Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 21

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 21

Chapter 21: The Artistic Soul and The Head of the Evil Sect of Jiang Hu Translated by Cherry of Exiled Rebels Scanlations As minutes and second passed, Zhong LiFengBai became more and more alert, feeling that his artistic thoughts were coming out like spring water! So he instinctively took out an iPad, crossing his legs and sitting on the bed to write his reflections! In this dark night! Stars! Shine and sparkle! I started to think about! Life’s most primitive! Flavor! Mu Qiu sat beside him and regretted it totally! Actually, he had wanted to take Zhong LiFengBai to a clean courtyard initially, where there are bridges, water lilies, water trucks and willows, very poetic and picturesque! It’s better to cultivate the atmosphere, maybe it will be touching and help with emotions, to be associated with the sentences of ‘time is rushing by in a hurry, and disappearing in a moment’, or ‘life is short and bitter, be happy in the moment’ and so on, so as to roll smoothly into bed sheets! It was a pity that although his imagination was good, the reality was especially painful! When the two of them just passed this run-down courtyard, Zhong LiFengBai refused to leave! .



“… This is an old house, we are preparing to renovate it,” Mu Qiu explained to him.

“Look, even the roof is worn down.

” Zhong LiFengBai turned a deaf ear to his words, and just pushed the door in and walked in himself.

The moonlight shone across the run down roof, shining on the broken furniture in the house, he really really… was inspired! Zhong LiFengBai was instantly touched! Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM This kind of primitive! Simplicity! Won over all! Extravagance! “Are you alright?” Mu Qiu was shocked, why did his eyes turn red suddenly! “I want to stay here!” Zhong LiFengBai was very decisive! “But there isn’t even a bed here,” Mu Qiu was very stunned upon hearing it.

T/N: Again, it’s the same word for stunned—’囧’ But the artistic young Director Zhong was very firm! And so Executive Mu could only sigh and have the workers clean the place up a bit, and move a bed over at the last minute.

“Good night,” Zhong LiFengBai sat on the bed and felt very satisfied.

Why is he saying good night so fast! Mu Qiu was extremely annoyed! But he definitely could not explode! So he very directly said, “I’ll sleep with you.

” “What?!” Zhong LiFengBai was shocked and lost color on his face.

“No!” “This is my place,” Mu Qiu was very shameless.

“… The relationship between us is far from the level where we can sleep on the same bed right?” Zhong LiFengBai’s scalp went numb, at least hide your perverted heart ah you asshole! This kind of directness, he really could not take it! “I just wanted to share with you some life reflections,” Mu Qiu sat at the side of the bed and seriously said, “Recently I’ve been thinking a lot, what is a real artistic soul!” He was really so fake! You are an upstart who can only make money, and you can even think about the soul of art?! Zhong LiFengBai deeply despised him! This excuse with no technical skills really made him absolutely speechless! “Go and bathe,” Mu Qiu helped him opened the bathroom door.

“You—” “I promise I won’t come in!” Executive Mu rushed to speak, very gentlemanly! “That’s not what I wanted to say,” Zhong LiFengBai supported his forehead.

“Could it be that you want me to bathe together with you?” Mu Qiu was so excited that he almost jumped on him, this kind of cold-outside-warm-inside words were especially provocative when he heard it, being cold normally but panting delicately continuously on bed, the heated softness was way too brilliant that he could not take any more of it! “I did not want to say that sort of thing at all!” Zhong LiFengBai poured cold water on him.

“I’m saying when do you plan on leaving!” How annoying! “I’m not leaving,” Mu Qiu was very stubborn! “Alright, then I’ll go,” Zhong LiFengBai stood up.

“Then I’ll remove my investment,” Mu Qiu threatened.

Zhong LiFengBai instantly wanted to cry, he kept using the same knife every time! Although art is very noble, it also needs vulgar money to support it.

As a result of the discussion, the two sides took a step back.

Zhong LiFengBai finally agreed to stay with him for one night, while Mu Qiu promised not to… unleash his beastly tendencies.

Really very very embarrassing! T/N: Again, 囧 Although he could not do anything else, at least he could hug him and sleep a whole night; Mu Qiu was already very satisfied.

But after he had finished showering, he noticed that Zhong LiFengBai was wearing his pajamas, and staring at the broken-down roof with a face of seriousness.

“… What are you looking at?” Mu Qiu was very troubled.

“The air,” Zhong LiFengBai muttered to himself.

… Mu Qiu reached out his hand to test the temperature of his forehead.

“You don’t understand,” Zhong LiFengBai’s eyes had tenderness.

“It is like the most intimate hand, hugging the world at every moment!” I can also hug you at every moment! Mu Qiu’s eyes were hot; that kind of emotional gaze, yet it was given to the air, that was such a waste! And later on, for the rest of the time, Zhong LiFengBai kept feeling very moved, from the air to the starry sky, from life to infinity, it would not even stop for a second! Mu Qiu’s heart was full of bitterness, his face was deluded, and he had to answer some very boring questions like ‘What do you think of the impetus of the for new German films’, or ‘How should the arts and humanities merge with the films’ from time to time! It was worse than death! It was even more tiring than working… President Mu yawned for days and finally collapsed at 6 a.


, sleeping with his quilt in his arms, totally unconscious.

Zhong LiFengBai coldly looked at him.

A lazy soul! Enduring the dark night! But unable to see! The hope! Belonging to the early morning! And! The first ray of sunlight! Of course, the people that were unable to welcome the first ray of sunlight also included Ouyang Long and Su Nuo.

The afternoon sun entered through the window, and Su Nuo used his hands to cover his eyes, unhappily muttering something.

Ouyang Long laughed, “It’s time to get up.

” “Tired,” Su Nuo was the king of lazing in bed.

“It’s already almost time for lunch,” Ouyang Long pulled his blanket down a bit.

“Finish eating before you go back to sleep.

” Su Nuo very unhappily opened his eyes, still in a daze.

“Have you slept yourself silly?” Ouyang Long pulled him up.

“… What time is it?” Su Nuo rubbed his eyes.

“It’s almost 12,” Ouyang Long said.

“I already ordered lunch, let’s go back after we eat.

” He had actually even ordered lunch already… Su Nuo decided to send him a box full of good person cards! Really an extremely extremely good person! The lunch location was still Mu Qiu’s mountain villa, and on the way there, Ouyang Long went to the washroom.

And in the end, he bumped into Executive Mu at the hallway.

“You didn’t sleep last night?” Looking at his disastrous eye bags, Ouyang Long was very shocked.

“I barely slept three hours.

” Mu Qiu was quite lacking in energy, “Do you know what is a Xing Nie La Ma?” “… A relative of a Ferghana horse?” Ouyang Long guessed.

T/N: It’s kind of a word play, a Ferghana horse is pronounced Han Xie Bao Ma which essentially sounds similar to Xing Nie La Ma “That’s what I replied him too,” Mu Qiu felt very troubled.

“In the end, he told me that it was a wide-screen film projection method!” Since it was a film projection method, why did they come up with such a fantasy like name! The normal person would not be able to guess the answer alright! Actually being despised because of that, he really had a lot of bitterness he could not voice! “ I don’t know what happened, but looking at your expression, I can consider accompanying you to drink tonight.

” Ouyang Long patted his shoulders! “Let’s talk about it tonight,” Mu Qiu’s footsteps slowed, and he turned to return to his office to catch up on his sleep.

After having gone to the washroom, as soon as he opened the door to the private room, he saw Su Nuo struggling to gnaw on the pig’s feet, his face full of sauce.

Ouyang Long felt a bit weak.

“…” Su Nuo threw the pig’s feet back onto the plate, feeling a bit guilty.

 Why did he come back so fast? So hateful! I was planning on just eating one last bite before cleaning my mouth! “Why didn’t you… cut it first?” Mr.

Executive did not know whether to laugh or to cry; the taste was not bad, but it was not to that extent of being unable to wait, right? “I don’t have a knife!” Su Nuo explained.

Ouyang Long took out a small knife from the side of the plate.

I was so busy eating that I didn’t see anything like that at all… Su Nuo argued fiercely in his heart, this shop is out to embarrass people! There are two pig’s feet in the big plate.

Normal people would think it’s one per person! And I’m already very careful! Pig’s feet are very sexy when they first come out, red and moist and springy like heck, extremely seductive! The only disadvantage is that it’s too big, and he needed to use both hands to hold it to chew on it.

This kind of eating style really doesn’t conform to the image of evil.

So Model Su could only be hungry and thirsty as he poured juice to Ouyang Long all the time! Especially especially scheming! As expected after a while, Mr.

Director went out of the private room to go to the washroom, and Su Nuo directly threw down his chopsticks, taking advantage of the time to grab onto the pig’s feet and started to bite, when he took a bite, it was soft and delicious as he expected, he could not stop himself at all once he started! And after that he got caught in the act! Actually hiding the small knife, how despicable! Su Nuo was very angrily blaming the chef! Ouyang Long opened a wet tissue packet.

“Wipe your mouth.

” Little Su Nuo comforted himself like an especially mangy dog! Although this was considered extremely embarrassing for a famous model! But anyway, he had already stripped and sleep-talked while being drunk and he had even rolled down the hill, he had already gone through this kind of even more embarrassing thing, one more was nothing much! When he thought of that, he became instantly more comfortable! Ouyang Long took advantage of while he was wiping his mouth to cut up the pig’s feet into smaller pieces carefully.

“It’s much more convenient like that!” This man was really very gentle! Su Nuo practically wanted to cry, he could not stop giving him the good person card! After enjoying a great meal, Su Nuo sat at the front passenger seat, and hummed lightly as he returned to the city.

“Why don’t we listen to the radio,” Ouyang Long decisively increased the volume.

He really liked this little dummy but… singing this kind of thing, he definitely could not stand it! “According to the well-known new director Zhong LiFengBai, the famous model Su Nuo will guest star in his next new movie ‘The Love of a Bewitching Fox Spirit’, as the head of evil sect of Jiang Hu, XuanYuan WuLei, which is really worth looking forward to,” the radio anchor’s voice was sweet.

When she said the word Su Nuo, she was obviously excited.

It was probably that she was a hardcore fan as well! “You’re going to act as the Head of the Evil Sect of Jiang Hu?” “Yes,” Su Nuo sighed.

“Actually I really want to back out now!” “Why?” Ouyang Long laughed.

“I find it very interesting.

” “But I find it very dumb!” Su Nuo said angrily.

“And at the end of the movie, it’s exposed that this head of the evil sect is a woman that has a fetish for crossdressing!” Ouyang Long accidentally laughed.

If it was like that… then he was anticipating it even more.