Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 43

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Being Alone Together For a Night and Eating Carrots Translated by Ying of Exiled Rebels Scanslations “Don’t go!” Mu Qiu reached out and grabbed him the way that the main character of a drama would have, it was extremely emotional! Zhong LiFengBai’s head hurt, “It’s already gotten very late.

” “I really do like you.

” Although Mu Qiu was almost lost to the world because of his drunkenness, it didn’t affect him spouting his lines at all! “I know I’m not good enough to stand at your side.

” Mu Qiu’s words were slurred, “I never had much of an education.

” Zhong LiFengBai froze for a moment.

Mu Qiu’s eyebrows scrunched together but his hand remained clasping the other man, especially strongly! “What exactly is it that you see in me.

” As he couldn’t escape, Zhong LiFengBai could only squat next to him and sigh.

“I love you.

” Executive Mu was extremely firm before he suddenly flashed a blinding smile and said, “I want to sleep with you!” Zhong LiFengBai’s eyes flashed as he felt the overwhelming desire to slap the other man across the face! But before he had the chance, Mu Qiu was already crawling into the bed! “What are you doing!” Zhong LiFengBai’s alarms went off one by one.




“Hard!” Mu Qiu’s eyes were glazed but his voice contained something that sounded like a pout.

Zhong LiFengBai sucked in a breath, getting hard while he was drunk, he really was a beast! So he snapped back, “Do you want me to throw a bucket of water over your thing?!” Mu Qiu aimed himself at the bed before launching himself forward to embrace a pillow happily, “This soft.

” … Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Director Zhong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and could only admit defeat and pull the blanket over the other man.

Executive Mu was sleeping like a log so he missed the moment of gentleness from Zhong LiFengBai that only ever happened once in ten thousand years.

It really was extremely regrettable.

And being an artistic youth with a sensitive and fragile inner state, after going through so much, Director Zhong had no inclinations to sleep at all.

So after he had finished figuring out Mu Qiu, he went back to his study and opened his computer, typing Mu Qiu’s name into the search bar.

As one of the biggest figures in the local food industry, the news reports on him weren’t scarce; however, this would be the first time Zhong LiFengBai read any of them.

In the interview shown on the screen, Mu Qiu wore a tailored black suit, looking refreshing and clean.

Sometimes his speaking style was over exaggerated but not in an annoying way.

Instead, it seemed to carry the faint spirit of a young child.

The host smiled as they asked, “What is Executive Mu looking for when it comes to his other half?” “More gentle.

” Mu Qiu thought for a moment, “They don’t have to be too good looking, as long as they don’t get angry or upset randomly.

” The date of the interview was a year ago, the Executive Mu from that time hadn’t yet met the artistic youth director Zhong and naturally, would never have guessed that his future self would fall in love with a man that wasn’t gentle at all, always loved to throw his temper around and was extremely good-looking! So the saying that fate had a strange way of making fun of people and whatnot wasn’t wrong at all! The interview in the video continued, Mu Qiu was now talking about his experience with being an entrepreneur in the industry.

His grades in school were bad and the conditions of his family were bad and after failing to get into a university, he decided to come out and try to make his own small business.

He went from clothes, to electronics to seafood then finally to a restaurant.

Only he would ever know what he had had to go through in order to get to where he was now.

If it wasn’t for hearing it from the man himself, Zhong LiFengBai would definitely not believe that the man in front of him now who threw gold around like dirt was, a mere few years ago, someone whose hands would bleed and blister from moving boxes around through the roaring wind and snow just for a few dollars.

“Does Executive Mu have any regrets in life up until now?” The host continued.

“There’s nothing much to regret, I’m already very satisfied at this point.

” Mu Qiu’s smile was hearty and bright, “But if I had to pick something, it’s probably that I didn’t have the best education so I’m not very cultured and I can’t understand English; it’s quite inconvenient when it comes to negotiating business.

” Zhong LiFengBai could only laugh as he heard this.

As a person who was used to the carefully selected words of the entertainment industry, this was his first time hearing such a realistic and down-to-earth answer! So that night, Director Zhong sat himself down in front of the computer and excitedly searched up all of the information related to Mu Qiu for the entirety of the night.

It was complete stalker behavior! Extremely, extremely crazy! Meanwhile in the bedroom, Executive Mu didn’t realize that he was being thoroughly investigated at all and slept very well, even having a nice dream, eighteen plus and whatnot was extremely great! When he finally found the determination to wake up, it was already almost noon.

Where is this?! Director Mu sat up on the bed, looking around bewilderedly.

“You’re awake.

” Zhong LiFengBai heard some noise and walked in with an apron on, he was still holding a bowl to crack eggs in as he came in, looking extremely like a housewife.

Mu Qiu stared at him for three seconds before lifting a hand and slapping himself across the face.

As the clean sound of the hit resonated through the room, Zhong LiFengBai looked at him with complicated feelings, single brain cell organisms really never change.

“I’m at… Your house?” After confirming that it wasn’t a dream, Mu Qiu’s was so moved that his voice changed.

“What about my house!” Zhong LiFengBai was immediately unhappy, what sort of tone was this, is my house not good enough for you! “Why am I here?” Mu Qiu spouted lines out of any trashy romcom.

Zhong LiFengBai was even more unhappy at that, what was with the man looking like a maiden whose purity had been tainted! It looked like the opening for the scream accompanied by hands flying up to cover the chest! If it wasn’t his own bed, he would just throw the egg bowl over! “Was I drunk last night?” Mu Qiu had a somewhat blurry recollection.

“You weren’t just drunk!” Zhong LiFengBai ground his teeth together.

You weren’t just drunk, you also spouted nonsense, touched my butt and even attempted to steal my underwear! It was really too crazy for words to describe! “Thank you for taking me home.

” Even though he didn’t know exactly what happened, but he got the general gist of things! Mu Qiu was extremely moved! “I was completely forced.

” Zhong LiFengBai stated coldly before walking back to the kitchen with the bowl extremely proudly! On the other hand, Mu Qiu snuck back into bed, feeling that he needed at least five whole minutes before he could digest that extremely satisfying fact of ‘Last night I slept in this bed for a whole night’! It really was extremely satisfying! If it wasn’t for Zhong LiFengBai coming back in with a spatula to throw a fit, he’d probably have nodded back to sleep! A lovingly cooked breakfast is not bad either.

The extremely regretful executive Mu consoled himself as he brushed his teeth.

Compared to the foodie Su’s menu, director Zhong’s Breakfast was extremely simply, there was only soybean milk and omelet, with a small carton of yoghurt on the side.

But despite that, Mu Qiu still did his absolute best in showering the meal with compliments before picking up his chopsticks to pic up the omelet.

However, he hadn’t even gotten halfway when it was slapped away by Zhong LiFengBai, especially cruelly! Mu Qiu could only freeze.

Could there be prayers or something? Clapping your hands together and thanking god and whatnot, he had no experience with this at all! “Drink the yoghurt first, it’s good for your stomach after getting drunk.

” Zhong LiFengBai helped him to open the lid of the carton.

Mu Qiu was even more surprised at that, what was this overwhelming aura of a housewife?! What exactly happened while he was drunk the previous night! Sudden changes in personality really raised one’s suspicions and whatnot! Could it be that after he became drunk, he said words as beautiful as flowers and finally won the other man over? If it really was like that! It would be way too romantic! Executive Mu was extremely excited! “Don’t smirk while eating!” Zhong LiFengBai threw daggers with his glare.

Mu Qiu dragged his chair to be positioned in front of him and ate even more happily than before.

Director Zhong was quite helpless as he wondered why it felt as though there was a huge dog sitting next to him.

This didn’t make sense! After eating the suspicious and heartwarming breakfast, Mu Qiu was firm about taking the other man all the way to his workplace.

After seeing it, the workers couldn’t help but think, PDA and whatever we’re not jealous at all! Coming so late, it must be because the previous night was extremely intense! So the assistant director found a soft blanket in the nick of time and placed it on the director’s chair, just in case that director Zhong would become uncomfortable and start yelling at people, he really was extremely caring! At the same time, Su XiaoNuo was using puppy dog eyes on his older brother, full force.

“What is it now?” Han Wei ruffled his hair.

“I want to eat carrots.

” Su Nuo said cutely.

Han Wei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he heard this.

“Say it, what do you want to do now?” ‘I want to eat carrots’ coming from Su Nuo mouth was basically the equivalent of ‘I have an extremely unreasonable request’, Han Wei understood this far too clearly.

When Su Nuo was five years old, his foodie self still in hiding, he didn’t know how to appreciate many delicious foods, he was actually extremely picky! He didn’t eat vegetables and despised carrots! Every dinner time, he didn’t only excel at running off but would also throw the contents of his bowl around when he became worked up, no one knew what to do with him.

After a few times of this, the irritable and hormone unbalanced fifteen year old teen Han Wei finally couldn’t take it anymore and got someone to make a 1.

5 meter chair.

Every mealtime, he would just place his brother up there to prevent him from running around.

After struggling twice, Su Nuo realized that there was a possibility of falling, so he changed his strategy.

Instead of running, he opened his lips and screamed his lungs out loud enough that the world shook along with him! Han Wei could get angry and amused equally quickly, so he could only take place in a brother to brother conference.

“Eat meat!” Su XiaoNuo put on his serious face.

“You gotta eat the veggies too.

” Han Wei stared him down.

“Eat drumstick, eat sweeties, don’t eat veggies!” Su Nuo began to kick the chair! Han Wei waved his hand up, saying intimidatingly, “Keep messing around and I’ll hit your bum!” Su XiaoNuo began crying with a ‘wah’ before using eyes burning with fury to glare at him.

He choked down his sobs forcefully as he re-sang the lyrics to ‘Only Mother is Good in the World’* to ‘Only Brother is Bad in the World’, it was as if the fires of hell had risen to burn holes in the ears! *T/N: Pinyin ‘shi shang zhi you ma ma hao’ is a song that shows gratitude and respect toward mothers, most children learn and know this song, in here Su Nuo has changed it to ‘shi shang zhi you ge ge huai’ expressing the opposite sentiments to his brother.

Han Wei helped him wipe away his snot as his head seemed to crack open from a splitting headache, and he was being kicked by the little thing all throughout, he really would just rather die! After this negotiation, Su Nuo would eat a small bowl of smashed carrot and vegetable, the price being the pocket full of lollipops that his older brother had bought him, A! Full! Ten! Pieces! To little children, this was undoubtedly an enormous fortune! So it left a lasting impression in Su XiaoNuo’s heart.

From then on… “Brother, I want to eat smashed carrot and vegetable!” “Talk.

” “I broke the flower vase in the study!” … “Brother I want to eat carrots!” “Talk.

” “I accidentally got wee on my trousers when I was peeing!” … “Brother I want to eat carrots!” “Talk.

” “I stuck Wang XiaoHua’s pleats to the table with glue!” … “Brother I want to eat carrots!” Happiness.

“You’re already eighteen!” Teeth grinding.

“I want a new computer!” Anticipation.

Han Wei massaged his temples, “Give me the model number.

” Su XiaoNuo skipped forward excitedly and passed the little sticky note to him with both hands.

… About fifteen years had passed and Han Wei had already developed to a point where the word ‘carrots’ made his head ache.

“My request this time is really, really, really easy to achieve!” Su Nuo promised on his bed.


” Han Wei could only smile helplessly.

“After I get checked out, I want to go back to my place.

” Su Nuo put on his pleading face.

Meanwhile on the inside, he was waving his fists around, you have to say yes, don’t affect my love life! The Author has something to say: There’s too much stuff going on at home, I’m really about to go insane from the business… QAQ I’m so sorry about yesterday~ I was too busy and forgot to take the day off… Wait for after the seventh for me to make it back to you guys TAT… Crawls away with a pot lid on top of back…