Waiting For You Online - Chapter 41

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 41


Xishi’s Handkerchief The man was the player who originally ranked first in the second sever, and now had become ranked second after the merging, Copenhagen-Dazs, and his usual group.

 To be playing with Copenhagen-Dazs together, the people in that group were naturally also experts in Demon God.

However, this night was doomed to be a sad night for them! Copenhagen-Dazs had found out through some internal channels that there would be a new round of bosses first kills for holographic mode, so after getting his helmet, he gathered his teammates to attack some bosses.

At first, they went to White Maple Ice Prison, but that dungeon was not much easier compared to the demonic dungeon.

Some of them were frozen, some others were either frightened by snow monsters or bitten by poisonous insects, however despite all that, they were still able to kill the boss.

The result? Because they had one keyboard-user player, the system did not recognize them as a holographic team, so they were only given ordinary clearance.

Copenhagen Dazs was so depressed he felt like vomiting blood.

Then, after a little rest, they went to Yan Mountain’s Blazing Prison.

They were burned, bitten by snakes, sprayed with spit by spiders and other insects until the originally 10 players (and pets) were reduced to only five by the time they reached the boss.

However in order to get first kill glory and raise the reputation of the second server’s players, they persisted despite the struggle.

Who would expect though, that in the last minute, Fire Ruthless’ team actually robbed the spotlight! And now that they encountered Flower Yiyi in Yan Mountain’s entrance, Copenhagen Dazs suddenly realized that he did not see her name in the previous announcement! “Beauty, why are you alone?” Copenhagen Dazs was also a demon clan player, he was wearing black golden armor with a bronze sword.

His heroic aura was clear, but his face looked a bit tired.

” The others as well, maybe because they were depressed.

Copenhagen Dazs continued: “I just saw the System Bulletin, were you not doing this with your master?” Being asked once again of this sore topic, Flower yiyi’s expression was full of disappointment: “We went together, but I didn’t participate till the end.

” Copenhagen Dazs said in surprise: “They unexpectedly didn’t wait for you?” .



There seemed to be some flowery fragrance in the air, Flower Yiyi tried to smell it and found out it might have come from Copenhagen Dazs.

At this time, the full service bulletin once again announced a message– Congratulations to holographic players Human Faced Devil, A Thousand Sails, Magic Demon, Ling Poetry, and Open-mind Defeats Hypocrisy for completing White Maple Ice Prison and gaining first kill! –Human Faced Devil of the Third Server! Copenhagen Dazs felt like spraying a mouthful of old blood, his internal injury was once again hit heavily! Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “Hey, we were one step too slow from Ruthless,” Copenhagen-Dazs sighed, lamenting their bad fortune, “I experienced so much sorrow asking about it, but like using a wicker basket to draw water, it was all for naught!” His casual poem stirred something in Flower Yiyi’s heart.

Looking back at her own experience, wasn’t it also “like using a wicker basket to draw water”? A frustrated man met a frustrated woman, some unusual story was destined to happen as the result.

Especially if it was a man with a noticeable scent… Flower Yiyi’s heart began to favor him, so she added him as friend.

Copenhagen-Dazs immediately accepted, then waved to his friends behind them: “You lot go first, I’m going to chat with Yiyi meizi[1] for a bit.

” The team members winked and laughed, feeling they understood clearly what Copenhagen-Dazs meant by this—sending away other people to talk with a beautiful player? Talk about what? Under the flaming mountain, a pair of man and woman alone, hey hey heyy hehe… Copenhagen-Dazs glared at them, sending a silent message for them to go, then said to Flower Yiyi: “I can see that Yiyi mezi’s mood seems not that good, do you want to go to see the scenery?” The other player’s behavior greatly satisfied Flower Yiyi’s vanity– to be given attention was how she should be treated ah! After asking that, Copenhagen-Dazs released his mount– a Tao Wu! {T/N: Tao Wu 梼杌 is one one of The Four Evil mythical animal in China.

] TaoWu was one of the unique flying mounts in the game, just like Poor Flames.

Flowers Yiyi stared wide eyed at it: “This is…” Copenhagen-Dazs said calmly: “I received this last year as winning prize after participating in the Demon God Knowledge Contest.

In the whole game, there is only one of this, Yiyi meizi, do you mind riding with me?” Copenhagen-Dazs politely offered his right hand to Flower Yiyi.

Flower Yiyi frowned, before her crush for Ruthless, she had always ignored other people pursuit of her, and once she fell, she only cared for Ruthless.

However, now Ruthless was no longer looking at her, what use was there for her to act so “cold”? The most powerful player among those who had chased after her was Nine, but Nine Hall His Highness’s mental age was extremely low, even if he always acted welcoming and though he has money, he was not to her taste.

On the other hand, this Copenhagen-Dazs, he was quite the gentleman, and he could also recite poem, pretty suited to her taste… Flower Yiyi once again thought of Ah Jin riding away with Ruthless, then with a sour heart, she accepted Copenhagen-Dazs’ hand.

However, the reason she accepted the invitation was not to accompany Copenhagen-Dazs to see the scenery, but because she was hoping to encounter Ruthless and Ah Jin.

She wanted to know what kind of reaction Ruthless would have if he learned that she was together with someone else… The two of them rode together and flew up to the sky.

Flower Yiyi was able to smell the fragrance more and more strongly… Copenhagen-Dazs gently hugged Flower Yiyi’s waist and asked: “Yiyi, why do you have a bad mood? Can you tell me about it?” Flower Yiyi sighed, feeling weak and helpless.

Copenhagen-Dazs: “If it is difficult for you to say, then let me guess, is it Ruthless?” Flowers Yiyi: “…” Copenhagen-Dazs smiled wryly, it seemed that their source of frustration was the same person: “In fact, I know about you and Ruthless.

” Flower Yiyi’s ears straightened: “Know what?” Copenhagen-Dazs: “I have seen the gossip.

Although we are in different servers, you are so famous, even if I don’t want to know, I’d still hear about it.

Truthfully, I have always felt that you’re pretty suited with Ruthless.

” Being recognized by the second most powerful player had once again made Flower Yiyi’s heart swell.

Yes, she was recognized as Ruthless’ match countless times before, so why would the end be like this? Copenhagen-Dazs: “But I don’t think the same now, because Ruthless does not know how to cherish you.

” His words once again hit Flowers Yiyi’s heart… Copenhagen-Dazs: “Ruthless had spent too long in First Place, he is now dazzled by the worship from his many fans and the Great God title hanging over his head.

Suddenly, his wife came out of nowhere, and for this wife, he disregard his opponents and abandoned his apprentice… What is this? This is a typical case of underestimating your enemies, and paying more attention to a lover than friends” Copenhagen-Dazs’s tone was very calm, but every words he said resonated within Flower Yiyi and enlightened her– for a wife who had not come online for years, he ignored the apprentice who had accompanied him for three years, she was really wronged! Copenhagen-Dazs: “Yiyi, staying by the side of such person, I think you worth more than that.

” Upon hearing this sentence, Flower Yiyi instantly teared up… Copenhagen-Dazs: “Demon God’s Holographic is a new era, and this game needs a new idol.

You look so beautiful and you are strong, a rare talent among the players.

If you continue to stay with Ruthless, your presence will only be covered by him, you will always be hidden in his shadow, and he can’t even see you.

What you need is a bigger stage, a stage that will let him see you, let him realize your value, to make him feel regret.

” As he said this, Copenhagen-Dazs timely took out a piece of Xi Shi’s handkerchief from his storage and said: “This is something I got from the level 50 dungeon ‘Revival’, it fell out of the Prince Boss there.

It has no attribute, but I have been keeping and taking care of it because I feel that one day I will have a use for it… To this day, this handkerchief still has the same property as before, can you guess what is it?” The crying beauty frowned: “Fragrance?” “Smart!” Copenhagen-Dazs gave the handkerchief to Flower Yiyi, “I am a man, it’s too inappropriate for me to be wearing the fragrance from this handkerchief.

Actually, I was planning to destroy it today, but I unexpectedly met you tonight.


I think this handkerchief is destined to belong to you, this should be the only item in the game which is oozing a fragrance right now.

So don’t cry, from now on, you are not only a powerful beauty, but also a beauty full of fragrance.

” Flower Yiyi took the handkerchief and tucked it in the corner of her eye: “Thank you, Dazs.

” Copenhagen-Dazs: “Cough, my name is ‘Ge Ben Haagen-Dazs[2] ‘, not ‘Copenhagen’, so everyone calls me ice cream.

” Flower Yiyi: “Why do you use this name?” Copenhagen-Dazs: “Because… If you love her, take her to Haagen-Dazs ~ ” Flower Yiyi laughed, Copenhagen-Dazs also smiled, then said gently: “Yiyi, my team is missing a strong demon clan player, I want you to consider joining.

”   Proof-read by: Eileen T/N: Xishi (c.

450 BC) was a famous Chinese beauty, onw of the Four legendary beauties in ancient China.

[1] Meizhi means younger sister/girl [2] Copenhagen’s IGN is actually  哥本·哈根达斯 (Ge Ben Haagen Dazs) or Brother Haagen Dazs, but because it sounds like copenhagen when said, people started to call him Copenhagen instead.

And  “If you love her, take her to Haagen-Dazs ~” is like a tagline of ice cream brand Haagen-Dazs.

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