Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 66

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 66

Translated by Tan Wen Xi of Exiled Rebels Translations For anyone, having more than ten hours of flight on a plane would be very uncomfortable, and Su Nuo was no exception! He just felt his buttock was in pain, next he’d feel that his waist was in pain.

He just felt uncomfortable overall, constantly feeling that he needed to stand up for a while! Han Wei was dizzy from his movement and just put on his eye mask and fell asleep.

Hence, Su Nuo felt just more bored, and he watched his man all aggrieved! “Sit down,” Ouyang Long pointed at the chair.

“My butt is painful,” Su Nuo complained in a soft voice.


Director took out a box of sweets from his pocket.

Su Xiao Nuo’s eyes immediately brightened! “Yesterday, I went to a café for a light meal, and I feel like this flavour is not bad,” Ouyang Long handed the sweets over.

“Try it.

” Su Xiao Nuo immediately sat down and began concentrating on opening the packaging! The aromatic condensed milk plus the roasted cashew together with the light sweetness, it was so good that it could not be any better! Su Nuo’s fretful feelings immediately disappeared, and he began to stuff his face like a small squirrel.

“Tomorrow once we’ve arrived, do you want to go back home with me?” Ouyang Long asked.

Su Xiao Nuo immediately stopped chewing.

Even though he really wanted to live together with his handsome man, there was still his brother ah! If his older brother found out that he got off the plane and wanted to go away, he would definitely be very angry and might go on a rampage! .



Rampage or whatever was really scary! “Don’t worry, I will not force you.

” Seeing his difficult expression, Ouyang Long subconsciously took a step back.

“Why don’t I first go back home then sneakily come there at night?” About living together and this type of sweet and good thing, Su Xiao Nuo was very initiative! “En.

” Mr.

Director rubbed his head, his mood was very good.

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COM This little idiot is really worth doting on! But the facts proved that Su Nuo thought a bit too much.

This time, after returning to the country, Han Wei had a lot of things to do and no time to look after him.

Once he got off the plane, he quickly left by car, and generously left his younger brother to Mr.

Director! “Never expected this ah! My older brother let me go so easily.

” All sorts of feelings welled up in Su Nuo’s mind; this would be called ‘amidst shading willows and blooming flowers, another village appears’! “So can you go back home with me?” Ouyang Long lightly laughed as he scratch Su Nuo’s nose.


” Su Nuo held his hand, his eyes so much filled with happiness that they curved from his smile.

The future was really worth looking forward to.

Knowing Ouyang Long was coming back, Mu Qiu hired a house cleaner on the previous day to help him clean his room, so it was clean and cozy! “The bed is too hard!” After showering, Su Nuo sat down while rubbing his head and drying his hair.

“Let’s get a soft one tomorrow,” Ouyang Long pinched his cheeks.

“I also don’t like the curtains.

The brown color is too heavy!” “Then what color do you like?” “Green!” “Sure, tomorrow we can change them all.

” “The sofa at the corner is too small!” “We can buy a big one tomorrow, one where you can completely lie down.

” “Also, I want a green color.

” “En, pastel green.

” “Also…” Su Nuo raised his head as he looked around.

“No need to rush,” Ouyang Long hugged him.

“As long as you don’t change me for someone else, everything can be decided by you.

” Sweet words or whatever is really romantic! “I also want a samoyed.

” Su Nuo got an inch, but wanted a mile, with his eyes filled with expectations! Ouyang Long: …… “Can’t I?” Su Nuo carefully looked at him like a cat who was sneakily eating the leftovers of a fried fish.

Ouyang Long had a sudden headache, “Why do you suddenly want to raise a dog?” “I’ve always wanted to raise one, but when I was young, my older brother did not allow it, and now that I’m a grown-up, the problem is that Dai An is allergic.

” Su Nuo tone was very depressed.

Ouyang Long’s heart immediately softened.

Of course he really had no power to deal with him ah… “If it’s impossible, then forget it.

” Su Nuo was very obedient.

“I’ll agree to it,” Ouyang Long pinched his nose.

“Really?!” Su Nuo eyes immediately brightened up.


But before buying a dog, we have to look up what things we should be aware about,” Ouyang Long round him up into his heart, “Dogs are not toys, so you have to be sure you can take care of him, and only then can you go to the pet shop and buy it.

” “En!” Su Nuo forcefully nodded his head as he excitedly stood up.

“You should go to bed early.

” Ouyang saw him so happy, and felt that… raising a dog was also fine.

Su Nuo hugged his neck, completely awake and not sleepy at all! “Close your eyes.

” Ouyang Long turned the lamp off.

“Don’t wanna sleep,” Su Nuo kissed his chin.

“Why don’t we discuss the name for the dog?” “If you are willing to sleep properly, tomorrow, I’ll bring you to the pet shop for a round.

” Ouyang Long was trying to bait him.

“I can’t go.

” After hearing it, Su Nuo became depressed, “If we are caught by the paparazzi, we are screwed.

” To visit a pet shop with a handsome male stranger! “We won’t be caught by them,” Ouyang Long pulled him towards his chest.

“It’s a friend’s shop, tomorrow it can only be open for us.

” …… This sentence was so romantic! Su Xiao Nuo felt like he was going to melt! No wonder Su Nuonuo would also melt into a pool of spring water! This sort of feeling was so good! “Why don’t I sing a lullaby?” Mr.

Director teased him.

“… why don’t I sing?” Su Nuo felt like he should show gratitude, so he cleared his throat.

Ouyang Long’s facial expression immediately froze.

“Sleep…wu!” Just sing a word and his mouth immediately is blocked, that really dampened his singing spirit! “Don’t sing anymore, baby; goodnight.

” Five minutes later, Ouyang Long let go of his lips.


” Su Nuo got kissed until he was feeling so dizzy that he definitely could not continue singing! Ouyang Long let a breath of relief in his heart.

Even though he really loved this little idiot, singing and such really had to be avoided at all costs! Since… it is too unpleasant to the ear! Really unbearable! But Su Nuo really loved singing from his heart.

Hence, he even dreamed of opening a concert in his dream! “Friends from that side, please say the name of the man in your heart!” Emperor Su shouted from the stage while sweating heavily with his shiny microphone in his hand.

“Su Nuo! Su Nuo! Su Nuo!” the fans were really uniform, just by the looks of it they were really experienced.

“Louder! Let me feel your enthusiasm!” Su Nuo raised his right hand.

“Ah!!!!!!!!!” the fans shouted out loud that the stadium almost collapsed from the tremor! “Love you guys!” Su Nuo fiercely pull open his shirt, showing off his hard muscles and abs.

The fans took out their sunglasses as Emperor Su’s bronze skin was so manly that they could not look at it directly.

“Hahahaha!” Su Nuo faced the sky as he arrogantly laughed.

It is just so fantastic! Then there was a fan who walked up and slapped him.

Fuck! Su XiaoNuo immediately got angry, “What are you doing, are you looking for a fight?!” Must be a spy sent by Qiu ZiYan, this is so evil! “Baby, wake up!” Ouyang Long patted his face, “having a nightmare?” “Wu?” Su Nuo rubbed his eyes while still in dazed.

“You have been mumbling in your sleep; what are you dreaming about?” Ouyang Long wiped the sweat off his face, “Why did you also rip your pyjamas open?” …… “I dreamt about fighting with aliens in outer space,” Su Nuo lied calmly.

That’s right, a man has to be smooth when lying and when telling the truth! This way is freer! “Don’t you dare to dream about that again.

” Ouyang Long did not continue asking and hugged him again, “Sleep well.

” Su Nuo sighed regretfully in his heart; such a nice dream, yet he had to be awoken when he just dreamt until half of it.

This was really a pity.

The latter part of the night was very quiet; the jet lag and the fatigue from travelling came about, and Su XiaoNuo quickly fell into a deep sleep until the next afternoon, when he finally woke up.


” Ouyang Long scratched his tummy.


” Su Nuo yawned.

“Then, sleep more after eating lunch.

” Ouyang Long dug him up from his blanket.

“Not sleeping anymore,” Su Nuo rubbed his eyes.

“We agreed on going to the pet shop.

” “You really like dogs that much?” Ouyang Long helped him to put his slippers properly.

“En, you are not going back on your word, right?” Su Nuo asked doubtfully for confirmation.

“I’m not,” Ouyang Long held his hand.

“Everything I promised you, I will diligently do.

” Su Nuo face immediately become hot! The words of love that repeatedly came were really unbearable! Of course, as an excellent quality top, not only do you have to know how to say loving words, you have to fulfill them! Hence, an hour after eating lunch, Ouyang Long then brought him to the pet shop at the East side of the city.

Even though it was a pet shop, it was more like a private garden with a carefree store owner and cute small animals! “Hello, I’m Austin.

” The store owner was a young man whose face had dimples when he smiled.


” Since the other party was Ouyang Long’s friend, Su Nuo did not have his guard up.

“You can slowly take a look.

I’m going to brew a pot of tea in the kitchen.

” Austin was someone who knew how to read the mood, and so he did not bother the two of them.

“The samoyed is over there, let me bring you there,” Ouyang Long took Su Nuo’s hand and walked towards that place.

Then, a white fluffy silhouette jumped up from the garden.

“Ah!” Su Nuo was not prepared and got a huge scare.

The white ball hugged his shoes with its front paws, its long ears drooped and its black eyes glistened like wet grapes.

“A rabbit!” Su Nuo was surprised.

“Rabbit!” Su Nuo was shocked, but happy.


” Ouyang Long bent down to lift up the rabbit and passed it to Su Nuo’s hands.

“It is very clean ah.

” Su Nuo scratched its tummy.

The rabbit comfortably squinted its eyes and then kicked with his back leg.

“Why is it so small.

” Hugging that fluffy little life, Su Nuo heart was about to melt.

Meanwhile, Ouyang Long took a piece of raw vegetable from a table, wiped the water off and passed it to the rabbit’s mouth.


Rabbit immediately used his front paws to catch it and started to seriously chew it, his expression like he was doing some sort of experiment! “Pfft.

” Ouyang Long could not hold it and laughed.

It was very similar to someone.

“He caught it.

” Su Nuo feels like his palm is itchy.

“You like it?” Ouyang Long asked.


” Su Nuo nodded his head.

“Then, let’s bring it home.

” Ouyang Long was easily convinced; a rabbit was easier to raise than a samoyed, plus he also had experience raising one as a kid, so he should be able to take care of it very well.

“Really?” Su Nuo was shocked and happy.

“Of course,” Ouyang Long continued to feed the rabbit vegetable leaves, “let’s pick a nest for it later.

” “En.

” Su Nuo was so happy that his face turned red! It was really cute! At such a moment, he had to swiftly kiss him! Since there was no-one around, Ouyang Long just prepared to lean towards the other,  when suddenly, a flurry of shocking words and curses came towards them from the other side of the garden wall! “These startled words… it seems to be Director Zhong?!” Su Nuo was shocked, “did you hear that?” But the East side of the city was just wilderness, what was he doing here?