Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 49

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 49

Chapter 49: It’s an Illusion and Frogs in Warm Water Translated by Ying of Exiled Rebels Scanlations Executive Mu was definitely not going to let his long-awaited reward get away as he pushed the other person onto the sofa, kissing extremely passionately and whatnot, he really took a mile when he was given an inch! Unfortunately, at this sort of important moment, Zhong LiFengBai’s brain completely short-circuited; another way of saying this was that he was scared dumb! He was actually allowing executive Mu to kiss him as he liked with zero resistance as his mind stayed as a pure white, blank slate!! Additionally, as an artistic youth who had zero experience in kissing, he almost suffocated! Lack of oxygen caused his brain to go blank even more and he felt as though he was going to faint! Hot lips connected and entwined with each other and even the air seemed to be filled with pink peaches.

Mu Qiu held the other man’s waist tightly, his kisses moving slowly towards the smaller man’s pale neck and sensitive earlobes, carrying no small amount of lust.

As though feeling the warm and heavy hair next to his ear, Zhong LiFengBai instinctively trembled slightly, as though he wanted to dodge the incoming attacks.

Mu Qiu leaned down and created a dark red mark on his neck.

His hand had made their way to the other man’s back sometime without him noticing and were gradually increasing their pressure on his smooth skin.

His coarse hand’s palm scraped over the other’s extremely sensitive skin.

Zhong LiFengBai was finally allowed a small moment of clear-mindedness as he felt the scratch, only to find them in the middle of a passionate act, and himself actually! Holding! Onto! The! Fucker’s! Neck! This was way too shocking, okay! “Mm…” As despair hit him like a truck, Zhong LiFengBai finally collected enough strength to push the other away as he felt an overwhelming desire to smash himself ungracefully against a wall! “I…” “You shut up!” Mu Qiu could hardly utter a single syllable before director Zhong cut him off and began to throw a fit.

“You’re out of your mind!” “I…” .



“I told you to shut up! Nothing happened at all just then! It’s just an illusion from your medicine!” Zhong LiFengBai roared.

Mu Qiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at him.

Zhong LiFengBai’s head was so conflicted that he felt as though his entire world was beginning to go out of balance, he was completely consumed by the ruthless truth ‘I was just kissing with Mu Qiu and not just any kiss—a French kiss’.

He couldn’t listen to what Mu Qiu was saying at all, so he just made the decision to throw the other man out of his house! This was definitely not true! Zhong LiFengBai tried his best to force himself to stay calm as he lay sprawled on his sofa! Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Mu Qiu stood in front of the apartment door in his slippers, feeling hopeless to the extreme.

There was no use knocking, but he couldn’t just stand out here either, so Mu Qiu could only make a call to Ouyang Long—bros and whatnot were especially useful in times like these! “You want me to come drive you?” Mr.

Director couldn’t believe his ears when he heard this, “You’ve drank too much, haven’t you!” “I haven’t drank any alcohol, but I can’t drive, either.

” This was because his keys were still in his jacket pocket and his jacket and wallet had both been left on Zhong LiFengBai’s sofa! Mu Qiu could feel an oncoming migraine.

“It’s complicated, just hurry up and drive over here!” “It’s not like you don’t have a driver!” Ouyang Long was quite unsatisfied.

“My driver’s taken a holiday recently, so would you just hurry up, my battery’s about die!” Mu Qiu was an extremely short-tempered person—his patience had always been limited to Zhong LiFengBai and Zhong LiFengBai only.

When facing Ouyang Long, he was always extremely fierce.

Even though he felt an overwhelming desire to beat the other man to a pulp, Mr.

Director still arrived to pick him up after an hour.

“How come you took so long!” Mu Qiu complained.

“I’m driving a car, not a plane!” Ouyang Long snapped.

“Look at you! Being kicked out before you even had the chance to get your wallet, keys or jacket.

You don’t even have your shoes on you! If it were me, I’d definitely rather grit my teeth and walk back in than have to ask a third party to pick me up! Because it’s just too damn humiliating!” “You shut up.

” Mu Qiu leaned back into the shotgun seat, saying, “I finally got to kiss him.

” It really hadn’t been an easy deed! “… A forced kiss?” Ouyang Long was suspicious.

If it wasn’t a forced kiss, it shouldn’t have caused him to be kicked out with bare feet! “Of course not.

” Mu Qiu was too lazy to explain; he needed time to digest the beauty of what had happened! As for being kicked out of the house, he could absolutely interpret it as the other being shy, so it didn’t matter at all! At the same moment, Zhong LiFengBai was pacing all over his house, he finally got a rare moment of peace of mind but happened to catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror.

His lips were so red and swollen that it was extremely pitiful! That guy was really too horrible! Director Zhong angrily bit into an apple! This! World! Full of! Temptations and traps! Was really! Extremely! Frustrating! His phone screen flashed; once he checked to find that the sender of the message was Mu Qiu, director Zhong decisively pulled the battery of his phone out, his movements extremely fast and agile! Vicious winds swept up the fallen leaves outside, seeming both strong and sorrowful, perfectly reflecting Zhong LiFengBai’s current state of mind! There was often only a fine line between artistic and crazy.

As the sky began to cry heavy droplets of rain, the artistic youth immediately opened his door and went outside to become drenched by nature’s tears—his heart was already so conflicted that he was about to be pulled into the depths of despair.

Meaning, he really needed to do something bizarre in order to let it all out! “Director Zhong, what in the world are you doing?” the security guard doing his rounds had a fright and immediately ran over with an umbrella in his hand.

“It’s fine, I’ll go back in a while.

” Zhong LiFengBai sat on a stone chair, allowing himself be drenched to the bone as he wore the most somber expression of all! The security guard could only leave with a foggy head, thinking that these people with a high status in society were really extremely strange! After an hour, the rain lessened a bit and Zhong LiFengBai’s heart was no longer as much of a mess as it had been previously.

He stood up with his clothes clinging to his soaked body and walked back towards the house.

After pushing open the door and entering, he found the entire house smelling of chicken soup.

Shit! It really was everywhere, this was far too unfortunate! Director Zhong punched a wall extremely non-artistically, then threw the clothes Mu Qiu had left behind into the bin heartlessly! If it weren’t for the fear of starting a fire, he would’ve just found a bowl and burnt them to ashes! Averting eyes preserved one’s purity and whatnot.

The guy could also use his clothes as an excuse to come back! Something as depressing as French kissing definitely couldn’t happen a second time! As he had expected, Mu Qiu was currently earnestly asking for Ouyang Long’s opinion, “What do you think of me using getting my clothes as an excuse to go back?” “Don’t,” Ouyang Long said decisively.

“Why?” Mu Qiu was bewildered.

“Because the product manager of the Tai Hu group just called to say they got off the plane, I’ve already made arrangements to go with them to a bar tonight,” Ouyang Long stated.

“You always said you wanted to cooperate with them, so go and see them.

” “Really?” Mu Qiu was ecstatic at the news, but he couldn’t help feeling some slight reluctance, “Then what about Director Zhong?” They did just kiss! “Which is more important, your work, or your private affairs?” Ouyang Long was disgusted.

“Which is more important, your work, or Su Nuo?” Executive Mu was extremely blunt in his reply.

Damn it! Ouyang Long replied, “If you’re not going, then forget it.

” Some people just didn’t know how to accept kindness.

Of course executive Mu was going to go.

As lovesick as he was, it wasn’t to the point where he was going to lose his logic—in addition, Zhong LiFengBai was quite able at earning money but he was even more adept at spending it.

So just in case, it would be better to get some base money as insurance to make sure taking care of him in the future would be easier.

So, Mu Qiu decided to send director Zhong a message, telling him to have a good rest after drinking the chicken soup, he remembered to be extremely gentle and caring.

However, the considerate message was destined never to be seen by director Zhong as he still hadn’t put the battery back into his phone and was still trying to deal with his conflicted emotions! This tells us artistic youths with fragile mental states and whatnot definitely couldn’t be disturbed, they really were extremely frail! Mu Qiu was quite disappointed after not receiving a reply to his message for so long, but it was within his anticipation as the pace they were going at had suddenly accelerated, so if he needed time to digest things, it was completely normal.

“How well do you know Reno?” Ouyang Long asked as he was driving.

“Who’s Reno?” Mu Qiu was completely bewildered.

“She’s the product manager that we are going to see!” Ouyang Long was shocked.

“It can’t be that you don’t know anything at all?” “Isn’t it Zhang Tian?” Mu Qiu continued to be confused.

“They changed three months ago.

” Ouyang Long replied.

“Reno was promoted to being a higher-up out of nowhere, they say that she’s a genius; it’s my first time seeing her, too.

” “Oh.

” Even though the news was surprising, but since they were just going for a casual chat, Mu Qiu didn’t really pay it any mind.

The Hei Yi bar was one of Ren Rui’s investments, its decorations extravagant and pleasing to the eye; it had an impressive amount of popularity in the city and perhaps even the whole province.

Reno was still on the plane, but she had clearly stated on the phone that she wanted to come to drop by, so Ouyang Long decided to choose this as their meeting place in order to save them from the trouble of having to run all over the place.


” Once the two of them got out of the car, the manager of the bar immediately walked out to welcome them, “Miss Reno is already here, she’s in the private room, waiting for you.

” Mu Qiu was once again shocked, he had thought that it was going to be a dude, but it was a miss! E/N: Just in case someone doesn’t know—in Chinese, the pronoun for ‘he’ and ‘she’ is pronounced the same way but written differently, so even though Ouyang Long briefly spoke about Reno, Mu Qiu had no way of knowing whether Reno was male of female.

After they entered the private room, he found that it really was a miss! And not just any miss, she was sizzling hot with a body curving in all the right places! Although she was energetic and enthusiastic, it was still clear at first glance that she was one of the sharpest tools in any shed! “Executive Mu looks a lot like Mo Heng!” Since it wasn’t a meeting for business negotiations, the atmosphere was extremely relaxed and Reno couldn’t help but notice and comment.

Mu Qiu froze for a moment at the words, Mo Heng was the male lead that was responsible for acting all sorts of crazy roles! “I really like him, actually.

” Reno’s words were shocking.

Mu Qiu chuckled dryly, thinking that her standards were a bit out of the ordinary.

“Do you mind taking a photo with me?” Reno took out her phone.

“Of course not.

” Mu Qiu didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

“I’ll take it!” Ouyang Long wasn’t scared of anything apart from peace under the heavens as he took the photo professionally.

“Get a little closer and say cheese!” Cheese your entire family! Executive Mu was burning on the inside as he forced a smile to become etched onto his face, if they got any closer they’d be stuck to each other okay! “Very good,” Ouyang Long returned the phone to Reno.

The beautiful manager pulled her Weibo open and posted the photo.

… Mu Qiu put his hand up to his forehead, praying with all his heart that Zhong LiFengBai wouldn’t see the post.

But how could he not! Director Zhong had once filmed an advertisement for the Tian Hu group, and although he hadn’t followed Reno’s account, he had definitely followed Tian Hu’s official one! However, what was unfortunate for Mu Qiu was that this company’s official account wasn’t serious at all.

After seeing that their own beautiful BOSS had uploaded a new picture, they immediately reposted it enthusiastically and even added their wishes for Reno to marry soon! So as Zhong LiFengBai scrolled through the website before going to sleep, he obviously caught sight of it! This really was extremely shocking! After seeing the photo which resembled ones people would use on their wedding certificates, Zhong LiFengBai first thought that he had seen wrong.

Then he zoomed in to find that it really was Mu Qiu! And the time of the post was actually just a short three hours ago! So basically right after forcibly French-kissing him, Mu Qiu had headed straight to a bar with a beauty in red clothes and big boobs to take this sort of intimate picture—what sort of shitty plot twist was this! Zhong LiFengBai was having a mental stutter, forgetting how to form even simple sentences! This! Really! Was worth! A! Fuck! You! The other man was really a savage beast, what was this about kissing one person and immediately running off with another one! Zhong LiFengBai immediately lost his desire to sleep.

He was practically on fire from rage! This type of person had to be punished extremely harshly! With no leniency whatsoever! So, he jumped out of his bed barefoot and took out a bottle of white wine from the wine cupboard, planning to drink until he was high before calling the other man to cuss him out! Since he was an artistic youth, he couldn’t really do that fierce and scary thing if he didn’t drink alcohol first! However, because he was really extremely furious, he accidentally drank a little too much and the alcohol going to his head as well the fever he had gotten from the rain caused him to faint extremely sorrowfully! It really was extremely pitiful! And of course it had to be on a night like this that Mu Qiu followed Ouyang Long’s suggestion of ‘give him some time to think things through’ and didn’t even make a single phone call all night, so Director Zhong slept on the floor for the entire night and the fever almost burned problems into his brain.

Luckily, Mu Qiu came and knocked on the door early the next morning—he actually had not slept at all the previous night as he was really too ecstatic! Zhong LiFengBai was burning to the point where he couldn’t think and he could only drag himself out of bed and pull the door open like a zombie.

“What happened to you?!” Seeing him like this gave Executive Mu a huge fright.

Zhong LiFengBai’s eyes were glazed and he could only fall forwards into the other man’s arms.

The body he was holding was pretty much boiling and Mu Qiu was so shocked that he almost felt his soul depart from his body.

He took off his jacket and wrapped it around the other man before running towards the district’s hospital as quickly as he could.

The aunties doing their morning exercise became the key witnesses of this scene and everyone expressed that executive Mu’s expression was really heartbreaking at that time! It was so moving that it couldn’t even be expressed with words! After the doctor did his checks on director Zhong, he began to criticize executive Mu harshly, “He’s been burning like this and you only take him here so late?” “Is he okay?” Mu Qiu was extremely worried.

“If you were even a minute late, he could have gotten brain fever!” The doctor continued ranting, “And you even let him drink alcohol, you were practically offering his life to the heavens with both hands!” “Right.

It’s good that he’s okay.

” Mu Qiu still had his worries and sat himself down at the side of the bed, taking the other man’s hand into his own.

Zhong LiFengBai’s eyes were closed tightly, and his face was bright red as he slept like a small child.

How could you do something like this to yourself… Mu Qiu sighed and gripped the hand even tighter.

After three or four hours, Zhong LiFengBai finally woke up and looked around confusedly at his surroundings.

“How do you feel?” Mu Qiu reached out and tested the smaller man’s temperature.

“… What happened to me?” Zhong LiFengBai’s throat was gravelly to the extreme.

“You got sick, then drank alcohol and that resulted in a high fever.

” Mu Qiu helped him up and poured a glass of warm water for him.

“Drink some water.

” … Zhong LiFengBai looked at him for a few seconds before he finally recollected what had happened the previous night! So, he immediately began burning once again! “What is it?” Mu Qiu was bewildered at the expression on his face.

Zhong LiFengBai threw his blankets to the side and got up immediately.

“You still have a fever, don’t catch a cold again,” Mu Qiu forcibly pushed him back into bed.

“I don’t need you to care!” Zhong LiFengBai struggled with all the might he had.

Mu Qiu decisively reached his arms out and enveloped the other man in his arms.

“Stop messing around.

” Crap! Zhong LiFengBai was so angry that he almost fainted on the spot.

He really wanted to slap the other man, but he couldn’t get his hand free so he could only lower his head and bite the other man’s shoulder with all his strength.

“You shameless traitor!!!!” The soundproofing wasn’t good in hospitals, and that pitiful sound of a woman’s voice floated over; it really fit the scene extremely well! Mu Qiu could only ignore the pain and keep his tight hold on him.

“Director Zhong, I’ve come to test your—Hng.

” The doctor walked in with a thermometer and was shocked! What was with the scene that seemed like two lovers arguing! Mu Qiu was heartlessly pushed away by Zhong LiFengBai whose expression was as cold as a pale white flower! “Ah!” The doctor exclaimed.

What was there to ah about! Zhong LiFengBai thought in his heart angrily, has he never seen someone beating up an idiot? “Your shoulder’s bleeding!” The doctor hurried to Mu Qiu’s side.

Through his white shirt, the marks were extremely obvious.

… Zhong LiFengBai looked out of the window; he definitely didn’t feel guilty at all! “It’s fine,” Mu Qiu obviously didn’t want to argue with him over it.

“It’ll get better in no time.

” “How can you overlook your health so much!” the doctor said harshly.

“What will you do if it gets infected? Hurry up and get a nurse to clean and wrap it up!!” Were all the doctors so fierce these days? Executive Mu couldn’t cry or laugh and could only walk out to get it seen to.

“Director Zhong, even though I’m a huge fan of your movies, you have to change habits like that!” The doctor sat at the edge of the bed, chitchatting as he measured the patient’s body temperature.

He was the GP at the district hospital, so he was quite familiar and friendly.

Zhong LiFengBai felt like vomiting blood, who would have the habit of going around and biting people! “Even though he’s your boyfriend, he’s not made of steel,” the doctor continued.

“How could you use so much strength!” “Who said he was my boyfriend!” Zhong LiFengBai roared furiously, if he had known this was going to happen, he never would’ve come out publicly! The doctor immediately made a shocked expression, his eyes saying something along the lines of ‘if it’s not your boyfriend, why were you hugging him and even bit him until he bled, this was really too strange!’ Zhong LiFengBai’s brain was ringing, feeling that at this moment, he just wanted to die more than anything else! This sort of thing! Was! Really! Extremely! Complicated! But! I don’t want to! Explain! “Your fever’s gone down, rest up at home,” the doctor couldn’t but remind him, “Remember not to fight anymore, and even if you do, don’t treat yourself badly, make sure you get along.

” Zhong LiFengBai was angry but had no energy to express it, and so he could only mull over his heavy suspicions that the doctor had been taken over by some old, naggy auntie.

“How come you’re up and about?” Mu Qiu had finished figuring out the wound on his shoulder and saw him as he was rounding a corner so he had run over hurriedly.

“Why wouldn’t I leave after finishing the IV? What, am I going to spend the New Year’s here?” Zhong LiFengBai swatted his hand away, saying coldly.

“Don’t come to me from now on.

” The doctor walked past with the patients’ history folder under his arm and shook his head on the inside, director Zhong was really extremely stubborn! “…” Seeing his icy cold gaze, Mu Qiu’s heart ached.

Zhong LiFengBai didn’t look back even once as he ran downstairs.

Then, he accidentally managed to miss the steps as he stepped onto thin air and fell extremely badly! Being sick was really making him too dizzy! Two steps wasn’t very high up, but suddenly landing on his butt really hurt quite a lot, and his eyes were rimmed with red! Mu Qiu took big steps towards him and just swept him up into his arms without a word and kept a tight hold on him.

Zhong LiFengBai was tired to the extreme and didn’t try to push him away.

“Do you really hate me that much?” Mu Qiu’s voice was hoarse.

Zhong LiFengBai didn’t say anything.

“… Sorry.

” Mu Qiu held him even more tightly and buried his face in the crook of the other man’s neck, “I’m really sorry.

” Zhong Li FengBai kept silent.

“If you really find me that annoying, then I won’t cling to you anymore from now on,” Mu Qiu closed his eyes.

“I won’t withdraw the investment; you can keep making your films as you like, and you can still come to me whenever you have any troubles.

” Zhong LiFengBai’s cold still hadn’t gotten better yet so his body temperature was on the high side.

Perhaps this was why the droplets that fell on his shoulder seemed to be so cold.

After knowing him for so long, Zhong LiFengBai didn’t think that someone like Mu Qiu could cry.

So, it only took a moment for his mind to become a complete mess.

“Let me take you home.

” Mu Qiu helped him to stand up, but didn’t meet his eyes.

“… I won’t go in, I just want to make sure that you get home safely.

” Zhong LiFengBai’s heart ached.

The two didn’t say a word on the way as they walked out of the hospital, got to the apartment block, pressed the lift, arrived at the seventeenth floor, and got to the front door of the apartment.

“Have a good rest after you finish taking your medicine.

” True to his word, Mu Qiu didn’t set foot inside.

His eyes were bloodshot.

“My car keys are at your place, can you help me get them? And then… I won’t ever disturb you again.

” After three seconds of silence, Director Zhong glared at him.

“Why do I need to get something for you!?” “… Then, don’t worry about it.

” Mu Qiu turned to leave.

You really are an idiot! Who are you showing this sorrowful face to! Zhong LiFengBai felt a rush of blood go to his head and grabbed the other man’s collar before dragging him into the house.

His dominance was basically oozing out! Mu Qiudid not expect that, and the yank made him lose his balance, causing him to fall onto the carpet.

Director Zhong closed the door behind him and angrily sat onto him, going into a straddling position.

“You…” Executive Mu was extremely shocked and bewildered.

“Talk! Who did you go to the bar with!” Zhong LiFengBai suddenly took the role of an upset wife.

“Yesterday?” Mu Qiu said, “Reno and Ouyang.

” “I can already tell that that name sounds fishy!” Zhong LiFengBai reached out and squeezed his face ruthlessly.

Mu Qiu’s face was pulled and pinched until it started to go out of shape.

“Reno is Tai Hu’s…” “I fucking know that! And being the manager for the Tai Hu group makes her so great?!” Zhong LiFengBai’s artistic self was burning to the extreme! Just by listening! It was clear! That she was! A fox spirit! “There’s nothing great about her at all,” Mu Qiu felt as though he had just realized something.

“Yesterday, I went out to negotiate business with her, and about that picture… Reno said that I looked like Mo Heng, so the picture was taken for fun.

” “What picture are you talking about! I don’t understand! I definitely didn’t see a picture of a San Su female with huge boobs!” Zhong LiFengBai roared furiously in denial.

“Okay, you didn’t see it.

” Mu Qiu carefully reached over and took his hand, “Don’t be angry anymore, alright?” What was with his tone? It sounded as though he was trying to make his lover feel better! What was with the adoring look in his eyes! Director Zhong changed his shyness into fury and picked himself up from the other man.

“Your car keys are in the bin, after you get them get out of my… Ah!” “I’m not leaving,” Mu Qiu trapped him underneath him.

“This is my house!” Director Zhong struggled with all he was worth.

This was really too shocking! Mu Qiu leaned in and kissed him with extreme determination.

“Mm…” Zhong LIFengBai’s eyes went wide, he was being forcibly kissed again? F-f-f-f-fuck! Mu Qiu held onto his hand and kept him pinned onto the carpet, their kissing lips becoming even more passionate.

So you think you can do whatever you want just because you’re strong?! Do you think I won’t bite your tongue off! Zhong LiFengBai roared on the inside! But of course, this sort of thing would not actually happen.

In reality, it didn’t even take a minute for director Zhong to start going dizzy.

Once he was over his dizzy spell, he had already been carried to the sofa by Mu Qiu, it was extremely humiliating! “What are you laughing about!” Zhong LiFengBai’s face went red as he whined! “I didn’t laugh.

” Mu Qiu was extremely serious.

Zhong LiFengBai used a cushion to attack him.

Mu Qiu accepted it without a struggle, it felt like the caress of a mere spring breeze! The arrogant and cold artistic frog had jumped into the loyal dog Executive’s warm water and didn’t seem to be able to get back out! It really was extremely amazing! An hour later, Zhong LiFengBai sat on the bed, devouring a bowl of red sugar congee, planning on getting his stomach full and getting his energy back before going back to fighting.

Mu Qiu’s hair and clothes had both been messed up a lot by the other man, so he picked up his phone to call Ouyang Long and show off! But Mr.

Director didn’t pick up the call, as he was currently cooking for Su XiaoNuo! A lovingly cooked lunch and whatnot really couldn’t get any better! “You don’t have work today?” Su Nuo hugged him from behind, feeling extremely satisfied and happy.

“I have a meeting in the afternoon, but I wanted to be with you for a while.

” Ouyang Long adjusted the heat to be smaller and turned to return the hug.

“Did you sleep well last night?” “En.

” Su Nuo leaned on his chest super meekly! While doing this, he complained internally about his older brother’s decision to stay for the night, aaahh! If it wasn’t for him, he could have slept last night in the embrace of his handsome Mr.

Director! It really was extremely regretful! “Do you still feel uncomfortable anywhere?” He’d gone a little over the top the previous night and was rather worried about that.

Su Nuo face immediately lit up, wh-wh-wh-wh-where was ‘anywhere’?! “Let me check it okay?” Ouyang Long’s voice was gentle.

Su Nuo shook his head firmly.


Director sighed, “I’m just worried about you.

” “It’s really fine.

” Su Nuo’s ears matched his scarlet face.

His little flower and whatnot couldn’t be talked about so casually! “Then, I’ll stay tonight?” Ouyang Long pinched the other man’s face affectionately.

“… It’s best if you don’t.

” Su Nuo felt extremely heartless, but older brothers and whatnot were really scary! “Is this about your brother again?” Ouyang Long furrowed his brow.

Su Nuo was extremely guilty as he looked at him, “About that… Please don’t be angry.

” “How could I bear to be angry with you.

” Ouyang Long felt hopeless.

“I just don’t want you to be so conflicted all the time.

” “Give me some time; I’ll definitely get my older brother to accept you,” Su Nuo promised as he held the other man’s neck.

Ouyang Long nodded and leaned in to give him a kiss, “If you don’t mind, can you tell me about your family?” Su Nuo froze.

“My dad is full-time retired and my mother is a housewife, they’d definitely love you.

” Ouyang Long put him on the dining table.

“Your turn.

” “I…” My dad and mom died very early, and I only have a brother who opens casinos and night bars, he’s in the underground and he’s really cruel and fierce! How could he even say that out loud! Su XiaoNuo had tears streaming from his eyes, he was at a complete loss! “You don’t want to say?” Ouyang Long asked softly.

… It’s that I don’t have the guts to say it out loud! Su Nuo answered guiltily, “My parents passed away very early on so I only have an older brother who… Sells mahjong!” That seemed about right! “He sells mahjong?” Ouyang Long was quite shocked.

“That’s right.

” Su Nuo determinedly spoke.

“My older brother is an extremely scary mahjong dealer!” “It’s no wonder that you’re so scared of him, then.

” Ouyang Long seemed to have been enlightened.

Su Nuo’s tears streamed down his face, if he had to keep speaking he might fall into the depths of despair.

Luckily, Ouyang Long didn’t try to dig any deeper, as he had already put his thoughts in order.

A mahjong dealer and a highland flower were really two extremes, no wonder the company had been keeping it quiet; after all, as an idol, being born to a regular family and a rich family made a big difference! “My older brother has a really short temper, so the thing about you two meeting face-to-face has to wait a little while!” Su Nuo then changed the topic, “I’m hungry.

” “The congee’s almost done.

” Ouyang Long opened the pot.

“… It’s already been two days, how come I can still only eat congee?” Su Nuo asked.

Congee and whatnot could only be eaten as snacks! How could it be eaten as a main course! There’s not even any oil in it! I usually already eat a huge amount! Since my flower is injured, shouldn’t I be eating more to help it heal more quickly!? What was with eating a single bowl of congee every meal.

“Eating liquid food is good for your body,” Mr.

Director comforted him.

“I changed the taste up, this time it’s egg and beef congee.

” “… Then, add more beef and eggs,” Su Nuo stared at the pot.

Ouyang Long couldn’t hold his laugh in, and he pulled the other man into an embrace, tasting his lips.

How could the little dummy be so adorable.

Even though I can’t eat until I’m full, kisses are still something to be happy about… Su Nuo consoled himself.

“Next Friday, I’ll come pick you up and we’ll go somewhere nearby to spend the weekend,” Ouyang Long said casually, “Even if your older brother asks, it’s not strange at all for you to go with a friend out on the weekend.

” “I have an event to go to next Friday,” Su XiaoNuo put a spoonful of lard into the pot sneakily! “You have an event right after your leg got better?” Ouyang Long frowned, feeling unhappy.

“Who arranged it? I’ll go reject it for you.

” It definitely couldn’t be rejected! Su Nuo immediately denied the idea of pushing the offer! Getting it was not easy in the first place.

Additionally, stealing the spotlight from ab-man was his lifelong dedication, he couldn’t relax even for a second! “Your leg still hasn’t recovered completely.

You should get some rest instead,” Ouyang Long tried to be patient.

“I won’t rest, I have to go!” Su Nuo was extremely firm.

“There’s going to be Qiu ZiYan and Ye FengWu!” Going with the imaginary rival in love and that pervy male star to an event?! Mr.

Director was immediately furious! But—he couldn’t show it! After all, he was a soft and gentle black-stomached Gong! He had to hold his image! So he took a deep breath to calm himself before he spoke.

Su Nuo didn’t realize at all since he was completely dedicated to his task of cracking eggs, his housewife vibes simply radiating off of him! “Baby,” Ouyang Long decided to attack with the gentle strategy and took a hold of the other man’s waist from behind, lowering his head to kiss those adorable ears.

“You put too much rice in.

” Su Nuo wasn’t in a romantic mood at all—he was still thinking of the egg congee, so he turned to ask, “Can I add some more pepper?” Beef had to be eaten with pepper to taste good, after all! “Of course you can.

” Mr.

Director nudged him lightly, “This weekend…” “Aya, the beef is still in the fridge!” Su Nuo immediately cut him off.

“Quickly, grab it for me, please.

” It had to be slowly cooked by the remaining heat of the congee to taste fresh! “…” Ouyang Long could only get the things for him from the fridge; trying to get a romantic mood going but being interrupted was really extremely annoying! “You got the wrong thing, these are the lamb rolls!” Su Nuo sighed, he could only run towards the fridge himself, his speed extremely fast.

“Your leg still hasn’t recovered completely, go slower!” Mr.

Director face-palmed.

What was with this situation? He was the one who was supposed to be making congee full of love for the other man, how did it end up with the recipient making it? However, the foodie Su Nuo was obviously not going to think of it that much; to him, food was the most important thing! The bright red beef pieces were immediately cooked by the boiling congee, and with the added spring onions and eggs, it looked extremely delicious! “Nuonuo.

” Ouyang Long helped him to get the bowls.

“Do you really want to go to attend that event?” “Of course, otherwise how else would I be able to fight Qiu ZiYan?” Su Nuo was filled to the brim with determination.

“ And this time, Ye FengWu would be there too!” The leading position had to be held tightly in order to be kept! Sitting on a wheelchair to attend and whatnot was really extremely moving! “… Why are you always trying to fight with Qiu ZiYan?” Ouyang Long asked.

Even if this small thing had already passed, he still didn’t want the other man to have too many connections with Qiu ZiYan—especially thinking back to how he was paying attention to him in ways like ‘I’m Your Bald Nemesis’ and whatnot, he was really so sour that he could sour a lemon to death! “Because he’s got abs!” Su Nuo said angrily, this was definitely something that couldn’t be forgiven! “I have abs too,” Ouyang Long reminded him.

“That’s not the same.

” Su Nuo thought for a moment before stating seriously, “Yours are good abs, his are bad abs.

” Mr.

Director didn’t know whether to laugh or cry; why did it seem as though he himself was being spoiled dumb by the other man? “Okay, let’s eat!” Su Nuo was definitely not in the mood to discuss Qiu ZiYan, he just wanted to hurry up and finish eating delicious food before spending some quality time with his handsome man—but since he had a meeting in the afternoon, there wasn’t going to be much of that quality time! So, he had to treasure every moment they did have together! “Alright then.

” Ouyang Long sighed on the inside, he really didn’t know what to do with him.

Even though there was a soft cushion on the seat, Su Nuo’s seating pose was still quite strange.

Ouyang Long began to worry after seeing this, so once they finished eating, he used all sorts of words to sweep the other to his bedroom.

“I really can put the medicine on by myself!” Su Nuo put up a struggle.

“Be good and let me have a look.

” Ouyang Long pushed him onto his knees and pulled his pants down.

Su Nuo face and ears lit up scarlet, why did they have to do this in the middle of the day?! “Be good, relax a bit more.

” Ouyang Long patted his ass.

He completely couldn’t relax at all, okay! Ouyang Long could only force an inspection on him.

My man is really extremely crazy! Su Nuo buried his face in his pillow, feeling his entire body burning with embarrassment! “You didn’t put the medicine on at the right times?” Ouyang Long frowned.

“… I did,” Su Nuo mumbled.

Ouyang Long raised his hand and the sound of a slap resounded in the air.

“Ah!” Su Nuo hadn’t expected that and his hand immediately went to his butt as he used especially innocent eyes to look at him, getting slapped on the butt and whatnot really hurt a lot! “You.

” Ouyang Long pinched his nose, saying resignedly, “Give me the medicine, I’ll rub it on for you.

” If I had medicine, then my flower wouldn’t still be hurting now! Su Nuo complained on the inside.

The medicine had been spilled completely because of a fright from his older brother; older brothers and whatnot were really especially annoying! And it wasn’t as if he could go out and get that sort of medicine himself! He really felt extremely wronged! “What about the medicine I left you?” Ouyang Long asked.

“I spilled it accidentally.

” Su Nuo lowered his head sadly.

“Why didn’t you let me know that you’d spilled it?” Ouyang Long frowned.

“… Because my brother was around all of yesterday,” Su Nuo was bitter.

Ouyang Long sighed, “Are you really unwilling to consider letting me meet your older brother a little earlier?” “My brother’s mahjong business has been busy lately.

” Su Nuo pulled out an excuse.

“Wait a little longer.

” It really rolled off the tongue extremely easily! Ouyang Long rubbed his head, feeling a little hopeless but also unwilling to force anything or push any further.

There was a pharmacy not too far away from the house, and Mr.

Director carefully helped him take care of his wound after he came back with the new medicine.

He really was extremely soft and caring.

Su Nuo was sprawled on the bed as his mind wandered; sometimes he felt quite shy, at other times he thought that his man was really extremely considerate, then he thought that his older brother was really annoying… Whatever he was thinking, it was anything that could shift his attention away from the cruel fact that his flower was completely bare for his man to see! “Alright then, I need to go to work now.

” Ouyang Long helped him to put on his underwear.

“Rest up, baby.

” “En.

” Su Nuo was extremely meek as he French kissed him for a while before finally letting go of his man to go to work.

These days were really great… Su Nuo lay sprawled on the bed, feeling that life was really going great! It was going even better than in ‘Love in Troubled Times’! Speaking of ‘Love in Troubled Times’ and whatnot, it seemed like it had been a long time since he had read it… Su Nuo was extremely excited as he opened his laptop and thought as he logged in that his own relationship was catching up with that of Su Nuonuo’s with all that about lovers having an argument and getting back together; it really felt great! But reality showed that he had overestimated himself, or he had underestimated ‘Love in Troubled Times’! Because Su Nuonuo was pregnant now! This really was enough to make him sink into the pits of despair.

Su Nuo was extremely shocked—being pregnant and whatnot was really too scary! If it was like this, then he would never manage to catch up within this lifetime! The uploads were as hot as tea and they seemed to be even more popular than before! Su Nuonuo was forcibly done by Ouyang Long on the dining table under the eyes of spectators—afterwards, he felt as though he’d die from the humiliation, so he spent the following days crying tears of pure sorrow, becoming so fragile that he might have shattered from a gentle breeze! He was already a person as perfect as crystals, how in the world could he stand this sort of torture! So the white flowers of the castle began to die in masses, the wind swept through the gloomy sky, it all was super despairing! Su Nuonuo grew even more depressed at the sight and his heart broke even further, causing him to cough up a huge mouthful of scarlet red blood! “Nuo er!” Even though there was a thousand year difference, Ouyang JinLong’s title for Su Nuonuo was still as moving and affectionate as ever, he wallowed in sorrow as he shook the frail and slender body in his arms.

“What’s happening to you! Don’t scare me! Nuo er! Nuo er!” Su Nuo began to feel agitated, what are you shaking him for, hurry up and get him a doctor! “Go, find me all of the world’s most famous doctors!” Ouyang JinLong roared, his voice breaking through the nine levels of the heavens.

It really was a majestic scene! And what was even more shocking was the doctors’ results! Because Su Nuonuo was pregnant! And with twins! A boy and a girl! It was truly a sign of good fortune and whatnot! Su Nuo felt goosebumps cover his skin and unconsciously reached a hand down to touch his stomach before continuing to scroll through the page.

Then he saw an extremely shocking comment! —– Dada writes so amazingly! Let me say something sneakily, I’ve always been imagining Su Nuonuo with Su Nuo’s face, it really is so beautiful and fantastic! I’m rolling on the floor wishing for milk play, muamua! So.

Su Nuo.




What the fuck was… Fantastic?!