I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 87

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 87

Chapter 87: West Lake Beef Soup “Stir it for a while.

The fat in the meat will blend into the oil, and the meat will curl up around it like a small lantern.

This is called a lantern nest.

When it reaches this state, you can pour the condiments into it.

” He dragged the meat to the side with an steel spoon and poured in bean paste until red oil was formed.

Then he added green peppers, garlic cloves, and onions.

Because they were cut very small, it was very easy to cook them.

After the green peppers and onions were cooked, he added soy sauce, wine, salt, and a small amount of white sugar.

“Originally, I wanted to add chicken essence to increase the freshness, but today’s meat was freshly killed in the morning.

It’s very fresh and tender, so there’s no need for that.

” Finally, start the fire at high heat.

After stir-frying it a few times, it would be ready to be served.

Xu Le gave a summary to the audience watching and said, “It’s not difficult to cook the Double Cooked Pork.

The most crucial point is the heat.

Regardless of whether it’s blanched or whether soup was added, remember that when you stir fry it into the shape of the lantern in the pot, it will be almost 70 to 80 percent cooked.

At this time, immediately add the condiments.

The final heating will cook all the ingredients so that it is not tough to chew and the texture is just right.

” Just looking at this process, Old Bull felt that it was pleasing to the eye.

He kept feeling that Xu Le standing there was like one with the stove.

His movements were natural and smooth without any useless steps.

He was drooling as he looked at the large plate of Double Cooked Pork.

However, Xu Le did not say that he was going to bring it out.

Instead, he took four green melons and said, “Wait a moment, I’ll make you a stir-fried green melon.

” Old Bull didn’t like eating vegetables the most and immediately said, “No need to trouble yourself.

” .



“No trouble.

Two minutes will do.

” Xu Le cut the green melon into slices and added salt and sugar into the clear water.

After the water was boiled, he poured the melon slices into the water to boil it.

“Everyone, remember to pour a small amount of plant oil into the water to preserve the color.

This way, the green melons that are cooked will be bright in color and won’t turn yellow or tough.

Remember to boil just for 25 seconds.

” As Xu Le spoke, his movements were fluid.

He poured some oil into the pot and added garlic cloves.

“After the fragrance is released, pour in the processed green melon and stir-fry it.

You can start seasoning now.

Just some simple salt, white sugar and garlic are enough.

After stir-frying it twice, you will find a small amount of green melon juice underneath.

At this time, you will need to use a spoonful of starch to form the gravy.

Everyone, remember, just a small spoonful.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V EL.

COM Just as he said, in less than two minutes, a refreshing green stir-fried melon was cooked.

“This dish is very simple.

It basically doesn’t require much skill.

Remember to blanch it before you cook it.

This way, you can reduce the greasy taste.

” “Alright, let’s go eat, Uncle Bull.

” Auntie Liu came in and distributed them the rice, Double Cooked Pork, and stir-fried green melons.

It looked like a simple meal.

Lu Yuxi looked up and said, “Boss, I want to drink some soup.

Is there any tomato egg soup in the kitchen?” Auntie Liu said, “Do you want a drink? I’ll buy you a drink.

” “Soup?” Xu Le nodded and said, “Sure, it’ll only take a few minutes.

” “Hey.

” Old Bull had already sat down and picked up his chopsticks, wanting to taste the Double Cooked Pork.

He noticed that Xu Le was going to prepare soup, so he immediately stood up and followed behind him into the kitchen.

“Everyone has a new soup to learn.

Their tomato egg soup is super delicious.

Boss, are you going to reveal the secret recipe now?” “No, I plan to make West Lake beef soup.

” “That should be tricky, right? Will a few minutes be enough?” Old Bull was still thinking about the Double Cooked Pork that he had not yet eaten and was afraid that it wouldn’t taste good if it was cold.

Xu Le said, “Soon, I have ready-made ingredients.

” There were many types of West Lake Beef Soup.

In some places, it was a red and spicy soup, while in others, it was brown in color.

No one knew how many ingredients were placed inside, as the soup were as thick as congee.

The more mainstream cooking method was that many restaurants would bring out a thick creamy white soup that was full of froth.

He took out the processed lean beef from the fridge, chopped it up, and cooked it with boiling water.

Cooking it with boiling water could remove the stench of the meat, so that the taste of the soup was more refreshing.

He filled the pot with clear water.

He cut the tofu and ham into cubes, then added the cooked beef, MSG, and chicken essence.

Then, they were boiled at medium heat.

During the time it took to boil the soup, the fragrance had already filled the air.

Old Bull was drooling at the side and said, “It smells so good, the color of the soup looks very delicious.

” At this moment, Xu Le took out a handful of coriander, washed it and cut it into pieces.

The bullet screen was filled with wailing.

“The good soup is ruined just like that…” “Coriander, always the best!” “When I have money, I will trample on all the coriander fields in the world.

” “Same, such a good pot of soup was destroyed just like this by coriander.

” “Coriander is such a good thing.

When I have money, I’ll capture everyone who doesn’t eat it to plant them!” “I really want to drink it.

Boss, please serve this soup.

” “Their store looks so clean and the food is delicious.

I’m definitely going to visit the store!” Xu Le separated the egg yolk and beat the egg white before pouring it into the boiling pot.

After stirring it a little, it turned into a paste.

After adding pepper powder, he raised his head and asked Old Bull, “Uncle Bull, do you eat coriander?” “Yeah, sure.

” Xu Le then asked Lu Yuxi and Auntie Liu who were outside.

After knowing that Auntie Liu did not eat coriander, he scooped a bowl of soup for her.

Then he added the end of the coriander.

“What a well-behaved child! You’re so young, yet you already know how to take care of people.

Xu Le, Mommy loves you!” “I really want to eat Xu Le’s cooking.

” “I’m so hungry watching.

Now I also feel like ordering Double Cooked Pork with rice.

” “Uncle Bull, restrain yourself.

Your drool is about to fall.

” “Where is this little Master Chef’s social media account? I want to follow him!” Lu Yuxi picked up a piece of Double Cooked Pork.

The fat was shiny and smooth.

It tasted neither oily nor had a stench.

It was savory and slightly spicy.

There was also the aroma of black beans.

After chewing a few times, the garlic flavor and the faint spiciness seeped out.

Lu Yuxi excitedly took a big bite of the rice and said, “Mmm, delicious!” With a look of admiration, she said, “I’ve also cooked Double Cooked Pork at home before, but it’s oily and greasy and just look like white meat slices.

I guess I still have to depend on you to cook!” Old Bull put it into his mouth and immediately complained about Lu Yuxi.

“She’s already so old and doesn’t have much descriptive words.

Listen to me, this is called fragrant and not greasy, lean but not meatless… Hey hey! What are you doing?” Lu Yuxi picked up two large pieces of stir-fried green melons with her chopsticks.

“I’m giving you some vegetables.

Eat more vegetables.

” Old Bull pouted and unwillingly ate more.

The green melons were crispy and not greasy, and even he, who never liked eating vegetables, ate more than half of them.

“Have a taste of the soup.

It’s the West Lake beef soup.

There’s also Jinhua ham cubes in it.

It has a unique flavor.

” Lu Yuxi took a bite and squinted her eyes in bliss.

The smooth soup flowed from her throat into her stomach.

Her taste buds were still dancing with the fresh fragrance of beef, bacon, and ham.

She drank half a bowl in one go.

Auntie Liu took a small sip and praised, “As expected of someone who can open a store.

It’s really delicious.