Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 27

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Mutual Love And Sweet First KissTranslated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations That night, expectedly, Su Nuo was unable to sleep! He laid on the bed, tossing and turning, but wasn’t getting any sleepier! No matter if his eyes were open or closed, the handsome face of Mr.

Director wouldn’t go away! Ahhh, if he had known, he would’ve kept Dai An around… Su Nuo was depressed.

Finding out his love interest liked someone else, such a terrible thing—and he had no one to talk to! So heartbroken! Just like The Little Match Su Nuo! (The little match girl in Anderson’s short story) Since he couldn’t sleep, he might as well open his computer and surf the forums.

Emotional support forum seem perfect for him, clearly meant for the current him! ——In the vast city, the light for my love had already dimmed! ——In the ocean of people, I passed my lover by! ——In a sea of tears, let’s remember my shitty first love! ——In independence, throw the cheater out the window! … As for why the posts were all so weird, Su Nuo could only make a 囧 face.

However, even though the titles were all extreme, it was better than nothing! Thus, he quickly register and posted according to the format.

——Worse than death, my crush who can’t keep his pants on! .



T/N: In a state worse than death In the post, Su Xiao Nuo used his anger and made Ouyang Long into a man-with-no-eyes-for-people-shows-no-gratitude-flirty-not-handsome-at-all-nouveau-riché! Just for the heck of it, he also framed Tang XiaoYu as a fox spirit who uses his decent looks to wink seductively at everyone! Very far apart from reality! T/N: Fox spirit is used as a synonym to someone who seduces men and lures them astray.

In folktale, they usually have a ulterior motive, like taking their soul.

They’re also otherworldly pretty and use it as a tool to seduce men.

Basically a person who use underhanded means (ie seduction) to gain love.

But, that doesn’t matter, because he needed it to be unrecognizable so that no one can figure out who these people are! Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Once the post was sent out, without much surprise, it caught the attention of a lot of people! Everyone agreed that there wasn’t a single good man on earth and that the fox spirit should be punished! Also the OP is so pitiful, head-rub, face-pat, kissy-face! I don’t need comforting! I need a solution! Su Nuo was in agony, so he logged in again to say—then do you guys think I can still steal him back? That’s the real objective here! With a concrete question, everyone’s answers were much more reliable! Everyone budged in to say he was very correct! Fox spirits should be given a final blow! Su Nuo looked at every single one of the comments, ignoring the absurd ones like ‘you should fight it out with the fox spirit!’ Or ‘you should give up!’ Or ‘selling love pills, one will make him crazy in love!’ There was still many relevant suggestions! Such as a ‘love lunch box’ a ‘accidental slip’ a ‘staying over on a rainy day’ a ‘boyfriend shirt seduction’ etc… even though they were overused, it was tested by many girls to be super effective! None of those were difficult to pull off! Su Nuo casually chewed on an apple and quickly filled in all the gaps! First, bake sweets at home, second find a reason to go over, accidentally fall into his embrace, then throw a seductive wink! Next, take the chance to stay over, after showering, wear only an oversized shirt, and then use his looks to win him over! Perfect! Ahh, I’m so devious! Su Nuo exclaimed, as if he could already see the wonderful future! Just as he was daydreaming, his computer suddenly ‘dinged’ and a window opened up with a message, [how come you’re not asleep yet?] Seeing the familiar name, Su Nuo was extremely surprised and instantly jumped up from his chair! He was so dumb! How could he have forgotten to go invisible! Bu-u-u-t why wasn’t he asleep either!? Ah, now he was super nervous, but he needed to keep it together! It was a short message but he typed it four times before he was satisfied, thus he sent it with seriousness, [ah, I couldn’t sleep.

] Couldn’t sleep… Ouyang Long smiled bitterly in his car, as he looked up to see a dimly lit window.

He then texted, [be good and sleep soon.

Staying up too long is bad for your health.

] Ah, that was so sweet! He felt his heart melting! Su Nuo was bright red and rushed over to the fridge to get a ice cold juice to chug.

Then, he finally calmed down! Then he texted back, [how about you? Why aren’t you asleep?] Ouyang Long replied slowly, [I just finished overtime.

] Su Nuo replied lying on his bed, [still in the company? Be careful driving.

] ——He needed to appear very wifey! Ouyang Long texted a line then deleted it, texted a line then deleted it.

Never have he felt so complicated before! [I just passed by your house, if you haven’t slept yet, do you want to come out for a drink?] ——It’s now or never! Wha-what’s happening! The moment he saw the message, Su Nuo’s eyes widened! That was out of nowhere! It couldn’t be real! To tell if it was a dream or not he ever pinched his butt! Ouchhhhhh! It hurts! So it wasn’t a dream! He actually did invite him in the middle of the night! It was suuuper surreal but also am-amazing! “I’m about to suffocate!” Su Nuo shouted from the top of his lungs like a madman while rolling around with his pillow.

Ouyang Long waited for five minutes with no reply, thus he called instead.

SuNuo stared at the screen, taking multiple deep breaths before pressing the button with shaky fingers.

“Still not asleep?” From the midst of night, Mr.

Director’s voice was very hypnotic! Su Nuo grabbed his heart, wanting to scream! But luckily he held it in and answered, “No.

” “Do you want to go out?” Ouyang Long asked once more.

“It’s a bit late,” Su Nuo acted just a tiny bit reserved! “I’m right outside your door.

” Ouyang Long didn’t want to give up so quickly.

Then, without thinking Su Nuo replied with, “You want to come in?” Ehhhh, wait what did he say! Inviting him in! That’s super thirsty and not reserved at all! Accidentally saying what he truly felt, that was the worst! Su Nuo was flushed red and was just about to hesitantly explain himself when Ouyang Long said, “Open the door in three minutes.

” I-I-I’m not ready yet! Su Nuo was so nervous that his hands started to shake! But! This was it! He couldn’t back out now! Thus, he took a deep breath in and pounced his closet! He started to dress up according to the thread, leaving only an underwear on then getting an oversized shirt… it looked super dumb! Su Nuo couldn’t even cry! It was so ridiculous no matter what kind of underwear! Whether it’s a thong, or a cartoon boxer, it just makes you want to laugh! It’s just someone who forgot their pants! How was this sexy?! “Ding dong.

” The doorbell sounded like thunder to Su Nuo! How was he so fast? He’s still pants-less! Very panicked! Thus, in the moment, Su-well-known-model could only pull up a massive pair of shorts and then rushed down to open the door.

“I’m not bothering you, am I?” Ouyang Long held up a wine bottle and asked with a charming smile.

Of course not! Su Nuo felt his heart race as he side-stepped to let him in.

“I was passing by, so I called.

I didn’t think you’d really be up.

” Ouyang Long took two glasses from the shelves and continued, “Do you have a bottle opener?” “To the left of the wine cupboard,” Su Nuo replied.

“It’s not there.

” When Ouyang Long opened the cabinet, it was empty.

“It’s there… Ah! I remember now!” Su Nuo slapped his head and continued, “After last time, I threw it in the thrash and Dai An dumped the wine!” It such a great, great, shame.

He thought he could act out the perfect *** after drunk scenario! That was *the* iconic TV moment! “Then we can’t drink today,” Ouyang Long placed the wine on the wine rack, “let’s save it for next time.

” “Then do you want some beer?” Su Nuo’s thieving heart couldn’t be stopped! He very much wanted to get him drunk and get a taste of those abs! Also check his ‘maturity’! Even if he couldn’t get it, getting a taste with his eyes was good enough.

Wwwwww that sounded so sad! T/N: By maturity he means penis size here.

“Okay,” Ouyang Long open the fridge and pulled out half a dozen beers.

“Let’s go to the balcony?” Su Nuo asked because seeing the starry night was perfect was setting the scene and building romance! Of course, the most important thing was that they needed to pass the bedroom to get to the balcony! Bedroom…very excited! When they were climbing up the stairs, Su Nuo remembered the ‘accidentally slip into his embrace’ tactic! But it seemed a bit early to fall, if he fell too hard and rolled off the stairs, that would be tragic! His thinking took up too much time, seeing that they were about to enter the bedroom, it was now or never! Thus, Su Nuo braced himself and fell towards Ouyang Long! At first he thought he would fall into a gentle embrace, let out a little whimper, make eye contact and maybe evolve from there! BUT! Reality was cruel! Ouyang Long didn’t notice it at all, so of course he didn’t catch him and thus Su Nuo actually did fall! With a ‘bang’ he hit the floor! It was too terrible to watch.

“Are you okay?” Ouyang Long was shocked, “How did you fall from walking?” Su Nuo felt his heart ache, not only was his butt in pain, so was his heart! How was he so unlucky! Ouyang Long helped him to the bed, “Are you hurt anywhere?” “No.

” Su Nuo was ultra-mega-depressed and flattened himself on the bed, facedown, completely giving up hope.

“You haven’t been happy this entire day,” Ouyang Long said, rubbing his head, “if something’s on your mind, I can hear you out anytime.

” That was true, but… there was no way I could tell you! Su Nuo made an ultra 囧 face.

It’s not like he could say, ‘I have a secret crush on you’, it’s very embarrassing! Seeing his silence, Ouyang Long didn’t talk either and just stayed beside him.

The atmosphere was starting to become weird and Su Nuo didn’t know how to deal with it, so he just pretended to be asleep.

Also, he was secretly hoping for something to happen! Then…he really bridal-carried him! Wh-h-hat just happened?! Su Nuo was ultra-mega-mega surprised! Seeing his stupidly-cute expression, Ouyang Long went straight for the kiss.

Su Nuo was even more broken! Why was there no warning before the midnight showing! T/N: When the 18+ stuff happens.

He was so nervous he could faint! But at the same time a bit happy! He was feeling super complex! Ouyang Long laid him flat on the bed and deepened this gentle kiss.

The tip of his tongue reached into his mouth, it couldn’t get anymore romantic then that.

The legendary French kiss… Su Nuo was in a complete daze and only intuitively hugged Ouyang Long’s neck.

Ouyang Long’s eyes smiled and he sucked deeply those sweet, soft lips of his before letting go, although not before lingering for a while.

He locked the person in his embrace and asked, “You don’t hate it when I do this do you?” What do you mean hate?! I couldn’t love it more! Su Nuo’s ears were burning as he buried his face deep into his chest.

His voice was so sexy!