I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 49

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 49

Chapter 49: The Key to the Crab Taste Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios “This is the key to this dish.

” Xu Le took out another small bowl.

The unfinished ginger had already been cut into pieces and was placed at the bottom of the bowl.

After stirring it evenly.

Xu Le leaned over and sniffed the bowl.

This taste… was already very close to the taste of crabs.

Xu Le poured the entire bowl into the pot and mixed it with the fried fish and egg white.

Under the stimulation of the hot oil and high temperature, the smell of crab immediately filled the entire kitchen.

The egg yolk that had been prepared long ago was also poured into the pot.




It was stir-fried evenly.

Now, not only was the taste similar, even the appearance was exactly the same.

The jade-like egg white was akin to the crab paste.

The strands of fish meat was the crab meat.

The shiny golden egg yolk was crab roe.

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COM Everything was ready.

Together with the thick smell of crabs emanating from the pot.

If it was someone who didn’t know about this, they would really think that it was a plate of fried crab when they saw the finished product for the first time.

Everything was too similar.

“It really… it looks like a real crab.

” Behind Master Cai Lan, a middle-aged bald man gulped and said in shock.

He was the investor of this show.

His name was Zhang Heng and he was a businessman in the food industry.

To explain in greater details.

People most likely have heard of the Lake Yangcheng’s hairy crab.

This was a specialty of Jiangsu Province and was also a landmark of China.

Lake Yangcheng ‘s hairy crab was also called Golden Claw Crab.

It was the best quality lake crab in the country.

The crabs produced there were not stained with mud.

When they were fished out, they were clean as if they had been washed in clear water.

Each of them was filled with flesh, had a green shell, a white stomach, golden claws and yellow hair.

After it was cooked, the meat was delicate, the crab roe was rich, and the taste was delicious.

Of course, its price was also very expensive.

A crab weighing 250 grams would cost hundreds of yuan.

Zhang Heng was the big boss who raised crabs in Lake Yangcheng.

In the waters of Lake Yangcheng, two-thirds of the crabs were raised by him.

His company’s annual revenue was as high as 1 billion yuan.

It could be said that in the whole of China, not many people knew crabs better than Zhang Heng.

That was why Zhang Heng was so shocked when he smelled the fragrance.

The dish in front of him, which was made using the eggs and fish meat, tasted too much like crabs.

At the very least, there was an 80% similarity! Even if it was him, if he did not distinguish carefully, he might be mistaken.

… Xu Le took out a container that was shaped like a crab from the cabinet.

He had bought it from the store during the day.

When he placed the dish on the plate, it really looked like crab meat and crab roe.

“Everyone, try it while it’s hot.

It won’t taste good if it’s cold.

” Xu Le picked up a towel and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

In this dish, all the ingredients were carefully picked according to the recipe in the system store.

It was all for the sake of making the taste of this dish more similar to that of crabs.

The reason why this dish was called [Crab Roe] or [Imitation Crab] was because it could turn an egg into the taste of a crab to pass off the fake as real.

Hence, Xu Le practiced day and night in the system space.

It was all for the sake of making the taste and texture of this dish even more similar to real crabs.

“Master Cai Lan, have a taste first.

” Zhang Heng said humbly.

In reality, he could not wait any longer.

Having dealt with crabs for half his life, he believed that he understood crabs very well.

And Xu Le only used a few eggs and a piece of fish to replicate the crab? “Let’s try it together.

” Master Cai Lan said with a smile.

Having lived for so long, his eyesight was naturally sharp.

One look at Zhang Heng’s sweaty appearance and he could already guess that the other party was definitely feeling impatient, so he immediately invited the other party to have a taste.

The two of them picked up their own chopsticks, picked up the egg yolk, egg white, and fish together, and slowly placed them into their mouths.

He pursed his lips.

Zhang Heng’s pupils instantly constricted, and he was extremely shocked in his heart.

The “crab meat” melted the moment it entered his mouth.

It was countless times softer than real crab meat.

The ‘crab roe’ had a dense texture, like a mouthful of dense crab bursting out.

The thick flavor of the crab filled the entire mouth.

The “crab paste” spread in his mouth like fine fat and slid down his throat directly into his esophagus.

It was extremely smooth and delicate.

This was actually made from eggs and fish?! Why did it taste exactly like a crab! If anyone told Zhang Heng about this before he tasted this dish personally, he would definitely think that they were joking.

But now, the evidence was right in front of him and he could not refute it.

At the side, Master Cai Lan also picked up a piece and put it into his mouth.

After a while, Cai Lan’s face was filled with enjoyment.

This dish satisfied his taste too much.

Furthermore, he was very satisfied with the theme of this episode.

The theme of this episode of Taste of China was “How to make food taste unlike its original taste”.

In other words, making food into another flavor.

Xu Le was very successful in this aspect.

With Xu Le’s help, the few home-cooked eggs and fish had successfully turned into crabs.

Xu Le had even exceeded his expectations.

After all, Cai Lan’s request wasn’t his own.

Not only had the taste of eggs changed, but the appearance was also highly similar.

It was similar to the “molecular cuisine” that had recently become popular worldwide.

“Zhang Heng, what do you think?” Master Cai Lan asked Zhang Heng with a smile.

He knew that Zhang Heng was a famous crab farmer in the country, so he deliberately asked this question to see what Zhang Heng thought about this dish.

“Impressive!” Zhang Heng exclaimed.

In addition to the shock of tasting this dish, he also thought of many things.

These thoughts were not from the perspective of a customer.

It was more from the perspective of a businessman!