Waiting For You Online - Chapter 6

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 6


Let’s Talk He Jin’s mood was very complicated.

He did not know why he was feeling like this after seeing those ranking lists, but Fire somehow felt so inexplicably tall for him right now.

To worship the strong was a human instinct, especially to those kind of incomparable strength that made others unable to even fight back.

These Super Powerful Gods type always left people’s heart be filled with awe.

But in regard of how they treated those strong ones, different people had their own different ways.

Some people would want to kneel, lick their feet, and hold their thigh, some people would be blunt to confess their feelings, and some others would be filled of jealousy, desiring to fight them… He Jin, who had a cold personality, obviously would want to speak to them a little more than usual.

However, because he was not really an insider in the game, he would not be too fanatical.

Just like people who did not play the piano would not understand Bach’s wonderful plays, and people who did not draw would not know what’s so good about Van Gogh’s painting, he also simply did not have that kind of visions.

Currently, He Jin was just feeling a lot of curiosity; he was curious about Fire Ruthless’s thought when he first saw his name on the top player list, curious about his experiences, curious about the deep of his realm, curious about what did he think about his own actions now…… He wasn’t able to reign in his curiosity, and hurriedly sent his questions over to Fire– Xiao Xian-Jin: “I just saw the leaderboard, how did you become so powerful!” Xiao Xian-Jin: “Where is this? Are you taking me to see the scenery?” Xiao Xian-Jin: “The top level is 100 now?” .



Xiao Xian Jin: “Realm ‘Demon God ‘, what does it mean? Xiao Sin A Jin: “Just now in the mountain, did those two new people unable to see you?” Xiao Xian Jin: “Why did you kill them but they thanked you instead?” *** Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM While he was still immersed in his interrogation, the other guy suddenly sent back a word to him, which scared He Jin enough to pull his hands back from the keyboard.

Fire Ruthless: “Let’s talk.

” He Jin’s forehead shed a drop of cold sweat… Suddenly he realized a very important question – does he know I am a “man”? He Jin couldn’t remember whether or not he had exposed his real gender to Fire back then.

Of course, that did not mean he couldn’t just be honest now.

But, the problem was… Even after eight years, Fire had not divorced him.

He Jin could not fathom what he was thinking at all.

There was a possibility that Fire really was a fool who had waited for him for eight years, and would want to mend their feelings now that he had returned.


Thinking of this, He Jin’s forehead shed another drop of cold sweat… He also did not want to be so passionate and speculative ah, but it was a human nature to do so… Fire Ruthless then sent another sentence to him: “The last time I talk to you was eight years ago, I wonder how your voice is now.

” He Jin sweatdropped… He actually talked with Fire Ruthless before!? What a young and ignorant boy! (= _ =) He Jin began to think, eight years ago, his voice seemingly had yet to enter changing period.

He was a late bloomer, among the last group of boys to experience a changing voice period.

And before that, because of his light and thin voice, He Jin was often ridiculed by his friends and being compared to a girl.

Of course, this was part of the dark history in his life that He Jin was unwilling to acknowledge.

He had a clear voice now though, and was no longer likely to be mistaken.

Seeing Fire Ruthless’s sentence, He Jin hesitated for a moment before replying: “Sorry ah, my roommate is here, it’s not convenient.

” His reason for refusing was actually irrelevant to those tangled things in his mind.

His reason was simple: adult He Jin had a cautious personality, so he  would not casually exchange his private information with online friends.

In his opinion, playing games was merely for the sake of ‘playing’ , he drew a line for anything beyond that.

So he simply found an excuse to refuse.

In fact, it wasn’t even an “excuse”,  because his roommate was indeed in the room with him.

Fire Ruthless: “Oh, then I’ll talk, and you listen?” He Jin: “….


” Fire Ruthless: “You can hear, right?” Back in the mountain, He Jin had pretended not to hear anything and stayed silent when those passers-by had called out to him.

But who would have guessed, apparently even back then he had been exposed by Fire! Fire Ruthless: “Otherwise, you have so many questions, it would take me half a day to type an explanation for all of them.

” Xiao Xian-Jin: “Ok …” Well, he would just listen, it wasn’t a big deal.

After a slight “click” sound, a young man’s voice was heard in He Jin’s ear…”Hey?” They were standing face to face in the game, so somehow, He Jin felt as if the sound was coming from right in front of him.

It felt so close… and instantly narrowed the feeling of distance between them.

Meanwhile, Qin Yu asked tentatively, “Can you hear me, Ah Jin?” Compared with He Jin’s, Fire voice had a completely different tone: it was low, a little husky, and naturally oozed with intimacy, as if they had known each other for a long time.

Especially when he said “Ah Jin”, He Jin did not know how to describe his feeling as he heard it, it was like his ears were gently bitten for a moment… He Jin’s whole sense collapsed and he nervously typed: “Heard.

” If he were to speak, he would surely stutter.

Receiving this reply, Qin Yu turned to look at the chat log and asked, “Did you think I was taking you to see the scenery?” He automatically ignored He Jin’s first question, and continued, “Have you forgotten everything?” He Jin replied guiltily: “Yes…” Why does it feel like it pained you to be asked that? Just answer the questions! Fire Ruthless paused, then said: “I’m helping you to find your memories.

” He Jin: “….


” he had an ominous foreboding feeling about this… Fire Ruthless: “Here was where we died together for the first time? Remember?” He Jin: “….


” Who would remember such a thing? Fire Ruthless slowly explained, “When I first started playing this game, I directly used the default race,  mortal.

I didn’t know there was a ‘spirit’ race, so the first time I saw your ‘corpse’, I thought you were a monster.

” As he was saying this, a smile could be heard clearly in his voice.

He Jin felt a bit impressed, it seemed like this fool was genuinely determined to make him remember.

He even bothered to give such a long explanation! Fire Ruthless: “For a long time, I suspected you were pets in the game, can be domesticated.

” Xiao Sin Jin: “I feel dizzy hearing this…” For a long time? He Jin always thought that he had explained it to the other guy before, but unexpectedly he was suspected as a pet? (= _ =) Fire Ruthless asked: “When I killed you before, did you see what the system prompted?” Xiao Xian Jin: “ah?” – Prompted what? That he was killed? The other player was silent for two seconds, and then, on the screen, Fire’s character suddenly raised his hand, forming a trace of faint arrow-shaped light on his fingertips.

He released the arrow towards He Jin’s small character who stood in front of him – 〖System〗: You are attacked by “Fire Ruthless”.

He Jin: “!!!” … again! He Jin had no parry skill, so his Tsing Yi was hit just like that.

Like being smashed by a cannon, she flew directly up in the air.

Her body twisted into a tragic posture, and then “poff” her body turned into a long furred white animal, and crashed right onto the ground … 〖System〗: You have died.

Limbs stretched, the tip of its mouth opened wide, black eyes closed; He Jin’s character displayed a really miserable death that most people wouldn’t be able to look at.

Like in real life, He Jin who was “dead”, also could no longer hear any sound.

He could still see his friend column though, and right now it was flashing- Fire Ruthless: “The corpse is very cute ^ ^” Xiao Xian Jin: “….


” Seeing that emoji, the veins on He Jin’s forehead jumped out.

After Fire resurrected him, He Jin heard a voice talking to him with in a clearly suppressed happy tone.

He gritted his teeth and punched down a sentence in the dialog box: “Don’t tell me your hand slipped again this time!” Fire avoided answering, and asked directly: “Have you seen a message that prompted your increase in experiences?” He Jin was surprised for a moment.

The system messages was on the lower left on the game interface, so he swept his pointer over there, and indeed, there was such a message there- 〖System〗: You gained 300 experience.

Xiao Sin Jin: “I saw it …” – dead and still received experience? What’s with this game setting? (= O =) *** ※Spirit Fairy Past ※ (four) “Hey, Ah Jin?” He Jin listened to the voice, it was loud and sounded like the owner was the same age as him.

After a few seconds, He Jin cautiously said “Yes” back.

This was his first time chatting with online friends, so his voice held a hint of shyness and excitement, so soft that it’s almost couldn’t be heard.

Fire: “Your voice is light ah…” He Jin: “You can’t hear it?” Fiire: “Heard! Hehe… ” He Jin: “What are you laughing at ah.

” Fire: “This is the first time I’ve talked to someone from internet.

” He Jin: “Me too!” fiire: “hehehe …” He Jin laughed and scolded him: “There is something wrong with you.

” Fire giggled for a moment before asking: “Are your father and mother at home?” He Jin: “No, they are out, they have to work overtime on Saturdays.

” Fire: “Oh, then how about we talk about playing games every Saturday, is it okay?” He Jin did not think carefully, casually thought that it was ‘fine’, and said: “Let’s look for an agreed time to play the game.

I don’t have much time usually, I also have to write my homework at night.

” Since both of them had played together, He Jin’s ‘Xiao Xian-Jin’ was now at level 19, while Fire still at 17, two levels lower than his.

 And he said he could upgrade faster than me, hum ~ The Fire in the game was silent as he was following behind He Jin, but on the headset he was talking non-stop.

Fire Ruthless: “Ah Jin, how old are you? Are you doing well in your study?” He Jin’s mind was in the game, so he answered shortly: “Grade Two, study fine, usually got the first place.

” Fire cried: “Wow! First place! You’re amazing!” He Jin: “I have no choice, my mother will go crazy if I’m not on first place.

” Fire: “Are you afraid of your mother?” He Jin: “Afraid ah, that woman is sick.

” Fire: “Oh … since your score is so good, surely you will go to university after?” He Jin: “Of course, don’t you?” Fire: “My scores are bad, I might not take the test, and I don’t want to test anyway what is the benefit of university oh …” He Jin’s junior high school was a top school, so the competitive pressure was huge.

Although the student would also play games, but they would not ‘put the cart before the horse’ in order to get better school as their goal.

[T/N: Put the cart before the horse: prioritizing something of less value first] This was the first time He Jin met someone who did not consider university in their future plans, he could not help but wonder: “If you don’t want to study, then what will you do?” Fire: “I’ll work ah, my dad said that if I don’t want to read then just don’t read, he will give me a job.

” He Jin immediately thought of the migrant children who were often mentioned in news, they had to drop out of school early to work, making his heart filled with sympathy.

He immediately lectured Fire: “Read many books and study diligently ah, although I also feel that reading books is very boring, but this is the only way to change our destiny… Being admitted into university will give you a chance to find a better job and make more money than anyone else, to live your life as you please and become a self-supporting man! ” Fire: “….


” This was the understanding He Jin’s 15-year-old self had on university entrance examination, but little did he know, these few words from him would change a weary-teenager’s view on reading.

Fire: “Ah Jin, what university do you want to test for?” He Jin: “Well, if the results can be maintained, it should be Hua University… My mom always said that I have to go there.

” Fire: “I got it.