Waiting For You Online - Chapter 19

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 19

[T/N: Because the Spirit Fairy story is too long, the author cut it into two parts.

So, this chapter will start with ‘Spirit Fairy Past’ first, then continued with the real chapter 19 after.

] _________________________________________ ※ The Past in Spirit Fairy ※ (eight-continuation) When “Spirit Fairy” was revised into “Demon God”, many of the old servers were merged into one, and each player also got a free name-change opportunity.

Qin Yu took this opportunity and changed his in-game name from “Fire” to “Fire Ruthless”.

In one night, his server was suddenly filled with so many players, three times the number it was before.

Because of the mergers, the ranking list was also refreshed, so Fire who was originally in third place, fell to tenth place.

At that time, the first place was occupied by a player called Dead Water, who, later on, would be the first person to enter Fire’s friend list after years of it being closed.

They became acquaintance through a PK game, which turned into a close game between them.

Back then, Qin Yu was planning to go offline when his private chat column flashed with a row of messages- 〖Privatechat〗’Dead Water ‘: “You are very good.

” 〖Privatechat〗 ‘Dead Water ‘: “Let’s be friend, and then play together.

” 〖Privatechat〗 ‘Dead Water ‘: “Eh, you closed your friend request feature?” .



〖Privatechat〗 ‘Dead Water ‘: “I can’t find it (=_=) …” 〖Privatechat〗 ‘Dead Water ‘: “… Little man? ” Qin Yu: “….


” He had seen a lot of similar private chat messages before, but Qin Yu always ignored them.

However, this time, maybe because they just finished playing PK,  Qin Yu actually opened his friend request, and added Dead Water.

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COM After knowing Qin Yu, Dead Water also pulled him into an experts group chat, causing the people inside it to be surprised- “Wow, isn’t this the King of PK!” “Oh wow, who added him, I heard that this guy had never said a word to anyone, so mysterious!” “It’s Dead Water …” “The Dead Water is a man of God! Can do the impossible!” With the new level setting in place, a new round of competition also began.

Qin Yu met a group of new friends, he also had a fixed team to do dungeons with, which made him able to play more happily.

He still did not talk much though, so he was thoroughly crowned as a “Tall Cold King” by other players.

Because of his mysterious aura, Qin Yu often became the center of gossip among the players.

One of the main topics included his “Married” state in the game.

But, no one had ever been able to uncover the truth, they also had never seen this “wife” of his, so after a while, people slowly began to forget about this.

Only Dead Water, after playing three hundred rounds of PK with Fire Ruthless, finally had the courage to ask him personally about this, Dead Water: “I have a feeling that you are someone who has some kind of sad story in your life…” Fire Ruthless: “What story?” Dead Water: “You used to be called as only ‘Fire’, but now you added ‘Ruthless’ to it.

And, you are married, but we have never seen your wife.

From all these details, I can draw a conclusion that you must have been hurt before.

” Fire Ruthless: “….


” Dead Water: “Don’t tell me you were abandoned by someone?” Fire Ruthless: “….


” A second later, the two of them began their 301st round of PK, which ended with Fire Ruthless’ defeat.

Dead Water: “Tell me, I won’t tell anyone.

^_^ ” Fire Ruthless: “I will tell you the next time I win against you.

” Dead Water: “Geez, so simple? ” A while later, it was the white-clothed man’s turn to drop dead on the ground, with a floating bubble appeared over his head: “Come on ~” Fire Ruthless: “….


” Qin Yu was helpless.

Finally, he told Dead Water about these things that he had kept hidden for three years, while also firmly stressing: “I’m not being abandoned, but I don’t know why she stopped coming online.

” Dead Water: “Isn’t that the same as being abandoned.

(=_=)” Qin Yu insisted: “…Not abandoned! ” Dead Water: “Yes, yes, you are not abandoned … But after all these years, I think your wife is probably not coming back ah… Is she beautiful? ” Fire Ruthless: “I have never seen her real face.

” Dead Water: “Hellooo, you haven’t even seen her, so why are you so obsessed with her? You should have changed your name to ‘Fire Naïve’ or ‘Fire Innocent’ instead! ” Fire Ruthless: “….


” Dead Water: “Did you ever think that your wife might be a faker? Like a transvestite or something.

” Fire Ruthless: “Transvestite?” Dead Water: “After playing this game for so long, how can you still don’t know what a ‘transvestite ‘ is? It’s a man playing a girl character ah! There are many of them in this game.

” Fire Ruthless: “………………….


” a man, a man, a man playing as a woman, playing girls! (OAO|||) This “innocent” fella’s “innocent logic” collapsed at this moment.

Dead Water: “Am I right? ” Fire Ruthless: “No!!!” Dead Water: “Then why did you use so many ellipses before, you also use three exclamation marks this time.

” Fire Ruthless: “….


” Fire Ruthless: “I have something to do, I’m going first.

” Dead Water : “….


” Qin Yu’s mind was in utter chaos, and he needed quietness urgently.

He closed the game, and, while sitting in front of his computer, tried carefully to remember his past conversations with Ah Jin… Indeed, he never asked Ah Jin whether he is a male or female, and Ah Jin also never said anything to him.

Before they got married, his intuition told him that Ah Jin was a boy, but after their marriage, it felt so natural for him to start treating the other player as a girl.

……So, in conclusion, there is definitely a possibility that Ah Jin is a boy.

As he recalled Ah Jin’s character and speaking tone, he realized … No, it’s a very big possibility! ( ̄_ ̄| | |) So, I may have misunderstood all this time? (= o =) To think that I have been liking the other player for so long, have waited for so long, and now if Ah Jin turns out to be a boy….

Qin Yu really couldn’t bear to look straight at his stupid self! (╯‵-′) ╯︵┻━┻ Luckily, those offline messages were erased… Orz… ————– Qin Yu was frustrated for a long time, so each time he came online, he’d use his depression as a driving force, chop and chop everyone! Kill and Kill everyone! After he calmed down, he would look at the “Xiao Xian-Jin” name in his friend list dazedly… He wanted to erase this name completely! But, at the same time, also felt reluctant to do so … Because, after so many years, Qin Yu already had affections for this name! (T_T) Some people in the group also began discussing about his current state….


“What’s the matter with Ruthless these days? He seems even more ruthless lately.

” “Yes, there’s something wrong with his mood …” Dead Water: “Ah, he is in three-view reconstruction period.

” After a period of time, this “crazed” Qin Yu unexpectedly climbed high in the ranking list, jumped from seventh place to second, almost equal with the unshaken king Dead Water on first place.

Nine Hall His Highness: “Ruthless, you have a very strong offensive power recently, it really puts me under pressure.

” Fire Ruthless: “It’s cool, isn’t it?” Nine Hall His Highness: “…” Dead Water : “…” Everyone: “…” Nine Hall His Highness: “Water elder brother, Ruthless is teasing me ~” Dead Water: “I saw it…” Another weaker player in the group: “Is there anyone who feels that Ruthless has really gone evil recently…” Another person echoed: “Hands up!” Dead Water: “Cough, probably because his three view reconstruction period is over.

” Qin Yu glanced at the group chat, and silently closed down another window about “Homosexuality and Gong” article on a popular website.

Then, he opened his game’s friend list, once again looking at that gray name.

The corner of his mouth curled up slightly, showing a hint of a wry smile.

Whether you are a man or a woman, I still can’t seem to forget about you, Ah Jin.

*** 019.

Rice Weevil Occupation Three days was not a long time, but at least it could ease He Jin’s embarrassment at this moment.

After the agreement, Fire once again changed He Jin into his “prototype” form, then took him to do upgrade tasks.

He Jin knew he was a wasel … With sharp teeth, small ears, and head that resembled both a fox and a mouse.

Looking at himself this way, He Jin was finally resigned to his fate.

He owed Fire too much, so if playing like this could make the other guy happy, then so be it, he would take the sacrifice.

Anyway, it wasn’t like his real-life body would change too.

Since Fire used “Follow”, He Jin didn’t need to do anything, he just watched as his ferret character kept on tailing after Fire, just like Rosefinch did before… Xiao Xian-Jin: “I don’t have to go alone?” “Do you want to go by yourself?” Fire canceled the ‘Follow’ state, and said, “then I’d put you in a cage ah, so you won’t run away.

” He Jin: “…….


” What do you think of me as? A puppy? ( ̄_, ̄) Before a “spirit pet” was domesticated, their upgrade process were the same as normal spirit race, they had to rely on themselves to do the tasks, but once domesticated, it became completely different.

As long as they went with their domestication master together, they would gain experiences particularly faster.

And so, He Jin did not have to do his own task now, just let Fire did all the work on the front line.

When He Jin saw a tips on the screen, a task for Fire to kill “Willow essence”, he hurriedly tried to understand his current role status and attack skills first- “Xiao Xian-Jin” Ethnicity: Spirit Level: Spiritual Pet Level Nickname: Xiao Bai (He Jin: When did it change???) Attribute: Agile Mystery attribute: Meng Strength: +580 Aura: +100 Dodge: +800 Potential: Unknown …… He also took a look at his new skills.

There were seven that had been activated, the first three were in blue color: “bite”, “scratching”, and “tail”… What are these? Am I really going to bite other monsters like a real ferret? (=_=) The fourth one had green color: “scurry”, must be a skill useful in running away… The fifth was in purple, used to increase and buff “agility” point of his domestication master.

The sixth and seventh had pink icon, He Jin looked at them and….

 Eh??? I also have the “follow” and “Intimacy” buttons?! He Jin quietly clicked on “follow”, and sure enough, his snow like furry character automatically followed behind Fire Ruthless, with him no longer needing to operate anything … Duh, this is the same as a “rice weevil” occupation ah! [T/N: Rice weevil is a sponger parasite, so to have a rice weevil occupation is an insult to someone who likes to sponge on others.

] When they arrived at the mission’s location, He Jin used “agile” in addition to “follow” that he had used previously.

He was feeling so eager to control his ferret to rush and bite the willows, but before he had the chance to, blood had already pooled under their feet.

The Willows in the whole area suddenly burst into a strange frenzy of convulsions, and turned into ashes not long after … 〖System〗: You have successfully killed (20/20) Willow Monsters, mission accomplished! He Jin’s face turned black… Doing tasks with Fire, really made him contemplated his general meaning of existence ah! He looked at the golden glittering packages littering on the ground, and couldn’t help but pick one up.

〖System〗: You picked up 1 willow.

He Jin: “…” Two seconds later, a golden tip flashed above his screen, 〖System〗: Your husband, “Fire Ruthless” has deposited 5000 gold coins into your account, please check it.

He Jin was surprised: “Why do you give money to me?” Fire Ruthless: “Don’t pick up these things, they are useless.

If you need money, just ask me.

” He Jin’s face turned red in embarrassment.

He did not pick up those things because he lacked money, it was just a habit of his ah… Although, well, picking up junk was not a good habit to show off… However, Fire simply gave too much ah! He Jin previously only had about 200 pieces of gold coins, but Fire actually gave him 5000, too much gap! He Jin then remembered, in “Demon God Wealth List” he had seen before , Fire was also ranked as first place, so maybe it really wasn’t much for him.

However, in face of Fire’s very “generous” action, He Jin couldn’t help but feel flattered.

He Jin thought for a while, and decided to give something in return.

He sent a message to Fire: “hj2000,********, this is my username and password in this game.