I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 74

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Selling Products On Live Stream Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios “Boss, aren’t you being too exaggerating?” The assistants were joining in to liven up the atmosphere.

Some of them were also curious and came over to have a taste.

Then, they immediately widened their eyes and exclaimed, “Amazing! I want to shoot it later too!” “Alright, everyone, I’m going to put them on sale immediately.

Everyone, get ready!” “Link 3, 100,000 orders in total.

There won’t be additional stocks after it’s sold out.

Five, four, three, two, one…” The operations team looked up in shock and gestured to Li Jiaqi in the live-stream.

“There’s no more?” “…No, they are all sold out instantly.

” Li Jiaqi and Xu Le looked at each other and laughed awkwardly.

They had reserved half an hour for this segment and only five minutes had passed.

Are they going to forcefully have awkward conversations next? .



Li Jiaqi suddenly thought of an idea and said, “We had a pot in the last round.

It’s an imported German potware.

There’s also some instant food in the live-stream.

Why don’t we give a tutorial and make it for everyone?” “Hmm?” This was not arranged beforehand so Xu Le was also quite confused.

The staff searched around and found a bag of noodles, some stewed rice noodles, steamed rice, and large onions.

He had sold steak in the live-stream before, so there were also black pepper sauce, salt, soy sauce, and other common ingredients.

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COM Xu Le stood up and said, “Let me make the simplest and easiest [Mixed onion with oil noodles] for everyone.

” There was almost no requirement for technical skills for this dish.

As he cooked, he explained, “Just put the noodles in the pot and cook them well.

For those who don’t cook often, if you can’t tell if the noodles are cooked, just add water three times after the noodles are boiled.

Basically, they will be cooked thoroughly then.

It’s not good to cook noodles for a long time.

Otherwise, they will become soggy.

” “There’s another trick.

When you cook noodles, add some salt in it.

After it’s out of the pot, rinse with some cold water and mix it evenly with a little bit of fragrant oil.

This way, the noodles will be more chewy.

” Li Jiaqi chimed in, “Everyone, quickly write it down in your notebooks, especially the young people who live alone.

It’s too troublesome to cook alone.

The mixed onion with oil noodles are simple and convenient to make.

You have to learn it quickly!” He watched as Xu Le fished out the noodles and said, “Are we going to boil the onion and oil now?” “That’s right.

” Xu Le poured oil into the pot and cut the scallion into slices.

“Before you fry the scallion, if there’s too much water on it, you need to use the kitchen towel to absorb it dry.

Otherwise, there will be oil splattering out.

” He placed the fresh green onions into the pot and started a small fire.

He only fished them out when they were slightly brown.

Then, he prepared a small bowl and poured some oyster sauce into it.

He then added a spoonful of white sugar and mixed it with a small amount of water.

He poured it into the onion oil and boiled it until small bubbles formed.

Someone started to raise their doubts on the bullet screen.

“It’s just a bunch of soy sauce.

It’s not difficult at all.

How can it be delicious?” “The one who commented, the fragrance of the noodles are all in the scallion oil.

The main focus is the scallion.

” “Are they really not serving anymore imitation crab? I really want to try it.

” “No, who is he? Why do I see him every day? Every time he cooks, there’s someone acting together with him.

They keep bragging about his cooking but it looks so fake.

” “You didn’t even get to eat it through the screen.

What right do you have to say it’s fake?” “If you want to verify, you can go to Hongxing Road’s eight-year-old cafeteria.

It will definitely be so delicious that your jaw will drop.

There must be a reason why he became famous!” Xu Le did not know what was going on, but he did not want to argue with anyone either.

After he focused on boiling the scallion oil, he said, “If everyone adds another pot, we can add some garlic in it.

After stir-frying it, there will be garlic fragrance.

After boiling the scallion oil, we can pour it into the noodles and mix it evenly.

” “Those who like to eat scallions can also add some of the top part of the onions.

” Xu Le swiftly mixed the contents in a big bowl.

The staff beside him could not wait any longer.

Many people took out disposable cups for drinking water and waited for him to feed them.

Li Jiaqi shouted, “I am the boss! I have been staring at you for a long time.

Let me have a bite first!” The noodles were bright red and looked appetizing.

Li Jiaqi took a mouthful and put it into his mouth.

The simple and thick scallion oil, coupled with the noodles and the white sugar extract, was very salty and fresh.

The first bite was nothing much, but when he took the second bite, it was as if he was addicted and could not stop eating.

He took a few bites consecutively and kept praising.

He said, “Everyone, you must learn it! This is really too delicious.

I announce that this is the supper I am going to have after finishing work tonight.

You must try it yourself!” Xu Le watched as they came up to split up the mixed onion with oil noodles.

There were a few strands of noodles left in the bowl, but they were all quickly picked up by the staff.

He was a little flattered and smiled.

“Aren’t you guys too kind with me?” “No, it’s really delicious.

” “Yeah, the taste of the scallion oil is too good.

” “In the future, if we don’t order take-out at night, we can still make a convenient and delicious supper.

” After finally using up all the time, Xu Le waved goodbye to the audience in the livestream room and went out.

Lu Yuxi was squatting outside playing with her phone.

When she saw him, she said excitedly, “The mixed onion with oil noodles you made just now look so tempting.

It’s already past 10 p.


Why don’t we go have supper?” Xu Le finished his work successfully and was in a good mood.

He said, “With me around, why are you still going out for supper?” “Then what?” “Let’s go to the supermarket to buy some ingredients.

Give Xu Tian a call and ask if she wants anything to eat.

” “Okay.

” After two rings, Xu Tian answered the call.

“Hello, Sister Lu, are you and my brother coming back tonight?” “Of course we’re coming back.

Where else would we stay? Tian Tian, do you have anything you want to eat? We’ll bring it back for you.

” “No, I don’t want to eat.

” Xu Tian had a small appetite and rarely ate outside of the meal time.

This was a good habit.

Xu Le picked up the phone and gave her some reminders.

“Remember to finish your homework.

We’ll be back soon.

I’ll continue reading that book ‘One thousand and one nights’ for you tonight.

” They went to the supermarket and bought a lot of snacks, drinks and ingredients.

When Xu Le swiped his card, he realized that Zhang Heng had already transferred the commission to him.

He thought to himself: I can afford the mortgage and take care of my younger sister with the income now.

I feel so relaxed without any debts ~ When they reached home, Lu Yuxi was about to unlock the door with her fingerprint when the door opened by itself.

Xu Le was shorter so as he stood behind her, his line of sight was blocked by the shopping bags.

Lu Yuxi took a step back and asked in a trembling voice, “Why are you here? I didn’t even tell you before.

” “Can’t I come?” Ms.

Li adjusted her glasses and said, “Come in first.

I came over without informing anyone just now and it was Xu Tian who opened the door.

Xu Le, did you go shopping?” “Yeah.

” After entering the house, Xu Le suddenly felt the atmosphere become gloomy.

He thought of the complicated family relationship between Lu Yuxi and Ms.


He didn’t give it much thought.

He left the living room for them and plunged into the kitchen himself.