Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 62

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 62

Translated by Yoonie of Exiled Rebels Scanlations During the process of waiting for the nurse to call him, Su Nuo’d been frantically hoping for some unexpected turn of events, such as the clinic having a power failure, and or, the chandelier suddenly falling off or something … But he was just having thoughts, it couldn’t really happen!!  “How come they’re not scared?” Su Nuo looked at the people around him.

The atmosphere was filled with harmony and joy; Su Nuo did not understand these people at all!  I’ve been to the bathroom four times already! “You’re only getting fillings,” Ouyang Long comforted him, “I’ll take you out to eat after this.

” “It’s so obvious that you haven’t had your teeth repaired!” It was very rare for Su Nuo to lack interest in food, “My mouth would be full of the medicine taste, I can’t eat like that!” It ruins and stains the food! Dentists are really evil, not only do they like to buzz around someone else’s mouth with drills, but they also attack the food kingdom with the disgusting and gross medicine! It’s too much! I cannot forgive them for such a sin!!! The more Su Nuo thought, the angrier he got!  Ouyang Long comforted him, “I’ll go in with you later.

” That will not happen! Su Nuo flatly refused, “No!” .



“Why?” Ouyang Long was puzzled.

Because I probably look stupid with my mouth wide open, and I’ll probably drool, too! Su Nuo clenched his fist.

I must not let my handsome man see me in this ugly state! So Su Nuo said seriously, “I’ll be more nervous if you go in!” “Okay,” Oyang long found this situation hilarious.

“I’ll wait for you outside.

”  “I’m getting cramps, do you have anything to say as a family member?” Before entering the treatment room, Su Nuo held Ouyang Long’s hand in tears.

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COM “I believe in you!” Mr.

Director was very coordinated with their performance.

  “But I’m afraid that I’ll have failed to live up to your expectations,” Su Nuo choked.

“Why don’t you do this in my place?” And then, did Mr.

Director say yes? Of course not.

In fact, the next second, Su Nuo was dragged into the room by his man.

Super super cold-hearted! After reading the sick report, the doctor asked the assistant to prepare the tray, while smiling and greeting Su Nuo.

Su Nuo obeidently returned a hello, and then immediately turned to look Ouyang Long.

Su Nuo said seriously, “Have you ever seen the 《Perverted dentist 007》? I think there’s a good chance I’ll be dissected by him!” “….


” The director wanted to laugh.

  “Lie down on the bed first.

” The doctor put on a new pair of gloves.

  “I can’t believe you’re watching me lie down in someone else’s bed without doing anything.

” Su Nuo accused Mr.


“Well, I can’t do anything about it.

” Ouyang Long said lovingly.

The nurse came back with the tray, which was now full of equipment.

Although Su Nuo didn’t want to face this alone, he still told the director to leave, because he was going to look too ugly after opening his mouth wide.

I must not let Mr.

Director see this!  There was the smoking room next door.

Ouyang Long hadn’t even lit up his cigarette, and he heard Su Nuo release a desperate cry, as well as the nurse’s very innocent voice, “Sweetheart, we haven’t even started yet.

” …………….

Ouyang Long began to understand why Han Wei would throw this business to him, because it was really… Embarrassing! This forty-five minutes was difficult to bear, because Su Nuo had been barking all the time, so much so that Ouyang Long even imagined that this was a ‘wife is giving birth and the husband is waiting outside the delivery room’ sense of helplessness!  After the treatment, the doctor was exhausted; he shook Su Nuo’s hand, “We really hope you can eat less sweets in the future.

”  Su Nuo was pale and his steps were very slow! Ouyang Long thanked the doctor and nurse over and over, and dragged Su Nuo out of this place quickly, since people were super curious as to who was the person that was howling and crying in the treating room.

“I feel like I’m going to die.

” Su Nuo was at the front, looking on the verge of death.

“I’m pretty sure the doctors and the nurses are dying because of your yelling and screaming.

” Ouyang Long didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He pulled out a tissue to help Su Nuo wipe his mouth.

  “I won’t ever eat sweets again!” Su Nuo laid on Mr.


“So you won’t ever eat tiramisu or the chocolate lava balls then?” Ouyang Long teased him.


Su Nuo remained silent.


Director tried to hold back a smile, and reached for him to pull him into a kiss, “How can you be so cute!” “The medicine tastes so gross!” Su Nuo wiped his mouth and complained with red ears.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you home,” Ouyang Long fastened Su Nuo’s seat belt.

”Are you going to stay at my house for lunch?” Su Nuo said with a hint of hope.

“I want to,” Ouyang Long pinched his nose, “but your brother and I are not on such good terms to the point of eating  together.

Next time.

” Su Nuo sighed with regret.

  “It’s okay,” Ouyang Long said.

“I’ll give your brother a little time to get used to me.

” “Actually, I wanted to tell you something,” Su Nuo felt that the atmosphere was nice at the moment, so he mustered up his courage.

“What is it?” Ouyang Long asked.

Su Nuo swallowed, his voice super quiet, “My brother, he actually … doesn’t sell mahjong.

” This moment is kind of stressful! But I can’t just avoid it.

Ouyang Long suddenly lit up, and turned to look at Su Nuo.

“I lied to you… You’re not angry, are you?” Su Nuo asked cautiously.

“Then what does your brother do?” Ouyang Long asked.

Su Nuo looked at him with an innocent look, “My brother, he makes the mahjong.

” At least this excuse kind of related to his brother’s real job of being a mafia… I could just slowly tell him step by step.

This is super effective.

Ouyang Long was so annoyed that he wanted to laugh.

  “Uh… He does do other stuff as well… so… uh… you don’t mind, do you?” Su Nuo was super nervous.

Ouyang Long pulled him into his arms, “Why should I care about what your brother does?” “… Thank you.

” Su Nuo’s nose turned a little scrunched when Ouyang Long pulled him into a hug.

Ouyang Long smiled and shook his head, pinching Su Nuo’s cheek.

In the warm living room, Han Xiaoxi was clutching her dad’s leg, her eyes full of tears.

For a moment, Han Wei felt the way he had felt twenty years ago, when Su Nuo held onto his legs while crying and begging because he wanted some candy.

But it turns out that Han Xiaoxi wants something more high-end and up level because she wants ‘that handsome uncle’.

  “But isn’t your dad handsome too?” Han Wei was furious.

“Not the same kind of handsome!” Han Xiaoxi said seriously, “and uncle looks like a good man!” Han Wei felt very conflicted, “What about me?” “You’re like the bad guy.

” Han Xiaoxi didn’t give her father any support.

So when Su Nuo entered the house, he saw his niece fighting his brother on the sofa!  “Brother!” Han Xiaoxi flew into Su Nuo’s arms.

Su Nuo was very emotional, even though she called his name wrong; the feeling of a warm embrace felt really nice! Then he heard Han Xiaoxi asking him, “Where’s that tall uncle? He said he went with you to fix your teeth!” “Why, have you been looking for him all day?” Su Nuo wondered.

“Since I like him!” Han Xiaoxi played with her fingers.

“He ate too much candy so all of his teeth fell out!” Han Wei hugged his daughter, “The doctor needs a day to pull out all his teeth, so you can’t see him today.

” Don’t curse my handsome man so much! Su Nuo protested inside his head.

“Wow!” Han Xiaoxi squished her own face, “Handsome!” “No teeth and he’s still handsome?” Han Wei wanted to yell.

Han Xiaoxi nodded firmly.

Even more amazing, Su Nuo also couldn’t but follow Han Xiaoxi, and he started nodding.

The older brother’s head was very confused, and he very much want to pack these two people together and sell them to Ouyang Long.

Because of the strong taste of medicine in his mouth, Su Nuo lost his appetite, which was very rare, and so he only drank a small bowl of soup.

He ran back to his room to call his handsome man, so super super sweet that it was hard to look at.

“Do you want to go to the river in the afternoon to bask in the sun?” Ouyang Long invited him, “The weather today is very nice.

” “Okay,” Su Nuo agreed quickly.

Just imagine lying on a chair together drinking juice, listening to some  street artists playing cello, life is not so bad! “Nuo Nuo.

” Halfway through the call, Han Wei suddenly knocked on the door.

Su Nuo hung up on the call hurriedly, and ran over to open the door for his brother.

“Just now, Dai An called and asked you to call him back as soon as possible.

” Han Wei said, “It should be about your work schedule.

” “Why didn’t he just call me on my phone?” Su Nuo was confused.

“Because your phone has been busy for half an hour.

” Han Wei’s eyes are full of meanings.

Su Nuo felt a tiny bit guilty.

What do you mean busy, I was just talking with Mr.

Director on the phone.

“I’m going back next week, are you coming with me?” Han Wei asked casually.

“Why so fast?” Su Nuo was a little surprised.

“If you want to stay here, I don’t have anything against that.

” Han Wei looked at him funnily.

“… I’ll go back.

” Of course I want to go back! Su Nuo was particularly looking forward to living together with Mr.


So of course I’m going to hold onto that chance! Looking at Su Nuo’s bright and shining eyes, Han Wei could only sigh in his heart.

This is what you called a brother who was absolutely hopeless.

Half an hour later, Ouyang Long called Su Nuo, and said that he was already at the front door.

  “You need to come around the back,“ Su Nuo said seriously.

“Why?” Ouyang Long was puzzled.

“I’ll explain it to you later!” Su Nuo hung up.

Super bossy, decisive and simple, I’m such a manly person! Mr.

Director had to go around to the back, and then he saw Su Nuo trying to jump out of the window from the first floor of the kitchen.

  “Nuo Nuo.

” Ouyang Long hurried over to catch him.

“Be quiet.

” Su Nuo covered his mouth with his hand.

“What’s going on??” Ouyang Long was super confused.

“Xiaoxi’s in the living room playing with her building blocks.

She won’t let me go out!” Su Nuo jumped onto the ground, “and if she sees you, she would be pestering you to play with her! It’s super crazy to fight with her over you.

” Ouyang Long didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Su Nuo dusted himself off, and he walked out with Mr.

Director hand in hand.

His heart was super content and filled with happiness.

“I think sooner or later I’ll die because of being angry at him.

” Han Wei stood on the balcony of the second floor, feeling so annoyed and aggravated that he didn’t even know how to describe it.

He even learned to leap over the wall! What kind of expression should I use to face this situation! The sun near the river was warm, and Su Nuo sat on a chair, and he stared at the river in a daze.

There is fresh fruit on the table, my handsome lover is at my side, my life is so perfect that it’s hard to look at!!! “Come live with me when we get back home, okay?” Ouyang Long scratched Su Nuo’s belly.


” Su Nuo held his hand with a frown, ‘But I don’t want to work.

” “Then don’t work.

” Oyang Long smile faded, “I’ll raise you.

” Although Su Nuo knew that Ouyang Long was just joking, he still felt happy! Su Nuo scooted closer to kiss him.

  “Not afraid to be photographed by a reporter?” Ouyang Long asked while Su Nuo leaned into his arms.

“Doesn’t matter, I’ll just come out of the closet then,” Su Nuo closed his eyes and yawned lazily.

Ouyang Long looked at him while laughing, looking super soft and gentle.

Compared to the leisure of those two, the rest of the people from inland was obviously… busy, especially at Su Nuo’s company! “Why aren’t they off work yet?” At eight o’clock in the evening, Tang XiaoYu drove to pick up Qiu Ziyan from the company and was curious to see the brightly-lit office room.

“We’re working for Su Nuo’s press conference that’s in ten days, so they all have to work overtime.

” Qiu Ziyang dried his hair with a towel, “Is dinner ready?” “No, I just finished class, too.

” Tang XiaoYu yawned.

“What did you learn today?” Qiu Ziyan asked as he changed his clothes “How to cook roasted mackerel and pot waist flowers,” Tang XiaoYu replied.

 ……… “I don’t remember sending you to learn cooking,” Mr.

Qiu said.

“I’d rather learn to cook,” Tang XiaoYu was very determined.

“Learning French is so difficult, it’s like trying to read something that’s illegible and confusing at the same time! I want to sleep every day in class.

”  “But the smoke from the cooking will blacken you face!” Qiu Ziyan said seriously.

Tang XiaoYu looked at him, speechless.

“You’re either going to college or learn a language, you can only choose between these two.

” Qiu Ziyan ruffled Tang XiaoYu’s head, “You’re not even twenty years old yet, don’t just keep driving me for a job.

”  “There’s nothing wrong with being able to drive,” Tang XiaoYu muttered.

“In short, I will only accept your ranking in the top 20 percent of the class in the exam that’s coming up.

” No-one else was in the company’s gym, so Qiu Ziyan scooted close to kiss him, “otherwise I will help register you to a full-time language school—the kind of school that doesn’t allow you to go outside from Monday to Friday.

” Tang XiaoYu wanted to faint.

“What do you want to eat in the evening?” Qiu Ziyan put his coat on.

“There’s fish soup at home, you can heat it up and fry some vegetables.

” Tang XiaoYu didn’t really like going out to eat.

“We can’t go back tonight.

” Qiu Ziyan said seriously.

“Why?” Tan XiaoYu was confused.

“Because the suburban water park has a night-time drama directed by Director Zhong,” Qiu Ziyan grabbed his bag.

“ We need to go and support them.