Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 22

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Crappy Storylines and Jealous Executives Translated by Ying of Exiled Rebels Scanslations The movie ‘The Love of a Bewitching Fox Spirit’ was extremely strange.

When Su Nuo first heard this name, he immediately wanted to reject the offer.

Unfortunately for him, Zhong LiFengBai didn’t give up so easily; he showed up on his doorstep every day, having long chats with him in which he used various methods to convince Su Nuo that the character was macho, manly and majestic, especially masculine and was practically written for Su Nuo! “Wearing a big red lacy outfit everyday as I throw looks everywhere, can this be called masculinity?!” The goblin Su pointed out.

From how XuanYuan WuLei was described, most of the words used were like ‘skin as smooth as silk, a face like the cherry blossoms, spring water in the eyes and brows that hid a bewitching spirit’, each and every one of these words were full of the fox spirit feel.

Where exactly did this have anything to do with being manly? “You can’t just look at the surface.

Look on the inside!” Zhong LiFengBai was extremely serious, “Just a solitary XuanYuan WuLei caused the entire Wu Lin world to descend into chaos and bloody rivers to start slowing.

Unless, this doesn’t count as being manly?!” It was practically overflowing with power.

Now that he thought about it, it did seem so… Su Nuo touched his chin.

“And he’s also the most OP character in the whole TV series!” Zhong LiFengBai continued to push.

“How many heroes fell under him when they tried to chase their dreams and challenged him?” In reality, it was actually because XuanYuan WuLei was too bewitching that it caused the entire Jiang Hu’s best warriors to fall to their knees in front of his pomegranate robe.

That was why they wanted to beat him and take him back home to have sex with him.

But, this couldn’t be said.

As a qualified director, he had to understand what to use and what exclude.

That was how Su Nuo’s defenses temporarily lowered and how he was convinced.

Now that he looked back on it, it really was a terrible mistake.

“When does the filming start?” Ouyang Long asked as he drove his car.

“The day after tomorrow.

” Su Nuo was wallowing in regret.

His only comfort was that he didn’t have many scenes, so the filming should be finished within two days.

The day after tomorrow? Mr.

Director rubbed his chin before sending a message to his secretary – to cancel his meetings on Monday temporarily; he had something on and wouldn’t be able to make it.




As to what it was… Did he even have to say? Early on Monday morning, Dai An drove the model Su to the filming destination right on time.


” Ouyang Long sat next to the director, looking especially serious.

“Why are you here?” Su Nuo blinked a few times, thinking that he was mistaken.

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COM “I’m here with Mu Qiu.

” Ouyang Long stood up, “He’s the investor for this show.

” “Hello.

” Executive Mu stretched out his right hand towards him.

This was an extremely smart move.


” Su Nuo was very polite on the outside.

On the inside, he was getting worked up.

It was so awkward to have people he knew and whatnot watch him act.

It wasn’t as if he was a professional actor, he could get embarrassed and mess up.

This was too much, it was so early in the morning, why wasn’t he sleeping or working? Why would he run over to the filming destination? And with such an enthusiastic expression at that! The model Su silently clenched a fist, planning on taking back some of the good-person cards he had given him before.

“Get your makeup done.

” Zhong LiFengBai greeted Dai An, “The makeup artist and stylist are ready, we’re preparing to start any time now.

” Su Nuo could only walk to the makeup room with conflicted feelings as he hoped that Ouyang Long would get an emergency call from his company within the next five minutes.

Or that the company had some situation or other.

This had to happen! “What are you doing here now?” Zhong LiFengbai had already gotten to the stage where even the sight of Mu Qiu’s face made his head hurt.

“…” Actually, executive Mu was extremely innocent this time, he had just been dragged along by Ouyang Long, but only an idiot would actually use that as an excuse.

So instead, he said emotionally, “Last night, I watched the stars all night and every one of them reminded me of your eyes.

” Ouyang Long felt nauseous so he decisively moved away from the pair.

His anticipation of Su Nuo in traditional clothing was increasing.

“These clothes are way too heavy!” Once Su Nuo had change, he scrunched his face up, feeling as though Zhong LiFengBai had dug a grave for him to step in.

When he was trying on the costumes before, they weren’t like this! “It’s because XuanYuan WuLei is a beauty,” the stylist explained, “So there are quite a lot of accessories.

” His whole body was covered in shimmers and sparkles… This guy must be used to assassination attempts so he just wore his entire fortune everywhere! Su Nuo sat on his chair, watching as the makeup artist applied powder to his face, feeling as if he’d rather die! An hour passed quickly and the stylist felt a huge amount of satisfaction as he looked at the bewitching spirit in the mirror.

He really could make nations fall at his feet.

Su Nuo, on the other hand, felt done with everything, “Can I resign?” “Definitely not!” Zhong LiFengBai shamelessly held onto the other man’s leg, “Otherwise I’ll die right in front of your eyes.

” “Alright then.

” Su Nuo waved his hand dismissively and stood as he moved to walk out but clumsily stepped on his dress train and fell forward noisily.

“Ah!” He would definitely have a terrible fall.

“Aaaaahhh!” Zhong LiFengBai’s scream was even louder than the other man, because in this crucial moment, director Zhong sacrificed himself and dived to make himself a cushion for Su Nuo’s fall.

He was crushed so heavily that he almost puked milk.

What was even more painful was that the golden accessories on the other man’s belt were so sharp that it gave Zhong LiFengBai a feeling of having rolled on a board of nails! “He’s too selfless.

” The workers were all moved to tears.

“Hurry up and help me up!” Zhong LiFengBai ordered weakly.

These! Slow and cold and numb! Bystanders! Are pinning this! Society! To the pole of disgrace! “Are you alright?” Su Nuo was quite ashamed, “I’m really not used to this.

” “Don’t worry about it.

” Director Zhong sat on a chair as he tried to catch his breath, “As long as you try your best in acting, it will be the best repayment for me.

” Once things had gotten to this sort of level, Su Nuo could only pick up his train a little and carefully make his way outside.

Ouyang Long saw him from afar and his eyes immediately lit up.

“Just look at your hungry look!” Mu Qiu expressed his disdain.


Director didn’t pay him any attention and just walked up to him.

“Why aren’t you gone yet?” Su Nuo was annoyed.

Ouyang Long tried to stop himself from laughing, “It looks very good.

” Looks good your sister! Su Nuo just wanted to run as tears streamed down his face.

This was really all sorts of shameful! “We’re about to start!” Director Zhong looked extremely serious, Mu Qiu couldn’t help but compliment in his brain, it really was extremely sexy! In the first scene, XuanYuan WuLei was being chased by the head of Wu Lin.

As he tried to assassinate him, he ran recklessly into a small wooden hut, interrupting the fox spirit and a scholar as they were doing that sort of stuff.

Then the fox spirit fell in love with him at first sight and waved her hand, making the Wu Lin head get his bento in an instant! Even though Su Nuo was a model, he would occasionally be on the screen as well, so this sort of running for his life didn’t give him any pressure at all.

In order to make it more realistic, the director made it so that XuanYuan WuLei would have to take his clothes off as he was running for his life as his signature red clothes were just too eye-catching and would lessen his chances of getting away.

In the midst of green mountains and water, a beauty wearing red lace running while he tore off his clothes really was good for the eyes.

Ouyang Long scratched his chin.

“Are you enjoying this?” Mu Qiu said with disdain.


” Mr.

Director was straightforward and shameless.

Executive Mu was envious-jealous-hateful, he really wished that the director would also take his clothes off as he directed.

The little wooden hut was half concealed, Su Nuo limped into it, looking even more desperate.

“Aaaaah!” The scholar was extremely shocked.

“I haven’t even screamed yet, what are you screaming for?” The fox spirit pulled the scholar off of her then pulled on her clothes quickly and walked over to the unexpected guest.

Su Nuo only wore a white under-layer, while his shoulder had been practically completely revealed from his rush.

His eyes were yellowish and there was blood leaking down from the corner of his mouth.

He looked extremely pitiful and pathetic.

“Witch! Hurry up and accept your impending death!” The Wu Lin head rushed in with a huge axe and a beard.

“With just you?” The fox spirit smiled coldly, leisurely waving a hand, causing him to spit out three liters of blood, raise his head up to the sky and fall to the ground as a dead man.

Blood splattered across the scholar’s face so his eyes rolled back as he fainted.

“Thank you for your rescue.

” Su Nuo was about to get up but instead he was pushed back onto the floor by the fox spirit.

“There’s no rush.

” The fox spirit straddled XuanYuan WuLei’s chest, her eyes seducing and her face slightly shy but still forwards.

Her round and white bosom surged forwards too.

It was extremely large.

Su Nuo could feel his eyes losing focus.

Director Ouyang’s face went dark.

Mu Qiu was happy at the other’s misfortune and pitied the other with a pat on the shoulder.

“It’s the young hero’s fault that he interrupted my fun,” the fox spirit said invitingly.

“Now what do you say I’m supposed to do?” “My lady, please take care of yourself,” the goblin refused immediately.

The fox spirit cackled before slowly taking off her top, trying to seduce the man with her body.

XuanYuan WuLei still didn’t show any sort of reaction because according to the script, this character was actually a woman, so of course he couldn’t show any sort of emotion! But Mr.

Director was starting to get unable to hold on any longer! If it wasn’t for Zhong LiFengBai calling stop, he probably would’ve knocked him out and given him to Mu Qiu to take home and discipline.

“You acted really well!” Zhong LiFengBai clapped his hands, “It was really hot.

Do you guys want to think about adding a kiss scene?!” Ouyang Long really wanted to squish his face out of shape.

“Let’s not,” Su Nuo and the fox spirit rejected the offer at the same time.

Director Zhong felt that it was really too bad.

“Rest for a while.

In a moment, the makeup artist will come to reapply your makeup for you.

” Dai An gave Su Nuo a bottle of water.

“It’s so hot.

” Su Nuo’s head was practically dripping with sweat.

It was in the middle of summer and he was still required to wear so much.

As soon as the words came out of his mouth, someone beside him passed him a little fan.

What perfect timing! “I just asked for it from someone.

” Ouyang Long’s smile was extremely nice.

“Thank you, Director Ouyang.

” Dai An was shocked.

Although the cartoon fan was very small, it was very powerful.

In front of the fresh wind, Su Nuo couldn’t help but give him ten good-person cards on the spot.

Seeing that Su Nuo was sweating a lot, Dai An went to the side to get some tissues for him.

“Are you tired?” Ouyang Long sat next to the man.

“I’m alright.

” Su Nuo waved the fan, “Once I’m finished  with the next scene, I can go.

” “What’s the next scene?” Ouyang Long picked the script up.

Once the fox spirit had taken XuanYuan WuLei back to her nest and was beginning to do that sort of stuff, she was spotted by the majestic hero Long JiuXiao.

He wasn’t scared to serve justice and began an intense battle with the fox spirit.

Actually, the storyline was still pretty normal up until this point, but this obviously didn’t fit Zhong LiFengBai’s character.

So there had to be some sort of plot twist, only then would it be fresh and new enough.

For the next scene, the fox spirit seemed to have been beaten magically by Long JiuXiao’s powerful aura.

She immediately threw XuanYuan WuLei aside and turned to seducing the hero.

What was even stranger was that even XuanYuan WuLei was beaten by Long JiuXiao’s masculinity.

So with tears in his eyes, he said, “I have wandered my whole life and every person I’ve met has desired me, but I never expected that there was someone out there willing to give their life up.

To repay you, I can only offer my body, and hope that the hero will not look down upon my offer.

” What sort of storyline was this?! Ouyang Long’s brain was ringing.

Once he flipped to the next page, he found that with that Long or whoever, Su Nuo had to film a… Sex scene?! A metallic sound rang out as the canned drink was squeezed into some sort of horrific modern art piece by Mr.

Director! “Ah!” The model Su hadn’t been expecting that at all; after having a pile of soda splashed at him, he could only feel exasperation and bewilderment.

He was only looking at the script… What was the point of getting so emotional?