Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 35

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Call of Cicadas and Doing Things Together Translated by Cherry of Exiled Rebels Scanlations After Zhong LiFengBai was done bathing, he felt troubled as he cleaned up the bathroom.

He had originally only agreed to go to his house to eat dinner, but when leaving, he opened the door and actually saw two large wolf dogs, and was straight up so scared his legs became weak! “Your pets?” Director Zhong locked the door, yet to calm down.

“Of course not!” Mu Qiu was even more confused than him, “I’m so busy, how can I have a dog as a pet, they must have run up from one of the households downstairs!” “Then hurry and tell the management to get rid of them!” The childhood trauma was really too upsetting, Zhong LiFengBai was totally fearful of these kinds of big dogs.

Mu Qiu pretended to make a phone call, then said, “There’s no one picking up.

” Of course, there is no-one picking up! “Then go and help me get rid of them,” Zhong LiFengBai said.

Why would he do that! Executive Mu yelled in his heart, I specially had someone bring them over alright! So he calmly said, “I’m also scared.

” … .



“You’re doing it on purpose!” Zhong LiFengBai exposed him, This kind of big build, would you be scared of dogs?! “I’m really not,” Mu Qiu pretended to be innocent.

“Do I really seem like a person who has nothing better to do?” “You don’t seem like one,” Zhong LiFengBai shook his head.

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COM Although he wanted to explode and yell angrily in his heart, a good man does not suffer needlessly! Zhong LiFengBai observed the overall situation and felt that angering Mu Qiu only had a few kinds of outcomes: The first was that he would be chased out by him, and he would have to face those two mythical large beasts! The second was that his funding for his movie would be stopped, causing all his effort up till now to be wasted! The third was that in his anger, Mu Qiu would be very beastly and forcefully take him! No matter which it was, it was all a tragedy! And so the ending of this was that both of them gave in, Zhong LiFengBai promised to stay for one night, Executive Mu promised not to step half a step into the guest bedroom! But this kind of promise was not worth anything at all! Zhong LiFengBai was especially not at ease, because he felt that Mu Qiu really looked like the kind whose words are not trustworthy, a sly, scheming person, a fake gentleman, there was no trustworthiness at all! Towards that point, Executive Mu was totally accused for no reason at all! Because to be totally fair, he not only did not look like a sly, scheming person—instead, he was actually quite handsome! But the problem was that he looked very much like a celebrity in the entertainment industry, that celebrity was a total professional pervert! After acting as a vulgar lecturer and becoming famous, his whole career had been smooth-sailing, acting as a serial rapist, betrayer of Wulin, perverted doctor, et cetera, taking so many best support actor awards! This caused Zhong LiFengBai to have a great distrust towards Mu Qiu when they first met! This kind of distrust had no logic at all, but there was no way to change it at all! After cleaning up the bathroom, Zhong LiFengBai wrapped himself up in his bathrobe tightly and very coolly walked out of the bathroom.

“Do you want to drink milk?” Mu Qiu was very conscientious.

“There’s no need,” Zhong LiFengBai walked towards the guest bedroom.

“What about red wine?” “I don’t need that either.

” “What about a massage?” “Stay away from me!” “…” Executive Mu sighed, why was he so lacking in understanding! Drinking red wine and then French kissing, wasn’t that something very great?! After Zhong LiFengBai locked the guest room from inside, sat on the bed and he crossed his legs and looked towards the stars! On the road full of blooming roses! It is always filled with! The thorns! And pitfalls! That the ordinary person cannot see! Because he was worried that Mu Qiu would break down the door and enter in the middle of the night, Zhong LiFengBai did not feel sleepy for a long time, and was still in a daze until two am.

Since he could not fall asleep, why not take the chance to call Qiu ZiYan? He could use the excuse ‘Because I really really really wanted you to act in my next movie causing me to not be able to sleep even now’! Not being able to sleep at night, this sort of thing was especially touching! Perhaps he could even take this chance to trick him to act as the big villain in ‘The Love of a Bewitching Fox Spirit 2’! The fuck, this idea is really too good! Zhong LiFengBai hit his thigh in a very unartistic way then excitedly made the phone call.

In the end, the phone did not even fully ring once when it was cruelly cut off! How could he be like that! Zhong LiFengBai was stunned, what if I were being held captive by kidnappers, and had managed to make a call for help with much difficulty, what would you do? Hanging up on me as you please! That’s really too much! “There’s someone calling you so late?” Tang XiaoYu asked.

“A crazy person,” Qiu ZiYan passed his phone to him, and continued to the side of the river to help him catch fireflies.

The grass was very deep, and there were a lot of small mosquitoes.

Tang XiaoYu called him, standing under the tree, “I don’t want it anymore, come back!” “It’s the last one!” Qiu ZiYan put the shining little bug into a transparent plastic bag, held it and returned to the other’s side.

“Your face got bitten by mosquitoes,” Tang XiaoYu frowned, “You have a magazine shoot the next day, what do we do if you are like that?” If Mai Ke saw it, he would definitely nag for half an hour again.

“There’s no worry, the person in charge of photoshopping will edit it out, Qiu ZiYan shook the bag in his hands, “The most important thing is this, do you like it or not?” “En,” Tang XiaoYu took the bag.

“Let’s go back,” Qiu ZiYan grabbed his shoulder, “If we don’t sleep now, it’s going to be daylight soon!” The two of them were very close, Tang XiaoYu could even clearly smell the scent of his bath soap.

Originally, they had only set an appointment to fish and eat here, but later on, Qiu ZiYan felt that the scenery was very good, and he decided to stay here for a night before going.

The green bamboo small building was very beautiful.

For the first time, Tang XiaoYu was so excited that he couldn’t fall asleep.

He pushed the door to the corridor open wanting to go out and enjoy the wind outside.

Qiu ZiYan next door was woken up by the creaking of the wooden door and followed out.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” “… I’m watching fireflies!” Because of excitement and not being able to sleep, this sort of excuse sounded a bit embarrassing, so Tang XiaoYu found an excuse.

“You like fireflies?” Qiu ZiYan laughed, and pulled him out from the chair, “Let’s go, I’ll bring you to a place with a lot of fireflies!” He’d never have thought that there would be a big celebrity willing to take him to the river in the middle of the night just to catch a few small insects.

Tang XiaoYu pinched the small bag in his hand and couldn’t help turning his head to look at Qiu ZiYan—but he just happened to meet his gentle eyes, which were shining like the stars.

“… Thank you,” Tang XiaoYu did not know what he should say.

“You’re welcome,” Qiu ZiYan rubbed his head, smiling very brightly, “As long as you like it.

” Considerate personality totally revealed, really really full of charisma! When they returned to that little bamboo house, it was already very late, so Tang XiaoYu wanted to say goodnight to him.

Qiu ZiYan opened the room door, turned his body sideways and said, “Do you want to come in and chat?” “It’s already very late,” Tang XiaoYu reminded him.

“You’re sleepy already?” Qiu ZiYan asked.

He was actually not sleepy, so Tang XiaoYu shook his head.

He had originally lost all sleepiness, then was pulled to the riverside, and now he did not want to sleep at all! “Rather than being bored on your own, it’s better for the two of us to chat together,” Qiu ZiYan smiled, “Come on in.

” So it’s said that the black-bellied tops of the world need to properly have a grasp of the skill ‘pretending to not care’, this was too useful alright! The suburbs on summer nights are cool with chirping cicadas and frogs and the faint aroma of grass.

They leaned side by side against the headboard of Qiu ZiYan’s bed and looked at the stars through the skylight of the inclined roof.

Really too romantic! “Yesterday, Uncle Tang called me, asking me if you’re behaving well or not recently,” Qiu ZiYan suddenly opened his mouth.

Tang XiaoYu just went ‘en’, but did not speak.

“Don’t you want to know how I answered?” Qiu ZiYan asked.

“I didn’t make trouble, you can’t make up things anyway,” Tang XiaoYu turned his head to look at him.

Qiu ZIYan pressed on his nose, “I want to talk to you about something.

” “What is it?” Tang XiaoYu asked.

“You’re just nineteen, let me send you to school,” Qiu ZiYan was very serious.

“There’s no need,” Tang XiaoYu shook his head.

“It can’t be that you want to be my driver your whole life?” Qiu ZiYan laughed.

If it were like that, that wouldn’t be bad either… Tang XiaoYu hugged his blanket and turned his body, “I’m sleepy.

” “Consider my suggestion for a bit, or if you have other thoughts, you can tell me, too,” Qiu ZiYan hugged him from the back, “Good night.

” … This kind of suggestive posture, don’t do it so naturally! Tang XiaoYu’s hands grabbed tightly on the blankets, not knowing what kind of reaction he should have.

Feeling the body in his embrace obviously stiffen, Qiu ZiYan felt guilty instantly, and let him go, super full of self control and self love and dignity! How was it possible!? Not every famous model was like Little Su Nuo! Mr.

Qiu was not dumb, Mr.

Qiu and Su Nuo had difference in quality alright! And so the corner of his lips lifted, and he hugged the person in his embrace tighter, until there was not the slightest gap between the two of them.

That way, he could not sleep at all! Tang XiaoYu hugged his blanket, and was in a daze in the dark.

It was the same timing of a whole night, and for different people, It was an entirely different experience.

Su Nuo was hugged in Mr.

Director’s embrace, his butt bare, and he was sleeping especially well, and he even had a very beautiful dream! Tang XiaoYu felt that the night was a little long, but strangely did not want the sky to brighten up, and his feelings were complicated and hesitant.

And Zhong LiFengBai felt… the fuck why was the sky not brightening out yet! Could it be that Mu Qiu that bastard found out a secret restricted method to stop time?! Really very very scary! “Wake up,” The morning of the second day, Ouyang Long lowered his head to kiss Su Nuo’s cheeks.

Su Nuo hid completely under his blanket .

Ouyang Long laughed, pulling the blanket down a bit, then he rose up to go and wash up.

Eh eh, actually leaving just like this?! Su Nuo hugged the blanket and lay on the bed, feeling that he was very benevolent, very manly, not naggy at all! If it were Dai An, he would definitely start to nag by his bedside like some mythical witch, especially especially annoying! I don’t want to go home… Su Nuo suddenly thought in his mind! How upsetting! After Ouyang Long finished bathing, entering the bedroom, he saw Su Nuo lying on the bed, his butt bare, and so he could not stand it anymore, pressing onto him and fiercely biting.

“Ah!” Su Nuo was unprepared, and so he was shocked.

“Are you seducing me?” Ouyang Long said next to his ear.

I don’t have that intention at all! Su Nuo did not know whether to laugh or to cry and pushed him away, reaching out his hand to rub the teeth marks on his butt.

“I don’t want to let you go to work, what to do?” Ouyang long asked.

“I don’t want to go to work either!” Su Nuo felt very troubled, “And it’s still with that Qiu ZiYan!” That abs man! Qiu ZiYan?! Mr.

Director burned up instantly! But he did not express it obviously! And instead, he used a very very gentle tone to ask, “What activity?” “Advertisement for a watch,” Su Nuo lay on his body, “It starts at 4 in the afternoon, I probably can’t have dinner with you.

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