Sword of Dawnbreaker - Chapter 63

Sword of Dawnbreaker - Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Abnormal ChangeTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios The construction of Magic Web 1 was very successful, and Rebecca indeed had a great talent for this aspect.

However, because the ‘Magic Web’ needed an arrangement consisting of only the most fundamental runes, the rogue mage had used calculation and innovation to simplify this unbelievable magic circle to the extreme.

In fact, the materials required for the magic circle had been downgraded to an inconceivable degree.

The quartz gravel that even commoners could buy was actually used as the main material.

As for the crucial points, they merely required a little bit of mithril and obsidian as conducting materials.

The budget was entirely within Cecil Clan’s capability.

After all, that rogue mage was extremely unconventional, and if the Magic Web couldn’t be simplified to this stage, he wouldn’t have been able to do any of this.

The currently smooth undertaking meant that the relevant pressure would soon follow suit… In Gawain’s vision, the territory would first need to maintain a sufficient stock of steel.

With enough steel, there would be weapons, equipment, tools for labor, and basic facilities to produce a higher grade of products.

Construction of the smithing facility was only the first step.

It was more important to complete the eastern mining area to ensure a constant supply of ores.

The construction of the mining area would need even more materials.

With the lack of heavy machinery, they could only rely on manpower to mine for ores; thus, they needed more manpower.

At the same time, the construction of the camp on this side also had to be hastened.

The switching of tents to wooden houses was just a makeshift plan.

A firm and proper camp should not be constructed with wooden blocks.

But in this era, this was the fastest construction technique and material? After all the problems were placed in front of his eyes, Gawain felt that building up from nothing was a very difficult task.

Even with the support of magic and the ability to neglect the problem of funds temporarily, it still wasn’t easy to construct a new home in a piece of empty land.

At this moment, Gawain couldn’t help but look forward to the aid that Francis II had promised.

Food and clothing were a factor, but most importantly, it was the 100 artisans and apprentices.

A hundred individuals.

Even if they were unlucky individuals who had been ostracized and forced to go south for the land claim, it was still 100 skilled talents! To the Cecil Clan who only had a total of over eight hundred individuals, what was the concept of having 100 skilled people? .



It was enough to make Gawain smile in his sleep, frightening the nearby soldiers that were on night watch.

It was a pity that at least two weeks were needed before they would arrive.

When mentioning talents, Gawain recalled that Amber had already departed for two days… Why wasn’t there any news? That disgraceful being that lacked moral principle wouldn’t possibly abscond after taking a few gold bars, right? In the large tent at the center of camp, Gawain’s mind was filled with complicated thoughts.

He was trying his best to concentrate on the blueprint in front of him while Betty was seated in a nearby cushion and dozing off little by little.

The blueprint in front of Gawain was the new type of furnace that he was designing.

It had a similar shape and structure to the blast furnace on Earth, but the mechanism within was entirely different.

There was a need to reserve space for the magic circle; there was also the need for the magic-conducting structure of the furnace to be as close to the buried ‘Magic Web 1’ as possible.

At the same time, the smelted molten iron should not damage the magic patterns of the furnace… Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V EL.

COM This was an entirely different thing as compared to the magic web and waterwheel.

Gawain had to combine the knowledge of both worlds in order to complete this furnace design.

If the ‘Magic Web’ was the Cecil Clan’s foundation, then designing this peculiar ‘hybrid furnace’ would be Gawain’s ‘foundation’.

Gawain knew clearly that only by completing the new furnace would it then be possible to realize all the bold and imaginative ideas in his mind.

This was something that no one could help him with.

He had already completed the combustion chamber and molten-iron drainage.

According to Gawain Cecil’s knowledge, a space for the magic circle had been properly reserved.

Gawain rubbed his temple and reached out to the side.

“Betty, bring me that sheepskin bag to store the blueprint… The one with the red string.

” There was no response from the side apart from light snoring.

Gawain turned around and saw a fatigued little maid who had curled up into a bundle on the cushion and was sleeping soundly.

It seemed like it was truly a boring matter to accompany him in this.

Gawain shook his head and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Just as he was preparing to stand up to take the sheepskin bag, he saw Betty suddenly opening her eyes and standing up.

She then walked towards the corner of the tent dizzily and opened the chest to retrieve the sheepskin bag before she wobbled towards him… She had executed the entire process with nearly closed eyes… Gawain laughed as he received the sheepskin bag.

As he was storing the blueprint, he looked at Betty who was trying to keep her eyes open.

“If you’re tired, you can sleep first.

I don’t know how much longer I’ll have to work.

” Betty suddenly sobered up and forcefully opened her eyes while shaking her head.

“I am not sleeping.

If my lord doesn’t sleep, I won’t sleep!” She then lowered her head and looked at the sketches on Gawain’s table with a serious expression.

Gawain felt a little curious.

“Are you able to read these?” “I can’t read…” Betty shook her head.

“I’m illiterate…” “Oh, then it must be very boring for you to read these,” Gawain said laughingly.

“No wonder you fell asleep earlier.

” “I didn’t sleep!” Betty quickly shook her head before she looked at the manuscript that was filled with words and asked, “My lord, you know many words, uh…” She was obviously very tired, but when she saw the table that was covered in manuscripts, her fatigue seemed to have vanished.

Gawain couldn’t help but feel intrigued and asked, “Do you wish to learn to read?” Betty subconsciously nodded before she quickly shook her head anxiously.

She pinched the button on her maid dress and said, “Madam Hansen said that maids don’t need to learn how to read and simply need to know how to work.

” “That is unreasonable.

Everyone can learn to read!” Gawain immediately corrected before he had a sudden impulse and said, “If you wish to learn, I can teach you.

” Betty’s eyes couldn’t help but drift to the manuscripts again.

But this time, she shook her head first and said, “But Knight Philip said that paper in the territory is very precious and can’t afford to be wasted by me…” Gawain was startled.

He initially wanted to say there was plenty of paper here, but he immediately realized that Knight Philip’s words were rather reasonable.

The territory was still not self-sufficient, and any communication with Tanzan Town had to be done with messenger riders.

It was best to use as little of such resources as possible, and it would truly be rather luxurious for Betty to use it for writing practice.

Furthermore, it was still unknown if this lass would truly be able to learn.

What if she was just playing around? But seeing the little maid’s blank expression, Gawain couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Wait here.

” He ran out to pick up a tree branch.

He brushed his hand across the tree branch and used the power of a knight to clear up the spikes and small extensions.

He then used a small knife to trim one of the edges before handing it to Betty.

“Use this to practice on the ground first.

We will talk about it when you get better at it.

” Betty received the branch with a startled expression.

She then saw Gawain turning back to the study table and writing on a piece of paper.

Soon enough, he started writing some letters… The yellowish and rough paper was soon filled with large letters, the fundamental alphabet.

Below was a large word.

Gawain handed the piece of paper to Betty and said, “This is the alphabet, and below is your name.

Practice accordingly… If you have any questions, you can ask me.

” Betty had a reaction as she received the paper like it was some treasure.

She was so happy that a snivel nearly flowed out.

The tent was pitched over soil, but it was tamped down firmly.

Gawain marked an area beside his table and designated it as the place for Betty to practice.

After loosening the soil for the little maid, he went back to his table, while the little maid squatted at the side and started to practice the fundamental alphabet clumsily.

She seemed to be rather diligent.

Gawain’s mind flashed to a lesson that he had once attended in his previous life.

He then shook his head and laughed.

After this interlude, he felt his spirit feeling a lot more relaxed, and his train of thoughts was much more energetic.

He took out another piece of paper and prepared to solve the other problems.

But this peaceful atmosphere didn’t last long.

A short moment later, Gawain heard a noisy clamor outside the tent.

He soothed Betty and asked her to practice here at ease before he walked out of the tent quickly.

Knight Byron was running towards this place, and his face looked rather anxious.

Gawain knew that something must have happened.

Gawain asked before the knight even spoke, “What happened?” “My lord, the soldier guarding the treasure vault in the mountain sent a report.

The report mentioned a strange commotion at the treasure vault, and something seemed to be grinding the wall or banging on something… But the doors of the treasure vault are sealed, and they cannot enter to check on the situation inside.

They had no choice but to deliver the news first.

” A problem at the remnants?! Gawain could only feel himself perspiring with cold sweat.

‘Everything can be discussed, but nothing must happen to that treasure vault!’ ‘That is truly my funeral funds!’ Immediately after, he composed himself.

If this news had come earlier, he might have been in more of a panic.

But fortunately, he had been constantly arranging men to shift the important resources to the camp.

Even though it had yet to be completely shifted out, they had moved at least one-third of it.

Even if something happened to the treasure vault or even if it collapsed, it wouldn’t be the death of him… After some self-consolation, Gawain managed to calm down completely… It was very dark now, so Byron didn’t notice the cold sweat on his lord’s forehead.

—Insert ‘Old Ancestor’s Reputation Is Saved.

jpg’ Gawain was wondering whether to investigate immediately or to wait until tomorrow morning.

But he quickly came to a verdict: ‘How can I sleep! Who can actually sleep with such a problem hanging?! If it was Rebecca, she might have already collapsed!’ “Let Knight Philip take charge of the camp’s defense.

Look for a few elite soldiers and follow me to the mountain.

Also, call Heidi too.

Her support magic should be rather useful.