I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 129

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Uncle, Act More Normally Xu Le wanted to ask if he was really angry.

However, he realized that with Alex’s personality, he would definitely not admit it.

He could only say, “You haven’t tried the snowflake peach paste I made for you.

Why are you here?” “Hmph.

” Alex lowered his head and played with his phone.

It was completely dark outside, and the light from the eaves and the light from his phone shone on his face.

Xu Le did not know if it was his illusion, but he felt that the other party’s eyes were red.

“Just now…” Xu Le wanted to explain that what he just said was unintentional.

However, Alex stood up with a relieved expression and said, “I’ll send a message to my staff.

Let’s go back and continue eating.

” “I can’t believe no one ate my snowflake peach paste.

” Xu Le started the conversation by mocking himself.

“Seriously?” .



Alex said in a light tone, “You cook so well.

Logically speaking, your food shouldn’t be so bad tasting that it’s inedible even if you fail, right?” He suddenly stopped being argumentative and started to seriously evaluate Xu Le’s cooking.

When he stopped nitpicking, Xu Le found it hard to get used to it.

He said, “Uncle, act more normally.

” “How am I abnormal?” Alex burst into laughter and returned to the dining table.

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COM That day’s recording ended early, so all the guests lowered their heads and fiddled with their phones.

Zhou Huangya noticed Xu Le and quickly said, “You don’t have to wash the dishes.

I’ll do it later.

Oh right, has the editor-in-chief and your work ended?” “Not yet, I should be having a solo interview Xu Le later.

” “When?” “We haven’t decided on the date yet, but we need the headquarters to come up with a proposal overnight.

” Alex replied in a relaxed manner.

He used a spoon to dig a large mouthful of snowflake peach paste and placed it into his mouth.

In an instant, he could taste the sweet fragrance and the walnut kernels were chewy.

It was like a typical Chinese cake.

His thoughts were pulled away in an instant.

He savored it carefully for a while before saying, “The last time I ate it was more than ten years ago.

At that time, I had just graduated and entered the work industry.

Snowflake peach paste is also quite expensive.

Usually, I have to scrimp and save for a long time before I could buy it.

Later on, when I had money and had gone back to buy it, that stall had long closed down.

” “Mm? So, is it delicious?” Xu Le felt nervous for the first time as he waited in anticipation for his feedback.

“Of course! It tastes exactly the same as what I tasted before.

” The snowflake peach paste was a typical Chinese dessert, and it suited the taste of the older generation.

It was fragrant and sweet, with walnuts in it, so it was especially chewy.

At that time, most people were poor.

It was already very rare for them to be able to eat sweet food with strong flavors.

Times had changed.

Nowadays, most people liked desserts that were “not too sweet.

As the tastes of the old and new generation were different, everyone who had tried it earlier only praised the other dishes and skipped the snowflake peach paste.

It was not that it was not delicious, but it did not suit their taste.

Alex began to savor the remaining half of the snowflake peach paste with a spoon.

Xu Le heaved a sigh of relief.

The last time he doubted his culinary skills was when he lost to an unknown chef, Chen Xian.

He thought that Alex’s impression of the dessert was still stuck in the taste of his memory.

Even if the taste was replicated, it would still be different from what he remembered.

He did not expect him to like it so much.

After that day’s recording, Alex looked at the time after he finished his meal.

He went up and said, “I’m going back.

You can come with me, so that you don’t have to make another trip for the interview tomorrow.

” Xu Le was about to call Lu Yuxi when he heard this.

He smiled and said, “Didn’t you say that I have to wait for your team’s proposal?” “No need, let’s go directly.

” Alex suddenly changed his mind.

Before he left, the production team even pushed the translator out and asked her to go with Xu Le.

In the car, Alex was arguing with the employees in Thai.

The translator lowered her voice and said to Xu Le, “KL is considered a trendy entertainment magazine.

It has a high sales and the electronic version is highly anticipated every month.

If you are having their interview, you must prepare well.

Don’t be nervous!” Xu Le put on his earphones and smiled.

“I’m not nervous.

” The call went through and Lu Yuxi, who had two dark circles under her eyes, said weakly, “Hello?” “How many days have you not slept? Look at your panda eye…” “Xu Le!” Lu Yuxi raised her voice and said angrily, “Do you know how scary the queue in the store has been recently? Even the suppliers have changed from a minivan to a mini truck to deliver the ingredients.

The store is packed every day like sardines.

It’s too terrifying!” After Lu Yuxi finished complaining, she waved at Xu Tian and said, “Tiantian, do you want to talk to your brother?” III There was no reply.

Lu Yuxi craned her neck to take a look and said, “Your sister is brushing her teeth.

Wait a minute.

Oh right, when is your flight?” “Tomorrow night.

Has Tiantian been obedient at home recently?”.

Lu Yuxi raised her hand to scratch her head and said, “Actually, you weren’t gone for a long time to film the show, but why do I feel like you’ve been gone for so long? Come back quickly.

I have something on in a few days, so I can’t take care of Tiantian… Eh?” Lu Yuxi’s eyes suddenly lit up.

She stared straight at the backview of the person at the front seat and whispered, “I think that person looks very familiar.

He looks like someone from KL.

” Xu Le raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“You know about him?” “Of course.

Who hasn’t chased after celebrities when they were young? I was so into him back then…” Halfway through their conversation, Lu Yuxi’s expression froze.

” Don’t tell me you’re going to have a magazine interview?” “What’s wrong?” “KL’s magazine interview?” “Correct.

” Lu Yuxi sucked in a breath of cold air and said, “Although I quite like that magazine, I know what kind of people they are.

Especially that editor-in-chief.

He loves to see the world in chaos.

Every time, he would write a caption that captures people’s attention.

You have to be careful.

Can you really not turn him down?” Her words enlightened Xu Le.

He finally knew why Alex always seemed so argumentative.

Since he was already in the car, it would be difficult for him to escape.

Hence, he said, “Don’t worry, I will take note of that.

” Besides, he wasn’t a celebrity and didn’t have so many concerns.

After chatting for a while more, Xu Tian, who had brushed her teeth, appeared in front of the camera with white foam at the corner of her mouth.

When she saw her brother, her eyes turned into crescent moons.

She asked in a childlike voice, “Brother, when are you coming back?” “Very soon.

Two days at most.

Has Tiantian been doing her homework recently?” “Yes!” An unnatural expression appeared on Xu Tian’s face.

“Brother, when will Daddy and Mommy be back from their trip?” “Uh…” Xu Le looked at his sister’s innocent expression and was lost for words.

Unexpectedly, Xu Tian pursed her lips and teardrops the size of soybeans fell from her eyes.

She said, “Does Daddy and Mommy not want us anymore?”