Waiting For You Online - Chapter 9

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 9


To Flee Because he had not been playing for a long time, He Jin’s heart could not help but feel a little enchanted now.

He was about to come down from the mount when Fire stopped him: “Wait.

” Xiao Xian Jin: “ah?” Fire Ruthless: “You are leveling.

” He Jin took a look and found out that it was true, he was only five or six hundred experiences away from level 30.


 What was the realm for level 30? San Xian? Fire Ruthless: “After ‘Demon God’ revision, the spirit race in level 30 have two roads option to go.

Once we do some more tasks and your experiences become full, remember to choose the second upgrade option later.

” For it was an “expert” proposal, He Jin did not doubt him, not to mention he was also still feeling a trace of guilt for the other guy, so he answered “Okay”.

After that they ran to Magpie Bridge.

Magpie bridge was very long.

He Jin stationed in front of Vega, while Fire stood in the distance in front of Cowboy.

The distance between the two of them had exceeded the voice range feature, so even if they talked, they wouldn’t be able to hear each other.

He Jin right clicked on Vega’s pop-up box – 〖Ten questions of the couple’s hearts: click “Prepare” to begin the task.

〗 〖Your husband “Fire Ruthless” is ready, the task begins! 〗 .



Question 1: Where did you first meet Fire Ruthless? A, Mountain Link; B, the initial village; C, the initial village mountain cliff; D, the other (please fill in here ____) Countdown: 10,9,8, … This question was very simple.

He Jin pressed C, and a sweet sound was soon heard, prompting that their answers were the same.

Xiao Xian-Jin gained 100 experience! Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Second question: Your favorite dish to eat? A, pan package; B, sweet and sour loin; C, sweet and sour ribs; D, other (please fill in ____) Eh, the choice unexpectedly had his favorite dish listed! He Jin pressed C, and then, he heard the congratulatory bell once again- Fire Ruthless was also right! Question three: What is your favorite song? A, you used to be a teenager; B, an imperfect child; C, who would you think of when you’re alone? D, others (please fill in ____ here) He Jin wondered… Why is the system asking things about him? And all the options were old songs.

Although there were more-liked songs now, but for the sake of higher accuracy, He Jin selected his answer from one of the first three options.

〖System〗: You answered the same! You gained 300 experience! It was soon followed by a golden flash on the screen – 〖System〗: Dear “Xiao Xian-Jin,” Congratulations, you have risen to level 30! …it rose, I’m leveling up! ! ! As Fire had told him before, a selection box popped out from the system.

There was a human icon on the left, while the right option had a beast icon.

He Jin deliberately pointed at the second option.

Soon after, his screen began flashing with a congratulation message for starting his pet cultivation.

He Jin did not have time to look at itvcarefully though, because the next question soon started – Question four: How do you think your other half shows their love to you? A, play with you; B, help you leveling; C, give you a gift; D, accompany you to see the scenery …Play together? 〖System〗: You answered the same! You gained 400 experience! Since he was gaining more and more experience, He Jin also felt very happy.

It seemed that his compatibility with Fire was quite high ah… Question five: What gift do you want to receive the most from your other half? A, Artifact; B, gold; C, rose; D, others (please fill in here ____) To be honest, he did not want any gift, and those three options were not tempting enough for him.

If he had to choose though… He Jin felt that Fire Ruthless’s mount was quite cool… That thought crossed his mind only briefly, however, who knew with what kind of mentality, but He Jin actually did fill the D option with ” Poor Flames” as his anwer! He hesitated for a while, but finally clicked on the submission option once the countdown began.

…After he did that, he suddenly realized that his action might be a little too impulsive, so he was so sure that this time Fire’s answer must be different from his.

Unexpectedly, the system once again showed the “you answered the same!” announcement.

He Jin was stunned, he did not expect Fire to also wrote a “Poor Flames” as his answer.

 This level of compatibility is simply too amazing ah! While he was still feeling shocked, the next question already came out – Question six: “Fire Ruthless” favorite color is? A, black, B, blue, C, red, D, others (please fill in ____ here) When He Jin saw this question, he was surprised for a moment; finally they asked something about Fire! But … what is his favorite color? (= _ =) He Jin recalled Fire’s wings, and mounts; both were littered with flames.

It was the same case with his clothes, seemingly filled with fire patterns, so is the answer red? However, he is also wearing a black cloak ah, in the end is it A or C? Maybe it’s C.


right? 〖System〗: Answer wrong! “Fire Ruthless ” favorite color is – B, blue On the screen, Tsing Yi started bleeding, her blood fell 1/5.

He Jin: “….

” Question seven: Which do you think of the following descriptions that is of the most consistent with “Fire Ruthless” character? A, mature calm; B, innocent and enthusiast; C, simple and honest , D, black belly He Jin: Fire, innocent and enthusiast? 〖System〗: Answer wrong! “Fire Ruthless” thinks that the best match for him is – D, black belly [T/N: Black belly = someone who’s actually quite quite evil/sly/manipulative] He Jin: “…… is it true or false! (= _ =) Tsing Yi began bleeding once again, her blood fell another 1/5.

Question eight: How does “Ruthless Fire” most want you to call him by? A, Fire; B, God; C, husband; D, other (please fill in here ____) Seeing the third option, He Jin’s face turned hot, and he quickly chose A.

Sure enough, the system showed an: “Answer wrong! Fire Ruthless most wants you to call him- C, husband!” He Jin: “….

” Question nine: Will you and Fire Ruthless develop a couple relationship in reality? A, will; B, will not; C, have a look and say; D, in reality is a couple He Jin: Gezz, we certainly will not … 〖System〗: Answer wrong! The choice of “Fire Ruthless” is – A, Will.

He Jin: “…” Only one fifth of my blood left! The last question absolutely can not be wrong ah, no matter what the problem is, I have to choose the same as fire’s answer! Question 10: What gift does “Fire Ruthless” most hoping to receive from you? A, poor flames; B, gold coins; C, rose; D, others (please fill in here ____) Gee, isn’t this the same as the third question I answered before! How did they know the answers to all these questions? Does this system task carry memory function? Which one to choose… Fire was ranked first on the gold wealth list, so he certainly did not short of money.

As of Roses, Fire was not a woman, so he shouldn’t like it …… other option? But He Jin did not know what to fill it with! Or choose A? According to the “consonance of mind” law, there is a chance that Fire will choose the same answer, the A option … but Fire already has a Poor Flame ah! Countdown: 4,3,2, … It’s over, there was no time to tangle or think anymore, so He Jin just took a wild guess, and pointed at A! 〖System〗: Answer wrong! The choice of “Fire Ruthless” is – D, other (yourself) 〖System〗: You have died, the mission failed! 〖System〗: This task your correct answers are 5, the number of errors 5, consonance index increased by 0.

He Jin: “…” Tsing Yi Lolita then began bleeding to death, and turned into her prototype shape, fluttering helplessly on the ground.

The screen became gray, and the magpie bridge broke down, debris falling into the lake, smashing bursts of whirlpools on the water’s surface… The upper-left corner of He Jin’s screen showed a 15-minute icon, a countdown for their locked-movement punishment.

And so, He Jin’s character was trapped on the Choi Fong Island, unable to move for the next 15 minutes.

During this period of time, hcould not hear anything, and only able to see Fire Ruthless’s character standing on the other side of the lake.

He seemed to be facing He Jin’s own direction, standing still just like him.

Ten questions and ten answers, and they were all about them.

Fire answered all questions about him right: what dish he liked to eat, what song he liked to listen to… If he was only right on these, He Jin might just attribute it to luck.

However, that question about what ‘gift’ he’d like to receive… there was no way to explain it with mere “luck”! He could only guess that maybe, they had done this task before and the system remembered their answers, and so did Fire.

It would not be too surprising, after all, Fire also remembered simple facts about He Jin, like how he got first place in his class, or about him wanting to go to Hua University.

Fire had remembered these details even after eight years.

On the other hand, the problems related to Fire, He Jin could not even answer one correctly … His heart had … mixed feelings.

As he was thinking about this, his friend column flashed: it was a message from Fire.

He Jin hesitated for a good while before opening it- Fire Ruthless: “Eight years, I have and will always wait for you online, Ah Jin.

” He Jin: “….


” There was no other confession, or explanation, just that one simple sentence – I’ll wait for you online, but this simple sentence made He Jin’s whole body shivered badly, as if he was electrocuted, his fingertips were trembling on the keyboard… This sentence, thoroughly dragged He Jin’s buried-in-the-sand naïve mind out.

So it was true, all this time, Fire really had been waiting for him.

And he also wanted to develop a realistic relationship with him! ‘However, I am a man! We are only playing a game, but you are acting way too serious… what for ah? ‘ ↑ I really want to say so, but am unable to open my mouth.


In front of this guy who had been waiting for him for eight years, in face of this strange and affectionate man… He Jin’s throat suddenly felt like it was being chocked by a pair of invisible hands; he couldn’t make a sound.

He no longer thought that the other guy was trying to joke or be funny, and he also did not want to accidentally insult his brain as sick.

But above it all, what he didn’t want to do the most was to pour cold water on their reunion at this moment, so what to do? He Jin fell silent, and Fire also did not send anymore message to him.

He Jin took a look at the locked-movement countdown on his screen, anxiously shedding a drop of cold sweat.

Fifteen minutes soon passed in an instant, and Magpie Bridge was reproduced.

Fire flew from the opposite side of the lake, yes, he did not walk on the bridge, but waving his fluttering wings directly there instead… His magic wings glowed in purple, and its movement was followed closely by a rotation of some Red Flames flowing around him… This was the first ranked Demon God player: “Fire Ruthless”, and not the small follower: “Fire”, from He Jin’s memory.

Looking at the screen, the more Fire Ruthless figure flew closer, the more He Jin’s hands trembled … He was feeling very terrified, so terrified… that he quit the game.


and went offline.

Orz… *** ※ Spirit Fairy-Past ※ (vii) After their marriage, He Jin felt that Fire behaved a bit strange around him.

“Why are you so quiet today? You usually always have so much to talk about before” Qin Yu: “Um … have I?” He Jin: “You think?” Qin Yu: “…” Regardless of this, He Jin still pulled him to do the task of husband and wife.

They would use a cheat though, talking through an outside software, so their voices would not be blocked.

It was his first time to do this question and answer game, so it still felt very new and refreshing for He Jin.

But, because they opened a “cheat” tool, he wasn’t afraid of doing badly.

Their plan was simple: after the task started, one of them would ask the question, and the other would report their answer, so they could choose the same answer.

There was a question asking what gift He Jin wanted: gold, clothes, roses and the likes.

He Jin did not look interested in any of those, oh don’t get him wrong, he did have a bit of interest in gold, but Fire was also very poor player, so there was no use in wishing for it.

He Jin: “I think a mount is better, but typing it is too troublesome, or we can just pick one, how about A?” Qin 炀: “Oh … Ah Jin, you don’t like flowers?” The roses in the game were all bought in Yuan.

Once the roses was received, the receiver name would appear on “TV” (← is the so-called world announcement).

There was also a list of players who received roses daily.

It had become a symbol of fighting price among female players.

He Jin: “What is the use of flowers ah, I like horses, beast!” Qin Yu: “…” Really is his A Jin, different! o (¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ o) There was another question, it was asking how Fire wanted to be called by He Jin … He Jin read the options again: “Fire? Great God? Handsome ? Husband” Hearing the phrase “husband”, Qin Yu’s face instantly became as red as tomatoes … … He Jin: “Which one do you like?” Qin Yu: “That … …” He Jin: “What ah?” Embarrassed for a long time, Qin Yu weakly said: “Great God …” He Jin: “Oh, after this I’d start calling you God, come on ah, God.

” Qin Yu: “…” In fact, he really wanted to hear Ah Jin calling him “husband” ~ (T //// T)