Waiting For You Online - Chapter 37

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 37


Becoming a Ferret Seeing the juvenile appearance of “Ah Jin”, and hearing the voice he had longed to hear in these eight years… …it rekindled the long-lost excitement in Qin Yu, his heart was filled with the joy of first love! At that moment, Qin Yu suddenly felt like Ah Jin never actually left, but his time in the game world had halted eight years ago.

Like he was merely waiting for Fire to grow enough strength so they could protect each other, then his time started ticking once again.

Without warning, Ah Jin suddenly appeared in the form of what he wanted to see the most, so he could not help but rush to hug and kiss him… He looked at Ah Jin who was still squatting on the ground while holding his head, then Qin Yu himself followed to squat down.

He wanted to tease the child-like young man and asked softly: “Hey, are you done being shy?” Ah Jin shrank his neck and buried his head deeper in his hands.

Qin Yu comforted him: “You can say whatever you want in front of me, don’t be embarrassed, besides you haven’t said anything that shouldn’t be said.

” Ah Jin: “…” Qin Yu: “You have called me husband before, why are you still so shy?” Ah Jin: “…” .



Qin Yu: “Oh yes, you don’t seem to have called me husband in holographic state, right? ” Ah Jin: “…” QAQ One was a 13 years old boy, the other one was a young man in his early 20s, Qin Yu looked at the small Ah Jin, then at his bigger self, he suddenly felt that… rather than his husband, he seemed more like his brother! But even so, Qin Yu still wanted to hear Ah Jin call him “husband” in his current state, even if it made him look like a pervert… Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM He said in a coaxing tone: “Call me husband.

” Ah Jin: “…” No! QAQ He Jin was so embarrassed he wanted to dig a hole and bury himself! Calling husband by typing and saying it directly by speaking is completely different ah, how he, how… Get lost! But the other obviously didn’t want to let the issue go and continued: “If you don’t call me husband, I’m going to continue to kiss you.

” Ah Jin: “…” (Q _ Q) I’ve never seen such a rogue in broad daylight! Qin Yu waited for a while but still did not see any reaction from Ah Jin.

He squinted his eyes, they seemed to be glimmering with a sly light… Anyway he’d have to call him husband sooner or later, Qin Yu was not in a hurry.

Besides, he now thought of a more interesting gameplay- Qin Yu looked at Ah Jin and said: “Switch shape!” He Jin only felt that his body became light suddenly, he was spinning for an instant, then his sight stabilized.

He realized that he was on his hands and feet on the grass, and once he looked up he was greeted with the sight of Fire who appeared several times bigger! ……Have I become a ferret? He Jin turned his head and saw his white, long, body covered with smooth fur.

He Jin was still in shock over his body changes, but Fire already issued another command: “Intimacy.

” He Jin immediately opened his uncontrollable paws and pounced on Fire’s foot, climbed up his robe, then wrapped himself around the other player’s neck.

He arched and rubbed himself on Fire’s face, while also issuing a “giggling” sound; and He Jin could actually feel all of it! Clutching, climbing, neck snuggling, face rubbing, everything… This sense of reality … He Jin: Hello and goodbye Lord of Integrity! “It’s funny, I feel something hot on my face as if you’re really ear to ear with me,” Fire said.

He Jin: “…” I beg you, please don’t say it! Orz! Fire asked: “Can you speak in this form?” He Jin, who was still drowning in an unbearable sense of shame, tried to make a sound: “I…” –The Ferret spoke! >.

< Ferret Ah Jin: “Seems like I’m able to…” Fire could not help but touch his head: “Oh, so cute~” The ferret Ah Jin once again instinctively rubbed his head against the hand of this domesticated master of his… He Jin: “…” Hello and goodbye, Lord of Three Views! Fire stretched out one finger to rub on his cheek: “Dead Water wants to come and play with us, so we are going now.

” Fire said “follow,” and He Jin thought that he would automatically climb down to hang onto Fire’s hand, but nothing happened, He was still wrapped around Fire’s neck and there was no action whatsoever.

……What’s going on? Has the “follow” pattern changed? Fire himself was also a little puzzled.

At that moment, the green elf “Xiao Xin” appeared: “In order to let Spiritual Pet players have a better experience in the game, the automatic follow setting has been canceled in holographic mode.

The Spirit Pet players now need to follow their master by themselves ah~” He Jin: …Meaning, I can’t be a mere rice weevil! (=_=) Fire looked very calm as he said: “Come on, find a comfortable place for yourself.

” He Jin stayed on Fire’s neck but he did change his posture; he lied over the other guy’s neck now and grabbed onto the edge of his crain overcoat, before whispering: “Okay.

” Then Fire flapped his wings, his black cloak also fluttering behind him.

The gust of wind blew on He Jin’s body fur and tail, causing him to unconsciously tightened his clutching claws.

Fire quickly flew up, He Jin looked at the changing scenery with his ferret’s eyes, completely feeling like he was really flying.

They went through the clouds and flew to the vast world … Antique towns, villages, mountains and rivers, such views were spread in front of him.

He Jin could see the snow-dyed North White Maple forest, the crystal-like embellishment Lingxilu Lake in the depths of winter town, the colorful Choi Fung Island, and also a few immortal Dragons flying over the East China Sea … I heard that Leisure Cloud’s dragon pet was caught there.

The wind roared past them, the feeling of flying is so wonderful! Fire flew faster, and He Jin felt it was becoming more difficult to keep his grasp.

He quickly climbed over, and brought his hands and feet to hold onto Fire’s neck once again, repeating his previous “scarf” posture… 囧。 Less than a moment later, the two of them arrived at the border of the Yan Mountain.

He Jin asked curiously: “Eh, is this the demonic dungeon?” Fire: “Yes, you have only ever done this dungeon, this is more familiar to you.

We are wearing helmets now, so of course we have to try doing this dungeon again in holographic state.

” After saying this, Fire brought him to slowly land in the Mountain’s entrance.

There were five people standing there who seemed to have just arrived as well.

Three men and two women, but except for Dead Water, He Jin did not recognize the rest of them.

Holographic state was different than the previous keyboard one, the name of the characters would not be shown over their heads.

Just like Fire, Dead Water did not change his costume, and he was still holding a fan in his hand, so it was easy to recognize him, as for other people… Who are the two high school students? One of them is very beautiful! “Let’s introduce ourselves again,” Fire lifted He Jin from his body, and showed him to the others while holding him up like a puppy, “This is my wife, Ah Jin.

” He Jin: “…” Everyone: “…” Fire turned him over and looked at his eyes: “Switch shape.

” In a blink of an eye, Ah Jin turned from the ferret into a 1.

5-meter small child.

Everyone: (= _ =) Is this a boy or a girl? He Jin: “Hello, everyone.

” Everyone: This should be… a boy? …… They couldn’t be sure since in the initial settings the players could decide to play men or women and also to adjust their characters’ age.

Perhaps Ruthless liked to have a 13 year old small wife… Gee, no way! The people there did not care much to think about the possibility that the player behind Ah Jin’s character may be a girl, after all in here … there were two of such characters! Then, the two high school students said hello to He Jin with 16 year old teenagers voices– Yellow dressed girl: “Ah-jin, I did not expect you to become smaller than us, I am Wild Crane!” (Girl shape? Teenaged boy tone? ) The voice of the white-cladded teenager was calm: “Hello, I am Leisure Cloud.

” Another young man who wore indigo Kylin embroidered clothes spit out: “The two of you are in your thirties, but still pretend to be young high school students!” He was carrying a bow and arrow on his back, apparently he was ‘Nine Hall His Highness’, “Especially you!” He pointed to the ‘Girl Wild Crane’ and continued,”Don’t tell me you have a cross-dressing hobby Ah!” Proof-read by Eileen Light Illustration of the week, behold Ferret Ah Jin