Sword of Dawnbreaker - Chapter 32

Sword of Dawnbreaker - Chapter 32

Frankly speaking, Rebecca did not know these things very well and she was still a little confused even though Gawain had explained it to her once.

One thing she knew for sure was that her Lord Ancestor did not seem very pleased with the current king, Francis II.

“Although we do not need to antagonize the king, we need to be wary of him.

” Gawain answered casually after hearing Rebecca’s queries, he then looked at Amber, who was standing at the side and said confidently: “The Second Dynasty, don’t forget that it’s the ‘Second Dynasty’, to the royals who did not get their positions in the proper way, the Cecil Clan are now people from the past even though they were the heroes who built this country… We may not have such concerns, but Francis II does and because of this, I have decided to be wary.

” “Are you going to find fault with His Majesty the King?” Rebecca blinked and asked.

“No, I don’t actually want to find fault with him.

” Gawain shrugged his shoulders and added, “I just want to stir things up.

” Rebecca responded, “Ah?” Gawain had difficulties explaining the issue with Rebecca hence he changed the topic.

“Forget it, this is not important, let’s continue the previous topic.

Amber…” Amber raised both her hands to show that she understood before the instructions were given.

“I know I know, go out and keep a look out right, haish, what a hard life…” “No,” Gawain raised his brows and continued, “What I mean is that you can stand by the side but of course you can go back to your room and rest if you are bored.

You must be tired after all the things that happened tonight?” Amber looked at Gawain in disbelief.

“Ah, why are you so kind all of a sudden?” .



She shook her head immediately and moved to the study desk.

“I’m not going to go back.

I’m going to see what the two of you are going to do… don’t tell me that you are allocating your inheritance?” Gawain shook his head and did not entertain the half-elf then placed that round platinum plate on the table once again.

“You mentioned that this is a key.

” Rebecca still remembered what Gawain did not finish saying just now.

“Is this the secret treasure of our clan?” Amber immediately pricked her ears to listen and pretended to be looking around and her actions were extremely exaggerated.

Gawain laughed and said, “It is indeed a treasure and it is a hidden treasure-house located at the southern borders but it was initially prepared for King Anzu.

Of course, to the current king, that is not considered a huge sum of wealth but to the king who escaped to this land to expand the country in the past, it was half of the wealth of the expeditionary army.

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COM Rebecca’s eyes widened.

“It used to be the first line of defense for the Anzu Kingdom because during those days, nobody knew what would happen the next day.

” Gawain smiled and revealed the main purpose of this trip.

“During that time, the pioneers escaped to the northern parts from the Gondor wastelands.

We moved, categorized and congregated the survivors in the Gondor wastelands while collecting all kinds of resources.

As a result, the team grew in size and became more conspicuous thus a huge team of monsters from the wastelands discovered us when we were passing through the Dark Mountain Range.

The main army protected the civilians hence their speed was slower than that of the tireless monsters and a terrible battle broke out.

We suffered heavy losses due to that battle and when we calculated our losses after the war, Charlie and I noticed one thing: those monsters would not stop and if we continued carrying all our assets with us, the entire team may die.

Thus the two of us made a decision… We left the assets which would slow down the team drastically behind and hid them deep within a fort located in the deserted border.

At the same time, we created a powerful seal for the treasure and as a result, the entire team headed towards the north more easily.

You all know what happened subsequently.

The pioneer team managed to get themselves established in the north and created a new centre for the country in between the Plains of the Holy Spirit and the northern mountain range.

Charlie I built a city in the Soniel area but… the treasures remained in the south.

” Rebecca was curious and she asked, “Why didn’t you take them back?” “Initially it was because the time was turbulent and it was costly to do so.

” Gawain explained.

“At that time, pollution was worsening and the monsters even expanded the decomposed zone to the northern parts of the Dark Mountain Range.

Hence the place where we hid the treasures became a polluted area and sending a team there was not wise.

More importantly, we found rich resources in the mountain ranges in the north and the Plains of Holy Spirit also produced a rich pool of wealth.

These newly added wealth exceeded the resources left behind in the south not long after.

Due to these two reasons, people started to forget about the treasures in the southern mountain range.

” Rebecca looked at the round platinum plate in Gawain’s hands, “But they haven’t been forgotten completely…” “That’s right, the pioneers certainly remember where the treasures were hidden.

Although those resources would be increasingly worthless in the future, they still remained as a ‘memento’ for that epic creation of the country.

At that time, we had already expected the Dark Wave to recede and our descendents would be able to collect those treasures safely.

Therefore, Charlie and I made an agreement: the two families would keep this secret and pass it down to our descendents, the Cecil and Moen clans would know about it and we would take the treasures out when the Dark Wave ended and the new kingdom needed this wealth.

Think about it, Charlie would love a secret that had been passed on for hundreds of years, treasures of the royal family and the pioneers of the country and assets hidden in the mountains which could only be unlocked by an authentication object.

” Amber sized up Gawain and said, “Did you two make that decision because the both of you were drunk?” Gawain, “….

You could say so.

” Rebecca looked at her Lord Ancestor in a daze and said after a while, “However, as the heir of the Cecil clan, I have never heard of this story…” “This way of inheritance tends to be problematic.

” Gawain sighed, “I passed away too quickly at that time and I didn’t have enough time to tell my descendants about this…” Rebecca, “…” “However, Charlie’s side seems to have passed down the secret very well to his own descendents.

” Gawain coughed twice to make the situation less awkward and raised the round platinum plate in his hand.

“I came here to find out if the key was still here, since it’s still here, it means that the royal family of Anzu did not take those assets in the past 700 years.

Charlie knew about the secrets, so do his descendents, except for his illegitimate son.

” Between years 635 to 636, an internal conflict destroyed the lineage of the royal family and the King did not have any offspring and all his siblings died during the conflict.

In the end, the Grand Duke of the North found a commoner who was an alleged illegitimate son of the royal family to inherit the throne… Even if that illegitimate son was real, he would not have known about the secret of the treasures in the south.

“Those things…” Rebecca’s eyes flashed as she looked at the “key” then she frowned.

“Can we use it freely? It is…” Gawain glanced at this (N+1)th great granddaughter and said, “Of course you can, you are the descendent of the Cecil Clan and you should have some confidence.

I buried those things together with Charlie, who else in the world other than Charlie has more rights than me to inherit those treasures? I don’t believe that Charlie can hop out of a coffin like me…” Rebecca thought for a while and turned around suddenly to grab Amber’s arms,”You must not go and excavate the royal tomb!” Amber: “…What?” This half-elf immediately shuddered and looked at Gawain with anxiety.

“Wait a moment! I… I have heard such a huge secret… are you going to make use of this opportunity to kill me?” At that moment, Gawain really wanted to give her a slap using a sword.

“Do I have to wait till now if I wanted to kill you?” Amber was still nervous.

“Then why did you let an outsider like me listen to what you two have said…” “First, I trust you for now and second, I know that you are smart.

” Gawain raised the round plate in his hand and continued, “The only audacious thing which you can think of now is to steal this round plate but this plate can only be activated using the blood of the Moen or Cecil Clan.

Since it is difficult to determine whether the blood of the Moen Clan is still existent, it is obvious that the only thing which you can do if you want to get some benefits is…” Amber took a step forward and held her head high then said with a sense of justice, “It is my utmost honour to serve the hero who built this country.

I, Amber, would be loyal to the best of my ability, how can we mention money when it comes to something so epic?” “Then I really won’t talk to you about money…” “Of course, I’m okay if you insist.

” That was the first time for Gawain to see this shameless person simultaneously exude such a strong sense of justice… There were no other visitors in the latter part of that night.

Gawain did not need to use the mouse trap and nails which he placed on the windowsill… Although those things were quite useless for rogues who did not really know or believe in science… On the second day, Gawain and the group arrived in the Silver Castle after having a good rest.

The reception official who attended to them was the same as the one who met them on the previous day and Francis II replicated the grand welcoming ceremony yesterday.

It must be said that he had put in a lot of effort to make things grand.

For this time, the Silver Castle even sent out two teams from the army to pass messages.

They patrolled the two main roads outside the royal district to clear the crowd and used magic to amplify the message.

“Gawain Cecil, the pioneer of Anzu is about to enter the Silver Castle.

” It seemed like Prince Edmund had passed Gawain’s message to his father well and Francis II had put on a good show to the outsiders.

Gawain did not know how the Shadow Guard reported the situation when he went back.

However, it would be obvious from Francis II’s reaction later.

After checking his attire and making sure that the Sword of Pioneers was worn in the most eye-catching place, Gawain entered the Silver Castle with his head held high.