Waiting For You Online - Chapter 4

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 4


 First Ranking Master He Jin took a second glance at his character’s animal-shaped body, finally remembered that as a “spirit”, he would “turn back to his original shape” once dead.

He also understood now, the reason why he always received 1650 damage; it was because his total number of blood was only as much.

(=_=) Of course, Fire Ruthless always resurrected him again, and used the husband and wife skills to recover his blood back to full status, still though… He Jin pondered in silent.

Even if you blame me for not coming online for eight years and did not dissolve the marriage, you also don’t need to always do this ah, so childish … At the same time, a dialogue bubble floated above Fire Ruthless’s head: “Did you forget when you asked me to marry you?.

” He Jin: “…” So, the one who had the right to dissolve the marriage is Fire, and not me? Then why hasn’t he divorced me? Has this guy … been waiting for me in the game? He Jin was so surprised by his own idea that his body dripped in cold sweat! He and Fire in the game was only “marriage in name” (presumably to advance in doing tasks).

They had never met before, and were basically two strangers.

 Was this guy really, for me, had been waiting for eight years in the game, and that was why he did not divorce me…? This kind of thing, no normal people would feel moved if it were to happen to them, instead, the only thing they would think of was- is this man OK? .



Or –you are fucking kidding me, right? He Jin shook his head to shake off his own not-so-reliable idea.

Perhaps there were people who did not do divorce just to enjoy the “married” status… Even if the “wife” had ran away for eight years.

(=_=) At the same time, there were two passers-by walking closer to where they were standing.

Passerby A: “Hey, where’s the monkey?” ” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Passerby B: “The monkeys are gone?” ” *** He Jin was wearing headphones, so he could clearly hear the two passers-by’s conversation.

Yes, the players in this game were able to chat directly; a long as they turned on the voice function, they could talk to anyone.

It was created to simulate the feeling as if they were in the real world.

Judging from their voices, He Jin guessed that the two other players must be very young.

Passers-by A said in shock: “Did we go to the wrong place?” ” Passerby B : “How is it possible! I was just here before, being scratched by those damned monkeys! ” He Jin opened a private chat and asked Fire: “Do novices still receive task to kill monkeys?” ” Fire Ruthless: “Still have.

” He Jin thought jokingly: “The monkeys resurrection rate are a bit slow ah, look at those new people, they are completely dumbfounded.

” Just as he finished sending this sentence, He Jin suddenly heard one of the passers-by voice coming from near him: “Hello, beautiful! Do you know where the monkeys are? ” He Jin: “……” The man walked up to him, and also jumped a few times to attract his attention: “Beauty, are you there?” He Jin thought, he was a man, so being called “beauty” by a little brat, he was not happy! (=_=) Passers-by a: “Beauty, are you alone? Are you dead?” He Jin frowned.

 Don’t you see this big guy beside me? What do you call him… not human? “Maybe she did not open her voice function?” Passerby B also came over.

“Oh!” Passers A suddenly realized.

Two seconds later, a long conversation bubble popped out above his head: “Beauty look at me, look at me!!! ” But the passer-by only had enough time to jump and call out twice before he was met with his demise.

Suddenly his character showed a very familiar scene: one hand covered his chest, knees kneeling, there was a thump sound, and then he fell down… into a corpse.

The man let out scream: “Ahhhh” On his side, passers-by B said: “How did you die…! Wait, I’m dead too! ” He Jin: “……” He Jin was stunned to see the two bodies disappeared one after another and asked Fire: “You killed them?” Instead of answering, Fire sent another “ride” invitation to him.

Seeing him not answering, He Jin then asked once again: “Why did you kill them?” His impression of Fire was not of a bloodthirsty person.

Not to mention, the two children just now were very low level rookies, but still… Fire attacked them in seconds without blinking.

This made He Jin felt a little strange.

The poor two passers-by didn’t know why did they die, but they were too afraid to seek revenge.

When a character was killed in the game, the system would show them the name of the player who killed them.

With an uncaring attitude,  Fire took He Jin to leave the mountain.

Meanwhile, at the same time, a familiar name flashed in the World Channel.

World Channel ‘Tornado Boy’: “Attention! Ruthless is in the world! I just got killed by him in the mountain!” This was the passer-by who just got killed! Soon there was another player “Are you joking?! How could great God go to the mountain!” World Channel ‘Westerly’: “It’s true! I was killed too! Thank you, Heartless God!” This was passerby B! He was killed but thanked the one who killed him? He Jin saw this and was confused, did this boy become delirious after he was killed? But the next development left He Jin even more bewildered, he saw the world channel blew up instantly because of the appearance of “Fire Ruthless”- World CHannel ‘No Moon robbery’: “Ah ah ah, coordinates! To the Great God! Beg to be killed!! ” World Channel ‘Lian Sheng’: “To be killed + No Moon robbery! (☆_☆) ” World Channel ‘O Delicate Delicate O’: “Hubby I! _ (: З”∠) _” World Channel ‘Red Star 10,001’: “The comment above, fool.

” World Channel ‘Tornado Boy’: “I feel invisible, what good luck!” AHA haha! ” Wold Channel ‘The West Wind’: “I have achieved my goal of being coldly-slashed by Fire Ruthless! Excited! ” *** He Jin looked foolishly at them for a long time, and could not help but ask Fire: “Did you see the World channel?” Fire Ruthless: “Eh?” Xiao Xian-Jin: “The one those people are talking about, is it you?” Fire Ruthless: “Yes.

” He Jin: “….


” He Jin once again typed a sentence in the dialog box: “You are really amazing now,” but deleted it because he felt it was too weird.

While riding with Fire, there was no action needed on his part, so He Jin opened the information tab on the game to find something –the leaderboard.

Sure enough, he found a small icon in the shape of a scroll at the left corner of the game’s main interface.

He clicked on the icon, and a “Demon God List” immediately popped up- Fire Ruthless name impressively was listed on the top of the list! ① “Fire Ruthless”– Demon Clan (level 100)–Realm (Demon God) ② “Dead Water”– Heavenly Being (Level 100)–Realm (Divine God) ③ “Nine Royal Highness”-Heavenly Being (Level 99)–Realm (Emperor God) ④ “Leasure Cloud丶”– Heavenly Being (99)–State (Emperor God) ⑤ “Wild Crane丶”-Heavenly Being (level 98)–State (Emperor God) *** He Jin repeatedly compared the “Fire Ruthless” on the list with the one currently playing with him, trying to see whether the characters used in the name were different, but no… there was no mistake.

Fire was really powerful.

This point, He Jin actually had guessed already when he saw his mounts, wings, and clothes, but never would he think that Fire was unexpectedly strong enough to occupy the first place on the top player list! *** ※ Spirit Fairy Past ※ (iii) At 10 o’clock in the evening, when He Jin just landed in the game, Fire sent a message over to him.

“What are you doing now?” Xiao Xian-Jin: “Mom and Dad are in the house, I didn’t dare to play ah.

” Since that day in the mountain when he helped this guy to kill some monkeys, Fire had became He Jin’s small follower, and they would play together everyday.

Xiao Xian-Jin: “I am also playing secretly right now, I told my parents that I’m looking for some information in the internet.

I”ll only play for a while, and then go offline soon.

” Fire: “Then hurry, let’s kill the Vole!” Killing Voles is a level-12 task, the last time He Jin played the game, he was in the middle of doing this.

He Jin looked at Fire’s level, already level 10, from Mortal to Spiritual Person… He upgraded so fast ah! But He Jin still felt a little bit hesitant to take him killing Voles.

Xiao Xian-Jin: “Do your task first, when you are at the same rank as me, we’ll go to kill them.

” Fire: “No, I played more than you, leveling faster than you, so let’s do yours first.

” Xiao Xian-Jin: “Fine, but don’t blame me if you die.

” Fire: “Even if I die, it’s no big deal, I’ll just try again.

” He Jin thought frustratingly, of course, this man has a -not afraid of death- character ah, otherwise he wouldn’t be abused by monkeys over and over again… He is a fool! The two-people team then went to the wheat fields.

He Jin was planning to do a level beginning “fairy” task there.

The task was to kill voles in order to learn “farming” skills, so then, he could be self-sufficient to produce wheat cakes in the future.

This was what He Jin thought in his mind.

The wheat fields had a lot of fat voles.

The two of them hurried to find one to attack.

Fire level was low, so he quickly died after one or two shoot, but having someone to fight together was always better than attacking alone.

When He Jin was in the middle of attacking, his room’s door was suddenly knocked by someone … “He Jin? Are you still looking for information? ” “Yes, I’ll be done soon.

” Scared, He Jin quickly minimized the game screen and opened the study data tab that he had prepared in advance.

The woman opened the door, glanced at him and said, “Don’t stay up too late.

” before closing it once again.

He Jin waited for a while before he dared to re-open the game.

There, he saw on the screen that his character had died.

Fire’s corpse was also lying by his side.

  That boy did not go to the resurrection point, and instead had been sending him messages non-stop until his friend column kept on flashing- Fire: “Ah-Jin, why aren’t you moving?” Fire: “Dead …” Fire: “Hahaha, you died but why did you become like that! What are you, a monster?” [T/N: He is referring to Hejin’s corpse shape, a.


a the ferret shape.

] He Jin: “…” *** The author has something to say: ※ Demon God Game Small Knowledge ※ (a) The predecessor of Demon God, the Spirit Fairy’s  level setting: [Mortal race] Human (level 0-9) → Spiritual Person (10-19) → Semi Immortal (20-29) → Sanxian (30-39) → Jinxian (40-49) → Immortal (50) [Spirit race] Spirit → half Demon → Spirit fairy → Sanxian → Jinxian → immortal Being (level reference are the same as mortals) The title for Mortals and Spirits are the same starting from Level 30, the difference is in the cultivation method and practice!