I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 105

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Do You Really Not Consider Entering the Entertainment Industry?   Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios “Whoa, so crispy!” In fact, the yam ring on the surface of the duck meat looked more like meat floss in terms of visual and texture.

Although the cooking method was complicated, it greatly improved the taste and quality of the entire dish.

Even the store manager, Bai Xiaoming, nodded in agreement.

“This dish is really too amazing! There’s no problem using it as the finale dish.

Haha, I didn’t expect the production team to really hire a little Master Chef for us.

”The Crispy Yam Duck was immediately added to the menu.

Everyone finally treated Xu Le as a chef who could cook.

However, each time, Zhou Huangya could not help but pinch Xu Le’s cheeks and say, “You’re too cute! If Ihave children in the future, how I wish they can be like you!” The restaurant opened for business at 2pm in the afternoon.

It was just opened for business and the kitchen was immediately preparing the dishes in full swing.

As none of them were professional chefs, other than Zhang Liang’s cooking skills which were slightly better, the rest of them could only dosimple chores like beating eggs, washing vegetables and cutting vegetables.

Soon, someone ordered this dish.

Xu Le was in charge of the most difficult procedure—frying the yam ring.

After he finished preparing the dishes and carried them out, he saw a Chinese couple being lovey-dovey.

They turned around and saw Xu Le.

Shocked, they said, “Hey, be careful.

I’ll carry it.

” They treated Xu Le like a child and reached out to take the plate.

Xu Le held the edge of the plate steadily and said, “I can do it.

” Then, he placed the dishes on the table and said, “Please eat.

” .



“Wow, are you working here?” The young girl saw that his face was serious, but there was some baby fat on his face.

It was indescribably cute and adorable.

“No, I’ma chef.

” After Xu Le said that, the couple’s expression changed.

The man responded with an ‘oh’ and picked up a thick piece of meat with his chopsticks.

“Are you kidding?” After taking a bite, he was even more certain of his thoughts.

He urged his girlfriend to try and said, “Cindy, quickly try it! This is especially delicious! I don’t know what kind of meat is wrapped in it.

I can taste the texture of the meat, but it does not have a stench at all.

It’s super fragrant!”His girlfriend was still asking Xu Le, “Are you studying here? Or is your family migrating here? Don’t rush me, I know how to eat.

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COM Xu Le ignored their irrelevant questions and said, “Please try it while it’s hot.

Once it’s cold, you’ll easily smell the stench of the duck.

” “The meat inside here is duck meat?” The man widened his eyes in shock and said, “I’m not used to the greasy meat smell of the duck, but there’s a hint of sweetness in this.

What did you add?” Xu Le answered, “Yam paste.

” The woman did not believe that it was as good as he said.

She muttered, “Aren’t you exaggerating?” and then took a bite.

The yam ring was fragrant and crisp, the yam paste was sweet and fine, the duck meat was soft and chewy, and the three flavors were mixed together.

Not only was it not out of place, but it also complemented each other well.

Each flavor had its own unique flavor, the saltiness and softness blended wellto form many layers of taste.

“Wow!”The woman suddenly stood up and said, “What’s the name of this dish? I want to learn it when I get back! It’s really too delicious!” ‘When Bai Xiaoming heard the commotion, he came over to strike up a conversation with them and explain.

He pointed at the camera and didn’t forget to put his hands on Xu Le’s shoulders and said, “This dish was made by our little chef.

If you want to a tutorial, you can pay attention to the future uploadsof our show.

” The woman said dumbfoundedly, “He made it?” “That’s right.

” “Oh my god! Each generation is stronger than the previous one.

As expected of the 5,000 year food history in China.

Even a child is so capable!” She said with admiration and envy, “Can I take a picture with you?” Xu Le nodded.


” Bai Xiaoming interrupted, “Include me too.

” The three of them took a photo and Xu Le was very satisfied.

It seemed that no matter where they went, food could be the best cultural exchange and communication apart from language.

They sold more than 30 servings of the Crispy Yam Duck in a day.

They opened for business at 2 pm and by 6 pm, all the ingredients they prepared were sold out.

Xu Le stood beside the pot and had been frying for a few hours.

During this time, Zhang Liang saw that he was young and was afraid that he would be tired, so he came over and requested for the two of them to change shifts.

In the end, he did not expect that could not produce any crispy skin despite the seemingly simple process.

He could not even make the yam ring at all.

Hence, he could only ask Xu Le to do it.

‘When there were finally fewer customers and it was time for lunch, Zhou Huangya flipped through the ingredients stored in the kitchen and said, “Today’s business is too good.

It’s not even dinner and we’ve already earned the required amount! But we…”She shrugged.

“What should we eat later?” Bai Xiaoming raised his hand and said, “Why don’t I go buy more groceries now? Let’s strike while the iron is hot.

That finale dish is too hard to make.

Since we can’t serve it, we’ll sell other dishes first.

We still have time in the afternoon anyway.


” Zhou Huangya pouted as she rubbed her starving stomach and said, “I’m going crazy from hunger.

I’ve only eaten a few pieces of duck meat since this morning and there’s no more ingredients now.

Ahhh, I want to eat!” She was already very hungry and irritable.

Xu Le put away his apron and hung it on the rack at the side, saying, “Are there no vegetables left at all? Why don’t you check again? I’ll make dinner.

” Zhou Huangya said, “Don’t come.

Sit down and rest.

You’ve been busy all afternoon.

If the program gets broadcasted, they will say that we hired child laborers and abused them.

” “Is that so?” Xu Le smiled.

He was also one who had his own store.

He had to provide so many meals every day, so his arm strength and endurance were already similar to that of an adult man.

He went to the fridge and looked around.

When he saw a small piece of pork belly and two vegetables, he said, “Tl cook for you guys.

Steam some rice.

” “You know how to cook other dishes?” Shu Qi’s interest was piqued and she said straightforwardly, “I thought that in order to prepare for the program, you only learned one dish.

” Xu Le rolled up his sleeves modestly and said, “Haha, that can’t be.

After all, if I want to make a living as a chef, I still have to have some skills.

” Shu Qi asked directly, “Are you really not thinking of using this program as a springboard to enter the entertainment industry, to start acting or join variety shows?” “Why do you think so?” Xu Le started to cut the pork belly.

“Because you’re good-looking.

You have good genes, big eyes, thick eyebrows, and a high nose bridge.

Look at the ratio of your features.

Your hands are long and your legs are long.

It’s not too much to switch careers and become a celebrity, right?”Shu Qi revealed her true thoughts.

Xu Le, on the other hand, stopped shyly and said, “I haven’t fully matured yet, so you can’t tell if I’m going to look good or bad.

” “Don’t be modest.

” Zhang Liang quipped, “With your looks, are you really not considering joining the entertainment industry?” “There are many handsome men and beautiful women.

I’m not the best.

I only know how to cook.

I only want to be a chef.

I won’t consider it.

” Xu Le’s tone was tactful, but in reality, he rejected them outrightly.