I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 102

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Flying to Bangkok “Boss, are you also from the Northeast?” Xu Le was stopped by a customer.

He turned around and smiled.


” “Then how can you make such authentic pork?” “Before I ate it, I thought that 60 yuan per plate was a little expensive.

But after tasting it, I felt that it was really worth it!” The customer ate with relish and couldn’t help but reminisce about his hometown.

He said, “It will definitely be snowing in my hometown in a few months.

When the snow is thick enough to step on, the snow will enter the shoe.

It will be so cold.

” Lu Yuxi interrupted, “I’ve never seen snow in my life.

” “…No way.

” Xu Le said in surprise, “Really? Has anyone never seen snow before?” “Yeah.

” “Boss, is there a shop nearby hiring?” Suddenly, a man in a suit and leather shoes asked this question.

Xu Le looked at him and felt that he did not look like someone who needed to find a job in a restaurant.

He shook his head and said, “I have recruited all the people I need for my restaurant.

Why don’t you ask other restaurants?” .



“Hahaha, it would be great if there are really shops hiring people.

I’ll work in the vicinity so that I can eat your food three meals a day.

It will be so satisfying!” Xu Le could tell that he was joking and said, “If you’re working at a restaurant, yet you always come to my restaurant for meals, your boss would definitely scold you!” The customers in the shop laughed and the atmosphere became more relaxed.

There was a shortage of steamed pork buns, and the Eight Treasure Fortune Bag was also selling very well.

Although it was a limited dish for the day, Xu Le didn’t limit the amount and sold more than 300 servings in a day.

When it was almost time to close the shop, he had almost become dazed from fatigue.

At first, Lu Yuxi was still collecting the cash in the front, but later on, she could not keep up with preparing the egg skin.

The process was simple, but it took time.

If one was not careful, it would be easily burnt.

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COM When she saw that the customers in front of her were ordering on their phones, she went to the kitchen to help.

When she started working, she even happily boasted to Xu Le, “I told you that I could help in the kitchen, didn’t I? You still don’t believe me!” In the end, in the afternoon, Lu Yuxi felt that she could barely lift her arms and immediately escaped.

Li Qing also came out to nag at her and said, “You won’t make it like this.

In the line of being a chef, you have to practice.

If you practice more, you won’t be so tired!” Lu Yuxi rolled her eyes and couldn’t be bothered to argue with him.

Li Qing pointed at her and laughed.

“How can a girl like you be so weak? Hey, hey, someone’s here.

Quickly stand up and collect the payment.

Stop laying on the table.

” In the end, after Li Qing bragged about it, he also couldn’t stand straight after dinner time and kept rubbing his wrists and neck.

When he saw Xu Le cutting the ingredients meticulously, he could not help but be shocked.

“Master Xu, how is your stamina so good?” “Yeah?” Xu Le looked at him and continued cutting the vegetables.

“This is my favorite job.

When I’m really engrossed in it, I won’t feel tired.

” Li Qing nodded in admiration.

In the next few days, Xu Le had the time to teach Li Qing how to make the dishes on the menu.

And he would follow Xu Le’s way of cooking the exact same way.

Li Qing admired him from the bottom of his heart.

He was humble and eager to learn.

Very soon, his culinary skills made a qualitative leap.

Before Xu Le went to film the show on Friday, Li Qing could at least guarantee that his store would not close for business.

When the news of Xu Le wanting to film a show was released, his social media platform was immediately filled with upset people.

Lu Yuxi was in charge of the publicity and marketing of the Eight-year-old cafeteria.

She was used to these comments and raised her phone to show Xu Le.

She said, “Everyone can’t bear to part with you.

Hahaha, to be precise, they can’t bear to part with your cooking.

” Xu Le scrolled down.

Top comment: Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah don’t do that! I applied for leave tomorrow and wanted to visit Hongxing Road.

Why! Why must it be today! Boss, can you be kind enough and film the show one day later! “Is the boss going to close for business again? Oh my god, how can a show be more profitable than opening for business? Please open!” He clicked on the reply: How would you know if he might be paid more for appearing on variety shows, or if he earns more by working so hard? Xu Le scrolled down after each comment.

Most of the comments were hoping that he would not close and would continue to open for business.

Until there was a hater comment.

“The top comments are all fake reviewers hired by that kid, right? How could he be praised by you guys to be god-like? After attending the filming of the show, he will definitely fail, hehe.

” Xu Le clicked on the replies, and there were all sarcastic responses from the fans.

“That’s great.

Then please don’t go.

I really don’t want to queue for two hours to eat!” “It’s great that you don’t eat their food.

The boss doesn’t want to cook for you either.

” “He’s going to fail just because he was on a show? There are so many winners of cooking competitions, and he’s the third runner-up at the Beijing Expo.

He’s only eight years old, but he’s already a prodigy to be able to reach this level, alright?” After reading the comments one by one, Lu Yuxi asked excitedly, “How much are you paid a week for your last show?” Xu Le gestured with his hands and said, “This amount.

” “D*mn! Is the first digit ten thousands?” “It should be 100,000.

” “Oh my god!” Lu Yuxi practically jumped up from the sofa.

“Please give me a raise, a raise! My good boss, when will you raise my salary?!” Xu Le was amused by her greedy look.

To be honest, ever since Lu Yuxi came.

The few videos that were filmed had a lot of views and likes.

The invitation from the production team this time were all because of the videos that were accidentally taken by Lu Yuxi.

Some things required talent.

It was just like how Lu Yuxi had a way to capture the attention of the audience.

Even if the filming was not perfect, the video she created would always be eye-catching.

It could be because the technology was superb, or because the atmosphere was warm and infectious enough, it had a huge impact on the reputation and marketing of the “Eight-year-old cafeteria”.

He thought for a moment and said, “When I come back from the show successfully, I’ll give you a raise immediately.

” “How much?” “500?” “Oh, my good boss.

” Lu Yuxi looked at him eagerly.

“Can’t you give a little more?” “1,000 then.

” “Alright.

” Lu Yuxi knew when to stop.

She smiled and praised, “Boss is so generous.

I will definitely take care of Tiantian and the shop.

” “MMhmm.

” After getting on the plane arranged by the production team, Xu Le put on his eye mask and earphones and entered the system to learn.

Since they wanted to promote Chinese cuisine, it should be something that everyone can enjoy together.

Some dishes had to be integrated into daily life to be remembered.

He had been learning in the system for half a year, but only two days had passed outside.

After the plane landed, Xu Le looked at the unfamiliar country.

The hired staff in front waved at him.

“Hello, hello.

We are the staff of ‘Chinese Restaurant’.

It has been a long journey.

Please follow us.