Sword of Dawnbreaker - Chapter 19

Sword of Dawnbreaker - Chapter 19

Gawain did not know about the impudent thought that had come to Rebecca, but even he knew that Viscount Andrew’s asylum for the people of Cecil territory would not come without a price.

The time when leaders swore to defend their people, when people helped one another, and when people selflessly dedicated themselves to the rebuilding of civilization had long passed.

Although Anzu Kingdom had yet to return to the former glory during the Gondor era, after nearly seven hundred years, the aristocrats had reached the highest level of selfishness without having teachers to teach them.

Undoubtedly, from the day that the refugees of Cecil territory entered Tanzan Town, Rebecca had already taken on this debt.

But taking on the debt was still better than letting her people die.

“Cecil Clan will thank you for your help.

” Gawain broke the silence.

“but the disaster is still the pressing matter at hand.

” Viscount Andrew had noticed Gawain sitting between Rebecca and Herti from the beginning, and he was quite intrigued by this man, who wore an ancient aristocratic outfit and had a big sword by his side.

There was no such character within his aristocratic circles that he knew of.

However, from the respectful attitude that Herti and Rebecca was treating this man with, he could tell that this man was definitely not an ordinary person.

So after Gawain spoke, he asked the question, “Pardon me, Sir, you are?” “I’m the ancestor of Cecil Clan, the pioneer of pioneers, one of the seven founding generals of Anzu, the Grand Duke of the southern borders, Gawain Cecil.

” Herti had been waiting for him to ask this question, and she immediately stood up, putting on a serious countenance as she introduced Gawain, “You should have heard of his name ever since you were a child.

He is the First Light of Dawn.

” Gawain tried to look serious and imposing, going along with Herti’s emphatic praises as he nodded slightly.

But upon hearing the last sentence, he was dumbfounded, and he asked Rebecca surreptitiously, “What the hell is with that last title?” Rebecca hurriedly explained, “After you died, the founder king gave you a posthumous name…” Gawain was shocked.

“… That old fool couldn’t think of a better sounding name?!” .



However, upon hearing Herti’s introduction, the proper aristocrat Viscount Andrew’s first reaction was a dull look.

Could this lady have gone mad after the trauma of facing those monsters and being overwhelmed by the disaster that had befallen her clan? Just as Gawain had expected, unless people were to witness it firsthand, it would be impossible for them to believe that Cecil Clan’s ancestor had actually climbed out of his coffin.

Even if it was an experienced and knowledgeable noble or a learned mage, they would never believe such a fantasy.

On the contrary, those illiterate civilians filled with superstitious ideas might actually believe it.

After hearing what Herti said, it was already a good display of self-control on Andrew’s part when he did not send his attendant to feed this lady with medicine.

“Lady, allow me… uh… Give me some time to think about this.

” Andrew tried to adjust his facial expression.

He seemed as though he was trying to find a way to express how he felt without being too rude, but in the end he could not help but come out frankly.

“I know you have been through an unimaginable nightmare, but to tell such a wild tale… Isn’t this a little too much?” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V EL.

COM Herti’s expression remained unchanged.

“I expected that you would react in this way.

In fact, even we can hardly believe that this is true.

However, the ancestor of Cecil Clan has indeed awoken from his long slumber.

We witnessed him sitting up from his coffin, holding the Sword of Pioneers in his hands.

We have also verified that he is truly resurrected and it was not a trick like being taken over by an undead… ” Andrew’s expression was between laughter and tears.

“If you have any request for me, just tell me straightforwardly.

This is…” Gawain waved his hand and motioned Herti to sit down.

He put the Sword of Pioneers on the table and turned to look at Viscount Andrew.

“Viscount, why would Herti come up with a lie like this? A viscount’s territory was destroyed by monsters and the elemental tide.

Then a dragon appeared in the skies above our territory.

Events of this degree is enough to alarm the king in the capital.

In this critical situation, would we send a person in an ancient costume carrying a lousy sword to your castle to tell you a fantasy tale just for fun?” As he said that, he injected the magical power from his body into the Sword of Pioneers, and as the magical power was infused into the sword, a dark red pattern once again appeared on the old longsword.

This time, its pattern was clearer.

Near the hilt was something that looked like a coat of arms with a sharp blade crossed with an iron plow.

It was Cecil Clan’s insignia in the pioneering era that was established since the day of Anzu’s founding.

Knights also had magical powers, but it was just that the way in which they utilized their magical power was very different than mages.

Although the Sword of Pioneers had lost most of its power in its earlier days, it still retained its basic function that enabled it to be distinguished from other swords.

Andrew was a little dumbstruck upon seeing that sword.

He had never seen the real Sword of Pioneers before, but several years ago, he had the fortune of seeing the replica that was enshrined in the capital’s royal temple, thus he would not mistake it for anything else.

If the sword on the table was not a counterfeit made by the Cecil Clan, then it must be the real one—the one sealed in Cecil Clan’s ancestral tombs, the one that no one would dare to steal even if their clan was on the decline.

Would this declining clan dig their ancestor’s grave, take this sacred sword, and spin such lies? Andrew hesitated.

If this thing was really a prank, then the efforts went into setting it up must be frightening.

However, if it was not a prank… How could anyone believe a story of an ancestor running out of his grave!! “You can find elven craftsmen to appraise this sword.

This sword was forged by their clansmen.

They know how to check the elven seal.

You can also take out the portraits of the founding princes and dukes for comparison.

Though I’ve slept for 700 years, it’s fortunate that my looks haven’t changed much.

” Watching Andrew’s changing expressions, Gawain smiled and said, ” If you can do that, you can also seek out the elven mercenaries, who have participated in the Second Settlement and now live secludedly in the mountains.

Perhaps there may be some of them who know me.

” “No, that’s not necessary.

” Viscount Andrew gave a wave of his hand, kneaded the space between his brows as he thought that these things that had happened were really not something he was adept at handling, “If you’re the legendary hero… I guess coming back to life after sleeping for 700 years could be possible.

” Even so, a discerning person could tell with a glance that this viscount still could not quite believe Gawain.

Still doubtful, he was only using an excuse to pause the conversation for the moment.

He thought it out.

What has this matter got to do with him? Why did he have to wrack his brain over whether this matter was true or not? Since the Cecils have said that it was true, he could just take it as the truth.

Anyways, he was just an ancient who had been dead for 700 years.

However, after thinking through these things, Viscount Andrew seemed to then catch on to a detail that Gawain had mentioned earlier, “Wait a minute, you said… a dragon appeared in the vicinity?!” “Yes, a blue dragon.

I don’t know where it came from, but in the end, it went northwest…” Gawain nodded before telling him about all the things that happened in Cecil territory, “… That was what happened.

” “Aberration… the monsters from the era of the Dark Wave… and dragons… my god…” Viscount Andrew’s brows seemed as though they were going to lock together, and even the red flush on his pale face faded away.

“What’s happening with this world… ” “What’s happening with this world is something that those scholars and the king have to think about.

What we need to do is pass on the news of what happened here to the city of St.

Soniel as soon as possible.

” Herti interrupted Andrew, “The situation is at a critical state.

” “I’ve already sent a messenger to report the attack on Cecil territory,” Viscount Andrew said, “The messenger has already set off on a fast horse.

He should already be halfway there by now.

” It seemed that Viscount Andrew had actually been quite competent.

Not only did he accept the refugees near his territory, but he also sent a messenger to report to the king at the earliest moment.

His performance was probably outstanding among the current aristocrats at the borders.

However, Herti had to make a further request, “Viscount Andrew, this is not enough.

This situation has become so serious that Rebecca must meet His Majesty in person.

And since the Grand Duke of Cecil has woken up from his long slumber, he must go to the capital as well.

We are grateful for the aid you provided to the Cecil Clan, but we still need more help.

” Hearing that, Andrew’s eyelids lowered as though he was contemplating.

Then he stood up and paced around in front of the long table with his hands crossed behind his back.

“What do you need? Horses? Supplies? Guards?” “Everything,” Rebecca plucked up her courage and said, “And we also ask of you to help take care of the people of Cecil territory for a while until we return from the capital and have a new territory to accommodate those people…” “That’s where the problem is,” Viscount Andrew raised his hand and interrupted Rebecca.

“Actually, I was going to talk about this.

I’m already trying my best to help my neighbors, and I’m happy to be of help.

However, I’m only a viscount.

How can I feed all those refugees? ” Gawain picked up the black tea before him that had gotten slightly cold, took a sip as he mused at how the viscount had finally broached the topic of ‘business’.

Rebecca said impatiently, “Knight Philip brought a bunch of gold and silver when he broke out.

The gold and silver should be enough…” “Of course, I know about the gold and silver,” Viscount Andrew interrupted Rebecca again, “Please rest assured that I’m not a man who takes advantage of others who are vulnerable.

However, medicine and food cost money.

I mentioned that earlier, didn’t I? When the brave knight arrived in Tanzan Town, he was battered, and almost all of the soldiers and civilians whom he brought along with him were wounded.

To treat them, I used the best medicine we have and used our best priest.

These are all very expensive.

That gold and silver was just barely enough for that.

” Rebecca’s eyes widened.

“Of course, I still want to emphasize that I’m not someone who takes advantage of others who are vulnerable,” Viscount Andrew continued.

“So I will continue to accommodate those refugees, and I will offer you as much help as possible.

I just want to make certain that after I’ve done all that, will the Cecil Clan still be able to pay this debt?”