Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 58

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 58

Translated by Tan Wen Xi of Exiled Rebels Scanlations “You seem really afraid of your brother.

” Ouyang Long said it with a hint of helplessness.

I’m not afraid of him, I’m afraid he will beat you up, why can’t you understand! Su Xiaonuo scream in his heart.

“Don’t worry,” Ouyang Long pulled him to his hug, “find a time and let me talk to him, ok?” “But my brother is very fierce.

” Su Nuo rummaged his vocabulary, “he is not giving anyone a chance to live,” especially when breaking up young couples.


Director giggles as he lowered his head and kissed Su Nuo, “It’ll be fine.

” How can it be fine! It cannot be fine! Su Nuo is very worried, but yet does not know what to say.

The whole person is very conflicted about it.

“Your brother won’t kill me,” Ouyang Long looks at his expression with a feeling of not knowing to cry or laugh, “even though your brother and my job scopes are not the same, but we can at least be considered in related industry.

There should be at least some common topics we can talk about.

” Su Nuo took in a deep breath, “you are in the same industry as my brother?” This is a really shocking news! Is his handsome man belongs to the underground society? Shit, it can’t be true! After that he heard Mr.

Director said, “Isn’t he selling Mahjong? The circle of retail industry is just this big, maybe we even have some interactions.

” …… .



Selling Mahjong…… you are really too naive! Su Nuo almost feel like choking.

How could you be so naive, comparatively, he is just way too deceitful! “Don’t keep sighing.

Your family member and agency just leave it to me to settle.

” Ouyang Long looked at him, “I just need to confirm one thing.

” Such a gentle tone, even an idiot knows what it is.

Su Nuo immediately replied before Ouyang Long could asked, “I love you!” The emotion it carries could drive people mad.

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COM Ouyang Long did not reply, but the under his eyes contains deep love.

“I really don’t like Qiu Ziyan.

” Su Nuo buried his head in Ouyang Long chest.

“I notice him because I am jealous of him…… but not so jealous, just a bit jealous…… but jealousy is not the main point…… it’s just I don’t really like him!” at the most important moment his head just become messy, so embarrassing!! “If that’s not the main point, what is the main point?” Ouyang Long asked.

The main point is I love you! Since Su Nuo cannot form a good sentence, he just went up and kiss him.

Use action to prove your love is really manly! “Now that you come back, next time don’t run away.

” Ouyang Long turn around and pressed him.

Of course cannot run! Also, I’m not thinking of running away! Su Nuo consciously nodded his head! “We’re going to meet your brother, or doing something else?” Ouyang Long uses the back of his fingers and gently rubbed Su Nuo ears.

“It is still daytime.

” Su Nuo softly reminded while feeling embarrassed.

“Daytime…… do you mean we’re going to meet your brother?” Ouyang Long asked.

Su Nuo think for a while and shook his head with determination.

Meeting brother or whatever must be fully prepared then able to meet! So let’s just do something else! Not to mention Xiao Nuo Nuo also needs some gentle comfort! The advantage of High end hotel is that it is fully equipped, even the lubricants come in 3 to 4 different types! The small round bottle looks so cute upon sight! “What flavour do you like?” Ouyang Long asked besides his ear.

Su Xiaonuo face embarrassingly flushed red! Mr.

Director giggles as he threw his jacket into the corner.

As the weather is not too cold, Su Nuo is only wearing a white T-shirt inside.

The V-collar is very sexy while the collarbone is so beautiful.

“How did you slim down so much.

” Ouyang Long said with pain in his heart as he lowered his head and kissed Su Nuo.

Su Nuo heart immediately burst with ‘The dress takes to loosen gradually, and I am more and more emaciated’ types of moving sentences.

He is almost going to burst out crying.

Ouyang Long pulled his T-shirt up and begin sucking that cute nipple.

Isn’t he supposed to use his tongue and licked it first? Su Nuo closed his eyes as his breathing become faster.

It is so embarrassing, yet it feels so good!! Even Xiao Xiao Nuo also become energised! Ouyang Long rummaged as while he loosen the belt and put his hand in.

Just at this very instant, Su Nuo phone suddenly vibrate! But he is so dizzy that he did not notice! Even if he did, he just assume that it is just sweet love toy prepared by Mr Executive Director.

I am not even an inch anticipating it! Su Nuo heart beats excitedly while he firmly hold the blanket.

Even though I don’t know what it is and really want to see it, but it feels so embarrassed.

Didn’t expect it will be so heavy at the start, so embarrassing! Su Xiaonuo closes his eyes while his head is quickly spinning things.

“Dear,” Ouyang Long patted his head, “your phone is vibrating.

” …… Eh eh! Su Nuo unwillingly open his eyes.


” Ouyang Long patted his trousers pocket as he repeated one more time.

Ahhh! Su Nuo immediately come back to his senses.

It couldn’t be brother! Trembling as he takes out his phone a look.

Shit it is really him! It is as though it is a horror movie.

How could you ring at such a crucial moment! Su Nuo almost feels like crying while he nervously said, “you definitely don’t make any noise!” “Is it your brother again?” Ouyang Long furrowed his eyebrows.

“Please!” Su Nuo used a short kiss to comfort his man and calmingly pick up the phone, “hello?” The voice is very calm and firm! As though Su Nuo did not do anything bad! “When are you coming back?” Han Wei asked, “I’ve asked people to brew you some herbal soup which can help your body.

” I don’t need anything that can helped my body! I need kisses! Older brothers who don’t know what the younger brother wants is not a good older brother! Su Nuo roar in his heart but still obediently replied, “I understand, I will come back soon.

” “When you pass by the Lu Tian market buy some cherry tarts, your sister-in-law likes it.

” Han Wei added, completely oblivious that his younger brother is already extremely annoyed.


” Su Nuo take in a deep breath to force himself to calm down.

Ouyang Long pulled up both of his leg and pull down the pants.

Su Nuo become even more anxious.

His pants is already pulled down! Such a pleasure atmosphere cannot be wasted! “Oh yes, yesterday after you play Xiaoji Autobot, where did you put it?” Han Wei asked, “She is looking for it everywhere.

” “……It is at the top of my bookshelf, being covered up in the newspaper.

” Su Nuo bite his lip as he closes his leg while trying to stop Mr Executive Director from teasing Xiao Xiao Nuo! Han Wei not know whether to cry or laugh said, “If you want, I’ll just buy you another.

Why do you want to hide it?” “Yeah…… my bad.

” Su Nuo hold down Ouyang Long hand which obviously pleading him to stop.

If this continues, he is definitely going to be driven into the corner! Luckily Han Wei didn’t continue to nag, just want him to quickly return home and hung up the phone.

Fortunately he did not give off any flaws.

Su Nuo palm is already wet! He threw the phone to one side and hug handsome man and complained, “my brother should really work at the street!” He will definitely be a very good community aunty! T/N note: in the original it is really aunty, so I just let it stick to that.

Ouyang Long take off his clothes and heavily suck Su Nuo chest until a hickey appears.

Su Nuo looked at the erotic kiss mark and immediately melted? Actually it did not happen! He immediately thought of Su glutinous rice! As Ouyang Long also like ‘placing kiss after kiss on that white smooth skin, causing marks to bloom like peach blossoms until that seductive person melted into a pool of spring water’! Initially when reading this, even though the reader praised the author for able to be such a descriptive and realistic sentences, but Su Nuo still frenziedly thought of ‘corroding corpses acid’ type of things and could not understand what does ‘unable to lift a finger’ is what type of strange situation! “What are you thinking?” Seeing him obviously is in a daze, Ouyang Long stopped his movement and pinch Su Nuo face.

“Nothing…” thinking <> this sort of things is too shocking and definitely cannot be spill out.

Hence, Su Nuo said, “I’m… thinking about the days after returning to the country.

” This excuse is so heart fluttering and heart-warming! Mr.

Direction immediately caught the feeling, even the movement become gentler.

Being separated by the underwear, Xiao Xiao Nuo is being teased gently.

Su Nuo subconsciously moan, it is so soft that it successfully shocked himself.

Why does it sound so lewd! This cannot be real! Hence, he tried to moan again! It still sound so lewd! Is this the legendary “moaning sound”? Su Xiao Nuo sigh, my throw one stone get three birds ability is really strong! Only brother knew this little secret, if Su Nuo is nervous till a point, his imagination will run wild! Hence, when Mr Direction finally pull off that sexy little underwear, someone imagination has been wild horse breaking off the rope and is seriously thinking ‘if Xiao Xiao Nuo second development, is there any possibility of being as long till it reach the waist’ this sort of crazy question! Throwing the underwear to a corner, Ouyang Long uses his finger and flick that little thing.

“En……” Su Nuo body slightly tremble a bit, at such a bright day being so perverted…… really let people very embarrassed! Hence, he self-deceiving himself and pull the pillow to cover his face.

The steps that happened next are very harmonious, Su Nuo lie on the bed, willing letting himself bit by bit being dominated.

“Is it painful?” Ouyang Long stopped his movement, kissed his sweat soaked back.

“……en, slow down a bit.

” Even though it is really painful, but it is really blissful! When Su Nuo thought of doing such a close skin ship things with Ouyang Long, Su Nuo feels that even if his ass get hurt, it is really worth it! Ouyang Long movement is very light and slow, it is also very gentle in order to give him a lot of time to get used to it.

“It’s alright not.

” Moments later, Su Nuo ear become really red.

“You want it now?” Ouyang Long laughed lightly.

Su Nuo decided to suffocate himself in the pillow.

“Tell me if you are not feeling well.

” Ouyang Long hugged him tightly.

Su Nuo did not reply but raised his waist higher.

Separated for more than one hundred days is really a torture for two of them.

Hence, this sort of moment should be cherished even more! As they rolled in the bed until the pheromone become thick, Ouyang Long slowly loses his control and wishes to swallow him.

“Slow…… I don’t want it anymore……” Su Nuo eyes become teary as he weakly raises his hand to push him away.

“Be good, shout louder.

” Ouyang Long kisses his ear, “I like your voice.

” Su Nuo cries as he shook his head, letting him pull his waist higher and repeatedly bang inside very hard.

Both of his let uncontrollably trembles, his hang tightly grabbed the bedsheet, but accidentally knocked onto his phone.

The consequences of not setting phone password is…… when the screen lit up, it will still be the record of the last call.

Hence, the little green picture expectedly was knock in a terrifying way.

“Nuo Nuo.

” Han Wei just happened to call his phone, “why aren’t you back?” “Honey.

” Su Nuo shouted using his sore throat.

…… A thud sound was heard, the book in Han Wei hand fell onto the ground, scaring the Han XiaoJi who is sitting at the corner playing blocks.

“Baby, you there is very enthusiastic.

” OuYang Long ravishes his most sensitive part, “don’t want to let me go?” “No…… please slow down……” Su Nuo eyes become cloudier as he meets the ramming.

Han XiaoJi throw her blocks away and run towards the kitchen to eat yogurt; because she feels her father looks like he want to eat someone up! “So you like me like this?” OuYang Long speed up his action.

“I like, like this……” Su Nuo hand anyhow scratch, “ah……en, honey……” Listening to the erotic sound that came from the phone, Han Wei anger is almost exploding.

Not caring his daughter is still at home, he fiercely threw a cup while shouted, “Han Yi!!!!!!!!!!” Han XiaoJi peak from the kitchen, her mouth still has a circle of strawberry yogurt as her expression is very worried.

Daddy really has a bad temper! Even though the older brother is going to tear down the house, but the sounds transmitted from the phone weaken a lot.

Not to mention in the hotel, the two people are still in a confusion state! Hence, no one noticed it at all! Although Su Nuo tiredly thought that his brother is shouting angrily, but he would never think of phone! Instead, he will just think his brother is very scary that he even has illusion at this time! This scenery is so perfect and smooth, Su Nuo is so comfortable until his soul is almost leaving, and does not even feel that at his home, his older brother has already fully transformed into a warrior beast! His eyes filled with veins that he wants to beat that man up into a pig! “I feel like Daddy is going to spit fire!” Han XiaoJi lie on the sofa as she bitterly give her mother a call, “After you finished buying fruits and return home, if you found out that I disappear, its definitely because I’m eaten up by Daddy!” ……