Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 64

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Almost Home and Housing Estate SpokespersonTranslated by Zombie Shiya of Exiled Rebels Translations As something like a marriage proposal was just too sudden, ZhongLi FengBai used an entire hour but was still unable to digest the matter completely! Mu Qiu didn’t hurry him, either; he just held him in his embrace, landing kisses on ZhongLi FengBai from time to time.

Mu Qiu thought that the dazed ZhongLi FengBai was very adorable as well, and he didn’t quite mind if this were to continue.

Or rather, he adored this side of him! “Director!” After a while, his assistant came knocking on the door! In truth, she really didn’t want to knock on the door; interrupting people was a very bad thing, plus she might get bad karma from it, like maybe she would be kicked by a horse or something! However, she was out of options, because Qiu ZiYan had arrived! “What’s wrong?” ZhongLi FengBai didn’t have any strength left.

Hearing the depressed sound, the assistant girl felt even more guilty! She could imagine that the director must be very tired right now, he must be receiving a loving massage from his lover, but she stupidly went and interrupted them.

She cursed herself for doing something so unforgivable! “Go have a look.

” ZhongLi FengBai asked Mu Qiu to go.

Director Mu lay ZhongLi FengBai on the sofa, then stood up and headed for the door.

Director Zhong collapsed onto the armrest of the sofa! As a weak but hot-blooded art person, he was still immersed in the words “married people”, he was super dazed and weak! As such after losing the reassuring chest under him, it was natural for him to feel weak, as in very weak! “What’s the matter?” Mu Qiu opened the door.




The assistant’s eyes shot to a corner; as expected, she found the director lying on the sofa.

His face was a bit pale.

It was a rare sight, one which made people feel bad for him.

“… What’s the matter?” Mu Qiu saw that the assistant wasn’t speaking but only staring at ZhongLi FengBai, so he asked the assistant once more.


Well,” the assistant woke up from her daze, “Mr.

Qiu ZiYan is here.

He said that he couldn’t get through to the director’s phone, so he is now waiting at the guestroom with a friend.

” “Give them each a VIP ticket.

Tell them that I have some urgent matters, so I can’t welcome them at the moment.

” ZhongLi FengBai was regretting everything right now; he really wanted to go back to two hours ago! He wanted to use a slipper to slap Mu Qiu with full force and kick him out of the room! Even though he brought soup, he was still going to slap him, if only he could turn time back! Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Activating his skill of putting on a ring in just one second when the least suspected! That was just absolutely unforgivable! No matter how hard ZhongLi FengBai wished for it, something like a time machine would never appear.

As such, he could only hate himself, allowing a bunch of alpacas to step on his own heart until it became a flat wasteland! “Director Zhong is busy tonight?” Qiu ZiYan took the ticket, he was honestly surprised, “But he was the one who invited me yesterday.

” “It’s something sudden, I’m really sorry.

” The assistant’s voice was very sincere as she apologized.


Thank him for me in my stead then.

” Mr.

Qiu smiled at the assistant; he looked extremely gentlemanly and elegant.

Naturally, the assistant’s heart rate began to rise.

He was just so very handsome! The VIP ticket from ZhongLi FengBai gave them access to the VIP room; Qiu ZiYan lead Tang XiaoYu along a special walkway.

The ship continued to sway, and it was as if they were walking on a suspension bridge.

“Are you having fun?” After they got into the room, Qiu ZiYan shut the wooden door.

The room allowed both of them a full view of the stage through the window.


” Tang XiaoYu nodded his head.

They were surrounded by waving blue lights, but inside the room, it was warm and cozy.

They even had some flower tea and snacks in the room.

The whole scene was just so warm and loving.

“There’s no need to think about the historical or musical value of the performance, just enjoy it.

” Qiu ZiYan pulled Tang XiaoYu to his chest and poured him a cup of warm tea.

“Okay,” Tang XiaoYu yawned comfortably.

“You haven’t even started watching and you are already sleepy?” Qiu ZiYan laughed.

“……” Tang XiaoYu pretended he didn’t hear that.

“If you’re tired, then sleep.

” Qiu ZiYan’s chin leaned onto Tang XiaoYu’s shoulder, “I will be holding you.

” Tang XiaoYu held his hand back, his body swayed along with the ship and the waving lights.

How blissful! At the same time Su XiaoNuo was also feeling very blissful! Because he was sleeping with his handsome boyfriend! Sleeping while hugging each other on the hotel bed was just so comfortable! “Are you not getting up?” OuYang Long stroked his nape and said, “You should get up for dinner, the restaurant reservation we booked has a time limit.

” “After dinner, I want to go get tiramisu from the shop next to the station.

” Su Nuo lay on his chest, and his voice was filled with regret, “We won’t get to eat them once we go back home.

” “If you like it here, we can always come back.

” Mr.

Director looked at him with gentle eyes.

“But after we return, a lot of jobs are going to be waiting for us,” Su XiaoNuo sounded melancholic.

“Plus, I have a press conference to prepare for.

If it were not for Dai An calling me, I wouldn’t even have known that!” “What is it going to be about?” OuYang Long asked.

“… Promise me you won’t get angry if I tell you.

” Su Nuo hugged his waist.

“Tell me,” OuYang Long squeezed his ass.

You should be more serious at times like this! How could you grope my ass at a time like this! Su XiaoNuo complained in his heart! However, after some thought, something like groping could sort of lighten the atmosphere a bit! As such he actively moved his butt closer, so that Mr.

Director could get his fill! Such a great sacrifice for the greater good! “It must something very serious.

” OuYang Long laughed.

Su Nuo nodded, “Promise me, don’t get angry.

” “The thing with anger is that I can’t really control it,” Mr.

Director explained that he couldn’t promise.

…… But you absolutely can’t get angry! Su XiaoNuo got very worried; he clenched his teeth, then he took his underwear off! OuYang Long watched silently.

Su XiaoNuo alluringly lay on OuYang Long’s chest; he was being super duper obedient! In his eyes, there were the words, “you can touch anywhere you like, even touch tiny Nuo, as long as you don’t get angry.

” Such sacrificial will, how touching! Mr.

Director almost laughed.

“Don’t get angry,” Su Nuo hugged him at the neck.


Okay, I won’t get angry.

” OuYang Long pinched his cheeks and said, “Tell me.

” Seducing was such a useful tool! Su XiaoNuo was moved! Then he said in a very tiny voice, “Have you heard about the YuDi estates?” “Yeah, I’ve heard of it.

It’s a new expensive estate that’s going to be open for sale soon, do you want to buy it?” OuYang Long ruffled Su Nuo’s hair.

“No, I’m going to be the estate’s spokesperson.

The press conference is about the contract,” Su Nuo said.

“And then?” OuYang Long asked.

“How do you know there’s an ‘and then’?” Su Nuo praised himself, no wonder he was the man I liked, he is both handsome and smart! He actually knew that there was an ‘and then’! Then he heard Mr.

Director said, “Because I’m still not mad yet.

” Su XiaoNuo was dumbfounded.

“Go on.

” OuYang Long changed his position as he continued to hug him.

“In the advertisement photos… there’s… cough!” Su Nuo looked at OuYang Long with the cutest puppy dog eyes as possible and said, “You definitely won’t be angry, right? Look, you’re so handsome!” OuYang Long squeezed his ass and asked, “What is ‘cough’?” “My back… is not going to be covered.

” Su Nuo did his best to make it sound normal, “Actually, things like the back are the same for everyone.

Plus, I just need to show a portion of my butt!” Actually, a big portion… but that was totally not important! His excuses were obviously too weak, Mr.

Director was obviously burning up with anger, “You’re just the spokesperson of an estate, why do you need to take a bare-assed photoshoot?” He was extremely mad! Su XiaoNuo explained nervously, “For 90% of the photoshoot, I’ll have to be wearing clothes!” “Then why do you need to show your back?!” Mr.

Director asked again.

“… Because there’s a high-tech bathroom, so I need to take a bath in it.

” Su Nuo was actually fine with it, because he was a professional model after all! However, he knew that men could be very possessive, and super unreasonable, so he was still extremely worried! “You can’t take the job!” As expected, Mr.

Director rejected the idea.

“… the contract has already been signed.

” Su Nuo hugged OuYang Long’s waist, “Please, let me take the photoshoot.

” His voice was especially sweet and begging, even so, Mr.

Director was still extremely angry! In truth, Su XiaoNuo was in a dilemma.

That spokesperson job was suggested by his brother! He said that the estate’s company was opened by a friend of his! As such, Su Nuo accepted the job pretty quickly! He didn’t even look at the contract at all! After signing the contract, he only noticed that there was a set of nudes to shoot after having read the samples! “Can I not take the photoshoot?” Su XiaoNuo hugged his brother’s legs and asked when he got home, tears were covering his face! “The amount of skin shown is similar to your normal photoshoots, why don’t you want to all of a sudden?” Han Wei asked.

“…” Because I was still single when I took those other nude photoshoots! However, he had a handsome boyfriend now! Naturally, that man would get jealous! Su Nuo screamed in his own heart, of course he didn’t actually scream, he only said pretending to be shy, “I’m embarrassed by it.

” That was so totally fake! He was always such an open person after all! “This is your job.

If he objects, then you should dump him,” Han Wei got straight to the point, his tone was very sharp.

Oh my god! After hearing that Su Nuo almost cried out loud, this is just so tragic! How can he be so mean! “I don’t want you to change for anyone else.

” Mr.

Han finally got to the main point and his goal, what he meant was that “Even if my little brother followed you, it doesn’t mean anything.

He could still do whatever he wanted to!” The point he wanted to say was just so childish and cool at the same time! “But it doesn’t have to be… nudes!” Su XiaoNuo tried his best to get his brother’s sympathy.

In the end, he still failed! The magazines in the country were already preparing their front pages, the preparation for the press conference was also heating up! Bewitching, famous model and a high-end estate, just hearing that was attractive enough! As such, Su Nuo held onto the tiny hope in his heart that he could persuade his handsome boyfriend! “I took a lot of nude photoshoots before already, so it’s really fine!” Su XiaoNuo kissed OuYang Long’s chin, showing an especially cute expression! Mr.

Director’s face was as black as raven feathers! “I promise, I’ll only be taking my last nude photoshoot this time.

” Su Nuo raised his right hand up.


Director was still unable to accept that his baby would be taking a nude photoshoot for an advertisement! Though Su Nuo took nudes before, at least there were bubbles covering his private parts, this time they were taking complete nudes! Su Nuo hugged him tightly and begged.

OuYang Long turned around and flipped him over, pushing him down onto the bed.

Ehhhh?! Su Nuo looked back at him nervously.


Director loosened the knot on his pajamas, showing his firm chest.

His goal was just so obvious! “Eh!” He had no choice but to obey, Su Nuo’s gaze was filled with shock.

How can he punish me with that, so mean! At least we should have dinner first! That restaurant was also especially hard to get a reservation, they were finally able to book it, but he was going to give that up! That is just unforgivable! That is just too mean!