I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 45

I Am A Gourmet: Just Eight And You Want Me To Start A Roadside Stall? - Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Making Food Ingredients To Taste Different From Its Original Taste! Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios Although it was already past midnight, there were still many viewers in the live-stream.

“This dish looks so fragrant.

Is it really made from a few onions?” “As expected of the little Master Chef.

He can make such delicious food with such simple ingredients.

” “I’ll go to the market tomorrow morning to buy some onions.

I want to try making this dish too.

” “I don’t think anyone is asleep yet.

” “When will this episode of Taste of China be broadcasted? I want to watch it!” “…” Due to the confidentiality of the program’s content.




Therefore, during Central TV’s live broadcast, they only filmed the scene and did not give a close-up shot of the dish [Stewed Onion].

Hence, the audience in the live-stream could only hear Xu Le’s incomplete explanation about the cooking method of this dish.

As for the specific steps, they could only be seen from the program that would be officially broadcasted soon.

As for whether this dish was delicious or not… it could be seen from the reactions of Master Cai Lan and the other program team members.

If this dish was not delicious, would it cause everyone to fight over it? Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V EL.

COM Obviously not.

Immediately, many viewers in the live-stream expressed that they were hungry from watching such a thing late at night! At the same time, the dish [Stewed Onion] had reached its ciphers and was the top trending topic on Weibo.

At the same time, the popularity of the live-stream had already exceeded a million.

The post released by Central TV’s official Weibo account had been forwarded more than a hundred thousand times in less than half an hour.

On this quiet night, it had evoked the cravings of countless people as they drooled in front of the cameras.

And that wasn’t all.

On Taste of China’s program team’s Weibo, a large number of fans had also flooded in within a short period of time.

They were all urging for updates on Weibo.

Everyone really wanted to see this episode of “the original taste of food”.

… At this moment, in the [8-year-old canteen], the people were still unaware about what was happening on the Internet.

The place was only filled with the fragrance of delicacies, floating wantonly in the air.

Many of the staff of Taste of China’s program team were people who were extremely passionate about food.

Before coming to Xu Le’s place, they might have doubted the title of “Little Master Chef” and felt that an eight-year-old child couldn’t have such superb culinary skills.

However, after Xu Le had finished cooking this dish, especially after everyone had tasted the stewed onions personally, everyone was convinced.

Of course, a truly delicious dish should first impress the taste buds of the customers, then the stomachs of the customers, and finally the hearts of the customers.

This was what Xu Le’s [Stewed Onions] did.

Even though many of the staff had managed to eat chopped onions, they were still intoxicated by the tastiness that they could not get out of it.

Food was the only thing in the world that would immediately make one feel satisfied and happy.

Everyone looked at Xu Le with admiration.

The title of Master Chef was well-deserved! After filming was completed, Master Cai Lan looked at Xu Le with a smile and said, “Little Master Chef, it’s all thanks to you that we were able to film such an authentic and delicious dish, [Stewed Onions].

I represent the entire production team to express our sincere gratitude to you!” These words came from the bottom of Master Cai Lan’s heart.

Without Xu Le, the quality of this episode would definitely not be so high.

More importantly, without Xu Le, the dish [Stewed Onions] would have disappeared from history forever.

After Wang Shixiang passed away, no one could replicate the taste of this dish.

Now that [Stewed Onions] had reappeared in the world, if Wang Shixiang knew about it in the netherworld, he would also feel gratified.

“You don’t have to thank me.

I’m also very happy to be part of the program.

” Xu Le smiled innocently.

This was also what he was thinking deep down.

With Xu Le’s love for food, a documentary like Taste of China was naturally highly recommended by him.

It was precisely because of the existence of such a documentary that Chinese cuisine could better move towards the masses and the world.

If not for the arrival of the program team.

Who would know about [Stewed Onion]? Who would know that a few simple onions could be cooked in such a delicious way using some special cooking methods? “But…” A mysterious smile suddenly appeared on Master Cai Lan’s face.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Le was stunned.

“The theme of this episode is the original taste of the food.

Little Master Chef, can you guess what the theme for the next episode will be?” Xu Le fell into deep thought.

Since Master Cai Lan asked this question, it meant that the theme of these two episodes definitely had a lot to do with each other.

However, the content of the two episodes were still different.

Therefore, it was most likely the opposite.

At this thought, Xu Le’s expression suddenly became strange… “It can’t be… using ingredients to produce a taste that it doesn’t have, can it?” “That’s right! Hahaha!” Master Cai Lan laughed happily.

From his smile, one could tell that he was truly happy.

Only when people who knew to appreciate delicacies interacted with each other would there be an attraction between their souls and a resonance produced.

“For this episode, we are filming how to stimulate the original taste of the food.

And for the next episode, we are using the ingredients to produce a taste different from its original taste!” “Not its original taste?” After Cai Lan finished speaking, the program team members were all surprised.

After all, this theme was decided by Cai Lan and the director together.

Although they were part of the production team, they had just found out about it.

“If it’s not the original taste of the ingredients, how is it going to be produced?” “Make a chicken without the taste of chicken? Make a serving of onions without the taste of onions? Are they supposed to use other ingredients that have a stronger taste to suppress the taste of the main ingredient? But will it really be delicious like this?” The program team members started discussing among themselves.

However, they soon quietened down and focused their attention on Xu Le.

After all, Master Cai Lan was the one who asked Xu Le to solve the problem.

So… it’s better to look forward to Xu Le’s reply.