Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 33

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Head of WuLin and I are in a meetingTranslated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations Tang XiaoYu was speechless, shouldn’t you feel the forehead for a fever? “How about Playland?” Qiu ZiYan asked.


” Tang XiaoYu shook his head, “What if someone notices you?” Also, the Playland was full of water, that’ll just make the fever go higher! “Then lets go watch a movie.

” Qiu ZiYan continued, “I made an appearance.

” “What movie?” Tang XiaoYu asked curiously.

“The Great Eunuch!” Qiu ZiYan replied.

“Pfff!” Tang XiaoYu laughed without mercy.

“Hey!” Qiu ZiYan knocked on his head, “What is there to laugh about!” Something like the ‘Great Eunuch’ really got one’s hopes up! Tang XiaoYu replied with anticipation, “Okay, I’ll go.

” “I have nothing to do with the eunuch in the movie!” Qiu ZiYan emphasized as he changed clothes, “I play a hero okay?!” .




” Tang XiaoYu was a bit disappointed.

“Looks like you really want me to play a eunuch?” Qiu ZiYan pinched his cheeks with a menacing expression.

Yep, he really did! Tang XiaoYu closed his lips and shook his head violently but didn’t hid the smile in his eyes very well.

Thus, he was thrown on the bed by Mr.

Qiu and violently molested! Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Tickling was the cheapest trick in the book okay! Tang XiaoYu laughed and shouted to the point his tears came out.

After a wrestling match, Qiu ZiYan slammed down on him and said, “So tired.

” “Get up!” Tang XiaoYu pushed him, “You’re way too heavy!” “How dare you make fun of my weight, I’m cutting your pay by two yuan!” Qiu ZiYan buried his head in his shoulder and played dead, “I’m asleep!” How can you do this?! Tang XiaoYu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The young man had a clean and immature air about him, different from those in the entertainment industry.

Qiu ZiYan’s lips curled up, he really felt…amazing! In the beginning, he was kind because Uncle Tang was good to him.

Later on, this kindness had many other things added in.

No matter if it was his avoidance of his past or the unpredictable future, he wanted to becomes part of his world and hold that heart in his hands.

Such a pretty and understanding little thing…there was no reason for him to let go.

“I’m about to be suffocated by you…” Tang XiaoYu said out of breath.

Qiu ZiYan chuckled, and pulled him up from the bed, “Let’s go change, the morning shows are quieter.

” Thus, when the arrived by car at the movie theatre, they realized, it was truly empty! In the massive screening room, only ten seats were taken and amongst them was two old married couple! It sure wasn’t giving him any face! “Don’t worry, your not the main lead anyways!” Tang XiaoYu comforted him, that way, he had nothing to do with the ticket sales! Qiu ZiYan put the straw in the coke and secretly punched the director a million times! The Great Eunuch was a film that was highly historically inaccurate! It follows the love story of Da JinEr! The moment he heard of the premise, Qiu ZiYan thought to reject it, but both leads were his show-biz friends and the director was very sincere in his request as well.

Not only did he come everyday knocking at his door, he also brought a pair of clothed shoe made by his mom! It was very very touching! (back then shoes were made of cloth so to make the bottoms firm, they had to glue layers of cotton sheets together then stitch the bottom completely with hemp string to reinforce it.

It took a lot of labor and was a highly skilled affair.

) Thus, Qiu ZiYan Model could only agree, good thing it was just a minor role with not that many scenes.

“When do you appear?” After half an hour, Tang XiaoYu asked while yawning.

“I don’t know either.

” Qiu ZiYan complained in his heart, he didn’t cut him did he! He remembered being the head of WuLin so why hadn’t he appeared even though all of WuLin was fighting that Great Eunuch?! “Are you in that group of people?” Tang XiaoYu looked closely for him.

Qiu ZiYan felt like he took a double punch, “Of course not! I’m the head!” How could I be amongst the extras! Then in the next scene the camera swapped to the WuLin members meeting up in an abandoned temple as they got beaten to a pulp by the Great Eunuch.

“I never thought that us, the elites would lose in the hands of a castrated man!” Da Xia A said tearfully.

(大侠A) Da Xia B pointed at the sky with grave resentment, “It’s all because of the head!” Qiu ZiYan felt himself coughing out blood, what does it have to do with me?! I haven’t even appeared yet! Tang XiaoYu hugged his popcorn super nervously too! Da Xia C spit out a pool of blood, screamed, ‘The head wronged me!’ And then died! So tragic! A single drop of blood landed, then rose up again only to fall down amidst the dust, then a transition.

Very, very montage-y! Super professional! A man then appeared wearing a jade green silk robe and that man was the head of the WuLin played by Qiu ZiYan! “It’s you!” Tang XiaoYu whispered.


” Qiu ZiYan was very pleased by his appearance, handsome! However, this handsome head of WuLin, in the next second, rolled onto bed with a beauty! Tang XiaoYu gaze him a disgusted glance.

Qiu ZiYan looked up at the sky…true there was a scene like that, but why was that the first one! What happened to the heroic scene where he fought the palace guards all by himself! Then, it was a whole five minutes of bed action.

It was super lewd but nothing to out there and what can only be described as model sex scene anywhere! Qiu ZiYan very much wanted to throw up blood because other than the few with his face in it, the rest were all done by a double! The one rubbing the female lead’s thighs really wasn’t me! But due to amazing editing, you really can’t tell! Thus, Mr.

Qiu could only sit as he felt needles prickling him and finished watching the 18+ scene with Tang XiaoYu.

Could it be anymore depressing! After the bed scene, the movie…ended! When the lights came on, Qiu ZiYan felt his head explode, what happened to his fight scene? “I’m going to the bathroom.

” Tang XiaoYu handed the bucket of popcorn over.

“You want to laugh don’t you?” Qiu ZiYan asked bitting through his teeth.

Tang XiaoYu held it in and shook his head.

Then immediately rushed to the washroom.

Qiu ZiYan called the director with very very high frustration, “What’s with that film?” “What film?” The director responded, confused.

“The Great Eunuch! Why do I only have five minutes of bed scene! Also, what’s with that horrible ending!” Mr.

Qiu gave a critical review.

“Because there’s a part two, so we used this bed scene to describe the overall corrupt state of the WuLin.

” The director explained holding in his temper, then complaint, “How come you only watched now, when it’s almost stopped screening?!” So unsupportive! Qiu ZiYan hang up and decided that he will never appear on the silver screen again so Willy-Nilly again! “Let’s get going.

” Tang XiaoYu said as he came out of the washroom.

“How does the suburbs sounds?” Qiu ZiYan said, “We can go fishing.

” “Okay.

” Qiu ZiYan’s schedule was usually full, so it was rare that they had so much leisure time, therefore Tang XiaoYu agreed without hesitation.

The elevator went straight to the negative third floor of the parking lot.

Qiu ZiYan helped him open the side door, “You sit here, I want to drive this time.

” “Mai Ke’s going to get angry if he knew!” Currently he was the one Tang XiaoYu was the most afraid of.

Qiu ZiYan chuckled, “Then we’ll pinky swear to not tell him!’ On the drive to the suburbs, Tang XiaoYu sat on the seat playing with his phone, “I’m a bald little devil, who is this person?” (Su Nuo’s Weibo account) “Why are you asking about him?” Qiu ZiYan laughed in spite of himself.

“I’m looking at your home page, so many firsts are him yelling at you.

” Tang XiaoYu then asked, “Why don’t you delete it.

” (Sofa is ‘first’ comment like in YT) “It’s probably some kid who’s bored, why bother with him.

” Qiu ZiYan laughed, “And if I delete it, the reporters will say I’m narrow hearted.

” Tang XiaoYu pouted as he thought that celebrities really got it difficult.

Even when chased around and being yelled at by some crazy people, they can’t retaliate! “Achoo!” ‘Crazy’ Su XiaoNuo sneezed.

“You got a cold?!” Dai An was on high alert.

“No, a small bug flew into my nose.

” Su Nuo took the water and continued, “How much long for the shooting?” “There’s still another three sets.

So we’re probably going to be here till six or seven pm.

” Dai An helped wipe some of his sweat off, “Tired?” “It’s alright.

” Su Nuo was very professional, the only sad thing was not being able to eat dinner with Ouyang Long! Thus, he took the break to all him, “I’m probably going to be working till late.

” “I’m doing over time as well.

” Mr.

Director’s voice was very gentle, “I’m not going to pick you up today.

When you finish, go to sleep, don’t sneak your way out for late-night snacks.

” … Su Nuo thought puzzled, how did he knew he was planning on having spicy hot pot! Guessing his thoughts correctly…was really telepathic! (We see eye to eye, have mutual affinity, meant to represent their good compatibility) Instantly Su Nuo’s mood got better and everyone looked nicer, even the uncle doing the lights looked more handsome! “NuoNuo, there’s someone who says their Director Zhong’s friend whose here, wanting to see you.

” Dai An said.

“ZhongLi FengBai’s friend?” Su Nuo was puzzled, “Who?” “Me!” Mr.

Mu appeared with enthusiasm.

Su Nuo actually had no interest in ZhongLi FengBai’s friends, but this person was also Ouyang Long’s friend! Thus, he smiled with great temperament, “Mr.

Mu, hello.

” He can’t have his man lose face! Very, very good-wife like! Seeing that they knew each other, Dai An pulled over another chair and very smartly exited the scene.

“It’s like this, I heard from Director Zhong that you guys have a good relationship.

” Mu Qiu ZiYan’s eyes were filled with hope.

Su Nuo roared in his heart, who wants to be close with that crazed maniac!! “Thus, I wanted to ask, is there anything he likes in particular?” Mu Qiu ZiYan asked shamelessly.

“What he loves?” Su Nuo thought for a moment, “Movies?” “Other than this, something specific.

” Mu Qiu emphasized, movies were too broad and really hard to deal with! “…I can’t think of anything.

” Su Nuo couldn’t think of anything else, “His just a movie maniac.

” “Then what about dislikes?” Mu Qiu didn’t know when to give up.

“This there’s loads!” Su Nuo went long an endless list, “Cilantros, black fungus/agaric, day lilies, tomatoes with sugar, sesame sauce on cucumbers, sausages, stuffed bean curd, ginger, bear chicken!” Even though they’re all super super delicious! He really doesn’t know how to enjoy life! “All food?” Mu Qiu wrote them down in his little notebook.

Actually there was others but he really can’t remember! Su Nuo didn’t what he could say…But to hide the fact that he was a glutton, he dug deep and found another one, “He got chased by a dog when he was little in the suburbs, so his afraid of big sized dogs!” “Chased by dogs?” In Mr.

Mu’s brain, a bit sized version of a kid with his butt cheeks out, carrying a TangHuLu, while screaming with tears in his eyes appeared.

Instantly he felt a wave of affection rise up in his chest, OMG so cute! (TangHuLu is a stick with candied fruits) “NuoNuo!” Dai An shouted from the front, indicating that the shooting was starting soon.

“Sorry, I have to get back to work.

” Su Nuo said politely and also gave his encouragement, “I think you match really well with Director Zhong!” Mu Qiu was instantly happier and raised his status to a life-Long-ally! Thus, he generously handed over a VIP gold card, “The next time you come to my restaurants, you’ll get the VIP treatment.

” HAHAHAHA that’s perfect! This card isn’t even sold on the market! Su Nuo was instantly overjoyed and couldn’t feel any better! Really, making friends with a glutton was a truly simple affair.

Due to the unexpected event of gaining a VIP card, the shooting became cuter and more attractive! Su Nuo couldn’t be in a better condition and finished everything two hours early! “NuoNuo! You were amazing today!” The photographer hugged him with his pinky raised.

The females in the crew all shouted in their brain, you slut let go of that beauty! He belongs to the Director! (Slut or guys who act girly, so gay?) AHHH we’re super jealous! Let us hug him too! “Do you want to go eat?” Dai An asked.

“No, I want to go home and rest.

” Su Nuo yawned, “There’s still Wonton my sister-in-law made.

When I wake up, I’ll just make that.

” “The medicine already cooked, so after you eat, really remember to drink it.

” Dai An almost went on his knees, “please don’t dump it out again.

” (Traditional Chinese medicine often involved boiling medicinal herbs together into a bitter drink) “You’re not coming home with me?” Su Nuo asked.

“My little cousin got accepted into university, we are celebrating today at home.

” Dai An replied, “So I want to go home early.

” “Then tell him I said congratulations.

” Su Nuo pulled out a watch from his trunk, “I gift from me.

” “Thank you!” Dai An felt very grateful! Su Nuo brain went elsewhere though If Dai An wasn’t going with him, then does that mean he could sneak out on a date? Date.

What a word, what a wonderful word!When he got home, it was six pm and so Su Nuo called Ouyang Long, “Are you still working?” “Still having meetings.

” Ouyang Long said with a tired voice, “I’m probably going be here for a while.

” Working overtime till midnight…Su Nuo remembered a cliche magazine he read once about giving ones lover a warm meal when they stay overtime! Just hearing it moved his heart! Thus Su XiaoNuo opened the fridge and pulled out all the ingredients! I’m super loving aren’t I! Su Nuo thought to himself as he put on his apron! Then he got a call from his brother, “How come you haven’t been coming home lately?” “Because work has been really tiring!” Su XiaoNuo said with a guilty conscience and lied out of his teeth, “Not only do I have to work overtime, I also have to stay up late!” Thus it was super normal to not be at home and completely not because I’m dating okay! (Say it super fast for effect lol) “The company’s forcing work onto you?!” Han Wei got real upset.

“Of course not!” Su Nuo made a 囧 face, “I asked for it.

” “Come back to eat in three days.

” Han Wei pampered his little brother a lot, “I’ll have your sister-in-law boil some beef bone soup.

” “…okay.

” Su Nuo answered, “I have something to do, bye brother.

” The oil was already steaming, what if it caught on fire! Really brother! Hearing the beep, beep, sounds, Han Wei felt super confused.

Normally he would be talking non-stop about something, why was it so different today?! Being a proper glutton, Su Nuo’s culinary skills were on point.

Not only that, this was the first time he made food for Ouyang Long, so of course he went all out! Not only was there crispy fried fish, there was also sweet and sour pork ribs! If it wasn’t for the size limit of the lunch box, he even wanted to make a stuffed duck to show off his professionalism! (Eight-treasure stuffed duck, spices, sticky rice, minced meat and small shrimp in the stuffing) An hour later, the steaming hot dishes filled a three tiered lunch box.

Su Nuo felt as if he was a cooking god! When he arrived at the parking lot of Ren Rui Su Nuo called again, “What are you doing?” “I’m still in a meeting.

” Ouyang Long chuckled but was also a bit tired, “Be a nice boy and get some rest, I’ll call you when I’m done okay?” As Su Nuo was filled with excitement, about to say, ‘I’m downstairs, he heard Ouyang Long say, “I’m going up to give my final statement, babe I’m hanging up, later.

” Then he really hang up! Su Nuo couldn’t make any other expression but this 囧! This plot isn’t scientific at all!Even though I’m the main lead, why did I get the treatment of a side character!Trying their hardest trying to please the main lead but only to be completely ignored…it was so pitiful!