Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 17

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 17

Chapter 17: A Grumpy President and A New Director Translated by Cherry of Exiled Rebels Scanlations After confirming that he was not secretly in love with Qiu ZiYan, Su Nuo instantly felt his stomach growling! So he began to enjoy the delicious food wholeheartedly, and found that every dish was delicious! In particular, the small brown sugar dumplings were sweet and chewy and especially good! It was a pity there were only two left on the plate! Obviously it was not enough to eat! It was really too much.

Ouyang Long had managed to eat more than half of the dumplings while Su Nuo was not paying attention! Su Nuo was very angry! How could he be like that? He must at least leave him half a plate! “Eat some vegetables,” Ouyang Long passed him a small bowl of vegetable soup.

Who wants to eat this kind of thing? It’s so green and does not even have minced meat in it, causing him to lose his appetite just by looking at it! Su Nuo said, “Can we order another plate of brown sugar dumplings?” It was a small request that the other person would definitely agree to instantly.

So he might as well ask to add a bacon salad or green pepper sausage.

That would be good too! But to his surprise, Ouyang Long refused, “No!” The fuck! What does he mean by no? This is too petty already, right! Su Nuo was so unhappy in his heart that he wanted to flip the table! Treating people to meals but not having sincerity is the most hateful thing! “You just finished eating a whole plate, if you eat too much of these kinds of things, it won’t digest well,” Ouyang Long explained.

Nani? Su Nuo felt very troubled on hearing it.

“When did I eat it?” I obviously only ate the late two! “Your memory can’t be that bad, right?” Ouyang Long did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“My teeth are sensitive and I can’t eat sweet food.

It’s really you who finished it by yourself.

” .




Director obviously would not be bored enough to make such a joke, so… Did he really eat it while he was in a daze? Su Nuo suddenly felt chaotic, like being blown into a mess by the wind.

Just now, he was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he thought he would have no appetite for food or tea, but he didn’t expect that he would still stick to his personality as a foodie.

 It’s embarrassing to unknowingly follow his instincts to snatch food! This was all Qiu ZiYan’s fault! It was totally because his strange abs were too shocking! Su Nuo tried his best to push away the responsibility! That was why his mindset would be shaken! That’s right, it must be like that! “Ahchoo!” Qiu ZiYan was being scolded till his nose was itchy, and took out his key to open the door.

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COM The kitchen had the sizzling sound of a pan, Tang XiaoYu was cooking.

“Why are you eating so late?” Qiu ZiYan walked over.

“Um,” Tang XiaoYu rubbed his hands, feeling that it was strangely awkward.

“What a nice smell.

” Qiu ZIYan bent his waist and sniffed, “Braised pork rice? I want to eat it, too.

” “…” Tang XiaoYu took out a big bowl, and helped him dish out some rice.

“Are you still dizzy?” Qiu ZiYan washed his hands as he asked.

Tang XiaoYu’s hands stopped for a moment, thinking that he wanted to talk about the fighting incident, but did not hear the next sentence even after a long time, and let out a breath of relief and said, “Not dizzy, I’m already fine.

” “If you are uncomfortable anywhere, you must definitely tell me.

” Qiu ZiYan patted his shoulders, his gaze gentle, “Don’t force yourself.

” Tang XiaoYu nodded, and did not continue saying anything.

Seeing that he did not have the mood to chat, Qiu ZiYan quickly changed the topic.

“When can we eat? I’m so hungry.

” “Right now,” Tang XiaoYu poured the stewed eggs and meat into the bowl and that he had prepared in advance.

“I made it casually, but it’s probably not very delicious.

” Big stars probably eat big meals every day.

This kind of thing… It was probably going to be despised.

“It won’t be like that, it smells very good,” Qiu ZiYan carried over two bowls.

“We’ll eat in the living room.

We can also take time to watch television!” Tang XiaoYu placed the pot in the sink, and dried his hands.

He wanted to go to the living room but his phone started to vibrate in his pants pocket.

Seeing the ‘Brother Han’ on the screen, he rejected it.

In Meadow restaurant, Su Nuo wanted to stretch out his limbs and rub his belly after he was full of wine and food.

Every pore was satisfied! “Do you want to go out and walk about?” Ouyang Long invited, “The scenery at night is very good.

” “We should go back,” Su Nuo did not really want to walk.

After eating, he should let his food digest without moving about.

That was the scientific method! Why was he so lazy? Ouyang Long rubbed his lower jaw, slowly saying, “There is a small stall that sells wild fruit juice on the mountain.

I don’t know whether it is still there or not.

” Ah ah, wild fruit juice! Su Nuo’s ears straightened up.

“The last time when I drank a cup of wild strawberry juice, adding on a bit of lemon zest, the sour and sweet taste was not bad,” Ouyang Long’s tone was slow and lazy.

Su Nuo swallowed.

Drinking sweet and sour strawberry juice after filling up his stomach, this kind of completeness was the correct path! “Do you really not want to take a walk?” Director asked.

“It’s better to take a walk,” Su Nuo was excited.

So easy to convince… Ouyang Long’s mood was very happy, and he pressed the button to call for the bill.

Three minutes later, there was no waiter.

Five minutes later, there was still no waiter.

Ten minutes later, Ouyang Long was planning on going downstairs himself to pay.

In the end, when he stood up, a very burly man held the bill, and pushed the door open as he entered.

“Pft!” Su Nuo sprayed the table with a mouthful of tea! Shouldn’t a waiter be a soft and cute girl? Even if not a girl, a skinny and capable young man.

This one… What’s with a man with a tiger’s back and a bear’s waist?! Why wear sunglasses and masks even if you have a tiger’s back and a bear’s waist? And that suit obviously doesn’t fit well.

The buttons are about to burst, okay! Not scientific! “Good evening, mister, your spending this time is 423 yuan ($62 USD),” the burly man pressed on his throat to make his voice sound coaxing, trying to fake his voice.

What the fuck? Su Nuo had goosebumps.

Must he be such a pervert? Even Qiu ZiYan wearing a skirt cannot compare to him! This is an evil shop right?! Perhaps the next second he would take out a chopper from his back, and threaten the customers to give their wallets and gold chains! How scary! “Mu Qiu?” Ouyang Long frowned and looked at the person that just came.

“… Hahahahaha! Mu what Qiu? You got the wrong person!” The burly man wanted to run as soon as he turned around.

“What kind of strange games are you playing?” Ouyang Long pulled on him, obviously very shocked.

The fuck! It’s actually someone he is familiar with! Su Nuo instantly was in admiration of the director.

His friend circle was really big! Even going to the world of perverts! “It’s a long story,” after his lies were seen through, Mu Qiu gave a long sigh, sad and angry as he grabbed Ouyang Long’s hands, “Let us brothers find a place to have a good chat.

” “It’s fine.

Let’s not,” Ouyang Long used force to pull his hand away, coldly and unemotionally saying, “I’m very busy today.

How about another day.

” “You—” “Nuo Nuo, let’s go!” Ouyang Long was very direct, and pulled Su Nuo and ran.

Leaving the burly man to yell at them, “At least pay for your bill!” Will you die if you have some humanity in you? “Your friend—” Su Nuo chased as he asked.

“We aren’t familiar with each other at all!” Ouyang Long cut him off forcefully! If he knew earlier, he would not have eaten here! It is really an embarrassment to have such a strange person in his friend circle! Wearing pink shirts and checked belt trousers and pretending to be a waiter, even pressing on his throat to talk, he really could not stand him! But actually, the burly man was very innocent, he was totally forced by love! As the president of a catering chain, Mu Qiu was usually very violent and iron-faced.

If anyone dared him to wear a pink shirt as a guest waiter, Executive Mu would explode and yell out while spitting fire! Yet the person who requested him to do that was Zhong LiFengBai! Zhong! Li! Feng! Bai! What a literary name! And the owner of this name was a new film director that had a lot of personality! Executive Mu liked him a lot, and so often ran to the filming location to pester him endlessly.

“Lisa, please be more serious!” Director Zhong was standing on the chair and yelling angrily! The sun was setting in the West and the sunset clouds were shining on Zhong LiFengBai’s red face.

It was really sexy and charming! Executive Mu was filled with emotion, and then he straightened his tie and walked over.

“You are going to be acting with Su Nuo in a few days.

Your current condition is definitely not good!” Zhong LiFengBai jumped down from the chair.

“You have yet to properly assimilate into this role.

You are acting too superficially!” Executive Mu looked at him in a daze, his head coming up with phrases like ‘Burning rose’ and other good phrases! “Director, I’m really doing my best,” The female lead was also very innocent.

“How about you teach me?” “Look carefully!” Director Zhong boldly took off his coat and ordered the male lead to, “Lie down properly!” The male lead obediently lay in the Sorghum field, seeming especially pitiful! “You need to use your gaze to seduce him first!” Zhong LiFengBai set an example and sat on the male lead’s body.

Fuck!! Executive Mu was instantly unhappy! “Treat me as Lisa now!” Zhong LiFengBai looked at the male lead, “You were rushing into the capital to take the test and meet a thousand-year fox spirit, and so you were moved and seduced, actually wanting to have sex, but scared that your soul would be sucked out! I’ll try my best to seduce you, you must not act out your feelings of being conflicted!” Try his best to seduce… Executive Mu’s fists tightened and made cracking sounds.

“This mister,” Zhong LiFengBai pressed on his body, eyes seductive as he said, “The place ahead is a famous place for being dangerous.

Why do you dare to advance alone?” “This lady, men and women should keep a distance.

You, you get up from my body quickly,” the male lead’s face lost color.

Do you not know how to push him away? Executive Mu’s face was cold! “Get up for what?” Zhong LiFengBai reached out for a yard after getting an inch, twisting his waist erotically.

“There’s no one around.

Why don’t I teach you about some happy things, how about that?” “What is this la, lady saying? This subordinate doesn’t understand,” the male lead’s face was totally red.

How could you not understand? Executive Mu laughed coldly.

Why are you pretending to be some innocent virgin? “Ah, my… this place, is so painful and so hot,” Zhong LiFengBai pulled the male lead’s hand, and pressed it on his chest, panting delicately and saying, “Please help me rub it…” Executive Mu’s nose started to bleed.

“Ah!” The female lead screamed sharply in shock.

“What are you calling out for? It’s not your time to act yet!” Zhong LiFengBai was especially unhappy.

“Look at how I’m acting seriously!” “I’m scared of blood,” The female lead showed the whites of her eyes, and directly toppled over.

The filming location was a mess instantly.

Director Zhong instructed people to send the female lead away with an ambulance and took an ice pack to place on Mu Qiu’s neck.

“Thank you,” Executive Mu used a tissue to press on his nose and said nasally.

“When did you come?” Zhong LiFengBai was very troubled.

“I just happened to pass by, and I did not have anything to do so I came to see you,” Mu Qiu found an excuse.

Actually, it was not on the way at all! He had driven his car out and drove around! But this cannot be said! Because in the legendary artistic young man’s world, fate was more useful that purposely scheming! If you have nothing to do, just go home! Running to this old man’s film and spurting out blood from your nose! Zhong LiFengBai was yelling loudly in his heart! He really wanted to have the security force him out and beat him up… but that was just him thinking! Because Mu Qiu was the main investor, he was Shen Wansan and Mu Qiu was Zhao Gongming, who he absolutely cannot afford to offend! T/N: Shen Wansan and Zhao Gongming are very rich people in Chinese history So, the young artistic man, Director Zhong could only bend his waist and say, “The weather is hot recently, you need to eat more refreshing food, to tonify and purge your fire.

” “Cook for me!” Executive Mu instantly said using the chance.

This old man did not have that meaning! Zhong LiFengBai was stunned, I was just finding a topic to talk about alright! “Why not tomorrow night?” Mu Qiu said, “You can continue from last time, to continue telling me about artistic theory.

” “How coincidental, I’m very busy tomorrow night,” Zhong LiFengBai hurriedly rejected.

“Then I’ll just make an appointment with Director Xi Men,” Mu Qiu calmly took out his phone.

“The last time we met at a banquet, he said he wanted to talk to me about Monet and Van Gogh, and his new film .

” “Hahahaha I’m joking,” Zhong LiFengBai instantly cried tears of blood, and warm heartedly grabbed his hand.

“The light nourishing soup to reduce heatiness I make is especially good, do you like coconut milk or red beans?” “I like both,” Mu Qiu was very satisfied, “I’ll drive a car over to fetch you tomorrow night.

” Zhong LiFengBai’s face was smiling but he was reciting despairing poems in his heart.

These vulgar businessmen! Thinking that when they have money! They have the world! Toward this, I can only laugh coldly! The artistic soul is! Burning! And me! Is the one adding to the fire! The gold phoenix! The author has something to say: Bad-tempered president & crazy director.

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