Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 53

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Don’t come to my house and Unexpected turn of events (PART ONE) Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations Due to Su Nuo’s condition being awful, Dai An stayed with him the whole and even asked if he needed to temporarily stop work.

“No need.

” Su Nuo said, sniffling.

He pitifully got up from the bed and said, “I’ll find something to eat.

” Although he was distraught, he was also ravenous since he hadn’t eaten anything all day! His stomach was growling! A foodie’s natural instinct! Hearing that, Dai An let out a sigh of relief.

Good thing he still wanted to eat.

Thus, he quickly went down to bake a black pepper loaf and pan-fired a vegetable dish, also ordered a delicious pork bone soup.

“Tell aunty I said thanks.

” Su Nuo said as he was eating.

Although he had sesame seeds stuck on his face and his eyes were still bloodshot, he was still adorable! “Don’t worry, my mom loves you.

” Dai An took the opportunity and added, “She also really dislikes Qiu ZiYan! She immediately switches the channel when his on!” Su Nuo let out an ‘oh’ and continued drinking soup.

Seeing no reaction, Dai An completely agonized! It was getting stranger and stranger! Usually, if he mentions that so and so didn’t like Qiu ZiYan this beautiful topic, he would be instantly energized! So why was there no reaction this time? “NuoNuo.

” As he was eating, Han Wei suddenly called, ‘Do you want crystal dumplings for a midnight snack or crab roe pastry? I’m passing by the store.

” I don’t want anything to eat! Su Nuo had no appetite at all, but he also wasn’t stupid enough to yell at his brother! Thus, he said fakely, “No need.

You’re already tired from a day of work, go home and get some rest.

” Which really meant, don’t you dare come over! But clearly, his brother wasn’t going to let things go as he wished because he was a bro-con! Feeding his foodie brother was the cutest okay?! So he asked, “What happened to your throat?” .



“…I’m…I feel like it’s manly to talk like this.

” Actually, Su Nuo was about to lie and say he was sick; however, if he did, his brother would definitely come instead! Thus he could only swallow what he was about to say and use this ‘manly’ excuse, even though it did sound a bit stupid.

Han Wei just chuckled at his antics, “I’ll be there soon.

” “Cough, cough.

” Su Nuo choked on his loaf.

What do you mean you’re going to be here soon! I never said to let you come, did I?! But before he could complain, Han Wei already ended the call with lightning speed! Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Su Nuo wanted to cry, but no tears came out! He was already distraught, but now he needed to pretend he was fine for his brother! How could this get any sadder? “You’re brother called?” Dai An asked gently.


” Su Nuo felt his head spinning.

“Then I’ll be taking my leave.

” Dai An was very sensible, “You have a nice chat with your brother.

” But I don’t want to chat! Su Nuo felt a great sorrow welling up from his heart.

I just wanted to eat a full meal then get a good night’s rest, why has that become a wish?! How much worse does it get?! Clearly, Han Wei wouldn’t hear his internal roaring so Su XiaoNuo could only change out of his scruffy PJ and go wash his face.

Trying his best to look at least presentable! So when Han Wei walked in, SU Nuo was on the sofa in the living room hugging a box of tissues…watching Korean dramas.

It was really 囧 (weird/awkward) but a good scheme! “How did your eyes become so swollen?!” The moment Han Wei saw him, he was expectedly outraged.

“The female protag actually got leukemia.

” Su Nuo said with great sadness as he stared at the tv.

In a hoarse voice, he added, “She’s so pitiful.

” …… Han Wei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this.

This was what he meant when he said he had a ‘manly’ voice? Su Nuo pulled out a tissue and wiped his nose.

His gaze was full of pity, very realistic.

Just like a movie star! (Those with a prestigious award kind usually for leading role category) “What’s the plot that got you so emotional?” Although Han Wei had not a single ounce of interest in Korean dramas, to be able to hold a conversation with his brother, he still sat down and asked, while he opened a box of cookies.

“The main character was abandoned at birth and met the male lead when she got older.

But once they fell in love, she realized the male lead was actually her brother.

” Su Nuo said with red-eye, “What’s worse was that after they broke up, the male lead, dispirited, engaged with someone else.

But on the day of the wedding, he realized he was adopted by his parents, and so he had no blood connections to the main character at all.

So he went running to find the main character, but on the way, he got into a car accident and forgot about the main character!” Han Wei felt his head spinning.

“But that wasn’t the worst part.

” Su Nuo continued, “The most angsty part was when the male lead finally regained his memories, the main character was diagnosed with leukemia!” Thus, there was a legitimate reason for him to be crying, there was no way his brother would suspect him! “That’s…a really good plot.

” Han Wei said, rubbing his head.

He felt really complicated on the inside though…so this was what his wife and brother watch all day! Won’t you get dumber watching this stuff?! Ah! Now his really concerned! “I’m done.

” Once Su Nuo finished his acting, he turned off the tv and rubbed his bloodshot eyes, “I want to go to sleep.

” His brother was sly, if he talked anymore, his cover would definitely be blown, so he should just go to sleep! “Don’t you want to eat something?” Han Wei was confused; he was just going to ignore the freshly baked pastries? “…I’ll leave it for tomorrow.

” Su Nuo really had no appetite, “I ate a bit too much for dinner.

” Actually, it wasn’t a lot at all! He only ate three slices of bread! “Okay, then I’ll warm it up for you tomorrow.

” Han Wei just casually dropped a bomb like that.

What do you mean you’ll warm it up for me tomorrow?! “…You’re going to stay here?” Su Nuo roared in his mind, say no! Han Wei nodded.

Su XiaoNuo was anguished on the inside but calm on the outside, “How could you leave sister-in-law and my nephew alone at home!” This wasn’t the action of a good husband! “You’re sister-in-law took XiXi home and won’t be back till next week.

” Han Wei said as he walked up the stairs, “Rest early.

” Seeing his brother’s back, Su Nuo couldn’t even begin to voice his confusion and conflicting feelings! Staying over wasn’t such a big deal, but it is when he was in a fight with Mr.

Director! It was clearly his fault, so there was no way he would text first to break the ice! But if he doesn’t message him, what if he suddenly appears to apologize! Bring over a bunch of roses and a good breakfast, opening his bedroom door in the morning, waking him up with a passionate french kiss, saying something sweet like ‘baby I know I’m wrong so please forgive me’ these kinds of unrejectable phrases! He wasn’t anticipating that at all! But if his brother was at home, that will turn from a romance film into an 18+ bloody gore movie or maybe even a horror apocalypse film! Su Nuo felt like he was going to pass out from just thinking about it! Although he was in a fight with Mr.

Director and really upset, he still really really liked him! And didn’t want to get beat up by his brother! But if he messaged him saying his brother was at home and got ‘what does that have to do with me I wasn’t planning on seeing you,’ then what was he supposed to do! That would be worse, worse than death! His glass heart would break completely! Even giving a call was super complicated! Like they say, dating was such an awkward affair! “What are you spacing out for?” When Han Wei finished washing up, he unexpectedly found his brother still sitting on the sofa.

“…ehhh, I was thinking about the event on Friday.

” Su Nuo came back to his senses and randomly made up an excuse.

“Why are you still thinking about work on your break?” Han Wei asked frowning.

“…I’m going to sleep now.

Brother, you sleep first.

” Su Nuo put on his slippers and continued, “I’ll go take a shower.

” As the steam filled up the shower, Su Nuo stood in front of the mirror naked, looking at himself.

So did he think his figure was perfect, so he was drowning in self-love? No! He was checking to see if he had any hickeys! If his brother saw it, it was over for him! Good thing he was clean all over with no visible marks.

Su Nuo let out a sigh of relief and dried himself.

Then he headed off to his bedroom in his PJ.

Then he was terrified to find his brother leaning against his bed reading! His brother was actually in his bedroom!!! Shouldn’t he be back in his room?!!! This scene was super familiar like he was about to have a heart to heart!!! It didn’t get scarier than this! “Come here.

” Han Wei said, patting the space beside him.

Su Nuo shuffled over in tiny steps! His guilty conscience was about to crush him! Could it be he found out about his relationship with Mr.

Director? This couldn’t be real! QAQ! “Has the work been too much lately?” Han Wei asked.

“It’s okay.

” Su Nuo was super nervous sitting beside him! “I might go out of the country for a few days, do you want to come along?” Han Wei asked as he tidied his hair.

“I’m going too?” Su Nuo asked, shocked.

“Ever since you started working, we hadn’t gotten a chance to go on a vacation together.

” Han Wei said, “This time, it’ll be with your sister-in-law and XiXi.

The whole family.

” “Why are we suddenly going on a vacation?” Su Nuo was confused.

Like the old times, Han Wei flicked his nose, “There some trouble brewing and I don’t want it to get big, so I’ll be going over to Europe to get our uncles to help.

And also take this chance to relax.

” Su XiaoNuo was curious and wanted to get to the bottom of it, “Whose making trouble? What kind of trouble?” Han Wei just smiled, “Even if I tell you, you wouldn’t understand.

” Depressed, Su Nuo fell back onto his bed, “I don’t know because you never tell me anything!” “There are some things you don’t need to know.

” Han Wei fixed his blanket, “Then that’s settled, I’ll have someone book the tickets.

” “But I have worked planned.

I don’t know if the company will agree to this.

” Su Nuo said, lacking confidence.

Of course, this wasn’t a problem for the brother.

But since he couldn’t let his brother know about his relationship with Jason, he continued with a pleasant expression, “Don’t worry, I’ll ask for a break for you.

” “I’ll do it myself.

” Su Nuo said with a 囧 face, “Let me tell Dai An first.

” “You do you.

Then sleep tight and goodnight.

” Han Wei said as he got off the bed.

“Brother goodnight.

” Su XiaoNuo said like a perfect child as he watched his brother leave.

Han Wei helped him closed the door behind him and instantly called Jason.

“It’s midnight!” Jason shouted, “What timezone are you living in! American?!” “So why are you shouting in the middle of the night.

So disrespectful.

” Han Wei said critically.

…… Jason palmed his forehead, “So what do you need now?” “I’m bringing NuoNuo out of the country for a break, help me cancel his work.

” Han Wei said coldly just like a CEO! Hearing it, Jason got understandably upset, “Then what about the work already scheduled!” “How am I supposed to know!” Han Wei was angrier than him, “NuoNuo helped you earn so much over the past few years, what is wrong with taking a vacation? If you go on about this any longer, I’m going to beat you up!” Jason instantly felt tears running down his face, bandits are really unreasonable.