I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 114

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 114

Chapter 114: One Chicken, Three Eating Methods   Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios ‘The fat and lean meat melded together, and when chopped together, it would become sticky.

“At this stage, you can put it in the basin, Remember to make sure the meat stuffing is sticky enough to stay on the knife.

” “Now, let’s deal with the water chestnuts.

First, we’ll use the knife to smash it before cutting it.

There’s no need to cut it too small.

Maintain the texture and stir it into the meat filling.

It will have an effect of degreasing the meat.

” As Xu Le spoke, he demonstrated.

He then took some scallions and ginger and cut them into slices.

He said, “Put cold water in the ceramic pot and put in the ginger and scallions.

If you guys are cooking at home, you must remember to put in a few slices yourself, because when the soup is mixed with theflavor of the condiments later, you still have to fish them out.

” He took some scallions and ginger and poured some huadiao wine into it.

“This is onion and ginger water.

I have about 600 grams of meat here, 400 grams of onion and ginger water.

Pour in half of the onion and ginger water, two spoons of starch, a little white pepper, and some salt.

”Then, Xu Le raised his hand and poured two big spoonfuls of salt into it.

Zhang Liang immediately stood up and said agitatedly, “Did you make a mistake? Look, you probably put in too much salt.

” “Pfft…” Xu Le glanced at him and saic ” Are you so concerned about me making a mistake? You can add more salt when making Stewed Lion’s Head Meatballs.

During the process of stewing it, it will be dissolved into the soup.

Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand.

”Zhang Liang had his hands on his waist as he half-jokingly said, “In any case, I bet that your dish will definitely be salty later!” “Besides, I didn’t add enough salt.

” Xu Le wore a disposable glove and stirred the meat fillings in one direction.

He didn’t forget to throw it around repeatedly.

When the onion and ginger water in the meat fillings was all absorbed, he added the remaining water.




Xu Le said, “Everyone, pay attention when you’re throwing the meat around.

When the meat fillings are dry, you can add onion and ginger water, salt, or starch for you.

Add only the appropriate amount.

” “Hit it until sticky substance becomes more solid.

When it’s almost at this state, we can add the water chestnuts that were cut into pieces just now and mix them together.

The water that was boiled just now is just about ready.

” ‘Xu Le took out a bowl and added starch and water.

After stirring it, he said, “Dip some starch on your hand and pinch the lion’s head.

The meat stuffing won’t scatter easily and will be easier to form.

On the other hand, it can increase the elasticity on the surface of the meatball and make it smoother.

”He pinched a palm-sized meatball and said, “Just this size will do.

It’s just nice for each of us.

” “Wow, this meatball must be at least 100 grams, right?” “Yeah, that’s what it should be based on the authentic recipe.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V EL.

COM Xu Le answered casually and carefully placed the ball into the ceramic pot.

Zhang Liang watched from the side and asked, “Which recipe? Give me a link and let me buy it so that I can improve my culinary skills.

” Xu Le was stunned.

This was the authentic recipe given to him by the system.

It was not that he could not tell others about it, but it had too high a requirement for his skills.

Hence, he casually replied, “My parents taught me before.

They took it away.

” “Lheard that you’re from a family of chefs.

Your parents have gone to France to further their training.

They’ll definitely be able to leave their names in history in future.

” Zhang Liang gave him a thumbs up and praised in admiration, “They are so focused on improving themselves in their industry.

That is what art should be.

” Xu Le smiled bashfully and did not reply.

He rolled five big meatballs and added them to the pot.

He placed the last one in the middle of the pot.

He said, “If you have made fewer meatballs, choose a smaller ceramic pot and try to form a circle so that the meatballs won’t move around.

If they are close together, they won’t scatter easily.

” The surface of the lion head solidified when it was heated, and immediately became smooth.

Xu Le used a metal spoon to remove the foam on the surface.

“Add a small amount of yellow wine and pepper powder inside, then close the lid and stew it.

The lion’s head can be steamed, but the cooking method of stewing it will force out the fat inside to the greatest extent, retaining the elasticity of the fat, so that it’s not greasy.

Just stew it over a small fire for twoand a half hours.

Then we can just wait now.

” ‘When he was done in the kitchen, the manager at the front shouted for them to help move the things.

Xu Le walked to the door.

Bai Xiaoming was carrying a few large boxes and walked away from him.

“Be careful, move aside, don’t let it hit you!” Before he could finish speaking, he suddenly stepped on his shoelace.

He staggered and the thing in his hand flew forward.

Xu Le supported Bai Xiaoming with one hand.

Amidst the cries of surprise, Zhang Liang ran forward and stared at the two of them with his mouth agape.

“Are you alright?” “Yes.

” Bai Xiaoming stood up straight and put down the box.

He had clearly felt a steady force supporting him just now.

He stared at Xu Le in surprise.

“Why are you so strong? Did you secretly do weight training just for the show?” The last half of his sentence easily dissolved the tense atmosphere.

Xu Le shook his head and said, “It’s the biceps that I trained from carrying the wok every day.

” After laughing, Xu Le looked at the white meat in the box and said, “What did you buy?” “There was a discount on the chicken, so I immediately rode the electric scooter there.

These were all freshly slaughtered the day before, and were especially fresh.

There should be around 30 of them, so we have tomorrow’s ingredients all prepared!”Bai Xiaoming put his hands on his hips and bragged, “See how I’m helping to save money! I immediately went there as soon as I heard the news!” ‘Xu Le lowered his head and looked at the chicken buried in the ice.

After taking a quick glance, he said, “In addition to the rooster, there’s also the hens used to lay eggs.

However, the meat looks especially thin.

” Bai Xiaoming frowned and asked worriedly, “Then what should we do? How many hens are there?” Zhang Liang said, “Don’t worry, I’ll make some chicken soup tomorrow.

” “But there is already a hot-selling soup in the shop.

Today, I recommended them egg and seaweed soup and wine-brewed riceballs, but they didn’t want any of them.

They clearly pointed out that they want Xu Le’s carp soup.

” Zhou Huangya came over to explain the situation.

“Little Master Chef, do you have any good ideas?” “The hens with poor meat quality can be made into a sauce chicken.

There is a method of steaming the chicken so that after it is steamed, it can greatly improve the condition of the tough meat.

As for the rooster, we can cook fried chicken.

It won’t be particularly spicy, and the locals can take the tasteThen, another dish of Jade Hairpin Chicken Wing Ball.

” He quickly thought of how each chicken could be cooked.

Bai Xiaoming was especially assured of him and said, “Alright, I believe you.

Go ahead and do it.

”Zhou Huangya looked at the fresh chicken and said, “Erm, how about cooking cola chicken wing today? I haven’t eaten it in a long time and I really miss that taste.

” “Stop, stop.

” Zhang Liang rebuked, “Save it.

We are here to sell dishes to earn money.

It’s good enough that we have food to eat.

The lion’s head we made for you is still stewing in the pot!”At the mention of the lion’s head, Xu Le rushed in and Zhang Liang shouted outside, “It’s just a small fire, it won’t be overcooked!” Xu Le ran to the kitchen and took a look at the time.

He took out the chopped onion leaves and ginger slices that had been stewed until they were soft.

Then, he let out a long sigh and said to the camera, “You must remember to take out the condiments inside.

Otherwise, it will affect the appearance.

Atthis stage, you can add the vegetables you want to eat inside.