Waiting For You Online - Chapter 46

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 46


Mysterious Attributes He Jin only felt cold around his neck before his vision went dark.

Maybe because he heard this while he was being killed in defeat, but Fire’s words about “to become strong, do not admit defeat” wedged deep in his heart.

Yes, Fire’s personality had always been like this.

Even if he ran into a wall, he would still persistently ram against it until it was destroyed before him.

Sometimes He Jin envied that boundless courage of his.

It was obvious that him standing at the top of the rank for eight years was not caused by mere luck.

After a few seconds, He Jin finally regained his consciousness in the game.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself lying in Fire’s embrace.

Fire asked: “Not going to scold me?” Ah Jin: “…” He wasn’t a child.

Of course he felt a bit annoyed after being killed, but he felt more depressed because he couldn’t fight back even after dying so many times.

Seeing him refusing to speak, Fire stretched out his hand to touch his paw gently, “Feeling wronged?” He Jin shivered and immediately bounced out of his hold to the ground.

 I am ah, I do feel wronged.

Fire was usually so gentle with him, but how did he become so cruel in PK!? There was nothing he could do though.

As a grown up man, He Jin shouldn’t sulk like a broken-hearted little school girl even though he did feel wronged.

Fire held out a hand toward him.

Seeing this, He Jin instinctively took a few steps back, his fur standing on end reflecting the fear in his heart.




Fire looked at the bundle of fluff He Jin had turned into and couldn’t help laughing.

He Jin ignored this and continued to stare cautiously at him, afraid that Fire was hiding a dagger behind his smile– amiable on the surface, but sinister and ready to strike ruthlessly at any time on the inside.

He started to understand why Fire described his character as “black belly” when they did the couple’s Q&A before… (=_=) Fire motioned at He Jin with his hand and promised, “It’s fine, come here, I won’t kill you.

” He Jin: “No fighting?” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Fire: “Yes, let’s take a look at your character attributes.

The system just informed me that you activated two mysterious attributes.

” He Jin imagined it and brought out his character’s property page– Ah Jin Race: Spirit (75)[1] Occupation: Spirit Pet (Level Nine) Nickname: Xiao Bai Properties: Agile Mysterious attributes: Melting Meng; Instantaneous Movement Strength: 3680 Aura: 1500 Dodge: 1500 Potential: ☆☆☆ …… Eh, the “meng” mysterious attribute from before has become Melting Meng (? ), and there is Instantaneous Movement too now.

Also, my potential is three stars! He Jin told Fire about it with voice full of surprise, making the other man laughed: “I can see it.

” Ah Jin: “These mysterious attributes are activated through actual combat in PK?” Fire: “Yes.

” The ferret’s black eyes sparkled in excitement.

He hurriedly looked over the mysterious attributes’ description.

Mysterious Attribute – Melting Meng Description: Small furry creatures’ specific skill.

Single attack, use this skill within 3 meters of target.

75% probability of making the target melt from meng, resulting in opponent’s inability to use any tricks for 3 seconds, and reduce the target’s attack power by 50% for the next 5 seconds.

Cooling period is 30 seconds.

Mysterious Attribute – Instantaneous Movement Description: Cat, fox, ferret, rodent-specific skill.

Using this will result instantaneous movement out of opponent’s line of sight.

Effective distance is 20 meters.

Cooling period is 30 seconds.

He Jin frowned: “Since I have activated these two skills, why didn’t they take effect before?” Fire: “Because you didn’t know that you have activated new skills, so your consciousness didn’t think of using them.

” Ah Jin nodded and asked, “What is the meaning of this ‘potential’?” Fire: “Potential stars determine the player’s capacity for improvement.

You don’t have to worry about this now, our current focus is to make you used to your new skills.

I won’t kill you so fast this time.

” Ah Jin: “…” So, this time I will be killed slowly? (=_=) Before Fire started combat mode once again, He Jin tried to imagine this “Meng”… It’s supposed to be a cute and poor image, right? Cough, although he still wanted to retain his integrity as a man, this was a battle – he’d use any skills he had for the sake of winning! With the power of He Jin’s imagination, the ferret turned over to reveal his belly, paws dangling in the air, small tail flicking slowly.

His black eyes also turned watery, peering up at Fire with a pitiful look… Fire: “…” He Jin had no idea how attractive he looked in the eyes of others.

While still maintaining his pitiful pose, he asked Fire with a soft voice, “How? Is it effective?” The helpless Fire: “Yes…” 3 seconds later, Fire raised his hand and sent an attack in He Jin’s direction.

He Jin who was hit immediately, took a look at his blood bar and was surprised to find it had only dropped a little: “Your attack weakened!” 5 Seconds passed, Fire once again sent an attack at ferret Ah Jin.

Ah Jin: “You’re doing sneaks attack ah!” After saying this, he quickly thought of “instantaneous movement”, and his body move 10 meters away in a flash! Ah Jin: “Aha! These two new skills are so easy to use, they really make up for the injuries I have endured after being killed repeatedly!” Fire: “…” Fire looked at the little white ferret in the distance, canceled the battle mode, and said: “Intimacy.

” Upon hearing this instruction, He Jin’s ferret body immediately turned and ran to Fire’s direction without his control.

He ran wildly, leaving mud and numerous grass flying in his wake, and only stopping when he reached Fire.

The white furry creature grasped onto the other man’s robe and climbed until he was nestled around Fire’s neck, before proceeding to rub himself against the man’s face endlessly.

Fire: “Hehe.

” Ah Jin: Hehe, your sister![2](╯‵A′) ╯︵┻━┻ Today’s PK practice finally came to an end.

Before exiting the arena, Fire and Ah Jin promised to meet and practice PK for half an hour every time they were online.

“Do you still want to raid that dungeon today?” He Jin changed back to his Xiao Zhengtai’s appearance and stood beside Fire.

Fire: “None of the team members organized a dungeon raid now.

Let’s just stroll around for the time being.

” The two men rode on Poor Flame and flew to the Imperial City where a variety of functional shops like banks, equipment repair stores, pharmacies, pawn shops, weapons shops, restaurants and so on were set up.

There were also places like “Spring Garden”, and “Fragrance Building” which would usually appear in ancient novels.

Players were aware of the existence of this place, but in the keyboard online game version these shops were only used for repairing equipment, buying medicine, or doing system tasks.

Now that it had changed to holographic mode, the players would be able to experience going around this place by themselves.

In these two days, most of the holographic players could be found gathering in the Imperial City to experience the ancient life.

Yesterday, Fire and Ah Jin were seeing the scenery while riding on Poor Flame’s back– it wasn’t a good stroll.

Since the Imperial City was a non-flight area, the two of them landed outside the city’s stone gate.

After saving Poor Flame, they used the stealth coupons and walked toward the city gate with Fire very naturally leading Ah Jin hand in hand.

Two NPCs gatekeepers stood at the gate of the city, looking seriously at the players coming in and going out of the place.

However, if one were to look carefully, it was easy to see that their eyes were moving in a regular pattern.

Ah Jin asked Fire: “We used the stealth coupons, can they still see us?” Fire: “Stealth coupons’s function is only valid for players.

We are using it now to prevent others from finding out our location, otherwise we would be trapped in the crowd like last time at the lake.

” Ah Jin managed a smile and said: “It’s because you are too famous, you feel like a little emperor now.

” Fire gave him a look: “Then what are you? The little eunuch by the emperor’s side?” Ah Jin: “…” hearing what Fire said, He Jin realized that he had unknowingly dug a pit for himself– a small boy dressing like this, coupled with his soft and thin vocal, wasn’t it really just like a small eunuch? (=_=) Cough, this is not the point.

The point is, the Fire from eight years ago will not make fun of others like this! Sure enough, this guy is getting worse after growing up…   Proofreader: Cat T/N: [1] Okay, this part confuses me as well because all this time I’ve been under the impression that level 4 spiritual pet equals level 40 in ordinary term, and so on.

But here, it’s stated that HJ’s actual level is 75 while he is already a level 9 Spiritual Pet.

I honestly thought he was level 90-ish.

Idk if it’s a mistake, and I hope there will be an explanation in future chapters.

But for now, let’s just ignore this little detail, shall we? (^^;; [2] Chinese people tend to use “ancestor” or family members as some sort of a curse.

So, that sentence up there will be something like ‘Hehe, my ass!’, but instead of ‘my ass’, ‘your sister’ is used.

Hope this makes sense.