Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 12

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Fright and the Supreme FoodieTranslated by Ying of Exiled Rebels Scanlations After the crazy previous night, director Ouyang reached the following conclusions: number one, Su Nuo really, really liked singing.

Number two, Su Nuo’s singing was awful.

Number three, Su Nuo slept like an octopus.

Number four, he couldn’t care less that he slept like an octopus, but why did the man hold him and rub himself against him?! Number five, if he didn’t let him rub against himself, he would sing again… He couldn’t help tilting his head backwards and looking at the sky as he sighed! The next morning, director Ouyang had obviously suffered from an extreme lack of sleep as his heavy body dragged him down on his way to the shower.

Su Nuo was sprawled on the bed, his head tilted as drool leaked from the corner of his mouth while he shamelessly let his buttocks sunbathe in the open! Looking at his reflected black eye bags in the mirror, Ouyang Long knew that he had never been this tired.

Even back when he had to pull all-nighters to open new shops! Even if he still only got three or four hours in those times, at least the room was quiet.

There definitely wasn’t someone who would suddenly sit up like an insane person in the middle of the night and start singing Tian Mi Mi! And the singing wasn’t even in the right octave, it was absolutely unbearable! He definitely had a trauma for that song now… Ouyang Long turned on the showerhead, rubbing soap onto his body.

Then suddenly a scream came from the bedroom! Awake? Ouyang Long curved the corners of his mouth upward, leisurely continuing his shower.

As expected, the model Su was holding the blankets close to him as five lightning strikes struck down from the heavens.

His heart went numb.

His attention split into six pieces and he was shocked to the very core! What was this situation?! He could only remember that last night, he had drank too much, and then… What was with this scene of him waking up in an unfamiliar bed butt-naked! Did he get laid? Damn it! Su Nuo’s vision went dark from panic and he reached a hand down to touch his little flower instinctively, but it didn’t seem like anything had happened.

Then why wasn’t he wearing clothes?! .



After half a minute of thinking, Su Nuo thought of another possibility and sucked in a cold breath! Could it be that he laid Ouyang Long? That was too heavy! An image appeared in the model Su’s mind of himself on top of the other man’s body as he passionately made love to him.

In an instant, he felt all the hairs on his head stand on end! That was just too much! Just as his mind was scattered and all over the place, Ouyang Long came out of the bathroom in a towel, drying his hair as he walked into the bedroom.

Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!! His upper body was naked! Su Nuo’s voice trembled, “What happened?” “What do you mean what happened?” Ouyang Long evilly pretended to not understand the question.

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COM Of course this is about what happened last night! Su Nuo’s brain went blank, his hands locked on the thin blanket like clamps, his mind racing as he tried to figure out what to do next! Ouyang Long laughed, “Why are you covering your chest?” Shit! After hearing that, Su Nuo was flustered and embarrassed beyond words.

What was wrong with him that would cause him to make such a girly pose?! Crappy romances really did set death traps! So in order to show how manly he was, as the water in his brain did its work, he threw the blanket onto the floor and sat with a straight back on the bed, completely naked! Ouyang Long was quite shocked.

What type of reaction was this? He couldn’t still be drunk, could he? “Aya!” Su Nuo only realized what he had done after he had thrown the blanket on the floor and rushed to grab a pillow to cover his penis, his face and ears were glowing bright red.

All he wanted was to dig a hole and go die inside! He had to be a hopeless moron! “Okay.


Go shower.

” Ouyang Long didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he picked the blanket up from the carpet.

“Last night, that…me…and…you…” Su Nuo seemed conflicted and cautious as he asked it.

He was cared that Ouyang Long would suddenly cover his face shyly and jump into his arms the next moment, whining something like ‘everything already happened last night.

You were so rough and made my thing hurt a lot.

You need to take responsibility~’.

If that happened he would have no choice but to hang himself and die.

Damn that was a scary thought! “Last night, you got drunk then you started to take off your clothes.

I couldn’t have stopped you even if I had wanted to.

” Ouyang Long said, “I didn’t want to take you back so I just let you sleep in a guestroom.

” After drinking I wanted to take my clothes off no matter what?! Su Nuo didn’t know what to believe.

Was he actually crazy to this extent? This information was too cruel! “I’m going to get breakfast.

There’s a new toothbrush in the bathroom.

” Ouyang Long put clothes beside him before turning and walking out.

Then Su Nuo suddenly voiced another ‘ah’! “Now what?” Ouyang Long was already completely drained of energy as he followed the man’s eyes, finding a ball of bloody tissues on the floor.

That was there because last night Su Nuo had kicked him in the lip and injured him so he had picked up a tissue to wipe the blood away.

“What is this?” Su Nuo felt lightheaded as the room spun.

“You’re not hurt.

This is my own blood.

” Ouyang Long was about to start complaining about the other man’s spontaneous drunk kicking but found Su Nuo falling over as the other man’s vision went black! “Oi!” Ouyang Long rushed forward to lend him a hand.

“You have a fear of blood?” The bewitching Su lay, barely conscious, in his arms, as he looked up at the powerful pecs belonging to the man supporting him.

He could only think that a fierce man like this… Had been laid by himself! And there was even blood! This could definitely be mistaken for a science-fiction story! “You don’t need me to take responsibility, do you?” Su Nuo was finding it hard to swallow, “You must have lost your virginity ages ago.

” So the one wronged here is me, ok! The pure little cucumber could never turn back or something… “En?” Ouyang Long froze for a moment, lifting a hand to check the other man’s forehead temperature.

“Why didn’t you struggle last night?!” Su Nuo defended against the hand as his eyes filled with tears.

Of course I don’t have a fever.

Under these circumstances, you’re the one who has a fever.

But common sense dictated that even if he had been drunk, there was no possible way in which he could force himself on the other man! How could something like this still happen?! This definitely wasn’t real! It was definitely a hallucination! Despite his frustration, Ouyang Long couldn’t help but want to laugh, “What are you thinking of?” “I just remembered, you also drank alcohol.

” Su Nuo seemed to have lost sight of life’s goals as he held his head in his hands.

So it had to be that after they got drunk, the two’s sexual drives went crazy and lit the dry wood on fire! “And then?” The director had developed an extremely evil interest.

“Let’s just leave it as a …one, one, one…” Su Nuo couldn’t say the words one night stand for his life.

Uwaaaah! I’m not that type of irresponsible man but… This Shou was too built ah! And he even had pecs! This didn’t make sense! “One what?” Ouyang Long continued to question.

“One…one short and unforeseen meeting.

” Su Nuo tried his best to make it sound elegant and artistic.

“Just like two shooting stars flying across the night sky, they cross each other’s paths but then continue on their own, solitarily, as though nothing had ever happened!” Ouyang Long couldn’t keep it in anymore and burst out laughing.

“How can you laugh at a time like this?” Su Nuo’s heart was like dead ashes.

A powerful shou was really scary.

“That’s enough.

” Ouyang Long rubbed his head, “Don’t worry.

After you drank the alcohol yesterday, you went straight to sleep.

” “And then I did you?” Su Nuo looked at him, seeming half dead.

Ouyang Long was starting to get exasperated, “We didn’t do anything!” “Then, then what’s this?” Su Nuo pointed a trembling finger towards the bloodied tissue! “I wanted to help you get into pajamas, but who would have guessed that you would just kick out randomly and hit my mouth.

So I just wiped the blood off.

” Ouyang Long pulled the blanket over and wrapped it around him, “Now hurry and go shower.

” “We really didn’t do anything?” As Su Nuo heard the explanation, his energy levels immediately rose.

His eyes looked as though they had little sparkling stars in them! “You don’t believe it?” Ouyang Long asked back.

Su Nuo stared at the other man for three whole seconds before nodding his head frantically, “I believe it, I believe it!” Oh hehehehe! This was too good! So nothing actually happened! I was too close to thinking that I’d have to take care of this built pecs shou for life! That would’ve been too shocking! This guy looks like he eats a lot! I couldn’t possibly take care of him!! “I’m going to cook breakfast.

” Ouyang Long smiled as he shook his head.

Su Nuo sent him out of the guest room with his eyes then hummed a song while he put on his underwear.

The sound echoed around messily and the director couldn’t help but quicken his footsteps.

God was indeed very fair, if you wanted a beautiful face, then you’d have to pay with a nice-sounding voice! If conclusions were made based on this concept then Su Nuo’s face and voice suited each other perfectly.

Although he lived alone, Ouyang Long had always put an emphasis on living quality.

Both tools and ingredients for cooking were present in the house.

After Su Nuo finished washing up, he ran to the kitchen.

He stood at the side of the stove, waiting for the food to be served.

“How are you wearing that?” Ouyang Long was shocked.

The front of Su Nuo’s shirt was left completely open, only closing at the bottom where a knot was tied, making him look like the gold wearing delinquents in movies! “There’s no other way to wear it.

The buttons all fell off.

” The Model Su put on an innocent face.

Actually, I’m usually very majestic, but the woman’s dilemma was that she had no rice to cook! Thinking back to the last night’s wild trip, Ouyang Long didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Hh dried his hands and headed to the bedroom, finding a t-shirt.

“This was from when I was in senior high.

Just wear this for now.

” Senior high?! Su Nuo felt as though he had been punched in the face after hearing this.

What was even more shocking was that after he had put it on… It was still too big! Could it be that he would only fit into the man’s junior high clothes? Muscly men were really on another level! “After you’ve changed, come out to eat.

” Ouyang Long called from the dining room.

“I’m coming.

” Foodies had a natural liking when it came to food and the fact that he was already hungry wasn’t even in the equation yet! So Su Nuo momentarily put a pause on his criticizing of abs, happily running to the dining room.

Pieces of youtiao* were added into the fragrant pork and century egg congee, the fried pancakes were cooked to a golden crisp while it still remained fluffy and light.

The ShuiJian Bao* contained delicious soup and there were even green vegetables and a small plate of kimchi.

The Model Su’s drool seemed to flow for three thousand feet.

This was too grand! “Congee is good to eat for hangovers.

” Ouyang Long handed a small bowl to him, “Careful, it’s hot.

” After cautiously blowing on it, Su Nuo ate while his eyes were on the verge of tears.

“Tasty!” But it’s just a bowl of congee… Ouyang Long laughed in his heart.

He was so easy to please.

Probably because he was really too hungry, Su Nuo inhaled three small bowls, ate half of the fried pancakes and a countless number of ShuiJian Bao.

“Isn’t it uncomfortable?” Ouyang Long’s eyes were wide as he watched on.

His actual character had been revealed anyway so Su Nuo just thickened his face and unashamedly picked up his fourth bowl of congee.

“No, you’re not allowed to have anymore.

” Ouyang Long grabbed his elbow.

Su Nuo had a Bao in his mouth as he unhappily raised his head.

Why so stingy all of a sudden? “It’s bad for your stomach.

” Ouyang Long tried to pacify him.

“It’s enough as soon as you’re full.

” The thing is that I’m not full yet! The foodie Su was wronged beyond measure.

I can eat two big pig trotters in one meal! But this didn’t seem like something appropriate to say aloud, so he could only watch as his bowl was taken away.

The expression in those eyes was so pitiful… Ouyang Long couldn’t look on! As an extremely popular male model at the peak of his career, his company must have put many restrictions on his menu, which must be why he was eating like crazy as soon as he got the chance! “You can go to the living room and go on the internet for a while.

” Once breakfast had ended, Ouyang Long tidied the table, “I’m going to buy you clothes.

Afterwards, we’ll go to the park and finish the last group of promotional pictures.

” “En, thank you.

” Even though his stomach wasn’t completely satisfied, Su Nuo still remembered his manners.

Ouyang Long turned on the computer for him before changing and leaving.

Su Nuo ate an apple as he sat in front of the computer, finding a familiar logo on the desktop! So he also went on this sort of three-sins* platform.

Ohehehehehe so pervy! Once he opened it, he found that the most visited part had a new addition – ‘Love in Troubled Times (2): The Teasing Director Loves the Famous Model!’! Huhhuh, Su Nuo surprise was shown as his eyes widened! All the chapters from before were set back in time.

Why did it just suddenly change to a modern timeframe all of a sudden? This didn’t make sense!