Sword of Dawnbreaker - Chapter 184

Sword of Dawnbreaker - Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Arrangement The moment Gawain walked into the main hall, Amber left her afterimage behind and scuttled over.

Her first statement was: “Oh god, you’re finally here! I will not be able to continue any longer if you didn’t come!” “Weren’t you looking forward to using my name to flaunt your awe-inspiring authority?” Gawain looked at her strangely and said, “Why do you look like this when you have the opportunity now?” “Sigh, don’t talk about it.

It was different from my imagination!” Amber put on a bitter face and said, “When I did my work previously, there weren’t so many people looking on the side.

A job environment with so much attention doesn’t seem very nice…” Gawain: “…As expected, I am unable to understand where your puzzling pride for your occupation came from?” Gawain then threw the puzzling half-elf thief to the side and walked up the tall platform with large strides.

Dozens of eyes in the main hall immediately shifted onto him.

Gawain took a look at the people below and saw the castle’s advisor, treasurer, Chief Knight, and also that Holy Light Cleric that he met yesterday night.

He could also see plenty of village officials that had anxious and terrified expressions.

They must be the supervisors that were helping to take care of the Kant Clan’s businesses in the towns.

After seeing their individual expressions, Gawain knew that the situation was almost the same as his prediction.

“Ladies and gentlemen.

” Gawain spoke in a deep and calm tone.

With his imposing height and presence, he had successfully made everyone calm and composed.

“I think all of you should be in a confused and fearful state.

You must have suddenly realized what had happened for the past decades.

Those experiences are entirely different from your memories and perception.

I am here to answer all your doubts.

” “Yesterday night, something significant happened in the castle.

I am regretful to tell all of you that the Kant Clan has reached its end…” Gawain used the simplest and most straightforward method to reveal the truth to everyone.

He allowed them to know the truth as they needed to continue maintaining order in the Kant territory for this period of time.

Furthermore, they had to take up the responsibility of communicating with the surrounding noble clans and the investigators sent over by the king.

Gawain chose rather subtle words to describe those overly frightening parts, like how the old stables had a stack of corpses, or how this piece of land was just one step away from being corrupted by the nightmare.

After all, that “Young Master Belm” had already stepped into the real world with both his feet! .



It might sound as though he was deliberately scaring everyone; therefore, he simply brought everyone to personally see the scene, and it would allow them to better understand what exactly happened.

When Gawain’s narration ended for now, the main hall sank into a temporary atmosphere of utter silence.

Concerned discussions finally echoed after a few minutes later.

The Church of Holy Light’s Cleric was constantly drawing the holy symbol on his chest while attempting to eliminate the fear that lingered in his heart.

As for the white-haired Chief Knight who was the Kant Castle’s Knight instructor couldn’t help but ask, “Then what should we do?” “In regards to this land’s future, Viscount Kant has already made arrangements.

” Gawain nodded and took out the letters that Victor Kant had left behind.

“Viscount Kant might have been trapped by the nightmare, but he was still a tenacious warrior.

You should be thankful to him as he used the remaining strength of his soul to arrange a way out for everyone.

Firstly, it is regarding the rights of inheritance of this territory…” After clearly explaining every arrangement that Viscount Kant made and encouraging all the supervisors that were present, Gawain gave everyone the time to have their own discussions.

He then stated his standpoint by leaving the tall platform and resting at the tea table on the west side of the main hall.

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COM This was showing a kind of attitude that the Cecil Clan wouldn’t be using this opportunity to strike and annex the Kant territory.

This kind of annexing was rather common in this era, especially after the second royal court was established.

The royal clan’s restriction on the various noble clans had declined greatly.

It was very common for the smaller noble clans at the borders of the kingdom to mutually consume and take over each other.

As such, when Gawain made this gesture, everyone felt at ease.

However, it was obvious there were people with different thoughts.

Gawain sat for just a short moment before a short and stout middle-aged man wearing a black coat walked over.

He bowed in front of Gawain to express his regards before speaking with a rather nervous but respectful expression.

“Your Excellency, I am the advisor for Viscount Kant, Patrick Pom.

There is something I wish to discuss with you.

” “The advisor for the old Viscount?” Gawain looked at the stout man who looked honest and had a somewhat scholarly aura.

He had an image that was rather fitting to be a “noble’s advisor”.

“Why are you looking for me?” “It is like this.

We have lost our feudal lord, and it is even worse as we have also lost Butler Carter.

Without a person to lead the overall situation, a mere affairs advisor like me actually has to take up the heavy responsibility to maintain order in the entire territory.

I am very worried my prestige is insufficient.

” Patrick was rather nervous as he spoke while standing.

It was obvious that he was experiencing great pressure as this was the first time he was facing Gawain who was of high nobility.

“Of course, I understand that this request is a little overboard.

It is fine even if you don’t agree.

” Gawain raised his brows but didn’t look too surprised.

“You are saying for me to take over the role of the feudal lord temporarily?” “This seems to be the best choice.

” Patrick helplessly spread his hands and said, “You are the person with the most prestige that we can contact and also the most capable noble.

Apart from you, no one else can control this situation.

Furthermore, you have rescued this land.

Therefore, it is very reasonable.

I don’t think anyone will express any objection if you were to take over.

” However, Gawain merely laughed and spoke unhurriedly, “I have no intention to become the feudal lord, not even as a substitute.

” Patrick obviously felt uneasy and said, “But…” “I am not finished yet.

” Gawain shook his hand and said, “If I am to become the Kant territory’s feudal lord in this situation, you people might know what is happening, but the other noble clans outside the territory will not think the same way.

The Kant territory is just a small piece of land, and I do not wish for it to become a stain on my reputation.

This is both a private and official matter.

Viscount Kant is a noble that is directly conferred by the royal clan.

The circulation, reclamation, and re-distribution of the land can only be decided by the King.

I might be Francis II’s senior, but I don’t plan to use this point to violate the rule that me and Charlie had set down.

” “…You are indeed fair and upright.

” “Of course, I understand your difficulties.

So I will declare with my title of Duke Cecil that I will protect this land before the Kant territory obtains a new feudal lord.

Once this land has a new feudal lord, my protection shall also end.

” Patrick blinked his eyes and seemed to have understood Gawain’s long-term considerations.

He lowered his head respectfully and said, “Your arrangements are indeed meticulous.

” Gawain nodded and took this moment to give his instructions.

“I hope you can put out a notice telling those dismissed castle servants and serfs that directly belong to the feudal lord that if they are having a difficult time trying to make a living, the Cecil Clan is willing to receive them at any time.

They will be treated fairly as free residents in the new Cecil territory.

” “Yes, they will definitely be thankful for your benevolence.

” “Moreover, Viscount Kant has given me all his wealth as a present to me.

But I feel that all of you need it even more.

Therefore, apart from the farmlands that are closer to the south that will be part of the Cecil territory, I shall leave all the wealth in the castle to all of you.

Now that the butler is no longer around, you and the Chief Knight will need to utilize this wealth appropriately.

Ensure that they are spent on things that should be spent on, understand?” This time, Patrick’s expression was truly surprised as he was startled for a few seconds before he nodded hurriedly.

“Yes… yes.

I am very moved by your generosity! I swear on the name of my family that every copper left behind by Viscount Kant will be used properly!” “Very good.

I believe that you people who have cautiously and conscientiously taken care of the Kant Clan’s business will continue to maintain the order of this land.

” Gawain nodded and said, “In addition, considering that there is a large wilderness separating our two lands, I will assign someone to travel between the two territories and to assist you in managing this place.

The Kant territory and the Cecil territory will have a much closer relationship than before.

” Patrick lowered his head sincerely and said, “That will be for the best.

” “There are some relatively practical matters.

First, it will be the distribution of charcoal for winter.

I heard that Viscount Kant and the Viscountess would distribute charcoal to the poor during winter so that they could warm themselves through the winter.

There were times when rations were distributed too, although that might be the outcome of the dream realm’s illusion.

However, the benefits that the residents obtained were real, and I don’t wish for this tradition to vanish along with the passing of the feudal lord.

Go and put up a notice to tell the residents that the distribution of charcoal and rations will still go on this year.

With the protection of the Cecil Clan, this winter will still be warm.

Your people are doing the actual work every year, so it shouldn’t be a problem, right?” Patrick nodded repeatedly and said, “Yes, it definitely isn’t a problem.

In fact, half a month ago, we had already started making preparations for this.

The charcoal are all stacked up in the castle’s warehouse and waiting to be distributed…” After making arrangements for a few more matters, Gawain watched as Patrick went back into the crowd.

That stout man started to convey Gawain’s message to the supervisors while Gawain nodded and smiled.

He then picked up the cup of cooled tea and slowly drank it.

A young female servant walked over while panicking and seemingly wanted to remedy the neglect of her job, but Gawain shook his hand and asked that frightened young lady to look for a place to rest.

“It is fine.

Cooled tea is rather nice.

That’s right, if you cannot find a job, remember to come to the Cecil Clan.

We provide food and residence, and also distribute land.

” “You never forget to constantly recruit people.

” Amber stuffed half a piece of pastry into her mouth and looked at Gawain with a little dissatisfaction and said, “However, you are always readily giving the best benefits to people…” Gawain merely laughed and spoke softly, “You will understand, but don’t ask so much now.

” Amber curled her mouth and said, “Unnecessary information.

” Gawain didn’t explain too much to Amber; instead, he called out to Sir Philip who was resting by the side.

“From now on, you will be responsible for the communication between the Kant territory and Cecil territory.

You will also represent me to supervise the situation on this land.

” “Yes, Your Excellency.

” Sir Philip nodded but was still rather worried.

“I have never done anything like this…” “There is no need to overthink it.

I will tell you what you need to do.

Apart from what needs to be done, you are responsible for reporting to me on the Kant territory’s situation.

You don’t have to stay here for a long period of time either.

You simply have to make one or two trips here every month.

Knight, this place has encountered a great catastrophe and will need a lot of help.

” Philip felt his motivation instantly surging as he said, “Yes, Your Excellency, I will not fail your trust!” Gawain let out a breath and looked at the luxurious castle hall in front of him before he suddenly missed the Cecil territory’s fields and construction sites.

When the aftermath’s arrangements were done and after having people assigned to the tasks, it was time for him to leave.