I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 83

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Ginger Milk CurdTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios “Ms.

Li?” “Yes.

” Ms.

Li smiled and said, “Since we live quite close to each other, why don’t you wait for a while and I’ll send you guys back?” “Uh…” Xu Le turned to look at Lu Yuxi’s expression.

Before they could come up with an answer, a white car stopped in front of them.

The driver rolled down the car window and stuck his head out.

“It’s you guys.

Are you leaving or not?” Lu Yuxi immediately turned around and got into the car with Xu Le.

Xu Le then explained to Ms.

Li, “There’s no need to trouble you.

We’re leaving first.

” After the few of them got into the car, the driver, who was a passionate and talkative person, immediately started a conversation and said, “Everyone, fasten your seat belts…” Lu Yuxi stared at Ms.

Li’s figure outside the car window for a long time.

The car had already driven off, but she still did not turn back.

Xu Tian yawned continuously and said with tears in her eyes, “Brother, cough cough…” .



Her throat suddenly went hoarse.

After coughing a few times, her breathing became heavy.

Xu Le patted his sister’s back and asked, “Did you have a conflict with your sister?” After all, the two of them met frequently and it was not a good idea to always make him stuck in the middle.

Lu Yuxi said in a muffled voice, “Anyway, it’s just the matter of our family.

I feel that it’s all in the past, but my sister likes to bring up the past whenever we argue.

I can’t even talk to her peacefully.

” “Then don’t talk about it.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V EL.

COM Xu Le’s words hit the nail on the head.

Lu Yuxi turned around and looked at him.

“What do you mean?” “It’s very difficult to determine what’s right and wrong in a relationship.

If you guys don’t even have all this entangled relationship, wouldn’t you become strangers?” After he finished speaking, he realized what he had just said and added, “I’m not trying to persuade you to apologize to Ms.

Li or reconcile with her.

I just want you to be rest assured that you don’t have to worry about this kind of thing.

If you don’t like someone, you should just stay away from them.

You can just speak politely and keep a distance from them so that you don’t hurt them.

” “Yeah.

” Lu Yuxi thought for a while, then turned to look at him with bright eyes.

“You’re quite good at comforting people.

” When they arrived at the entrance of the estate, they alighted from the car.

The night breeze blew gently, and the fragrance of osmanthus flowers wafted in the air.

Xu Tian did not say anything along the way.

She was tired and held Xu Le’s hand.

After a few steps, she sneezed again.

Lu Yuxi was about to ask something, but the moment she opened her mouth, she immediately turned her head and sneezed in the direction with no one around.

Her movements were so great.

After standing straight, she complained, “Oh my god, my brain is almost dizzy from the movements.

” Xu Tian said hoarsely, “Brother, I can’t walk anymore.

Carry me.

” Her soft little hands were tugging at the corner of his shirt.

Xu Le struggled to carry her up.

He was strong enough, but he was still an eight-year-old child.

He was not tall enough, so he looked a little comical.

Fortunately, he got on the elevator very quickly.

As soon as they entered the house, Xu Tian fell headfirst onto the sofa.

The house was brightly lit, and Xu Le realized that her cheeks were abnormally red.

He hurriedly reached out to touch Xu Tian’s forehead.

“You don’t have a fever, you…” “Achoo—” Before he could finish, Lu Yuxi sneezed again.

Looking at the two of them, he understood and said, “Did you secretly eat something behind my back? Oh right, when you came back from buying groceries this morning, you and Xu Tian had white stuff on the corners of your mouths… Did you secretly eat ice cream?” Lu Yuxi raised her eyebrows and was about to find an excuse to defend herself when Xu Tian covered her face and exposed her first.

“You won’t catch a cold if you eat ice cream in this weather.

How many did you two eat?” Xu Le’s expression was serious, and his questioning tone made Lu Yuxi feel guilty.

She mumbled, “In the morning, each of us ate a piece of ice cream.

Just now, we ate another ice cream at the charity sale.

Furthermore, both of us shared one.

We didn’t eat much.

” Things had already happened.

Xu Le was a patient person who had practiced his cooking hundreds of times.

, so his temper was not bad.

He only sighed and said, “I remember there’s a medicine box at home.

Xu Tian, sit properly.

I’ll get you some hot water.

Lu Yuxi, come help in the kitchen.

” Lu Yuxi unconsciously retorted, “Why? Are you planning to make medicine on the spot?” Xu Le glanced at her and she immediately raised her hands in surrender.

She obediently followed him to the kitchen.

Xu Le took out ginger, milk, and coke from the fridge.

After washing his hands and tying his apron, he said, “You guys drink a pack of cold medicine first.

Come over and help me to make ginger drink to prevent the cold from worsening when you guys wake up.

” “Okay.

” Lu Yuxi turned around to give herself and Xu Tian cold medicine.

The two of them held their cups and blew on them.

She whispered, “Your brother is so fierce.

” Xu Tian frowned from the bitterness of the cold medicine and smacked her lips, looking adorable.

“Are you still afraid of him?” “Hmph, no way.

” After sipping down the bowl of cold medicine, Xu Le was already calling her name from the kitchen.

“Coming,” Lu Yuxi said as she rolled up her sleeves and joked, “Boss, what can I do for you?” Xu Le said, “Peel the ginger and shred it.

I plan to make ginger milk and ginger cola.

” “Ginger milk?” Lu Yuxi said, “I’ve made it several times before, but none of them succeeded.

” Xu Le picked up the glass of milk in his hand and showed it to her.

“The first item on the ingredient list is raw milk.

Many mainstream milk brands on the market have labeled themselves with reconstituted milk.

The protein content is too low to react to the protease in the ginger juice, so it definitely won’t coagulate.

” “…Oh, alright.

” Lu Yuxi responded and silently pondered over his words.

After peeling the ginger and shredding it, it was cooked with the cola over a small fire in the pot.

There was basically no technical knowledge required for making ginger cola.

After most of the bubbles in the cola were forced out, he added ginger shreds in and waited for the cola to boil.

Lu Yuxi changed to a shredding knife.

When she scraped out the thin ginger, because the fibers in the ginger were very thick, when it fell into the bowl, the ginger was basically deformed and looked like powder.

This was the effect that Xu Le wanted.

He used a thin sieve to filter out the juice from the paste-like ginger.

Xu Le scooped a spoonful of the orange ginger juice from each bowl with a ceramic spoon and distributed it into three bowls.

The pure milk in the milk pot was boiled to around 80 degrees celsius.

Xu Le picked up the wooden handle, lifted the pot into the air, and slowly poured it into the ginger soup.

The milky white liquid poured down from mid-air, emitting the fragrance of milk and steam, splashing into the ginger juice.

The hot milk was exposed to room temperature, then fell into the bowl and reacted with the ginger juice.

The process was quick and very healing.

Lu Yuxi stared at it and asked curiously, “Is it done?” Xu Le said, “Put a porcelain spoon on it.

As long as it can hold on, it’s done.

” Lu Yuxi placed a spoon on it skeptically and it stayed on steadily.