I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 69

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Tiramisu With Molten Lava In MiddleTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios After removing the mold and shaking it a few times, the fluffy chiffon cake was ready.

“Wow! This is too successful!” Lu Yuxi exclaimed as she handed Xu Tian a plastic cake knife and said, “Tian Tian, try to cut it.

” Xu Tian carefully cut the cake in the middle.

After splitting it into four portions, she found it difficult to continue.

Xu Le held his sister’s hand and helped to cut the cake a few more times.

Finally, they split the cake evenly.

Lu Yuxi could not wait as she stared at the cake.

Xu Le gave her a piece and said, “Try it.

” “Alright!” Lu Yuxi took the cake happily and took a small bite.

It was soft and loose.

There were no extra ingredients on the cake, so it exuded the fragrance of the milk, eggs, and butter.

The temperature was just right, and the cake was delicious.

Xu Tian picked up a corner of the cake and began to eat it in large mouthfuls with a blissful expression on her face.

“Brother, you’re so awesome! Not only do you know how to cook, you can also bake the cake so well.

” .



Lu Yuxi nodded in agreement.

“It’s sweet and soft.

It’s even better than the ones sold in cake shop.

” A chiffon cake was very difficult to make.

In self-baking DIY, there were usually very few customers who could make it.

Xu Le succeeded in just one attempt.

The woman who came over to talk to him because he was a child just now, as expected, failed again and stuck her head over.


” She said, “This kid is not bad.

Did you come with your… sister?” The three of them tacitly ignored her for trying to get close to them.

This action made the woman unhappy, so she added a few more sentences.

But it was too embarrassing, so she finally shut up.

Soon, the frozen tiramisu in the fridge could also be taken out.

Its surface was smooth and flat.

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COM Xu Le sieved the cocoa powder to form a thin layer on the top.

Xu Tian held the small plate and stared at him eagerly.

She was almost drooling.

“Brother, give it to me!” Xu Le immediately gave her a piece and said, “You can have it first, you greedy cat.

” Xu Tian had yet to put it into her mouth when she suddenly took a deep breath.

She choked on the cocoa powder on the surface and began to cough.

A ring of powder had styck on her lips.

Lu Yuxi and Xu Le laughed at the same time.

One of them found a wet tissue to wipe her mouth while the other patted his sister’s back and comforted her.

“Eat slowly.

No one is fighting with you.

” Xu Tian was young, but she had a high self-esteem.

After losing her face, her appetite was greatly reduced.

She only used her fork to pick up a small piece and put it into her mouth.

The slightly bitter cocoa powder was laced with the rich flavor of chocolate and the smoothness of cheese.

The two perfectly blended together, and the delicious taste immediately lifted Xu Tian’s mood.

She beamed with joy and said, “Delicious!” The two desserts were exceptionally successful.

Xu Le ate a few high-calorie desserts, so his dopamine was stimulated crazily and his mood lightened up.

He watched as Lu Yuxi took a bite and put down her fork to assure that this was her last bite.

After a few seconds, she took another small bite.

This repeated over and over again until she finally finished a piece of cake and a piece of tiramisu.

She said guiltily, “To lose weight and not grow pimples, I have been controlling my sugar intake.

Tian Tian, it’s all your brother’s fault.

” Xu Le could hear the blame in her words.

Instead of getting angry, he laughed and said, “The taro box will be ready soon.

If you don’t want it, I’ll share it with Tian Tian.

” “…No.

” Most of the people who came to the pastry shop to make desserts only dared to choose the less difficult ones.

Furthermore, the main point of the activity was for parent and child bonding or couples bonding.

Few people could really make desserts that tasted nice.

Hence, after Xu Le succeeded, he received many envious gazes.

Seeing that he still had half of the cake left, someone couldn’t help but ask.

“Hey, handsome, do you sell that cake? My girlfriend have been trying to make it for two hours and only baked two pieces of charcoal.

She’s going to die from frustration.

Help me out.

” Xu Le paused.

When he was making the cake, he did not intend to sell it.

The three of them each tasted a piece, so there was indeed a lot left, but he did not know if his sister and Lu Yuxi still wanted to eat it.

Just as he was about to turn around to ask, Xu Tian raised her hand and said, “I want another piece of tiramisu.

I won’t eat the rest.

Do you want more, Sister Lu?” Lu Yuxi shook her head like a rattle-drum.

“I really can’t eat anymore.

I’ll get fat.

Why don’t you sell it? You can earn money and there’s no need to pack it back.

” “Okay.

” Xu Le asked the man, “Which one do you want?” “Give me two pieces each.

Handsome boy and give me your payment number.

” Xu Le took out four disposable plates and handed them over.

The man scanned his number and paid.

Then, he raised his hand and smiled.


” He then carried the cake back to find his girlfriend.

Xu Le lowered his head and looked at his phone.

He had actually paid 100 yuan.

One must know that the individual entry price to the pastry shop was only 100 yuan for three hours per person.

With this precedent, the people who wanted to try it just now rushed over to buy the remaining cake.

In two to three minutes, the six to seven slices of cake on the table were all gone, making the woman sitting beside extremely envious.

When the taro box was taken out of the pot.

She immediately came over and said, “Child, sell me half of this and let me taste how delicious it is.

” Her repeated rudeness caused the three of them to have a bad impression of her.

They raised their heads and said in unison, “No.

” The woman snorted coldly and rolled her eyes.

She returned to her seat and fiddled with her failed cake while cursing, “Did you really think that others really wanted your thing…” The customer beside her seemed to be provoking her on purpose as he exclaimed, “The molten lava in the middle of the tiramisu is too amazing.

You can’t buy such delicious food even in a dessert shop.

” The taro box contained Xu Tian’s efforts.

She ate two mouthfuls of the sweet potato yam, which was fragrant and sweet, mixed with the fragrance of milk.

The last one was specially made to contain less sugar.

The taste was light and not too sweet, so she was not tired of it.

Xu Tian, who had already eaten three pieces of cake, could still force herself to eat another one.

She puffed up her cheeks, her face full of happiness.

As Lu Yuxi ate, she lamented, “Dessert is really the most healing thing—” “Hey, handsome, my girlfriend loves your dessert.

Can you sell me a portion of your taro box?” A customer who had already bought one just now came forward to buy it.

Before Xu Le could open his mouth, the woman opposite the table could not hold it in and shouted, “He just said that he’s not selling it!” “Yeah, I’m not selling it.

” Xu Le repeated.

The man looked disappointed.


” “But I can give it to you.

” Xu Le changed the topic and cut two pieces for him.

He did not make a huge portion of the taro box and only had two pieces left.

The customers who had bought the desserts were all staring at them.

They were too embarrassed to ask him to give them to them, so they offered to pay for them.

Xu Le glanced at them one by one and finally gave the two desserts to two children who looked younger than him.

“Thank you, brother!”