the other people he knew were Fire’s acquaintances; they didn’t really belong to his own circle of friends.

Hearing Ah Jin’s generous offer, Twig Fence was now stunned.

He bit the inside of his cheek and sat down, feeling a twinge of guilt in his heart.

He Jin got five things in total.

In addition to the bamboo knife and potential upgrade scroll, there were also a bamboo basin, a bamboo music scroll, and bamboo shoots.

Bamboo knife was a weapon used mainly by mortals and those in human forms.

Twig Fence was a spirit character as well.

Spirit characters could be attacked in human form, but they were also capable of attack.

However, it was said that after cultivating into a spiritual pet, their attack power in human form would lean more towards their prototype’s attack mode.

So both He Jin and Twig Fence could use this bamboo knife.

As for the potential upgrade scroll, for spiritual pet characters it was used to potentially increase the star rating of their prototypes.

Twig Fence looked intently into He Jin’s eyes and pointed at the scroll, “I want this.

” It was the most difficult thing to obtain among all the items.

It wasn’t sold in the game shop, and even the market only got very few of them.

It wasn’t something that could easily be bought with money.

Twig Fence had noticed He Jin’s good-quality custom clothes and his apparent ignorance of these treasures and wanted to test him.

“Oh,” Without hesitation, He Jin took the scroll and handed it to him, “take it.

” Twig Fence accepted the scroll, suddenly feeling a bit shameful of himself… Compared to that potential upgrade scroll, He Jin was more interested with the bowl-shaped “bamboo basin”.

He picked it up up and stared at it.

There was a line of explanation on the top surface of the basin – “Taishang Lao Zi’s Bamboo Basin, under specific conditions can soothe plant-type spirit, soothing duration is 60 seconds.

” Specific conditions? Plant-type spirit? Although he still didn’t know how to use it, it was quite interesting for him.

He Jin put the bamboo basin into his bag, and picked up another scroll on the ground – the bamboo music scroll.

After reading the instructions, He Jin immediately reacted –  this can be used with the flute ah! He hurriedly waved the scroll at Twig Fence and asked, “Do you want this too?” Having ended up with a potential upgrade scroll, Twig Fence had already felt like he was taking advantage of He Jin.

He wasn’t interested in the other things.

He waved his hand and said, “No, you can keep the rest.

” He Jin couldn’t wait to “read” the music.


A “ding” soon sounded in his head, along with a robotic-system voice saying: “You have learned the level-five song ‘Fan Song’, please increase your flute skill to level five or more to play this song.

” ……I have to wait until I become level five before I can play it? He Jin touched the jade flute on his waist and saw the prompt showing he was only level 3.

Finally, there were only the bamboo knife and bamboo shoots left.

The bamboo shoots dropped as seeds, they had to be planted to grow bamboos.

He Jin glanced at the cooking skills book that had been thrown away by Twig Fence and asked,  “That glutinous bamboo cake cooking skills book, can I have it?” “All right!” Twig Fence hurriedly picked up the cooking skills book and threw it to He Jin.

A thing for a thing, he felt less guilty now! Meanwhile, a few busy body players from the World Channel had reached the depth of the Bamboo Forest.

They were greeted with the scene of two boys, one a teenager and one a little boy, sitting and sharing items on the ground, they looked friendly and the atmosphere between them was very harmonious! The players looked at each other… “Why are both of them males? Which one is Great God’s wife?” “I don’t know, the screenshot of her that I saw before was of a blue-clothed maiden…” “What should we do now? Do you want to coerce them?” “Do you want to be hunted by the Great God? (=_=) ” “That’s another way of being famous! Don’t you want to be the only woman to ever kill the wife of a Great God?” “It would be quite a sensation…” “Sisters…” “Let’s go!” He Jin and Twig Fence were patting their pants and getting ready to go when suddenly they found themselves surrounded by a group of female players, who were holding swords and bows aiming at them! Twig Fence jumped up in alarm and shouted, “There’s an ambush!” He Jin: “…” It’s obvious, duh! (=_=) In an instant, Twig Fence changed back to the appearance of a panda, his four palms propped up in front of He Jin… He Jin felt incredibly touched, sure enough his kindness was rewarded! T_T Passers-by women: ”A bear? Panda?…… So cute! ~ (≧▽≦)/~” TwIg Fence bared his teeth at the women and suddenly yelled at He Jin, “There are too many of them, let’s run!” –then he turned and ran into the depth of the bamboo forest, disappearing without a trace… He Jin: “…” Passers-by women: “….


” He Jin rushed to pick up his things on the ground and put them into his bag, then turned to followed the panda into the bamboo forest… Damn, this guy is unbelievable! And why can’t I become a ferret at this time? It’s too inconvenient to run in human form!(╯‵□’)╯ ︵┻━┻ The two of them ran one after another in the bamboo forest.

During that moment, the agile property of He Jin’s prototype played a role once again as he soon closed the distance between himself and the bulky panda….

But they were still too naïve – those passers-by women had summoned their mounts and was quickly catching up to them! He Jin yelled: “Fence, you are too slow! Do you have a mount? Use it!” Fence: “Mount your mom, I am only level 35, where would I get a mount ah!” He Jin: “…” He wanted to say ‘I have one’, but thought about it: if they stopped to summon the mount now, wouldn’t those female players catch up to them by then… Were they doomed to die today? The female players were chasing them side by side and shouting excitedly-“Panda!” “It’s my first time seeing a spiritual pet with panda form ah! How cute!” “I wonder if he already has a domestication master! Hahaha… “”Yeah, I want to adopt him!”…… Hey, the one they were chasing… seemed to be not He Jin, but Twig Fence? He Jin glanced at them and heard another voice saying, “I don’t know which one is Ah Jin, don’t let the two of them go!” “…” 囧rz.

From ahead, Twig Fence shouted: “I know a way to get rid of them, follow me!” He Jin was quick to response: “Just find a hidden place, I have a mount!” Twig Fence: “No need for that, there is a level-25 dungeon ahead.

Since we are now in a team party, we can just go into it!” He Jin: “…” He Jin followed Twig Fence and ran to the dungeon’s entrance.

The women following closely behind them, so close that their mounts could have taken a bite of He Jin’s butt! But hope is in sight! Will all his strength, the panda rolled in the direction of the dungeon.

However, something unexpected happened –like hitting a spring bed, that black and white fur stood on end, and the panda was bounced back heavily, hitting He Jin who had no time to brake! The two of them were thrown away for more than 20 meters.

When they landed, He Jin had lost half his blood.

Both of them saw stars, feeling like the world was rotating right in front of them.

At this time, a system voice spoke in their ears-“Team members less than three people, unable to enter the dungeon.

” He Jin: “…” This kid!!! Sure enough, he is really not reliable!!! Getting up dizzily, He Jin thought they would meet their end here.

Unexpectedly, once he got up he saw the female players who had been chasing after them flying into the dungeon, disappearing one by one! Twig Fence also stood up.

He was stunned for a second before bursting into a big laugh, “Ha haha, this group of fools! They were too close to the dungeon’s boundary and got sucked in!” He Jin: “…” Ignoring his dizziness, He Jin summoned Poor Flame and shouted at Twig Fence: “Change to your human form! They will come out of the dungeon soon, we don’t have much time!” The majestic flaming beast suddenly appeared under He Jin’s summon.

Twig Fence changed into his human form and looked at it in awe, then climbed up the beast without waiting for He Jin’s invitation… He Jin tugged at the reins and, it might be instinct or mere impulse,  yelled out: “Go––! ”(…… ) Poor Flame’s feet kicked off the ground, and accompanied with the sound of howling wind, the two boys soon left that place, flying straight towards Celestial Domain…