I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 166

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 166

As for the green beans, carrots, and egg, they were all perfectly fused with the rice grains.

They were filled with the salt and freshness of the marinated meat.

When he ate them, the rice grains popped and the green beans were crispy.

Even Lu Yuxi’s least favorite carrots were fresh and sweet.

She lowered her head and gobbled down her rice.

After eating a bowl of duck blood vermicelli soup, and most of the stir-fried pork liver, she really couldn’t eat anymore.

She sat up straight and rubbed her bulging stomach.

“Alright, no matter how delicious it is, I can’t eat anymore.

I can’t even take even another mouthful.

I ate so much in the middle of the night.

” When Lu Yuxi first stayed at Xu Le’s house, she was thin and elegant.

She had an otherworldly aura and was indeed the school belle of the university.

After being fed by Xu Le for more than half a month, her face became chubby.

She finally had a healthy sense of nutrition.

Her face was fair and clear, and her eyes were bright.

The kitchen had been lit only by a small lamp so as not to alert the security guards stationed outside.

Now that they had eaten their fill, they planned to return to their rooms.

“How much weight have you gained since you came to my house?” Xu Le’s question was obviously too straightforward.

Lu Yuxi’s eyes widened when she heard it.

She gritted her teeth and said, “What are you talking about? Shut up.

” “Yo, I cooked for you to replenish your nutrition.

It’s fine if you don’t thank me, but you are even scolding me.

” Xu Le chuckled and said, “Did I step on your tail?” Lu Yuxi had really gained two to three kilograms.

She was so angry that she said, “I’m not talking to you.

It’s choking me.

Get me a drink.

” .



“Take it yourself.

” After Xu Le finished speaking, he added, “Don’t take ice carbonated drinks.

Find some juice and warm it up if it’s too cold.

” Lu Yuxi said and handed him a can of grape juice.

Then, she pulled out a can of soda.

The soda poured out of the opening.

She immediately raised her head and took a big gulp before hurriedly looking for a tissue to wipe her hands.

Suddenly there was a roar in the darkness.

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COM Lu Yuxi subconsciously shivered and pulled Xu Le into the fridge.

The side of the large refrigerator was a wall and there was a hidden gap.

Fortunately, one of them was tall and thin, and the other was short.

They entered easily.

After squatting down, Lu Yuxi took another sip of soda.

“Why are you panicking? I’m a contestant here.

Don’t behave like a guilty person…” Lu Yuxi took another sip of soda.

The person who had shouted just now walked out of the door and shone his flashlight in the kitchen.

He immediately saw the plates and food that had not been cleared off the table.

“President Chen, could it be that child who came?” As soon as he said this, Xu Le grabbed Lu Yuxi, who was about to go out, and gestured for her to hush.

Xu Le listened quietly.

After a series of footsteps, Chen Yeqi’s voice sounded.

“It’s a Sichuan dish, duck blood vermicelli soup.

Also, what kind of meat is in this stir-fried pineapple fried rice?” “No, it’s chili stir-fried pork liver.

” “Oh.

” Chen Yeqi said to the staff beside him, “Pack it up and study the recipe.

” The staff member did as he was told.

Chen Yeqi’s voice suddenly became impatient.

He said to another person, “You just won by a vote in today’s competition.

Since you don’t want to cheat and control the votes in order to ensure the authenticity of the audience’s votes, you should repair it properly.

Don’t keep making such mistakes! It’s a live broadcast.

It’s being shown to the public every second.

Who will wait for you?” “When can it be repaired? Give me an answer.

The finals will be in three days.

If you make a mistake again, Dad will definitely settle scores with you.

” “Stop shouting.

” That person’s voice seemed to be a little angry.

He said, “You are dragging Dad out to question me at the slightest change.

Chen Yeqi, do you have any other capability?” “Pfft, I was the one who organized this program.

The publicity effect is much better than finding any magazine media.

” After the two of them bickered, the staff at the side also packed the leftovers.

In the darkness beside the fridge, Lu Yuxi tried her best to slow down her breathing.

Both of them listened attentively to their conversation, and doubts arose in their hearts.

“I’m your elder brother, Chen Yeqi.

If you keep putting on airs, I’ll slap you!” The two of them were arguing non-stop.

The staff at the side wanted to persuade them, but he couldn’t interrupt.

Finally, Chen Yeqi scolded in a low voice, “Chen Zui, don’t be crazy.

All our family’s financial resources have been placed on this.

You know very well how much is at stake! I told you to repair it well.

You must tidy it up before the finals, understand?” “You’ve been a producer for too long.

You really know how to command people.

” Chen Zui was obviously dissatisfied with his attitude and tone, but he did not argue further.

Footsteps sounded again as the group of them headed out the door.

At the same time, Xu Le was puzzled.

Why was he packing leftovers to study the recipe? Wasn’t the method easy to obtain? It wasn’t anything confidential.

What did Chen Yeqi ask his brother to repair? Mysteries one after another appeared in his head.

Xu Le did not have time to think carefully.

He carefully walked out with his back bent, planning to return to his room first.

He did not show his face just now.

If he appeared now, it would definitely be awkward.

Behind him, Lu Yuxi suddenly gasped.

Then, her hand slipped and the can hit the ground and rolled a few times.

It was quite a commotion.

Chen Yeqi heard a bang and immediately turned to walk towards the kitchen.

He turned on the lights.

The headlights snapped on overhead.

The light was blinding.

Chen Yeqi looked at the empty kitchen.

There was only a can on the floor.

Chen Zui followed from behind and glanced at it coldly.

“It’s just that a can that fell.

What’s there to fuss about?” Chen Yeqi walked around the kitchen again.

After making sure that no one was hiding in the corner, he turned off the light and left.

On the other side, Xu Le had an idea.

He remembered that after the results of the competition came out that day, he went to pull open the curtain of the kitchen.

There was no one inside, which meant that there must be a back door in the kitchen.

However, coincidentally, the hidden back door that was only half a meter wide was set up where they were hiding.

“No wonder the fridge isn’t placed against the wall.

I was just thinking it doesn’t make sense to leave such a huge area to collect dust.

So there’s a door behind it.

” Lu Yuxi only spoke carefully after the footsteps had completely disappeared.

“Alright, it’s fine.

It’s not a big deal if he finds out.

Go back to sleep first.

” After Xu Le sent Lu Yuxi to the corridor, he chased after Chen Yeqi.

There were dark yellow spotlights a few meters away in the exhibition hall.

When Xu Le walked to the door of a long corridor backstage, he heard voices coming from the room inside.

He relaxed and was about to step forward to listen when two figures appeared on the white door in front of him.

Xu Le’s heart skipped a beat.

He turned around and met a pair of extremely familiar eyes.

Chen Zui smiled.

“Little kid, what are you doing here?”