Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 97

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Holding Hands and Happily Ever After Translated by Aphelios of Exiled Rebels Translations Editor: Rattie “Do you have any other strategies that you can teach me?” There’s no way that Tang XiaoYu could wear that kind of clothes to seduce him… it’s way too embarrassing! “Then how about you guys break up?” Su Nuo was still unwilling to give up.

“No!” Tang XiaoYu rejected the idea immediately without hesitation.

How could he even suggest that? Su XiaoNuo took a deep long sigh.

What’s so great about that muscle-head? He really can’t understand it.

Despite talking for over half an hour over the phone, it was quite obvious that Tang XiaoYu didn’t get even a speck of useful advice.

Instead, all he heard was a bunch of useless nonsense such as “Are you sure Qiu ZiYan is not a transvestite?”, “Maybe he likes pink lace tanks?”, “Are you really positive that you can’t break up?” Not only that, he unexpectedly got the whole family background, blood type, height and measurements of one hairy-legged senpai.




It took a while until they finally hung up, and Tang XiaoYu felt like his head was going to explode.

The news of Qiu ZiYan leading everyone in a group exercise were on the front pages of the entertainment section as soon as Tang XiaoYu opened up his web browser.

Even though the comments were already occupied by brain-dead fans, positive and harmonious commentary still dominated the comment section.

Occasionally there were a few “shallow show-off” and similar remarks, but they were quickly drowned out.

All in all, there was not much of a negative effect.

Tang XiaoYu let out a small breath of relief and was about to wash up and heat up the breakfast when the bedroom door suddenly opened.

“Brother ZiYan.

” Tang XiaoYu paused a bit.

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COM “Why aren’t you wearing your clothes?” Qiu ZiYan wrinkled his eyebrows in confusion.



I just took them off.

” Tang XiaoYu replied, embarrassed.

“I wanted to take a shower.

” The small gauze on the side of his waist showed faint traces of blood.

Qiu ZiYan crouched down to take a better look at the wound.

“It’s not that big of a deal.

” Tang XiaoYu felt rather awkward standing next to him in only a pair of underwear.

“When do you change your medication?“ Qiu ZiYan asked.

“Tomorrow,” Tang XiaoYu replied.

“Don’t worry about it, seriously.

It’s only a tiny wound.

” “Let’s go shower.

” Qiu ZiYan pulled him towards the direction of the bathroom.

“I… I can do this myself!” Tang XiaoYu felt beyond embarrassed having him just taking everything off.

Qiu ZiYan soaked a towel in warm water, then wrung it.

It felt very comfortable on Tang XiaoYu’s body and slowly turned his pearl-white skin into a faint shade of pink.

Qiu ZiYan dragged the towel from XiaoYu’s navel and slowly moved downwards.

Tang XiaoYu avoided the towel out of reflex; it felt ticklish.

Qiu ZiYan couldn’t help but laugh as he raised his head to glance at him.

“Are you still mad?” Tang XiaoYu took the opportunity to quietly test the waters.

“Of course.

” Qiu ZiYan stood up straight and gently tapped on his head.

“How long are you going to be mad for?” Tang XiaoYu asked.


Not sure about that,” Qiu ZiYan helped him wipe his back.

“You should at least set a deadline.

” Tang XiaoYu felt really despondent.

God knows how long he would be mad for.

Qiu ZiYan squeezed some body wash into his palms and went straight for the butt, groping the other for quite a while.

Tang XiaoYu : …… If this were the usual situation, he would have definitely avoided him out of reflex and perhaps even sent a kick in his direction.

But unfortunately, the current situation was precarious.

Thinking back on Su Nuo’s and Han Wei’s recommendations on flirting, Tang XiaoYu became as rigid as a stick.

Even if he’s unable to flirt, at the very least, he probably shouldn’t avoid his hands… Tang Xiao stood completely in place with this resolution in mind.

Not only was he afraid to move, he also nearly forgot to breathe.

Having felt the muscles under his hands become tense and turn rigid, Qiu ZiYan finally couldn’t control himself and laughed.

Tang XiaoYu sent a harsh kick towards Qiu ZiYan.

His face was so red it looked like it might burst into flames any second.

“Don’t flail about.

Your wounds haven’t healed yet.

” Qiu ZiYan held him down and started to seriously wash him up.

“Don’t be angry anymore.

” Tang XiaoYu held onto his hands.

“Don’t you know how worried I was when you were held hostage?” Qiu ZiYan stared at him.

Tang XiaoYu’s heart ached and his eyes redden.

“That’ll be the last time.

” Qiu ZiYan held him by his chin, his voice low.

“Don’t lie to me again.

” “Mm-hmm.

” Tang XiaoYu looked him in the eye.

“The last time.

I won’t lie to you again.

” His voice was soft yet held a firm sense of resolve.

Just hearing the recap of being French kissed for five minutes straight in the bathroom was beyond romantic! Indeed, this was extremely touching.

Three months later.

“Why are you looking at the computer again!” ZhongLi FengBai held his mop in anger.

His eyes! Just recovered! Yet he dared to immediately! Stare at the screen again! Is he purposely! Looking for a fight?! Ah! ”I didn’t,” Director Mu closed the screen without hesitation and stood up.

“Is making money that important to you? We finally got some hard-earned time off to relax at home!” Director Zhong opened up his computer and turned it on from standby mode, all ready to delete those despicable excel reports—but then he discovered that Mu was actually looking at ‘The top 10 islands perfect for holding a wedding.

’ I never wanted to get married! ZhongLi FengBai stared down at him in anger with a reddening face, and ran to mop the floors once again.

Mu Qiu leaned on the chair and laughed as he watched his retreating back.

“I have to go confer awards at the Star Fashion event tonight, so you’ll be eating ramen by yourself at home.

” ZhongLi FengBai coldly instructed him as he was halfway through mopping the floor.

“Why? It was clearly me who was invited.

” Mu Qiu innocently asked as he heard his instructions.

“So what? I do not want to show up together with you at the event!” ZhongLi FengBai arrogantly glided into the kitchen.

“We’ll be getting a divorce if you dare to show up.

” Director Mu’s expression was one of soft bitterness, “I’ll try to control myself from now on, all right?” Yesterday, they were too crazy and went overboard.

As soon as the last word left his mouth, a lettuce flew towards him from the kitchen.

Very aggressive.

Regardless, he was eventually granted permission to attend the awards ceremony with his wife after much coaxing and cajoling.

“If you dare make me lose face, you’re dead!” ZhongLi FengBai gritted his teeth in anger.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.

” Mu Qiu held his hands and let out a radiant youthful smile.

ZhongLi FengBai turned his head away in bitterness.

Gods! How can he look! This! STUPID! Is it! Too late! To! Get a! Divorce! As this was a large event amongst the Fashion industry, Suo Nuo and Qiu ZiYan were both rightly invited.

As the time of the event crawled closer, a silver sports car was still stuck making circles along the Third Ring highway.

“Bruh, we’re about to be late.

” Dai An was extremely anxious yet was afraid to rush him, thus he could only implicitly remind him of the time.

“One more circle.

” Su Nuo felt ill at ease as he leaned on the back of the chair.

“Why?” Dai An was about to cry.

Even if ‘bigshots are supposed to show up fashionably late,’ this definitely counted as going overboard! Why is he making circles on the road instead of heading towards that huge and important event?! “I’m nervous,” Su Nuo revealed anxiously.

“Nervous?” Dai An was surprised.

“What is there to be nervous about?” Being nervous now when he had already participated in countless events made no logical sense.

It’s because I did something astonishing! Su Nuo took a deep breath.

At an important time like this, I must keep calm! Even though he really wanted time to slow down, no matter how much he dawdled, he’ was still unable to freeze time! Thus, in the end, Su Nuo arrived at the Fashion Awards Ceremony on time.

“You’ve been absent-minded all day today.

What’s going on?” Sitting below the stage, Dai An felt extremely uncomfortable.

“It’s nothing.

” Suo Nuo replied as he stared intently at his phone.

“It can’t be because Qiu ZiYan is also getting an award?” Dai An felt like he’s finally getting closer to the truth.

“Honestly, this doesn’t matter at all because your award holds more weight than his.

” “Ah.

” Su Nuo replied absent-mindely.

His hands are covered in cold sweat.

What the heck does “ah” mean? What was going on? Dai An wanted to shout in anger so badly.

Su Nuo’s been in a trance since a few days back and it’s as if he chose today to reach the climax! He didn’t even eat lunch today and it was his favorite broth steamed crabs! This situation was truly scary when Su Nuo didn’t even touch the bountiful crabs filled with delicious crab paste.

Something was definitely wrong! The awards were being given out, and as they reached the most watched award – the Year End’s Most Popular Idol Award, it was as expected conferred to Su XiaoNuo.

The thunderous applause shook the room.

Su Nuo composed himself and walked towards the stage.

“Congratulations, NuoNuo.

” The host gave him a flattering smile; it was quite obvious that the host really liked him.

“Thank you.

” Su Nuo received the award and stood in front of the microphone.

Below him looked quite dark and completely filled with people.

He is shockingly flustered despite having already been used to the spotlights all shining on him.

“Nuo Nuo.

” The host quietly reminded him after seeing him motionless.

Below the stage, Dai An was feeling anxious as well! Did someone put the princeling in a bad mood? Whoever it was should have been dragged off and shot at for ten minutes straight.

“Thank you, everyone.

” Su Nuo finally opened his mouth to speak.

“I am extremely happy to have been given this award.

I want to thank my fans, my family, my friends.

” Su Nuo was so nervous it was as if his heart was going to fly out of his body any moment now.

“And, I want to thank my… lover.

” The exuberant buzzing below the stage immediately disappeared.

The female host ungracefully blanked out.

Dai An simply just fainted.

But since he didn’t miserably fall onto the floor and only fainted in his seat, no one noticed.

Thus the poor concubine was only able to faint for a short three seconds before naturally waking up again.

“Wow, we must send our congratulations.

” The female host was worthy to be called a professional and was able to quickly recover from this shock.

Not only that, she didn’t forget to lighten the atmosphere with a humorous remark, “May we ask whether this lover that NuoNuo thanked is at the scene as well?” Su Nuo felt quite apprehensive as he looked at the audience below the stage.

“Will you come up?” Oh my god, this short sentence vitalized the entire crowd! That person really did come! The audience below the stage exploded in excitement.

Everyone kept looking around to size up every possible female candidate on site.

But to their extreme surprise, the person who stood up was a man! What the fuck! A man! Thus, Dai An once again lost consciousness.

It could no longer be concealed! Su Nuo eyes reddened with unshed tears as he watched this man walk down the carpet with a smile.

His smile was caught by the cameraman and immediately projected onto the big screens.

The whole room boiled over in excitement.

Everyone remarked at how this was both exciting and touching; their hearts were beating so hard that they couldn’t take it anymore! The red carpet was very long, so Ouyang Long simply ran the last few steps and pulled his little blockhead into a tight embrace.

The scene exploded in shrieks of excitement, and everyone stood up from their seats to give a thunderous round of applause1.

The applause was so loud that they almost blew out the ceiling of the Fashion Awards Ceremony.

Suo Nuo closed his eyes and cried like a rabbit in his embrace.

2 This was not manly at all! But it still deserved a “like!” Because he was very brave! Because he was really too nervous, Su Nuo almost didn’t remember how he left the stage.

It wasn’t until he finally calmed down when he realized that his surroundings were surprisingly quiet.

“Were you scared?” At the waiting lounge backstage, Ouyang kissed him endearingly.

Su Nuo’s entire face was ashen and could only hug him with all his might.


” Ouyang’s heart was melting to the extreme.

He finally understood why Su Nuo was absent-minded these few days.

“Thank you for giving me such a beautiful surprise.

” In reality, Ouyang was able to faintly guess what Su Nuo was up to when he requested him to wear a suit and tie and come to the ceremony with him, but he didn’t dare to be certain until Su Nuo said those words on the stage.

He was not used to blatantly lighting up in joy, but at that moment, he truly wanted to hug him.

“Was it really a pleasant surprise? Not a nightmare?” Su Nuo stared at him foolishly.

“I was afraid you’ll be mad.

” “There’s no way I would.

” Ouyang hugged him even tighter.

“I’m beyond happy.

” Su Nuo rubbed his reddened eyes against his chest.

“It’s like a dream.

” “Then don’t ever wake up,” Ouyang whispered to his ear.

“I’ll dream this dream with you for the rest of our lives.

” Su Nuo didn’t talk further and only remained against his chest, listening to the firm beats of his heart.

Then… he fell asleep.

He’s been a tight bundle of nerves and had barely slept since deciding to come out of the closet a week ago.

Now that the weight has finally been lifted, weariness invaded his body like a storm.

His brain has never experienced such fogginess and he slept through the night without having a single dream.

“I can’t believe NuoNuo was this brave!” ZhongLi FengBai exclaimed movingly after the ceremony as he sat in the car.

“We were that brave back then too,” Mu Qiu said without much thought.

“And we came out with a bang!” ZhongLi FengBai immediately glowered at him.

“… What did I do now?” Director Mu asked innocently.

I clearly didn’t say anything over the top just now! Zhong Feng Li Bai gritted his teeth! He’s reminding me! Again! Of that painful memory! Is he purposely trying! To hurt! Me! “Honey?” Mu Qiu was still in bewilderment.

What kind of expression is this? Then he was pushed down in the car by ZhongLi FengBai.

…… Qiu Mu was suddenly bombarded with kisses that left him gasping.

This sudden unrestraint was unbearable.

“Are you a statue?!” After smooching him for a long while and still not getting a reaction from Mu Qiu, ZhongLi FengBai finally screamed in exasperation, and harshly bit down on his neck.

The sudden pain at last ignited the beast hiding within Mu Qiu! Targeting the right sensitive area was highly important after all.

“Be more gentl….

mmmhm…” ZhongLi FengBai didn’t even have a chance to finish his sentence before Mu Qiu harshly bit his lips and before he knew it, he was already lying flat on the seats.

From this, it was quite evident how important having a nice and flashy car was! The interior space was huge and perfect for the commencement of certain affairs.

Mu Qiu undid his tie in a flash and used it to tie up the other’s wrists.

Fuck! Director Zhong suddenly widened his eyes.

What kind of weird prelude was this? The sudden outburst of his inner sadism is truly scary! Mu Qiu pulled something out from the cigar holder and carefully prepped him.

“Ah!” ZhongLi FengBai kicked him with his bare legs.

“Gently!” Is he trying! To kill me with the pain! And then! Remarry! “Hush.

” Mu Qiu harshly sucked and bit at his neck, leaving a trail of prominent hickeys that could not be hidden.

“Kiss somewhere else!” ZhongLi FengBai snarled in a low voice.

I do not want to be splashed on the front pages of those trashy gossip magazines again because of this.

That’s right, ‘again’! Following his command, Mu Qiu obediently moved elsewhere.



” ZhongLi FengBai suddenly straightened his waist and his eyes began to water.

Mu Qiu did his hardest to lick and swallow repeatedly.

In a mere few minutes, our slender and sensitive Arts’ Director was already lying flat on the seat, allowing him to move his body as he pleased.

Gods… this affair was definitely way too intense.

This continued movement was really awesome! It must be commended! Meanwhile, inside the high-rise apartment, Tang XiaoYu was making a midnight snack as Qiu ZiYan watched.

After the cake was released from the pan, he split it into perfect triangular pieces and sprinkled the top with cream and strawberries.

A perfect artistic creation.


” Qiu ZiYan hugged him from the back.


” Tang XiaoYu placed a piece of strawberry into his mouth.

“Let’s finish this later.

I want to discuss something with you first.

” Qiu ZiYan lifted him up onto the windowsill.

“Yeah?” Tang XiaoYu asked.

“Do you want to come out to the public?” Qiu ZiYan asked seriously.

“I don’t want to treat you unfairly.

” “This is nothing for you to worry over.

” Tang XiaoYu couldn’t help but smile and softly pinched ZiYan’s nose.

“You’re overthinking again.

” “You honestly don’t want to?” Qiu ZiYan asked.

“I can go to the company and –– ” “You really don’t have to.

” Tang XiaoYu interrupted.

“I’m not Nuo Nuo.

Each person has their own perception of what an ideal life means to them.

” “You sure?” Qiu ZiYan asked again.


” Tang XiaoYu smiled.

“I think what we have right now is wonderful as it is.

Peaceful and undisturbed by others and we can be together every single day.

As for whether we come out to the public or not, I really don’t care.

” “All right,” Qiu ZiYan held onto his hands.

“But do tell me whenever you decide that you want to come out to everyone, okay?” Tang XiaoYu nodded his head and inched closer to give him a kiss.

I’m really really living in happiness! As for Su XiaoNuo, he shut off his phone and dropped all his work after waking up the second day, and flew to a small island overseas to vacation with his man.

It was quite obvious that during this recent period of time, there would be countless new stories about them.

Even though there would surely be plenty of congratulations, malicious conjectures wouldn’t be any lesser, so he might as well take a relaxing vacation and wait until everything settled down before returning.

“How can your little brother just leave like that!” Jason roared at the phone.

“Does he still remember that I’m his boss! His boss?!” He repeated twice in fury.

“Not since he discovered our relationship,” Han Wei replied calmly.

Jason nearly exploded in his room! He was in the middle of a date with a pretty lady when he suddenly got a phone call saying Su Nuo ran away! That left him with no choice but to abandon his lovely date to take care of this problem.

How many on this Earth can understand this wretchedness! How many! It’s a tragedy, I tell you! However, clearly, Su XiaoNuo had no interest in empathizing with Jason’s feelings.

In all honesty, he could care less about what anyone else is feeling right now, because currently, there was nothing more important and refreshing than revealing his stomach to the sun at his personal beach while drinking delicious coconut juice fresh from the source.

Could life get any better? “Be careful about your eyes.

” Ouyang helped him put on his sunglasses.

“Won’t the glasses leave a tan line?” Su Nuo was very concerned about this.

Just thinking about a circle of white below the eyes on an entire body of bronze left him shaking in fear.

What misery! “You’re overthinking.

” Ouyang Long lied next to him.

“The sun today is not too bad.

” “Can we go to that restaurant later for their fish?” Su Nuo scratched his belly.

“I want to eat broth-steamed sea urchin with wild veggie fish soup.

” “Of course.

” Ouyang Long rubbed his belly, too; the soft texture felt especially nice under his hands.

“You’re so nice.

” Su Nuo laid flat on his chest.

He would grant whatever wishes he asked for.

“Only towards you.

” Ouyang gave him a soft smile and rubbed his ears.

Su Nuo couldn’t help but want to shout to the world – his man was very very handsome! “Nap for a bit by yourself.

I’m going to go back to the room to finish up some business,” Ouyang Long said.

“Then, we’ll go eat seafood.

” “I’ll go with you.

” He couldn’t even bear to be separated for a second during their honeymoon.

Ouyang Long smiled.

“Then, I’ll carry you back?” That was a must! Su XiaoNuo climbed onto his back like an octopus.

It was so comfortable that he almost fell asleep.

The sun shone warmly on his behind the entire way.

Man, he was in nirvana! There was a humongous study room inside the seaside villa.

When Ouyang Long first rented the place, the floor was covered with a vulgar-looking Persian red carpet which he quickly changed out for a milky white fleece rug that was unbearably soft to the touch.

Su Nuo’s favorite position was to lie on the rug while reading or playing games as Ouyang Long worked.

The entertainment sites back home, as expected, were exploding like crazy.

Ouyang Long’s identity was quickly unearthed by the power of the internet, but this was within their expectations, so it was nothing to worry about.

Su Nuo turned to look at him and smiled as he logged on to his social media to post a message: ‘I’ve been really happy and well.

Currently we are in the middle of vacation, so please don’t worry!’ Paired with a landscape picture depicting two footprints surrounded by fine speckles of sand and a wide ocean blue sky sprinkled with puffy clouds, the post simply painted a picture of bliss.

Ouyang clicked open the new notification button on the right-hand corner of his screen and logged in to give XiaoNuo a ‘like’.

This is what we call conjugal harmony.

After closing the main page, Su Nuo randomly went onto a gossip site and belatedly discovered that “Chaotic Emotions” had ended as well.

Wait a moment! Su XiaoNuo was extremely shocked.

How could the routinely lazy writer update everything all at once? This doesn’t make sense.

Something like story writing depends on steroids and inspiration! Su Nuo dragged the screen all the way to the very last page where the writer “Midnight Thickness” wrote down her thoughts and was shaken to the core.

What the hell did she meant by her original inspiration for the story came from her fondness for Director Ouyang and Su Nuo, but because back then, she thought them being together was impossible so she decided to write a BL novel? What the fuck?! So the bashful, soft, tender, slender, sensitive, and sentimental person from a lower socioeconomic status was based on himself? And the dominating identity changing Ouyang Jinlong who looked down in disdain at all living mortals was actually based on his handsome Mr.

Director? Su Nuo’s hands trembled as he moved his mouse, and just so happened to click on a steamy R rated chapter – Ouyang Jinlong smiled seductively as he penetrated deep into Su NuoNuo’s body with his hard shaft.

He continued to say words such as ‘you seductive little succubus’ while thrusting.

Su Nuo couldn’t help but begin to visualize the scene in his mind.

Not only that, the writer actually used such a deranged phrase – ‘juices are overflowing’ – to describe Su NuoNuo.

What kind of descriptive wording was that?! How can the writer write this? How can he look at those juice filled fruits in gourmet magazines anymore? The shock that Su Nuo endured was not a small one; he felt like he was about to collapse.

Even though Ouyang Jinlong and Su NuoNuo eventually overcame all outside interferences and lived happily ever after, that cannot cover up this thunderous shock he was currently experiencing.

Su Nuo hugged his Ipad and, with a complicated heart, began rolling violently on the carpet.

Ouyang Long: …… “Honey!” Su Nuo threw down his iPad and went straight for his chest.

“Ahhhhhhh!” “What did you see now?” Ouyang Long asked him.

Sniffling Su Nuo all of a sudden knocked his head onto his shoulders, and exclaimed in an emotion filled voice “I will never read ‘Chaotic Emotions’ again!” Ouyang Long stifled back a laughter, and pulled him from his shoulders to give him a kiss.

This little dummy… no matter how much he spoiled him, it was not enough.

Thousands of miles away in Italy.

“Daddy!” Han XiaoXi hugged Han Wei’s legs and looked up to him with her large tear-filled eyes, “Not only didn’t you bring the handsome trench coat uncle back, you also lost elder brother!” How can papa be this useless? She felt so wronged! “First of all, that’s your uncle, not your brother; second, your old man looks just as handsome wearing a trench coat!” Han Wei said, miffed.

“Hmph!” Han XiaoXi pointed at him and said, “Uncle is more handsome!” Han Wei felt like there were drums playing inside his head.

“I want to see uncle.

” Han XiaoXi pouted.

Not only that, she wanted to marry uncle when she grows up! But she can’t say this out loud! “Don’t come back if you go.

” Han Wei said coldly.

“What?” Han XiaoXi started at her papa with her mouth opened.

“You can only pick one – papa or uncle.

” This was so cruel! The rims of Han XiaoXi’s eyes immediately became red! Han Wei hardened his heart and remained unmoved! “Wahhh!” Han XiaoXi bawled as she ran up the stairs.

“Mama, papa is bullying me!” “Waaahhhh!” The little baby who was just born decided to join in on the fun.

“Han Wei!” Mrs.

Han shouted in annoyance, “Your youngest son just fell asleep.

Why did you make your daughter cry again!?” “I didn’t do any—-” “Put him to sleep!” An infant in diapers was stuffed into his arms before she even finished her words.

“He won’t sleep unless he drinks his milk.

How am I supposed to put him to sleep?” Han Wei’s head ached.

He did not have the right pre-installed equipment.

Wasn’t I once a mafia boss? Mr.

Han changed his son’s diapers while contemplating this pitiful question.

The only conclusion he came up with was that it was probably just a dream.

And only his family were the most important people to him, and they were the only ones he ought to have in his life.

That was, frankly, not too bad.

[End] Writer’s remarks: The main text is completed, but there will be extras~ In regards to Luo Li’s appearance, besides contrasting him with Su XiaoNuo, he’s mainly for Ai Fei in the extras, so don’t worry too much over his usage.

I’m really thankful to everyone for being with me through this journey.

My writing’s not the best, so it’s been a happy surprise to gain the support of this many people.

I’m not sure how to show my gratitude, so please take my bow of thanks.