I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 72

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 72

Chapter 72: First Time Editing“Add in two spoons of light soy sauce, a small amount of salt to season the flavor, and then add an appropriate amount of starch, an egg white, and a spoonful of edible oil.

This will stimulate the freshness of the beef to the greatest extent.

After stirring it evenly, put it aside for 15 minutes.

” As he spoke, he took out a side dish and said, “This is bean sprouts and celtuce.

There aren’t too many requirements for the side dish.

If you have beancurd skin and enoki mushrooms at home, you can replace them according to our own tastes.

” As Xu Le spoke, he processed the ingredients.

He cut the celtuce and sliced it.

His rhythm when cutting the vegetables was uniform and he had excellent cutting skills.

“Put the ingredients into the pot and boil them.

Depending on the power of your fire, you just need to turn it off once it’s cooked.

I’ll be done in about two minutes.

” Xu Le explained.

He was eloquent in his tutorial.

He did not have the hypocritical air, nor did he use many professional terms.

No matter if it was a child or an adult, they could understand him immediately.

Furthermore, his voice sounded like a child’s, and he was teaching someone how to cook with a serious face.

The contrast made Lu Yuxi’s eyes light up.

She exclaimed in her heart: So cute! “When pouring oil into the pot, you need to use more than usual.

The spices are minced garlic, chopped onions, and dried chili and pepper with seeds removed.

I’m using the stir-fried chili oil in the shop to mix with the Konjac noodles.

At home, you can use bean paste or hotpot base to replace it.

It will achieve the same effect.

This dish does not have so many inflexible requirements.

” He turned on the fume hood, and the oil was heated up to 70 to 80 percent hot.

He began to pour the minced garlic in.

Then, he added the chili oil and slightly stir-fried it until the oil turned red.

Then, he added 50 grams of dried chili and 15 grams of pepper.




“You don’t have to cook it for too long.

Just let the aroma waft out.

This is the base ingredient that we need to cook the boiled beef.

If you can’t eat spicy food, you can choose the chilli type with a low level of spiciness, or you can put less.

” “Then,” Xu Le picked up the kettle and gestured.

“Add 1.

5 liters of clear water, pour it in, and wait for it to boil.

” The red oil in the pot bubbled, and the chili was boiling.

The spicy fragrance made people drool.

As Lu Yuxi filmed, she whispered, “It smells so good.

It’s like eating hotpot.

” “The cooking method itself is similar to the base of the hotpot, but this way, it will be simpler and more convenient, such that you can also eat delicious boiled beef at home.

Moreover, the ones you make yourself will definitely be more hygienic.

” As Xu Le waited for the soup to boil, he remembered that there were still frozen beef balls and fishballs in the fridge.

He took them out and said to the camera, “These are all handmade meatballs, they are chewy and bouncy.

I will add a picture of the production method and add to the side of the video.

If everyone finds it troublesome, you can also buy them from the supermarket.

” After the soup was boiled, Xu Le put the meatballs into the pot and picked up the marinated beef in the glass bowl.

Lu Yuxi immediately understood and walked over to give a close-up shot.

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COM The beef was cut thin, and after marinating it, it was tender and smooth.

When it was placed in the pot to be cooked, the edges would curl up.

The scene of the beef being cooked was especially healing to watch.

“Wait until the ingredients are completely cooked… Of course, if you cannot tell when that happens, you can pick one piece to try.

” As Xu Le introduced, he picked up a beef ball from the pot and took a bite.

The fillings inside immediately burst out with juice.

The fragrance and oil permeated the air.

He moved closer to the camera and gave a close-up shot.

The meat of the beef balls was firm and the fillings were mixed with onions.

The taste was just right and there was no smell at all.

One bite and the gravy would explode outwards.

Lu Yuxi looked at him and could not help but lick her lips.

Xu Le was teasing her on purpose.

She glared at him and said, “I’m not eating! I want to lose weight.

I won’t eat supper even if you beat me to death.

” “Oh.

” Xu Le placed the vegetables that he had just cooked into the bottom of the bowl and poured the boiled beef into the bowl.

He then said, “Now, lay the chopped green onions, minced garlic, and some dried chili peppers flat on the boiled meat slices.

Try to put them together so that you can pour oil over later.

” “Take another small pot, pour some oil into it and boil it until it’s smoking.

” Then, he poured the hot oil on the spices covering the bowl.

Instantly, the fragrance of the condiments filled the bowl.

“Alright, in less than half an hour, you will be able to finish cooking a dish of boiled beef that looks, smells, and tastes good.

It looks like a grand dish, but it’s actually very simple, isn’t it?” Xu Le was interacting with the audience through the camera, but behind the phone, there was only Lu Yuxi, who kept smiling.

She said, “I’ll cut out the words I said, but you’re really too fun.

If I can get a child like you, I’ll go crazy!” Xu Le was speechless for a moment.

“Don’t think too much.

” “Just kidding.

” Lu Yuxi excitedly went to scoop the rice.

Xu Le looked at the two bowls in her hands.

“I thought you didn’t want to eat?” “Of course I won’t eat it.

I’ll try it for you.

” Lu Yuxi argued.

The burning hot thin beef slices, wrapped in red oil, when placed into her mouth, filled all her taste buds with spicyness and numbness.

Lu Yuxi spoke unclearly while eating, “It’s so delicious that I can fly!” Xu Le was often praised for his works when he participated in competitions.

He said with slight disdain, “Can’t you give some professional comments?” “Cooking genius Xu Lele! I am crazy for you and willing to hit a wall for you…” Xu Le was so embarrassed that he couldn’t say anything.

“Let’s just eat in peace.

” The fishball was tender and floated on the bowl.

It was difficult to pick it up with chopsticks.

He poked it with the tip of the chopsticks and put it into his mouth.

It was so fresh that it made his eyebrows almost drop.

The side dishes, especially the bean sprouts, were fragrant, spicy, and covered with red oil.

Lu Yuxi lowered her head and finished the rice in no time.

She said contentedly, “It’s delicious.

I feel that the essence of the side dish is still from this green bean sprout.

It’s especially good to eat with rice.

” “Yes, I noticed that.

” Xu Le looked at her empty bowl and said, “There’s more.

Why don’t you go get another bowl of rice?” “No! Don’t tempt me! Even if I have to jump out of the window today, I won’t eat another bite.

” “Oh.

” Xu Le lowered his head and enjoyed the fruits of his labor.

The beef was tender and smooth.

It was so addictive that he could not stop eating at all.

Two minutes later, Lu Yuxi scooped a new bowl of rice.

She ate with the boiled beef in big mouthfuls.

When they returned, Xu Tian was already home from school.

She had fallen asleep by the coffee table with a fairy tale book under her arm.

Lu Yuxi brought her to take a shower and changed into her pajamas before sending her to Xu Le’s bedroom.

“Go to sleep quickly after reading Tian Tian two stories.

You’ve been busy for the whole day.

Both of you should rest.

” With that, she turned around and closed the door.

She went back to her bed to edit the film.

She opened the most basic editing software, added the subtitles, and simply adjusted the color.