Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 71

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 71

Chapter 71Translated by Yoonie of Exiled Rebels TranslationsSince the french kiss was too long, the two of them had to finally let go of each other.

The samoyed lay on the ground and began to concentrate on playing with its toys.

“Let’s give it a name!” Su Nuo said excitedly.

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow.

” The things to do after a hot tongue kiss should not be related to playing with a dog… “How about we call it QiuQiu?” Su Nuo crouched beside the dog.

“Why QiuQiu?” Mr.

Director was furious in an instant.

“Then we can call him Han Flower!” Su Nuo replied back.

“What kind of stupid name is that?” Ouyang Long frowned.

“How is Han Flower stupid??” Su Nuo was kind of annoyed, as he muttered under his breath.

“What did you say?” Ouyang Long couldn’t hear him clearly.

“I didn’t say anything,” Su Nuo shook his head.

I will not say it! If Mr.

Director had heard me, I’d probably get spanked! “This name kind of thing needs time to decide, you can’t rush it,” Ouyang Long picked Su Nuo up, full of ulterior motives.




“But I want to play with it,” Su Nuo stalled, and he stretched his neck to see the samoyed.

“I’m going to get jealous,” Ouyang Long carried him to the bathroom.

“We still haven’t found the rabbit yet.

” Su Nuo reminded him.

“When it’s hungry, it’ll come out of hiding eventually.

” Ouyang Long closed the door behind him.

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COM “But you can’t just leave the doggy out like that, he just moved here.

He needs to get used to our faces!” Su Nuo finally forced his way out of Ouyang Long’s arms, only to find Mr.

Samoyed curled up in his own bed sleeping soundly with its tongue out.

……… “Are you fine now?” Ouyang Long hugged Su Nuo from behind.

“I think it looks stupid.

” Su Nuo moved restlessly, and wanted to put that large part of its tongue back into its mouth.

This dog has no qualities and cannot be forgiven! “Rose.

” Ouyang Long sniffed Su Nuo’s neck.

“Ah?” Su Nuo didn’t understand.

“Baby, you smell nice.

” Ouyang Long sounded very ambiguous.

So of course Su Nuo turned red in an instant.

Of course I smell good! I just went to a spa! But coming from your mouth, it makes me seem like a girl, so be quiet! “Let’s talk a bath together, okay?” Ouyang Long sucked his ears.



” Su Nuo felt like he was about to collapse, super sensitive.

He was super super seductive.

We have to do it at this moment! In the steamy bathroom, Su Nuo was propped up against the wall as he was penetrated again and again; he was grimacing.

“Does it hurt?” Ouyang Long asked.

Of course it hurts!!!!!! Su Nuo screamed inside his head, his eyes red! How is it so big?! His hole felt like it was being mutilated, and Su Nuo felt like he was going to split open.

“Let’s go back to bed so you can be more comfortable,” Ouyang Long comforted him by kissing him.




” Su Nuo choked.

Laying down was way better than standing up.

I couldn’t take it when we were standing! Not every small bottom is Su NuoNuo, who can pull all kinds of sexy and strange poses, it’s too hard! “Don’t cry.

” Back in bed, Ouyang Long kissed away his tears, and pressed his fingers lightly on Su Nuo’s eyes.

“Can we sleep?” Su Nuo dodged.

“You don’t want to do it?” Ouyang Long kissed his forehead.

……… It wasn’t like that, it just hurt too much before! I knew it wasn’t a good idea to try out some new poses! Su Nuo’s nose was red, and his eyes were filled with the feelings of being wronged.

Ouyang Long opened his legs, and leaned over.

Fuuuuuuuck! Su Nuo instantly opened his eyes in surprise.

Ouyang Long target was probably Little XiaoNuo! But still, having his hole out in the open was a bit embarrassing! The soft and wet touches from the tip of the other’s tongue felt like waves of electricity as it flowed through Su Nuo’s body, bringing a burst of tingly emptiness.

Su Nuo’s eyes turned foggy as the other’s fingers gingerly made their way up to his dark black hair.

His body started to tremble uncontrollably.

“Does it still hurt?” asked Ouyang Long ask he kept putting more pressure on Su Nuo.

“Husband…” Su Nuo hugged Ouyang Long’s neck, his voice was a little raspy.

“You want it?” Mr.

Director asked.

Su Nuo’s legs wrapped around Mr.

Director’s waist, and his breath was short and ragged.

His actions were really really straightforward and inviting! Ouyang Long kissed him with love, and then reached into the bedside table to grab the lube.

The covers next to Su Nuo moved, and a rabbit with longs ears appeared as it jumped on Su Nuo’s butt.

Su Nuo was startled, and instinctively froze.

In fact, to tell the truth, Su Nuo had totally forgotten about the rabbit as he and Mr.

Director messed around.

So his first thoughts were ‘Is this supposed to be a toy? What’s wrong with this soft and squishy tail on my butt? It looks so perverted and I am not looking forward towards this play!!’ Su Nuo kept his expressions still, and swore in his heart than he will not call Ouyang Long master no matter what! Ouyang Long grabbed the lube and went back to bed, but his was shocked at what he saw.

The rabbit sat on Su Nuo’s butt, and stared straight at Ouyang Long.


Diretor had no mercy and grabbed its neck and placed it onto the floor.


Rabbit was not satisfied and used its front paw to scratch the bedding, and even tried to climb up to the bed again.

So Ouyang Long shut the rabbit in its cage at the living room.

He was so cruel! “Where did you go?” Since Su Nuo was super nervous and a little shy, he didn’t notice the interference of Mr.

Rabbit! But Mr.

Director didn’t have the heart to explain it to him, and proceeded to continue his business.

Please, just let all the botherings from the animals stop! This kind of situation cannot be stopped, and no interference is allowed! “Ah……ngh…wuu……” Su Nuo stopped moaning as he covered his mouth with his hand.

“What’s the matter?” Ouyang Long asked while he worked and leaned over Su Nuo to kiss his nose.

“I can’t let the samoyed hear!” Su Nuo said firmly, we can’t teach the dogs wrong things! Ouyang Long pushed him harder.

“Ha… Ah!…” Su Nuo was surprised and his voice was super soft and sexy.

“Baby, cry a little louder.

” Ouyang Long quickened his pace, “If you don’t, then I’ll just give the dog away.

” Su Nuo silently swallowed, how can he act like this?! My handsome man is really mean and cruel sometimes! Mr.

Rabbit was very curious what was happening behind that door, so it ran at the cage and finally managed to open it.

It ran to the door and saw everything.

But it was actually… really boring.

Three minutes later, the rabbit jumped toward the doggy’s bed and curled up under the samoyed’s belly.

It was super soft and warm, way better than the rabbit’s bed that Ouyang Long gave him.

The night was long and the wind whistled, everything was peaceful and nice.

The next morning, Mr.

Director and Su Nuo were unexpectedly still in bed even though they were supposed to get up earlier.

They didn’t even notice their phones ringing and shaking.

Why aren’t they answering the phone?! Mu Qiu hung up,and was very dissatisfied.

Argh, I really wanted to brag and show off to Ouyang Long! At the same minute, ZhongLi FengBai was in the bathroom, desperately trying to cover up the dark circles on his skin with make-up.

“You look fine.

” Mu Qiu hugged him from behind.

“You can’t get nervous,” ZhongLi FengBai turned around to stare at him, “If you mess up, I’ll ask for divorce.

” “I’m not nervous.

” Mu Qiu didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “You can’t be nervous, either.

” “How could I be nervous!? I have already gone through so many big and important events!” ZhongLi FengBai fumed.

“Okay, you’re not nervous at all.

” Mu Qiu pried ZhongLi FengBai’s hands away from the water faucet and led him into the kitchen, “Let’s go eat breakfast.

” Director Zhong couldn’t taste the food in his mouth, and felt like he was suffocating.

My heartbeats! Are in chaos! Just like a ferocious beast! That appeared above the silent and peaceful lake! Tore apart! All! The peace and silence! With its huge red mouth! “Which car?” Mu Qiu’s rider were all very expensive and elegant and the definition of luxury.

“The one that costs the most!” ZhongLi FengBai for once liked the money.


” Mu Qiu took off the grain of rice on the corner of FengBai’s mouth, “You wanna go now?” “Wait a minute,” ZhongLi FengBai couldn’t calm down.

“We’re going to be late,” Mu Qiu reminded him.

“Don’t say it out loud.

” FengBai pinched his neck.

If time stood still right now, what a wonderful thing that would be.


But it was obviously impossible that it would happen, so Director Zhong was dragged into the car by Mu Qiu.

The Art City wasn’t far away from Mu Qiu’s house, so they arrived on time.

ZhongLi FengBai’s hands were sweating and he really wanted to just run away.

But of course, Mu Qiu wouldn’t let that happen, and he dragged ZhongLi FengBai into the elevator.

“What floor?” Mu Qiu aksed.


” ZhongLi FengBai was so nervous that he kind of forgot the important details about the buildings.

The place has two towers; the art hall was located in A building on the thirteenth floor, while the one that Mu Qiu went into was the B building.

The number that continually went up stopped at thirteen.

Mu Qiu took a huge breath, grabbed ZhongLi FengBai’s hand and was ready to meet all the flashes and the microphones.

”You black-hearted cheater, pay the money back!!!” As soon as the elevator opened, a wooden bat suddenly appeared and went in for the kill, the scene was just like it was right out of a movie.

“Ah!!!!!” FengBai screamed in surprise, as Mu Qiu shielded him from the attackers and was repeatedly hit by the bats.

“Pay the money back!” A bunch of buff twenty-to-thirty-year-olds were so angry that they dragged Mu Qiu out of the elevator and started to hit him again.

“What are you guys doing???!!!!!!” ZhongLi FengBai pounced to help Mu Qiu, but was pushed away and landed on multiple pieces of broken glass, his hands started to bleed.

“Scammer, return the money!!!!!!!” A man grabbed Mu Qiu in the collar, bulging blood vessels shown on his neck.

Mu Qiu slapped and punched the man in the face, and yelled, “ You got the wrong person! When did I even owe you money!” ZhongLi FengBai couldn’t even hold his phone properly as his hand was shaking so badly.

He tried several times to press down on the event holder’s phone number.

A lot of noise and a crash was heard on the phone, even a chair clattering onto the ground was heard.

“Director Zhong?” The event holder was taken aback at the sounds.

“Thirteenth floor, get the security.

” ZhongLi FengBai’s voice shook.

“Do you not understand what I’m saying?!! You guys got the wrong person!!!” Mu Qiu yelled as he fought the attackers.

He was greeted by a more intense fight.

Seeing his man own being surrounded, ZhongLi FengBai didn’t care about the blood on his hands and swung a chair at the attachers.

As a weak but artistic youth, this was the first time he made such a magnificently violent move.

The fight was messed up, and no one cared what was said anymore.

If the security hadn’t arrived on the scene, who knows what would happen.

“Stay still!” The attackers were handcuffed and pressed against the wall as ZhongLi FengBai stumbled towards Mu Qiu to hug him; his lips were shivering so badly that he couldn’t even mutter a single word.

Mu Qiu lay on the ground with his eyes closed, his white shirt stained with red blood.

The event holder was scared to death, and quickly called 911.

All the reporters standing in building A heard the news and rushed over.

Everyone filmed the ZhongLi FengBai with reddened eyes, and Mu Qiu’s bloody shirt, as they carried him out on the stretcher.

In the ambulance, the doctor gave Mu Qiu emergency treatment as ZhongLi FengBai sat beside him with a white face.

“Don’t worry,” the event holder patted him on the shoulder.

“The security guard said that there was a leather bag company on the 13th floor of building B, and they were scamming people, so the other side found someone to sneak into the shop to get revenge, so that’s -” “Stop talking.

” ZhongLi FengBai interrupted him, his eyes not leaving Mu Qiu.


” The event holder felt guilty.

ZhongLi FengBai didn’t talk at all, and held Mu Qiu’s hand as his heart felt stabs of pain.

On the other side of the city, Ouyang Long sat at home looking at some documents while Su Nuo sat on the sofa playing games.

The samoyed bit the rabbit nineteen times already and threw it out of its bed.


Rabbit was tireless and continued to jump into the dog’s bed.

Half an hour later, Ouyang Long looked up and reminded Su Nuo, “Take a break, playing video games is not good for your eyes.

” “Oh.

” Su Nuo closed the game and then proceeded to open the browser page.

Ouyang Long didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, closing the game doesn’t even make a difference ah! “You wanna do a psychological test?” Su Nuo suggested.


” Ouyang Long leaned back and stretched his back muscles.

“If Ye Wu Feng said, ‘I’m so lonely,’ to you, what’s your first reaction?” Su Nuo asked.

Ouyang Long didn’t know what to say, “What are you looking at? Third-rate small websites?” “Answer me,” Su Nuo urged him.

“Tell him I’m not interested, and then I’ll go home and keep ‘pa pa pa’ with my baby.

” Ouyang Long kissed him, and turned away to make tea.

“Director Zhong!” Su Nuo suddenly yelled.

“I don’t know how director Zhong would react, but Mu Qiu is definitely going to go crazy.

” Ouyang Long poured hot water into the cup.

“No, the news says Mu Qiu is in the hospital due to a fight!” Su Nuo was speechless.

‘Big News! Director Zhong’s lover exposed! Boyfriend accidentally beaten by unknown people, his health so far uncertain!’ this kind of big drama title, plus the blood on ZhongLi FengBai’s shirt, the visual effects were too shocking! It was scary!