Sword of Dawnbreaker - Chapter 133

Sword of Dawnbreaker - Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Returning Home Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Regarding Gawain’s third request, Viscount Andrew agreed with equal readiness.

Although he didn’t know why Gawain wanted to bring so many people who were literate in words and numbers to his territory, he wasn’t too interested in that.

In his heart, that was the most insignificant request amongst the three.

Although literate people were the minority, to the prosperous Tanzan Town, finding such a group of people who were educated yet down and out wasn’t that difficult.

He could easily pull out a number of them from the chambers of commerce and churches.

Long-term purchase of magic materials at a low price, gathering people, recruiting middle- to low-level intellectuals; after he was done with these three matters, Gawain then seemed to casually mention those ancient remains that Viscount Andrew had dug out from under his own territory.

“I’m afraid I do know about those remnants that you mentioned.

” Gawain did not mention the same remnants existing in the Dark Range but directly used his ‘ancient-person identity’ to open the conversation.

“You know, I was active seven hundred years ago — that was when the Gondor Empire was still thriving.

According to the empire’s history that I’ve grasped, the ruins that appeared in this area are highly likely to be the ‘outpost research station’ left behind from the Meteoric Era of the Gondor Empire, and most likely, the middle to later period of that era.

Viscount Andrew clearly wasn’t an ignorant person (in fact, other than a weirdo like Rebecca, there was barely anyone amongst the kingdom’s aristocrats who was bad at history).

He immediately revealed a surprised expression.

“Isn’t that about a thousand years ago?! Those ancient magical mechanisms inside were actually still operating!” “That’s right.

Ancient ruins from a thousand years before.

The magical equipment inside was still usable.

This isn’t something unimaginable for the Gondor Empire in those years.

Compared to those magical mechanisms, the Eternal Stone Tablet fragment that was also sealed in the remnants is more worrying.

” Gawain shook his head.

“Even the Gondor Empire then was considerably concerned with the Eternal Stone Slate.

They would not leave such an important ‘sacred object’ in the abandoned research station and disregard it without any reason.

” Viscount Andrew’s brows gradually knitted tightly.

He had detected the significance in Gawain’s words and only spoke up after a long while, “I had thought I discovered a mountain of treasures.

Only now did I realize that the Leslie Clan had been sitting on a volcano for generations…” Then he lifted his head to look at Gawain, his expression extremely solemn and serious.

“I know what you mean, and I also know that you’re the person who knows the Gondor Empire best.

— I’m afraid not a single scholar in this generation can surpass your knowledge and experience in this aspect.

So I hope to be able to receive your guidance in the matters regarding the underground ruins.

” Gawain wore a small smile.

This was truly a sensible decision; this Viscount clearly hadn’t let that possible ‘treasure’ go to his head — or rather, he had been carried away by it, but after having gone through so much and learning the truth behind the remnants, he had completely calmed down.




A fragment of the Eternal Stone Slate had caused great turmoil here, and something more dangerous and more frightening than the Eternal Stone Slate might still be sealed in those remnants.

No one needed to say this; the people present here at this very moment could probably all imagine it.

Oh, Amber who stood beside him might not.

She was currently looking at the roof in a daze, pondering about something.

It most likely had something to do with dinner.

“I suggest you explore those crypts and corridors with greater caution, but no matter what unfamiliar items you find, it’s best that you come and consult me with them,” Gawain said while nodding.

“Of course, you could also call a halt to the exploration.

That is the safer option.

In short, those things are in your territory.

You can deal with them however you like.

” At present, it was getting late.

The party decided to stay in this castle that was gradually putting a magic atrocity behind them.

Early morning the next day, Gawain bade farewell to Viscount Andrew and left the place with the others.

Watching the heralds who were running along the streets of the town loudly announcing the new orders from the Feudal Lord’s castle, Gawain lightly heaved a sigh of relief.

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COM In the foreseeable future, Viscount Andrew would probably be exceptionally busy.

Due to the aftermath of the heretic cult believer’s attack, a brief few days were enough to accumulate inconceivable havoc, and this disorder wouldn’t be easy to handle.

The confinement ban needed to be removed; big merchants and mine owners had to be placated; the people who died in this crisis also had to be buried… But all those were not his affairs to be concerned about.

The party left Tanzan Town.

Looking back at the town gates that were again wide open, Amber could not help but turn and give Gawain a curious glance.

“Say, you’re really honest.

That Viscount Andrew is in his weakest time, and you were holding his life in your hands.

To be honest, to the craftiest aristocrats, seizing the chance to gobble up the Leslie Clan’s properties was a possibility, yet you actually didn’t take advantage of this fish in troubled water?” Gawain looked at Amber and revealed a meaningful smile.

“No, you don’t understand.

I have already taken advantage.

” Amber frowned as she surveyed Gawain for a long time.

“You didn’t sleep well last night huh? You’re speaking gibberish?” Yet Gawain only smiled and did not explain fully.

“First, we’ll make a trip back to Goering Mill”—he lifted his hand to point in the southeast direction—”and pick up that little mute.

He’s the person who saved Sir Byron.

” Sir Byron looked toward Gawain, slightly moved.

“Thank you for your benevolence, but that child is very likely the ‘asset’ of a certain wealthy merchant in Tanzan Town.

If we take him away directly…” Gawain waved his hand.

“I’ve mentioned this matter to Viscount Andrew already.

He will search for the child’s owner and help us redeem the child’s freedom.

All these are trivial issues.

There’s no need to be bothered.

” In the dilapidated and abandoned Goering Mill, they saw that mute child once again.

The mute child completely remembered Gawain’s instructions to him before he left.

He’d stayed in the mill for the past day and night awaiting their return.

When Byron and Gawain — these two sturdy figures — first climbed out of the forest, this child had a small campfire in the empty space before the mill and was conscientiously roasting a bunch of unknown dried fruits that he had picked from the forest.

Upon seeing Gawain and company return safe and sound, the mute child instantly let out a ‘cheer’ and then ran over to them happily.

He stretched out his hand before Sir Byron; in his hand was a bunch of freshly roasted dried fruits.

“It seems that he likes you a lot.

” Amber grinningly gave the middle-aged knight a glance.

“He even left food for you.

” “I’ve never been a person who’s well-liked by children.

” Byron took the dried fruits and used his other hand to scratch his own hair, feeling rather embarrassed.

“I don’t know what’s going on either.

” Sir Philip mused for a moment and then asked Byron very seriously, “I remember you’ve yet to get married?” “What’s with not-being-married?!” Byron gave Philip a look.

“I’m different from you, the kind of person who has a group of girls sticking themselves to you wherever you go…” “Being ugly isn’t a sin.

You don’t have to mind that,” Philip consoled Byron bluntly and solemnly and went on before the other party could blow up.

“Why don’t you adopt this child and let him be your successor?” Byron was instantly stunned then and there.

“Ah?” “This is perfectly reasonable and fair,” Sir Philip said with a sober look.

“Firstly, he saved your life.

As a knight, you cannot let down this kindness.

Secondly, this child has many excellent qualities — he’s brave, kind, upright, and seems bright.

Although he is very thin and weak right now, the weakness of his body can thoroughly be remedied through postnatal cultivation.

Of course, his physical disability is a problem.

At this stage, regenerating magic would already be ineffective on him.

Hence, if he wants to enter the aristocrat circle hereafter, he probably—” “Alright, alright, alright, that’s enough, that’s enough.

” Byron cut Philip short in the middle of his long-winded speech.

“It’s not like I said no.

Moreover, before all of you came… I already had all these in mind.

” As he spoke, he laughed in a rather self-mocking manner.

“I had thought then that if I survived this time, I would bring this child back to the territory — but I truly didn’t expect to survive.

” With that, he turned towards Gawain.

His expression turned solemn as he prepared to follow the customary procedure of a knight adopting a child — present the request to his feudal lord and take an oath again.

However, before he could speak, Gawain had nodded with a smile.

“I approve.

Why don’t you ask this child and see what he thinks?” “You’ve heard all that we said earlier?” Byron lowered his head, awkwardly trying his best to adjust his expression to a friendly one, then forced out a smile, and asked the mute child, “I am willing to adopt you.

Are you willing?” The mute child lifted his head and looked around dazedly at all these adults before dropping his head and nodding slowly.

Riding the fast horses that they’d previously tied up near the mill, Gawain and company used a day’s time to arrive back at the new Cecil territory.

Heidi and Rebecca’s hanging hearts were finally eased.

Rebecca especially so — in fact, Gawain even suspected that this silly girl hadn’t been worried about him at all.

Upon receiving news that her Ancestor was back, the first thing this young lady did after rushing over was to tug on him and have him tell her stories of venturing to battle against the heretic cult believer in the castle.

Moreover, Heidi had been standing right beside her then.

Her Aunt had glared so hard that she was almost cramped, yet Rebecca didn’t sense anything at all.

— He could only conclude that the doofus’s skull was extremely hard; she could never be aware of the atmosphere before she received a beating.

But with regards to Rebecca’s change in behavior that was difficult to read, Gawain only gave a hearty smile.

— It was most likely that in this girl’s heart, her legendary ancestor that resurrected from 700 years ago was truly all-powerful.

A mere heretic cult believer wasn’t worth worrying about at all.

Moreover, her super formidable ancestor had headed out to battle with the crystal grenade that she took great pride in.

At the mention of the crystal grenade, Gawain felt that he still ought to praise the doofus.

Thus, after returning to his tent, the first thing he did was to pat Rebecca’s head with a gentle smile.

“Your crystal grenade really played a great role.

” “Really?!” Rebecca’s eyes were instantly full of light.

“You all used them?!” Gawain smiled.

“We only used one — but it was precisely that one that directly blew off an entire arm of the heretic cult believer.

This was a grade-five fallen druid.

” Naturally, there were many specific factors in between this.

For example, that heretic cult believer was already injured then: for example, he wasn’t able to release an even stronger shielding spell in time; for example, he had held the explosive in his own hand… But at any rate, one fact would never change— The crystal grenade that even children could learn to ignite was able to injure the body of a grade-five supernatural powerhouse.

This had Rebecca cheering loudly, such that her cheers could even be heard from a great distance outside the tent.

Byron and Philip, who were walking outside the tent, heard the cheers of their Viscountess and could not help but exchange a glance.

“Seems like our Lady has been praised.

” Byron grinned.

“Recently, she has been wreathed in smiles every day.

” “She was also beaming every day in the past.

” Philip was rather expressionless.

He only looked down at the little mute following beside Byron.

“Compared to anything else, you should bring your ‘adopted child’ to go bathe and get a change of clothes.

From today onward, he is a member of the Cecil territory and also the child of a knight.

Thus, he needs to take note of his image.

” Byron revealed a face of woe.

“Sigh… who would have expected that at my age, I wouldn’t even have a wife? Instead, I’ve got to first learn how to look after a child…” Meanwhile, on Gawain’s end, Rebecca and Heidi left after reporting the condition of the territory in the past two days.

Gawain bowed his head and looked at the two items that he had just placed on his desk.

One was the Eternal Stone Slate fragment, another… was the Mithril Ring that he had gotten from the heretic cult believer.

An Oblivion Association heretic was actually a major client of the Mithril Vault, huh…? Perhaps it was time to contact Miss My Little Pony.