I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 80

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Cooking Method for Potato The area in front of the oden stall was soon crowded with people.

Because of the flood of good reviews, there were many people who also followed and joined the queue.

Very quickly, someone recognized Xu Le.

“You look like that… Oo, I think I’ve watched your competition!” “Yes, this kid looks like that little Master Chef.

” “That’s right, that’s right.

I seem to have bought something in your livestream previously!” “Is it the Internet celebrity?” Xu Le pretended not to hear these questions.

In order not to cause any trouble, he pretended not to hear them and focused on selling oden.

“Little kid, how are you charging your chicken feet?” “Same price for everything.

” “Give me a serving.

It looks delicious.

” As he spoke, he bought a portion of tiger skin chicken feet.




The tiger skin was fluffy, wrinkled, steamed, and filled with gravy.

With one bite, the tender meat mixed with the salty and spicy gravy was indescribably satisfying! “This taste is really right and it should be eaten with the soup.

Little kid, can you give me some soup base?” “No problem.

” Xu Le used a disposable paper cup to scoop a cup of soup for him.

The customer took a mouthful of soup and found a place to eat.

Soon, there were only a few sticks of oden left.

Xu Tian grinned from the side, confident that Xu Le would win.

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COM This charity sale was hosted by a young host.

He was dressed in a suit and leather shoes.

His hair was combed so much that even a fly would have to split if it stood on the ends.

His leather shoes were shiny as he took a microphone and introduced to everyone in a cadence.

He introduced each stall one by one.

Due to his short stature and the crowd, Xu Le only knew that there was a host for the event when the host reached his stall.

“This is our classmate’s brother.

He made… oden! I don’t know how it tastes, but I’ll bring everyone here to have a taste.

” As the boy spoke, he turned around and saw Xu Tian.

He waved excitedly and said, “Xu Tian! It’s me! Is this your brother?” Xu Tian nodded and introduced to Xu Le, “Our class monitor, Bai Zijie.

” Xu Le smiled politely.

“Hello, you can choose which one you want to eat.

” Bai Zijie’s eyes were glued to Xu Tian and he could not form a complete sentence for a long time.

Lu Yuxi saw that there was a photographer following behind and quickly stood up to pull the child back to his senses.

“Hey, little host, do you want to try this fishball?” “Yeah.

” “Zijie, say something.

” “Quickly introduce the oden.

” Bai Zijie’s parents urged him for a long time before he returned his attention to the introduction.

After tasting it, he turned to Xu Tian instead of explaining to the camera.

“Xu Tian, your brother’s cooking is so delicious!” Xu Tian crossed her arms and bragged, “Yes, of course.

He’s my brother.

” Bai Zijie then asked, “Can I visit your house next time?” The group of people around them burst into laughter.

Xu Tian didn’t know why they were laughing, but Lu Yuxi stood in front of her and broke the gaze between the two children.

Bai Zijie then continued explaining, “Come, cut the camera to the box for placing the cards.

Everyone, do you see that? There are already so many cards! The second place in this competition will definitely be him.

” “What do you mean by second?” Xu Tian asked in a childish voice.

“Who’s first?” “The third stall on your right, the one selling fries.

” Xu Tian recalled that her classmate’s parents had indeed deep-fried fries and brought jelly and dried spicy strips over to sell.

What she was worried about had still happened.

Xu Le also knew that the children were more interested in the food than the taste.

The more their parents refused to let them eat, the more they wanted to buy and taste it.

Hence, some parents customized their food to suit their preferences to take a lead in the competition.

After selling almost all the oden and chicken feet, Xu Le turned to Lu Yuxi and said, “I remember there’s a fruit and vegetable shop just around the right side of the school gate.

Go and buy some items.

” “Sure.

” Lu Yuxi went up to him.

After hearing his orders, she asked in surprise, “Is this enough?” “Yes, the charity sale will be over in two hours at most.

There’s no time to do anything too complicated.

” “Okay, I’ll go buy it.

” Lu Yuxi quickly made the way across the crowd and left.

Xu Tian’s class monitor was the young host.

After introducing everyone, he ran over and said, “Xu Tian, can I go to your house to eat a free meal next time? My mom cooks really bad food…” “Bai Zijie!” Behind him was a woman who still carried an air of elegance.

When she heard this, she angrily called out to him, “Come here.

” “No!” Bai Zijie shouted and wanted to hide behind Xu Tian.

Xu Le stepped between them and said, “Go to your mother first.

” Xu Tian’s expression was a little dampened.

She was still feeling disappointed because they might not win the competition, so she did not notice what the class monitor was shouting.

After Bai Zijie was dragged away by his mother, Xu Le squatted down and said, “Tian Tian, don’t get too close to him in the future.

” “Who?” “That class monitor.

” “Ah?” Xu Tian thought for a long time before remembering who it was.

“Oh, but why, brother?” Xu Le thought for a long time.

He looked at his sister’s cute face and her blinking large grape-like eyes.

Unable to find a reason, he realized that he just didn’t want his adorable sister to become attached to others, so he frowned.


” Xu Tian was extremely curious and continued to tug at his clothes.

Xu Le couldn’t help but whisper, “Anyway, none of the men are good.

You have to stay away from them…” “Hahahaha.

” Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by a burst of laughter.

Lu Yuxi was carrying two shopping bags in her hands.

When she came back, she happened to hear Xu Le’s crooked reasoning.

“You’re really… You’re ruthless enough to even scold yourself.

Boss is awesome.

” Xu Le glared at her.

“Shut up.

” “Yes, yes, yes.

” Lu Yuxi hugged Xu Tian and stepped back.

“I’m a very obedient employee.

I must listen to Boss and stay away from men.

” Xu Le went to deal with the potatoes that she had bought.

Lu Yuxi smiled and talked to Xu Tian for a while before coming over to help.

“Do you really mind that class monitor talking to Xu Tian?” “Who would mind a normal conversation? Didn’t you see that brat? When he spoke to my Tiantian, his eyes seemed to have been glued on her and he couldn’t move them away.

” Xu Le snorted and quickly finished peeling ten yellow potatoes.

“What are you going to make? Potato chips?” Xu Le said coldly, “No, I don’t care to mimick others.

” He set up a pot at the side, poured half a pot of oil into it, and started to heat it up.

Meanwhile, Xu Le used a wavy knife to cut the potatoes into thick slices.

Then, he followed the lines on the surface to cut them into small strips of uniform size and placed them into the water to wash the starch on them.

Lu Yuxi helped to wash the potatoes and asked, “How many times should I wash them?” “Five times.