Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 29

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Wrong Sickness and Sorrowful Director   Translated by Cherry of Exiled Rebels Scanlations As a not-so-professional actor, pretending to be sick or something is not difficult; in order to be more realistic, Su Nuo instinctively reached out and began rubbing his belly! So Dai An looked a little anxious.

“Why is your diarrhea so serious? Do you want to rest at home in the afternoon? I’ll go and discuss the advertisement with the organizers and help you to postpone it.

” Eh eh, it seems like he acted too much! Su Nuo sat up straight and seriously said, “It’s nothing, I’ll be well after I’m done eating medicine!” Keeping a man at home while hiding it from his manager and even pretending to be sick—he was worried he already felt extremely guilty if it continued like that and he did not go for his work that was really too lacking in morals! Su Nuo was filled with a thousand regrets, I really have such good morals! The place that Dai An brought Su Nuo was a private hospital, the old Chinese doctor looks very immortal! If he changed clothes and got a gourd, he would look like Taishang Laojun! T/N: Taishang Laojun is also known as the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord “You did not rest well yesterday,” As soon as Su Nuo sat down, the old Chinese doctor instantly said! “En, I didn’t sleep very much,” Su Nuo looked at Dai An and felt a little guilty—because normally, he slept so well that he could hardly wake up from thunder.

Insomnia has never happened at all! Last night it was Ouyang Long’s fierce tongue kiss and how Ouyang Long was beside him, that made him toss and turn, but this must not be said! So little Su Nuo wanted to cover up and say, “I’ve been a little nervous lately.

” “When did you begin to suffer from neurasthenia?” His manager was shocked at what Su Nuo said.

Su Nuo had yet to reply when the old Chinese doctor looked over with a very stern gaze! So Dai An could only smartly shut his mouth.




“Continue speaking,” the old Chinese doctor opened up his medical history book.

I I I don’t have anything much to say! Su Nuo did not know whether to laugh or to cry, the words he were saying just now was just rubbish, they were not real at all! But there was no other way, so he haggardly said, “I seem to have hot flashes and sweating.

” This phrase was very professional, seeming especially real! The old Chinese doctor with deep and unfathomable eyes.

“Describe your symptoms carefully.

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COM He still needed to carefully describe it? Su Nuo found it difficult to get out of the situation, so he had to randomly come up with reasons.

“It’s just that I couldn’t sleep well, and often broke out in a cold sweat, and have nightmares!” “That’s night sweating,” The old Chinese doctor said.

“Hot flashes and sweating are usually symptoms of menopausal women.

” “Pu,” Dai An started to laugh without any sympathy.

Su Nuo looked at him, aggravated – Really too much! The Chinese doctor then carefully asked a lot of questions, then wrote down a prescription.

“Twice a day, come back for a second checkup after taking it for seven days.

” “Thank you, doctor,” Su Nuo took the prescription, and said goodbye as he went out with Dai An, starting to feel troubled in his heart – based on previous experience, Dai An would definitely help him make the medicine every day and stare at him till he ate it how can he escape it that was really troubling! “There seems to be something wrong,” Dai An pondered.

“What’s wrong?” Su Nuo was distracted and just said some words to pacify him, still thinking very hard about how to secretly pour the medicine away! The silver sports car drove out of the hospital, turning into the highway before Dai An finally realized, “That’s not right!” Su Nuo looked at him troubled.

“What do you mean?” “We came to see the doctor for diarrhea, why did he prescribe a whole lot of night sweating medicine?” Dai An’s expression was 囧.

… That’s because I’m not sick at all, I’m super healthy! That’s why I followed what the doctor said and spoke rubbish! Su Nuo placed his hand on his forehead, Actually forgetting the original reason, I’m really a failure of an actor! “Let’s go back and continue our consultation!” Dai An found the closest highway exit on the GPS.

“There’s really no need,” Su Nuo convinced him to stop.

“My stomach is not painful at all now!” “Really?” Dai An was still not reassured.

“Of course it’s true, I’m totally well, full of energy,” Su Nuo promised, “How about I sing a song for you.

” “Hahaha, it’s all right.

Today’s weather is really good the advertisement is expected to be filmed for three hours, how about we go to eat live water fish together after that?” Dai An quickly changed the subject.

Singing? This kind of thing was really too scary! “Eating dinner?” Su Nuo hesitated for a bit.

“It’s better not to.

” “Why?” The manager was shocked, that fish shop was the one he liked most normally, was he actually rejecting it today? “… En, it’s better if I go back to drinking plain porridge,” Su Nuo found a reason; actually, he wanted to go and eat with Ouyang Long! One reason was because his relationship with him had improved very quickly, and he needed to do his best during the honeymoon period! Another reason was because the restaurants that Dai An was familiar with, they had already mostly eaten in, so eating something different was very worth anticipating! The manager who was being kept in the dark had his eyes brimming with tears, Suddenly becoming so sensible recently, he really could not stand it! In the high-end suite of the Greek hotel, the shooting team had arrived early to debug, and the brand of shower gel had arranged for a marketing manager to come over.

As you know, Ouyang Long is a marketing director of a large urban complex.

There must be a shopping mall in the urban complex.

There must be various kinds of goods in the shopping mall.

Naturally, there must be shower gel endorsed by Su Nuo.

And so, Mr.

Director used his various connections to finally have a connection with the person in charge of the shower gel brand.

“CEO Sun, it’s me,” Director Ouyang was full of sincerity.

“Our shopping mall wants to do a large-scale daily chemical marketing campaign in the next quarter, so we want to find some responsible people to communicate with what is trending beforehand.

I don’t know if there is time for us to discuss things?” “Of course,” the other party was very welcoming.

“Our theme for the next quarter is nourishing and moisturizing skin in autumn and winter.

Just today, we are shooting a new advertisement.

Director Ouyang, if you have time, you can come and take a look.

” He definitely has time ah… Mr.

Director touched his chin with a deeply thoughtful expression.

In fact, he can use the reason of visiting Su Nuo, but considering Su Nuo is a celebrity after all, Ouyang Long is very considerate to find a reason for himself.

A black-bellied warm-hearted top is so attractive! And so when Su Nuo and Dai An reached the filming site, when they pushed the door open, they saw that Ouyang Long was happily chatting with the in-charge of the brand.

“Director Ouyang?” Dai An was shocked.

“Why are you here?” “I came to talk about an event with CEO Sun, and I just happened to hear that there is an advertisement filming, so I just took the chance to come over and take a look,” Ouyang Long’s expression was even stranger than his own.

“So it’s Nuo Nuo who’s filming again?” “Yes,” Dai An was especially proud.

Su Nuo was very much a good for nothing and his ears turned red.

It’s a strange feeling, but his balls felt a bit of happiness! Feeling super super complicated! Taking advantage of when the people around were not paying attention, Ouyang Long blinked his eyes at Su Nuo, written on his face was a sentence like ‘Isn’t your man very brilliant’! How domineering! Although Su Nuo wanted to talk to him very much, he was still working, so he reluctantly changed his clothes.

When he came out wrapped in his bathrobe, Mr.

Director was angry in an instant, but he still had a graceful smile on his face.

The director of the advertisement had his workers stand at the correct position, then motioned for Su Nuo to remove his bathrobe.

Instantly, Ouyang Long came up with an idea of don’t film anymore don’t act anymore, wife follow me home, this kind of domineering thoughts! But in the end, he forced himself to hold back! Su Nuo wore a pair of shorts because he only needed to shoot his upper body and lower legs, but even so, Mr.

Director was a little sour! When the shower head was opened and Su Nuo was soaked, he looked at Ouyang Long with a bitter face and seemed to be asking for comfort.


Director stood behind the director, pressing on the chair until the back of the chair made a cracking sound! Because the theme of the advertisement is to highlight the beauty of the young beautiful young man rather than evil, so photography is very simple, he did not need to have coquettish eyes, did not need to pose, it was alright to just show a small fresh smile! For Little Model Su Nuo, this was not a problem at all! Most of the scenes were done in one shot, and the director was very happy, and so having not given full expression to his artistic direction he said, “How about we lower the camera for the back and show a little groove? This will be more attractive and deepen the memory of the audience!” He had just said that when he was knocked over from his chair by Ouyang Long.

“Ah!” The director called out pitifully, and suddenly was lying on the ground.

God knows, Mr.

Director really did not do it on purpose! He just kept pressing on the back of his chair to calm his jealous heart! Originally, he could barely accept the fact that ‘his wife was bathing in front of others’.

He didn’t expect the director to come out with such a sentence without warning again! So he was worked up and couldn’t help it and accidentally flipped the chair! “Are you alright!?” The workers present were all shocked, and hurriedly started to help him up instantly.

The director became dizzy and confused after falling, and he said angrily, “Who pushed me?” “It’s me, I’m sorry,” Ouyang Long apologized.

Su Nuo did not know whether to cry or laugh; wrapped in a bath towel, his mood was very complicated—randomly jealous over this kind of thing.

“Who are you?” The director was angry and confused.

“Sorry, sorry,” the brand manager quickly came to mediate the dispute.

“This is Ouyang Long, the marketing director of Renrui.

He was really just being careless just now.

” “I’m really sorry,” Ouyang Long was full of sincerity, “I had originally came to find CEO Sun to discuss things downstairs, and heard that Director Guan was filming an advertisement here, and it just happened that we have a micro movie we want to film, so I wanted to get to know you, but I did not think that I would accidentally flip the chair,” he really found a good excuse! Ouyang Long already said that much, and the director of course could not continue harping on it, and being able to get to know the higher-ups of Renrui using this opportunity was not bad, so they shook hands and spoke happily.

The situation returned to its happy and peaceful atmosphere! “Ahchoo!” Probably having been out and wet for too long, Su Nuo sneezed.

Dai An hurriedly covered him in a jacket.

“You’re already sick, don’t become cold and get a flu!” “Nuo Nuo is ill?” The director was shocked, shooting advertisements regardless of the effect on the model, causing people to freeze and get a bad cold, this gossip news absolutely cannot happen! Besides, Su Nuo is famous, and his fans are famous for their fierceness! So he could only give up on his new idea, and signaled that they could end their filming.

“Don’t wait until they’re done clearing up, you’ll catch a cold.

” Taking advantage of when no one was paying attention, Ouyang Long said in a soft voice next to Su Nuo, “This is the room card for the room next door, hurry take a hot water bath, I’ll wait for you in the car.

” Really super super gentle! As expected, Su Nuo was touched! After bathing and changing clothes, he directly left Dai An behind, and then very quickly and stealthily got into Ouyang Long’s car.

“Did you get frozen?” Mr.

Director hugged him into an embrace.

“It’s nothing, they used warm water to bathe, and the temperature today is not very cold,” Su Nuo did not want to chat about work at all.

“Where are we going to eat?” Exposing his true nature! Ouyang Long laughed, “Korean BBQ, Middle Eastern Restaurant or Huai Yang Private Restaurant, choose one of the three.

” He could actually choose! Su Nuo felt that he was very good! A lot better than Dai An!