Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 39

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 39

Chapter 39: An accident and a worrying heart Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations Due to Han Wei’s identity being so out of his league (霸气侧漏), it wasn’t so good for him to meet Su Nuo’s friend circle, thus, he had intentionally left early, only leaving behind a nursing worker.

Ouyang Long still checked in on time with his phone calls.

It was very kind and thoughtful of him, so Su Xiao Nuo was even more guilty-feeling! He even felt as if he was cheating! Betraying his loving husband to see another man secretly…something like that was very, very, unforgivable! But he didn’t wish for it either! I don’t want to see that muscle man for even a moment! Su Nuo wanted to cry but no tears came out.

It was so sad! “What happened? You’re feeling a bit down?” Ouyang Long asked, being very attentive to his feelings.

EHHH, he could tell?! Su Nuo tensed up and instantly straightedges himself, “Nope, not at all, I’m very good.

” He mustn’t let him know about this because it was so dumb that he might get a spanking! Although it was cute as a couple-activity but it also hurts! Su Nuo rubbed his butt, feeling wary! “As long as everything’s fine and get a good night’s rest.

” Ouyang Long kissed him from the other side of the phone, “Love you babe.

” I’m also in love with you! Very, very in love! Su Nuo was super moved and excited, very complicated! Even his eyes turned red! His man was really handsome beyond the human language! Once the phone was hung up, Su Nuo got out a photo of Ouyang Long in his phone and kissed it like crazy! Ahhhh why couldn’t he French kiss him now?! “NuoNuo,” Dai An opened the hospital door, “Mr.

Qiu’s here.

” Even a kiss across the phone had to be interrupted, what a bitter romance! (Pair of Star-crossed lovers) Su Nuo pitied himself for a moment before instantly switching into ‘The Flower of KaoLin’.

It was really speedy! “NuoNuo.

” Qiu ZiYan greeted him.

Tang XiaoYu also came in and placed the gift onto the table.





” Su Nuo’s expression was so pure and innocent, like a deer in a forest! But inside, he was shouting and screaming! They had no similar interests, so what do they want to talk about?! Does he want to talk about ab training?! Even though his kind of interested but then it would expose his desire of wanting an abs! There was no way I would want one! Su Xiao Nuo fist pump! Watching his expressive small expressions, Dai An coughed to indicate—don’t make a fool of yourself! “We just asked Mr.

Dai and he said that your condition was fine.

You should be out of the hospital soon.

” Tang XiaoYu sat next to the bed, “so don’t worry.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “Thank you guys for coming to see me.

” Su Nuo leaned against the bed frame, but even then he still kept that quality of air around him! Even if his on a hospital bed, his prince like aura must be kept! Because he was a bigger deal than that muscle dude! “Even yesterday Director Zhong was asking if I wanted to work with you on a microfilm.

” Qiu ZiYan said.

Nani?! Su Nuo was extremely surprised, “Why don’t I know about this?” (Yes she wrote Nani in Chinese characters, it’s WHAT) “Probably a new idea of his.

” Qiu ZiYan chuckled, “You know, how his always doing things at his own pace.

” (Very unique, does things his way, different, particular) That wasn’t doing things at his own pace, that man was just mental! But that was beside the point, the point is, I don’t want to be in a film together with you! Inside Su Nuo’s mind, a miniature him appeared shouting at the top of his lungs! “It’s seems to be another stream of consciousness-romance movie.

” Qiu ZiYan continued.

(It’s actually a thing…wow) So a stream of consciousness romance movie…Su Nuo instantly pictured a scene.

Admit the pouring rain, he was surrounded by a bunch of black-clothed bodyguards holding up umbrellas, as he, in an icy-cold expression, walked on a red carpet imbedded with diamonds like a prince towards his extra-long-luxury-Limousine.

Continuous flashes appeared and fans screaming in waves.

It was very very dramatic! Suddenly, a beggar in drags broke through the crowd and lunged at him.

They grabbed onto his thigh like crazy as they said, with a muddied face and tears flowing down like the rain, “Do you still remember me? I’m Qiu ZiYan! The Qiu ZiYan with an eight pack!” “Pfff.

” Su Xiao Nuo was so into his fantasy that he accidentally laughed out loud! “Do you want to accept this role?” Qiu ZiYan guessed, since he felt that Su Nuo looked very happy! If the plot was as he imagined, he wouldn’t mind filming it! Su Nuo was very pumped! “If you want, we can find a time to look at the script together.

” Qiu ZiYan invited.

“We can talk about it once I’m discharged.

” Su Nuo was planning on using his personal connections with ZhongLi FengBai to added a little bit of ‘Qiu ZiYan tossing and turning in the mud, screaming with all his might as he asks for kissys with his pinky raised as well’ or something to this effect! It was ridiculous and also a very cheap trick! Although the two had drastically different understandings of the film, at least they had a conversation topic.

Thus, this discussion was actually able to continue without a hinge! Dai An, who sat on the side, breathed a sigh of relief as he peeled a canna fruit and handed towards Tang XiaoYu, “Want it?” “Thank you.

” Tang XiaoYu took it and smiled back at him.

Such a bishounen (pretty boy)…Dai An pulled his seat closer to him and asked, “Are you really just Mr.

Qiu’s driver?” Shouldn’t he be more like his junior or something? Otherwise, it’s such a waste of his pretty face to be a little driver! “I had a lot of managers asks me.

” Tang XiaoYu answered as he ate the banana, “I don’t want to be part of the entertainment business.

” Before Dai An could even ask, he was rejected! Thus, he could only sigh with great regret.

After a while, Tang XiaoYu walked out of the hospital room to go to the bathroom, but he almost bumped into someone in the corridor.

“It’s you?” The other person was a man wearing a black t-shirt and after seeing him, he exclaimed in surprise.

Tang XiaoYu instantly went pale and turned around, wanting to runaway.

“Get back here!” The man chased after him and pulled him by the collar.

“Brother Han’s looking for you, where did you run off to these days?” “I’m quitting.

” Tang XiaoYu pulled away.

“Go tell that to brother Han himself.

” The man didn’t say anymore as he dragged him away by the wrist.

Tang XiaoYu then gave him a kick to the abdomen and ran.

That got the man by surprise and it was so painful that his tears almost came out.

He couldn’t help but swear as he pulled out his phone to make a few calls.

Due to the fact that Su Nuo was staying in the hospital, Han Wei had plenty of people surrounding it to stop paparazzi.

So, before Tang XiaoYu ran out the front door, he was caught by a swiftly-approaching gang and dragged into a man-made forest.

“What do you guys want?” Tang XiaoYu asked, being on full alert as his eyes quickly darted around, looking for a weapon.

Ever since he stayed with Qiu XiYan, he lost the habit of always carrying a weapon.

“Brother Han wants to see you.

What do you think we’re going to do?” The leader looked like a ruffian and as he talked, he looked like a cat toying its prey.

Su Nuo’s hospital was in a high-end-private-area so there was already more trees than people, especially since they were deep in the forest.

Tang XiaoYu held his fist tightly together, like a little leopard ready to pounce.

“Could you actually be thinking of taking us on all at once?” The ruffians laughed.

Tang XiaoYu swung a punch and the two in front instinctively dodged away.

Taking this opportunity, Tang XiaoYu escaped through the gap, but he was hit from behind by a flying rock.

Then, he fell face forward on the ground.

The ruffians rushed over, kicking and punching him.

Tang XiaoYu could only hug his head in protection as he felt the taste of blood in his mouth.

“Why isn’t XiaoYu back yet?” Back in the hospital room, Qiu ZiYan asked quizzically.

It was just a bathroom break after all.

Dai An thought to himself, he must be constipated just like me! When they called, they realized he didn’t bring his phone.

Uneased, Qiu ZiYan went to the bathroom to find him, but with no results.

“XiaoYu’s gone?!” Dai An and Su Nuo were also shocked by the news! “I can’t find him.

XiaoYu never did this.

” Qiu ZiYan said, “I need to find him.

” “I’ll help!” After all, he only went missing because they came to see Su Nuo so Dai An also went out.

Swift as lighting, Su Nuo pulled out his phone to call Han Wei.

If he disappeared in this area, then the first person who comes to mind, with the biggest suspicion was that person ahhhhh! Brother was such a trouble causing existence! Why can’t he be less troublesome! “Tang XiaoYu?” After picking up Su Nuo’s call, Han Wei was very surprised, “There was a call just a moment ago saying they found him in a hospital.

Looks like it was yours?” What is this fantasy like plot direction! “So it was really you who kidnapped him?!” Su Nuo was extremely angry.

“I didn’t kidnap him.

” Han Wei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “I just received a call two minutes ago saying they found him that’s all.

” “What do you need him for?” Su Nuo was super confused.

“Do you remember how I got him to catch cheaters?” Han Wei asked.

“Yeah, but isn’t it over already?” Su Nuo questioned.

“That place was fine, but there was another place as well.

” Han Wei continued, “He took the money but purposefully went easy on them and let the cheater go.

” “…how do you know, maybe he just didn’t see it.

” Su Nuo called him out.

(Protested) “I thought so too, so I didn’t say anything.

” Han Wei answered, “It was later on when I got another person, and they called him out on cheating instantly, that the guy, in self-protection, spilled everything.

That included everyone he was involved with, including Tang XiaoYu, who purposefully let him off.

” “Maybe there’s some misunderstanding involved?” Su Nuo frowned and asked.

“I personally called him once but was hung up on.

” Han Wei chuckled coldly, “That brat, he actually tried to trick me.

” “No matter what, let him go first!” Su Nuo said urgently, “His here to see me! His Qiu ZiYan’s driver right now!” “What is this complicated relationship?” Han Wei was a bit tangled up.

“I wanted to ask you about him for the longest time but I forgot!” Su Nuo said, “Anyways, let him go first!” “…alright.

” Han Wei sighed, “I can’t win against you.

” After he hung up, Su Nuo sighed as well.

The moment he knew of Tang XiaoYu being Qiu ZiYan’s driver, he thought of telling his brother this.

But, because he was chatting away, eating away, and you know what away, with Mr.

Director, he forgot about it completely! If he knew it was going to turn out like this, he would have said something sooner! Ahhhh, it was so depressing.

Tang XiaoYu was thrown into the car with a body full of dirt and wounds.

He fought many times in his life but it was the first time he wanted to cry.

He was almost about to leave this life behind, he almost believed that his distance with him was getting closer, but life had something else in mind.

It shattered what little hope he had left.

“Brother Han says he doesn’t want him anymore?” The driver got the call and felt super confused.

The other side said something else before the driver parked the car on a sidewalk.

Before Tang XiaoYu could react, he was pushed off the car.

Stumbling off, he almost fell.

The little car drove away and quickly disappeared out of sight.

So…they let him off the hook? Tang XiaoYu was a bit confused as he stumbled over to bench on the sidewalk.

After resting for a bit, he finally walked over to the telephone booth, hesitantly and called Qiu ZiYan.

He must be worried sick right now.

“XiaoYu?!” Qiu ZiYan picked up instantly, “What happened?! Where are you?!” “I’m at QingTong Road.

” Tang XiaoYu said, looking at the sign.

“Are you in any danger?” Qiu ZiYan asked.


” Tang XiaoYu shook his head.

“Be a good boy and wait there for me.

” Qiu ZiYang hang up and borrowed a car from Dai An.

The afternoon sun was extremely hot and as Tang XiaoYu sat under the trees for shade, he was very distressed looking.

Qiu ZiYan parked the car in front of him.

After he got off, he walked over briskly and carried him.

“Brother ZiYan!” Tang XiaoYu was a bit nervous.

Even though this street was empty, he was still a superstar! What if they were seen! Qiu ZiYan ignored his complaints and put him in the shotgun seat as he walked over to the drivers seat.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward as Tang XiaoYu looked down, guilt-reddened.

“What happened?” Qiu ZiYan asked.

“…They were people I knew from before.

” The thing was too complicated and Tang XiaoYu didn’t know how to explain it.

“You’re still in touch with them?!” It was the first time Qiu ZiYan got angry with him.

“I didn’t.

” Tang XiaoYu’s eye went red, “They found me, I really didn’t.

” “Really?” Qiu ZiYan lifted his chin up.

Tang XiaoYu nodded.

His face was covered in dirt.

He looked like a drowned rat.

Looking like this…Qiu ZiYan sighed and squeezed him tightly in his arms.

Tang XiaoYu froze.

In the hospital room, Su XiaoNuo first called Qiu ZiYan to make sure Tang XiaoYu was saved, then harshly condemned his brother! Finally, he, without restraint called Mr.

Director, hoping to get some lovey-dovey time! But he was rejected without remorse! “I’m sorry babe, I arranged a meeting with an old friend and he just got here.

” Ouyang Long was very sweet, “I’ll call you in half an hour, okay?” It wasn’t okay at all! Su Nuo felt sad, but he was also a very good boy so he said, “Okay, then I’ll wait for your call.

” Such a good good boy!